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Elizabeth Meeker b.1835 OH

Elizabeth Meeker b.1835 OH

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Need info on Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 probably East Cleveland, OH d. 1874 in East Cleveland, OH m. Marion Minor in East Cleveland, OH. Believe father was S. B. Meeker who had farm in East Cleveland, OH Mother's name probably Elizabeth. Reply or contact

Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 OH

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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but here are Elizabeth's ancestors that I have.

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Prepared by: George Emil Meeker Jr.


1. Stephen Ball[2] Meeker (Timothy Jr., 3)[1]. Born, 1781, in Northfield
Par., Springfield Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Died, 26 Jan 1866, in New Albany, Floyd
Co., IN. Census: 1820, in Butler Co., OH. Occupation: Steamboatman. Migrated to
Clermont Co., OH along with Rev. Moses Edwards and a group from his

He married[1], first, Catherine Reeves[2], 13 Aug 1800, in Essex Co.,
NJ[3]. Born, 1780, in Essex Co., NJ. from the Parish of Northfield, in the
towhship of Springfield and County of Essex, NJ Children:

i. Stephen[1] Meeker[4]. Born, 1802.
ii. Frederick Meeker[4]. Born, 1803.
iii. Mathias Meeker[1]. Born, 31 Jul 1804, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 27
Apr 1876, in Lovejoy Twp., Iroquois Co., IL. Census: 1850, in
45th District, Harrison Co., IN[5]. Occupation: Ships Carpenter.
He married[1] Elizabeth Alstott[4], 16 Oct 1833, in New Albany,
Harrison Co., IN. of Floyd, Harrison, Vigo Co.s, IN - Clark
Iroquois Co.s IL. This family moved toCorydon, IN in 1855,
Vermillion Co., Co., IN in the 1860's , and Iroquois Co., IL in
1867. Three sons and three sons-in-law served in the Union army
during the Civil War.
iv. Meeker[4]. Born, 1807.
v. Halsey Meeker[1]. Born, 1808, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, circa
1870. Census: 1838, in Franklin co., IN. He married[1] Catherine
Smith, 5 Apr 1863, in Franklin Co., IN. Halsey Meeker, possibly
in his mother's household in 1830, had settled in Franklin Co.,
IN by 1838, the date of his first deed there, and remained there
until his death sometime between 1870 and 1880. He was married
late in life and it is believed that they had one daughter. He
and his brother Hamilton were engaged in the lumber business in
Franklin Co. many years and were involved in several deeds
together from 1838 until about 1868. Descendants of Hamilton
Meeker were told that Halsey was blind in his later years and
was buried near the site of their old business. Attempts to
locate his grave have been unsuccessful because the area is so
overgrown with weeds.
vi. Henry Meeker[1]. Born, circa 1812, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 4 Nov
1881, in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. Burial in Floyd Co., IN[6].
Census: 1840, in Floyd Co., IN. Census: 1870, in Floyd Co., IN.
Occupation: boatcaulker. He married[7] Ellen Rice[2], 20 Sep
1836, in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.
vii. Hamilton Meeker[1]. Born, circa 1814, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 20
Jul 1882, in Brookville, Franklin Co., IN. He married[7]
Catherine (Katy) Maxwell[7], daughter of John Maxwell and
Prudence Royer, 2 Jul 1834, in Butler Co., OH. Hamilton remained
in Butler Co., OH with his family probably until around 1843,
believed to be the time that his mother died. Family obituaries
reported that the family lived in a one-room cabin at first and
had to build fires to scare the wolves away. His wife cooked
beside an old stump. After removeing to Franklin Co., IN c1843,
he engaged in the lumber business with his brother Halsey for
many years, shipping logs down the Ohio River. Apparently
successful in business, they suffered some losses in the later
1800's. He was also in the liquor business and had a wheat farm
near Brookville. It is not known if some land in Franklin Co.
that Hamilton sold to his brother Halsey in 1838 came from
Maxwell family or from a Meeker grant.
viii. Calvin Meeker[1].

He married[4], second, Nancy (2), before 1843. Children:

ix. Elizabeth Meeker. Born, circa 1835. Died, circa 1874. She
married[8] Marion Minor[9].
x. Charlotte Meeker. Died, circa 1934. She married[8] Asa
xi. William C Meeker. Died, 1840.

He married[10], third, Patience Job[10], 30 Oct 1843, in Floyd Co., IN.
Born, 1785, in PA. Children:

xii. Morris Meeker. Born, circa 1858. Died, circa 1919.
xiii. Susan Meeker. She married[8] William C Brace[9].

2. Nancy[2] [4].

She married[4] Stephen Ball Meeker (1).

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3. Timothy[3] Meeker Jr. ("Old" Timothy, 5)[11]. Born, Mar 1752, in
Northfield, Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Died, 24 Apr 1834[12]. RWS, Sgt,
N.J., Served as an orderly sergeant under his brother, Joseph's company in Col.
Spencer's Regiment. Timothy stated in his pension application that "he and his
father and ten brothers served throughout the war of the Revolution." Was in
the battles of Ash Swamp, Short Hills, Springfield, Connecticut Farms. An old
story, traced back to the Burnet Collection of the New Jersey Historical
Society, was published in the "Short Hills Item" about 1896 as follows: "In the
summer of 1780, a few days after the Battle of Springfield, Timothy Meeker was
at work putting up the fences on his farm, for his meadows had been filled with
cattle, sheep and hogs that had been driven up the Valley road, past the "Old
Forge" where later stood Samuel Campbell's paper mill, out of the way of the
British. "Five or six gentlemen rode up on horseback and saluting the farmer
courteously, asked him if he were a friend to the American cause, Meeker
replied, with much emphasis that he was and that he despised any man who was
unfriendly to it. He was asked if there were any Tories in that neighborhood,
and he assured the strangers that no Tory dared show his face there. One of the
party then asked if there was a man named Timothy Meeker living near there, and
upon Mr. Meeker's replying that that was his name, as well as his father's, he
was informed that they had heard that Timothy Meeker with his nine sons and
four sons-in-law had fought in the Battle of Springfield. "Mr. Meeker testified
to the truth of this, and that he was one of the nine sons referred to. During
the conversation that followed, inquiry was made as to whether the people were
displeased because Washington had not come into the action with his troops? his
Army being but a few miles away. Mr, Meeker replied, "Mo, Washington was right,
he can take his Army where he pleases, and he was right to let the Militia
fight 'em, for we can lick 'em. Let the Redcoats come on - we can lick 'em".
"By this time the dinner horn blew, and Mr. Meeker invited the strangers
to dine with him. The invitation was readily accepted and they rode up to the
house, slipped the bridles off their horses and turned them into a meadow to
graze during the dinner hour. Upon entering the house Mrs. Meeker reproached
her husband for not having sent one of the children to tell her that visitors
were coming, so that she might have made other preparations for dinner. But her
husband replied that if they were friends of the Cause and friends of
Washington they would be satisfied, and one of the gentlemen remarked that he
thought Washington would be glad to sit down to such a dinner, for no doubt he
had many times fared much worse.
"When after dinner and much pleasant conversation, the visit came to an
end, the horses were bridled and the gentlemen mounted. One of them, after
speaking a few words in low tones to the others, turned to Mr. Meeker and said,
"Friend Meeker, you have treated us with such kind hospitality and have opened
your mind to us so freely, that it would seem ungrateful in me not to tell you
who I am. I am George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the American Army, and
these gentlemen are my staff officers". Mr. Meeker was so much surprised as to
be speechless for a moment, but quickly recovering himself, he said, "Genera 1,
I don't know but I have been spilling wheat, but you must charge it to my
ignorance that I have been talking with so much vanity." To which Washington
replied, "I know that you have spoken only the sentiments of your heart.""
A silver cup that Washington gave to Timothy Meeker on this occasion is
now in the Historical Room of the Springfield Public Library. It has been named
the "Washington Cup" and is made of heavy copper. silver plated outside and
gold plated inside. It is one of several cups made for Washington by a Jeweler
in Philadelphia. It was a gift to the Library by Claudius Batar whose great
grand father, George Cook, bought Meeker's farm and war given the cup at that

He married[12] Sarah Parsil (4), 12 May 1774, in Springfield, Essex Co.,
NJ. Children:

i. Jeptha[2] Meeker[1]. Born, 16 Mar 1774, in Essex Co., NJ. Died,
10 Jan 1850, in Northfield, Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ.
Burial in Northfield, Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ[13]. He
married, first, Abigail Allen[14], 12 May 1774. He married[4],
second, Rachel Allen[4]. Said to have been a giant in size. of
Northfield, NJ.
ii. Bethual Pierson Meeker[2]. Born, 1776. He married Jemima
Townley[15], daughter of Everitt Townley. of NJ
iii. Diadema Meeker[4]. Born, 1778, in NJ. never married. of NJ.
iv. Jonathan Meeker[4]. Born, 13 Sep 1779, in Essex Co., NJ. Died,
1851, in Millburn Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Occupation:
Shoemaker/Farmer. He married[4] Mary" Polly" Denman[4], daughter
of John Denman, 22 May 1803, in Essex Co., NJ. of NJ
1 v. Stephen Ball Meeker.
vi. Luther Meeker[4]. Born, 1784. Died, 1835, in Utica, NY. Census:
1830, in Benton, Yates Co., NY. He married[4] Elizabeth
Townley[16], daughter of Everitt Townley, 1807. of NY Lived in
Essex Co., NJ in 1810, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815.
vii. Calvin Meeker[4]. Born, circa 1785, in Essex Co., NJ. Buried,
Jun 1831, in OH. He married[17] Anna (Annie) Meeker[17],
daughter of Jonas Meeker Jr. and Charity , 1804. Calvin
migrated to Clermont Co., OH with Rev. Moses Edwards along with
a group from his congregation.
viii. Zadoch/Zodac Meeker[4]. Born, 29 Jul 1788, in Essex Co., NJ.
Died, 13 Jul 1872, in Irvington, NJ. Census: 1830, in Essex Co.,
NJ. Census: 1850, in Essex Co., NJ. Occupation: farmer. He
married[1] Hannah Tichenor[2], 6 Nov 1811, in Essex Co., NJ.
Lived in Essex Co., NJ in 1810, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815.
ix. Enroch Meeker[18]. Born, circa 1790.

4. Sarah[3] Parsil ( , 7). Born, 1750. Died, after 1841. Sarah was still
living on 28 Dec 1841 at age 91 when she made an affidavit for a pension.

She married[12] Timothy Meeker Jr. (3).

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5. "Old" Timothy[4] Meeker (Thomas, 8)[19]. Born, 1708, in Elizabeth, Essex
Co., NJ. Died, 22 Dec 1798, in Northfield, Essex Co., NJ[20]. Burial in
Northfield, Essex Co., NJ[21]. Service Rec: 1776, in RWS, Springfield, NJ. RWS,
MM, N.J., Timothy served in the Revolution at the Battle of Springfield on 23
Jun 1780 at age 70 with 9 of his sons, 4 sons-in-law, and two grandsons. At
that time, the Springfield area had seen the British soldiers several times.
Old Timothy's participation in the militia was recorded in the New York
"Gazette and Weekly Mercury" on 29 Jul 1776.

He married, first, Sarah Pierson[22], daughter of Joseph Pierson and
Hepzibah Camp, 1736. Born, circa 1719. Died, 21 Jan 1737/8. Death(2): 10 Jan
1736/7[23]. Burial in Essex Co., NJ[24]. Sarah (Pierson) Meeker's tombstone
states that she was age 18. It shows the following quote. "Here lyes a blooming
youth. She lives in love and died in truth." Children:

i. Capt. Joseph[3] Meeker[4]. Born, 1736, in Springfield, Elizabeth
Bor., Union Co., NJ. Died, Sep 1799, in Mendham, Morris Co., NJ.
Census: 1779, in Newark Twp., Essex Co., NJ[25]. Occupation:
Farmer. He married[17] Mary/Molly Smith (Harrison?)[4], daughter
of Isaac Smith, 1816 (??) in NJ. Joseph was captain of a company
of rangers on scout the whole time of the Battle of Springfield
watching the movements of the British and Torries.
ii. Sarah Meeker[26]. Born, 21 Jan 1737/8, in Springfield, Essex
Co., NJ. Died, 1 Jan 1792, in Springfield, Essex Co., NJ. Burial
in Essex Co., NJ[27]. She married Isaac Smith Jr.[26], son of
Isaac Smith.

He married, second, Hannah Munn[4], daughter of John Munn, circa 1738.
Aunt of Judge Aaron Munn born 1765. Children:

iii. Jonas Meeker[26]. Born, circa 1740, in Essex Co., NJ. Died,
circa 1763, in Essex Co., NJ. He married Sarah Osborne[28]. MAY
HAVE BEEN SON OF SARAH PIERSON. Further research by LeRoy Meeker
indicates that an explanation of the deed to Jomas Meeker found
in the old stone house may be explained by the fact that Miss
Munn was the mother of Jonas Meeker. She was a daughter of John
Munn and a sister of Benjamin Munn (1730-1818). This made Jonas
the nephew of Benjamin Munn. If benjamin and his wife, Jemima
(Pierson) Munn (1734-1819), cared for Jemima's mother, Hepzibah
Camp Pierson (1696-1769) after her husband Joseph Pierson's
death (1693-1759), deeding her old stone house to Jonas would be
keeping it in the family. Jonas would have been about
twenty-three at the time of the deed (1763). Since Joseph and
Hepzibah (Camp) Pierson were also the parents of Timothy
Meeker's first wife, Sarah (Pierson) Meeker, they were
grandparents to Jonas's half-brother and sister, Joseph and
Sarah Meeker.
iv. John Meeker[19]. Born, circa 1742, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 14
Nov 1802, in Springfield Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 22 Nov
1802, in Essex Co., NJ[29]. Prob of Est: 29 Jan 1803, in Essex
Co., NJ[29]. Occupation: Rev.Spy. He married, first, Miss
Perry[26], 1767[30]. He married, second, Rachel Force. John was
a Pvt. in the Essex Co., NJ Militia. Known to be a spy working
for George Washington. Fought in the battle of Springfield. He
was a shoemaker and moved to Sussex Co., NJ in 1769-8. 1802,
Nov. 22, Meeker, John of Wantage Twsp., Sussex Co; will of.
Wife, Rache, best bed and bedding. Son, Jonas, $12.50. Residue
of real and personal estate to be divided between sons, Manning,
Ural and Benjamin and daughter, Mary Meeker, when son Benjamin
is 21. Executors-friend, Samuel Vanfleet and son, Ural Meeker.
Witnesses-Jonathan Meeker, Isaac Meeker, Abner Ball Proved Jan
29, 1803. Lib. 40, p. 292 1803, Jan. 28. Inventory, $283.89;
made by William Elston and John Wintermoot. File 983. S.

He married[31], third, Desire Cory (6), Jan 1739/0, in New Providence,
RI. Marriage(2): 1744[4]. Children:

v. William Meeker (twin). Born, 1745, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 14
Sep 1790, in Essex Co., NJ. He married[17] Hannah Tichenor, 20
Jan 1766, in New Providence, RI[32]. Twin of Amos c1745 Mother
was Probably Desire Cory. Of Essex Co., NJ. Settled in OH.
William fought in the Battle of Springfield along with his
brothers and father. In the pension application of his brother,
Timothy Meeker, Jr., only Joseph Meeker is mentioned by name.
Timothy, Jr. said his father and 10 brothers fought in the
Battle of Springfield on 23 Jun 1780. Cory Meeker, another
brother, said in his pension application that he fought with his
father and nine brothers, as did the New York Gazette on 29 Jul
vi. Amos Meeker (twin)[4]. Born, circa 1745, in Northfield,
Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Died, before 1832, in Plymouth,
Luzerne Co., PA. Census: 1779, in Newark Twp., Essex Co.,
NJ[33]. Census: 1800, in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA[34].
Occupation: Farmer. He married Johanna Force[4], daughter of
Obediah Force. Amos was a twin to William. Timothy Meeker Jr.
Pension Application papers stated that Amos Meeker was a private
in the Essex Co. Malitia - Revolutionary war. He lived in
Huntinton Twp., Lucerne Co., in PA. By 1790 census they had
eight children; five were males. The Burnett MSS adds two more
children of Amos Meeker (1745). John Robertson Burnett 1806 -
1874 was a genealogist for the Dodd family published 1863. In
early years John Robertson Burnett lived with his grandfather
Abner Ball 1760 - 1848 in Springfield - Essex Co., NJ on the
Springfield road, near the Baptist Church. This was below

4 FEB 2000 4


Timothy Sr's farm. Abner Ball was a contemporary of Timothy
vii. Hannah Meeker[4]. Born, 1747, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 25 Jun
1793, in Essex Co., NJ. She married[1] Capt. John E Edwards[35],
son of Jacob Edwards and Effie Speirs, 1768, in Essex Co., NJ.
viii. Mary (Polly) Meeker. Born, 1750. Died, 1793. She married, first,
Pecock. She married, second, Daniel Day.
3 ix. Timothy Meeker Jr.
x. Cory Meeker[4]. Born, 20 Mar 1752, in Livingston, Newark Twp.,
Essex Co., NJ[36]. Died, Jul 1846, in Cranbe, Butler Co., PA.
Census: 1779, in Newark Twp., Essex Co., NJ[37]. He married
Vannelia (Valeria) (Vanity) Ward[4], daughter of Theophilus Ward
and Betsy . RWS, Pvt, NJ, LIVED IN BUTLER CO. PA in 1832.
xi. Abigail Meeker[4]. Born, 1754, in Essex Co., NJ. Died in OH.
Census: 1814, in Essex Co., NJ. Census: 1820, in Clermont Co.,
OH. She married, first, James Walsh, after 1764. She married[2],
second, Daniel Day[4], before 1814. Removed to OH
xii. David Meeker (twin)[18]. Born, 1758, in Northfield, Livingston
Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Died, 10 Sep 1832, in NJ. Occupation:
Sergeant. He married[17] Phoebe Parsil/Parcel[17], 1780, in NJ.
RWS TWIN TO JONATHAN 1758-1830 SERGEANT , N.J. David also listed
by DAR as b. a.1750 d. 1787 m. Phoebe Pasel and Phebe Parcel.
Noted pugelist remarkable for strength and handihood. This
family lived in Essex Co., NJ in 1789 and 1815.
xiii. Desire Meeker[2]. Born, circa 1758, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 23
Sep 1793, in Northfield, Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ. She
married[15] Rev. Moses Edwards[35], son of Jacob Edwards and
Effie Speirs, 1777.
xiv. Jonathan S Meeker (twin)[19]. Born, circa 1758, in Livingstone,
Essex Co., NJ. Died, Aug 1816, in Livingstone, Essex Co., NJ.
Prob of Est: 10 Aug 1816, in Essex Co., NJ. He married[2],
first, Lydia Saunder[2], 1780. He married[3], second, Phebe
Tomkins[4], 17 Jan 1796, in Essex Co., NJ. He married[2], third,
Eunice Kent, daughter of John Kent and Rhoda Meeker, 16 Oct
1802, in Essex Co., NJ. Jonathan was the twin brother of David
Meeker. He was a Pvt. in the Essex Co., NJ Militia during the
Revolutionary War. He served in the Battle of Springfield as
stated by his brothers, Timothy, Jr. and Cory. His third wife
was the niece of John Kent, the husband of Rhoda Meeker and the
cousin of Eunice Kent who married Peter Meeker.
xv. Phebe Meeker. Born, circa 1762. Census: 1800, in Washington Co.,
PA. She married John Adam Feayler/Fesles or Tezler[26].
xvi. Isaac Meeker[11]. Born, circa 1797, in Livingston Twp., Essex
Co., NJ. Died, circa 1825, in Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ.
Burial in Northfield, Livingston Twp., Essex Co., NJ[13].
Occupation: Farmer. He married[4] Margaret (Peggy) McChesney[4],
daughter of Robert McChesney, 9 Aug 1795, in Lyons Farms, Essex
Co., NJ[38]. Essex Co., NJ, RWS in Josiah Pierson's 2nd Regiment

6. Desire[4] Cory[31], daughter of Joseph Cory. Born, 1719. Died, 2 Jun
1793, in Essex Co., NJ.

She married[31] "Old" Timothy Meeker (5).

7. [4] Parsil ( , 10)[39].

He married an unknown woman. Children:

i. Phoebe[3] Parsil/Parcel[17]. Born in Milburn, NJ. Died, 8 Feb
1823. Occupation: RW Nurse. She married[17] David Meeker
(twin)[18], 1780, in NJ.
4 ii. Sarah Parsil.

4 FEB 2000 5


8. Thomas[5] Meeker (Benjamin, 11)[40]. Born, circa 1685, in Elizabeth,
Essex Co., NJ. Died, circa 1754, in Essex Co., NJ. Settled in the Westfield
area on or before 1759.

He married[41] Mary Ball Fox (9), circa 1706. Children:

5 i. "Old" Timothy[4] Meeker.
ii. Daniel Meeker[41]. Born, 1712, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, circa
1747, in NJ. He married[4] Susannah Winans[4], daughter of Jacob
Winans and Mary Marsh, 1730, in NJ.
iii. David Meeker[41].
iv. Catherine Meeker[4]. Born, 1714, in Essex Co., NJ. Died, 1 Nov
1765, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Burial in Elizabeth, Essex
Co., NJ[42]. She married[4] Elias Boudinot[4].
v. Robert Meeker[4]. Born, 1716, in Essex Co., NJ. Prob of Est: 4
Dec 1779, in Essex Co., NJ[43]. Adm'rs--William Garthwait.
Fellowbondsman--Abner Sayre; both of said Co. Witness--Catharine

9. Mary Ball[5] Fox (Capt. David, 13)[44].

She married[41] Thomas Meeker (8).

10. [5] Parsil.

He married an unknown woman. Children:

7 i. [4] Parsil.
ii. Peter Parsil.

4 FEB 2000 6


11. Benjamin[6] Meeker (William (Goodman) (Mecar) Sr., 15)[45]. Born, 17 Mar
1648/9, in New Haven Colony, CT. Died, 28 May 1707, in Lyons Farms, Elizabeth,
Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 28 Apr 1705, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Prob of
Est: 10 Jun 1709, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Occupation: Carpenter/Smith.
Carpenter, landowner planter; built the house known as the Meeker homestead
Lyons Farms, about 1677. AUTHOR OF THE ELIZABETH PETITION OF 1796.

He married[45] Elizabeth Thompson (Tomson) (12), 18 Jun 1673, in Perth
Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ[46]. Children:

i. William[5] Meeker[40]. Born, 13 Oct 1677, in Lyons Farms, Essex
Co., NJ. Died, 21 Dec 1744, in Lyons Farms, Essex Co., NJ.
Will Made: 18 Nov 1741. Prob of Est: 5 Mar 1744/5. He married
Hannah Potter, daughter of Samuel Potter and Deborah .
Eldest son of Benjamin.
ii. Jonathan Meeker[40]. Born, circa 1679, in Essex Co., NJ. Died,
Mar 1768, in Elizabeth Bor., Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 3 Mar
1763, in Elizabeth Bor., Essex Co., NJ[47]. Prob of Est: 16 Mar
1768, in Elizabeth Bor., Essex Co., NJ. He married Mary [4].
Will of. Daughter, Martha Woodruff, the use of L30, and, at her
death, to her surviving children. Daughter, Mary Ogden, L30.
Daughter, Jemimah Chandler, L40. Daughter, Keziah Woodruff,
L100, who is a widow with children. Daugher, Elizabeth Thompson,
L5. Executors--William Harriman and John Parson.
Witnesses--Nathaniel Woodruff, Jonathan woodruff, Jr., Nathan
Woodruff. Proved March 16, 1768. Lib. I, p. 231.
iii. Mr. Daniel Meeker[40]. Born, 1680, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ.
Died, 1 Oct 1757, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 25 Sep
1757, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Prob of Est: 29 Oct 1757, in
Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ[47]. Occupation: Yeoman/farmer. He
married[4] Rachel Hedden[40], daughter of John Hedden Jr. in NJ.
Will of. Wife, Rachel. Son, Nathaniel. Bequests to Abraham
Clark's daughters by his present wife; to John Thompson's
daughters by his first wife; to Gabriel, son of Nathaniel
Meeker; to Michael and Elihu, sons of Abner Woodruff. Real and
personal estate. Executors--John Thompson and Abner Woodruff.
Witnesses- Stephen Crane, John Pairson(Peirson), Ezekiel
Cheever. Proved Oct. 19, 1757. Lib. F, p. 532. Buried: First
Presbyterian Church Yard, Elizabeth, NJ #106r.
iv. Benjamin Meeker Jr.[40]. Born, circa 1680, in Essex Co., NJ.
Died, 6 Feb 1749/0, in Union Twp., Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 22
Nov 1744, in Essex Co., NJ[48]. Prob of Est: 11 Mar 1749/0, in
Essex Co., NJ. Occupation: Blacksmith. He married[4] Phebe
Clark[49], daughter of Samuel Clark and Hester White, circa
1698. Will of. Children-Benjamin, Samuel, Phebe (wife of
Nehemiah Ludlum), Esther (wife of Stephen Hindes), and Sarah
(wife of Isaac Woodruff). Real and personal estate. Executors-
wife, Phebe, and son-in-law Stephen Hindes, and son Samuel.
Witnesses-John Clarke, David Meeker, Boynton Ramsden. Proved
March 11, 1750. Lib E, p. 536.
v. Samuel Meeker[40]. Born, circa 1683, in Essex Co., NJ. Died in
Durham, Middlesex Co., CT. He married[4] Mary Seward[4],
daughter of Dr. Joseph Seward and Judith Bushnell. Removed to
Durham, Middlesex Co., CT after 1705 with his brother Samuel.
8 vi. Thomas Meeker.
vii. Joseph Meeker[4]. Born, circa 1687, in Essex Co., NJ. Died,
before 1752, in Durham, Middlesex Co., CT. Baptism: Jul 1695, in
Norfolk, Litchfield Co., CT. Will Made: 27 Apr 1752, in
Middlesex Co., CT. Occupation: Miller. He married Hannah "Ann"
Seward[4], daughter of Dr. Joseph Seward and Judith Bushnell.
Removed to Durham, CT. Durham was founded in 1708 the territory
was settled land between Wellingford Haddam, Guilford and
Ellingsworth. Originally Durham had parts in New Haven, New
London and Hartford Co., Later the entire town was assigned to
New Haven Co., but in 1799 was annexed to Middlesex Co.
Guiliford, New Haven, Milford, Stratford, Hartford, Windosor,
Farmington, and Northampton gave settlers to Durham. It was a
derivative of a secondary town and not being an original
settlement in the colonies. This area had a large German
population and was sometimes known as Germany. Meekers were
sometimes put down as Mecko in the records. Joseph his bother
Samuel, left NJ and went to Middlesex Co., CT in early 1700's.
Some think that Joseph Meeker married a Rachel Roberts first and
had two children but Mr. Charles H. Meeker checked these records
twice says that Joseph Meekers child Phineas and Rachel Roberts
were two infants baptised the same day. A faint semi colon
between the two names that is easily missed.
viii. Isaac Meeker[4]. Born, circa 1688, in NJ.

12. Elizabeth[6] Thompson (Tomson) (Thomas (Tomson), 17). Born, circa 1654,
in Easthampton, Long Island, NY. Died, after 1745, in Elizabeth, NJ.

She married[45] Benjamin Meeker (11).

13. Capt. David[6] Fox (David, 19)[44]. Born, 12 Mar 1646/7. Died, 1699.

He married[44] Hannah Ball (14), 22 Jul 1670. Children:

i. David[5] Fox[50]. Born, 10 Jul 1671. Died, Jan 1678/9.
9 ii. Mary Ball Fox.
iii. Hannah Fox[50]. She married[51] Rodham Kenner[51], before 1702.

4 FEB 2000 7


iv. William Fox[50]. Born, 10 Jul 1671. He married[51] Ann
v. Samuel Fox[50]. He married[51] Anne [51].

14. Hannah[6] Ball (Col. William, 21)[44]. Born, 12 Mar 1649/0.

She married[44] Capt. David Fox (13).

15. William (Goodman)[7] Meeker (Mecar) Sr. (Albert (possibly), 23)[45].
Born, 1620, in Leamington, Warwickshire, England. Died, Dec 1690, in Elizabeth,
Essex Co., NJ. Prob of Est: 9 Dec 1690, in Essex Co., NJ[52]. Occupation:
Loader-to-mill. Came from England aboard the "Abigail" about 1630 to Mass. Bay,
and thence removed to New Haven colony by the first of july, 1644; removed to
Newark, NJ, then known as Elizabethtown Point, New Jersey in 1644. Presented a
tract of land at Llyons Farms by the people of Elizabethtown and Newark,
appreciating his fidelity to their interests. Extracted from New Haven Colony
Records 1638 - 1649
The commissions do think it fitt to advise every general court that they
would see thatt every man may keepe by him a good gun and sword, one pound of
pouder with foure pounds of shott, with match or flints sutable, to be ready
upon all ocations, and to be carefully viewed foure tymes a yeare at least. And
that over and above this, every generall court do see that they keep a stock of
pouder, shott and match every by them. And it is conceived by the commissioners
that one hundred pounds of pouder and foure hundred pounds of shott, with match
suitable, at least, be provided for every hundred men thorow all the United
Colonies of New England. Att. a Court held att Newhaven the 4th of January 1643
Isaack Whitehead, Will Mecar, Thomas Powell, Tymothy Forde, Goodma Hitchcock,
Rich: Webb, Phillipp Leake, Bro: Elsey, Jonathan Marsh, Ricd Beach, John
Lawrenson, Robt. Emery, Will Iles, Hen: Gibbons, Tho Robinso, Nicholas
Gennings, Tho: Yale, John Hill, Bro Lamson, find each is for late coming to
Will Mecar find 1s for want of shott and pouder, and Edward Chipperfield
John Hunter, Will Mecar and Will Blayden find each man 1s for defect.

He married, first, Sarah J Preston (16), 1646, in New Haven, New Haven
Co., CT. Children:

i. Joseph[6] Meeker Sr.[45]. Born, 1648, in New Haven, New Haven
Co., CT[53]. Died, after 1717, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ.
Occupation: Mariner. He married[53], first, Comfort Elizabeth
Marsh[45], daughter of Samuel Marsh Sr. and Comfort Mann, 18 Jun
1673, in Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ. He married[4], second,
Martha , 1702. Storekeeper, landowner planter.
11 ii. Benjamin Meeker.
iii. Sarah Meeker[45]. Born, 7 Feb 1652/3, in New Haven, New Haven
Co., CT.
iv. Mary Meeker[45]. Born, 6 Oct 1656, in New Haven, New Haven Co.,
v. Infant Meeker[45]. Born, Dec 1663, in New Haven, New Haven Co.,
CT. Died, Dec 1663, in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.

He married, second, Hannah. Children:

vi. John Meeker[45]. Born, 7 Sep 1666, in New Haven, New Haven Co.,
CT. Died, 1730, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Will Made: 18 Feb
1729/0, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Prob of Est: 22 Mar 1729/0,
in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ[48]. Occupation: Mariner/Yeoman. He
married Hannah Ogden[54], daughter of Jonathan Ogden and Rebecca
Wood, 1692. Will of. Granddaughters-Sarah Griffing, Rebekah
Whitehead, Hannah Talmadge. Daughter, Eunice Meeker.
Sons-Robert, james and David. Grandson, John Meeker, only son of
son John, deceased. Lands joining lands of Mr. John Thompson,
Thomas Squire, James Hindes. Executors-sons Robert and James,
and brother-in-law, robert Ogden, Esq. Witnesses-John Hinds.
Leonard Miles, Stephen Hindes. Proved March 22, 1730. 1731,
April 21. Robert ogden did depose that he did ask the testator
who should enjoy the lands of David Meeker till he came of age,
and he said his son James should enjoy David's part. Lib. B, p.
200. 1730-1, March 17. Inventory of personal estate, L108.05;
made by Benjamin Bond and John Thompson.

16. Sarah J[7] Preston (William, 24)[45]. Born, 23 Jul 1626, in Chesham, Co.
Bucks, England. Died, before 1690, in Elizabeth, Essex Co., NJ. Baptism: 18 Jun
1626, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

She married William (Goodman) Meeker (Mecar) Sr. (15).

17. Thomas[7] Thompson (Tomson). Born in England, or Scotland. Died, 1676.

He married[31] Mary (18), circa 1649. Children:

12 i. Elizabeth[6] Thompson (Tomson).
ii. Mary Thompson. She married John Hinds.
iii. Aaron Thompson.

18. Mary[7] .

4 FEB 2000 8


She married[31] Thomas Thompson (Tomson) (17).

19. David[7] Fox[50].

He married[50] Hannah (20). Children:

13 i. Capt. David[6] Fox.
ii. Hannah Fox[51]. She married[50] John Mottron[51].

20. Hannah[7] [50].

She married[50] David Fox (19).

21. Col. William[7] Ball (William, 26)[55]. Born, circa 1615, in England.
Died, 1680, in Lancaster Co., VA.

He married[44] Hannah Atherold (22), 2 Jul 1638, in England. Children:

i. Richard[6] Ball[44]. Born, circa 1639. Died, 1675. He
married[44] Mary Kinsey Humphrey[44], Mar 1661.
ii. William Ball[56]. Born, 2 Jun 1641. Died, 30 Sep 1694. He
married[44] Mary Margaret Williamson[44], 11 Nov 1672.
iii. Col. Joseph Ball[56]. Born, 24 May 1649, in England. Died, Jun
1711, in Lancaster Co., VA. Burial in Epping Forest. He
married[44], first, Elizabeth Romney[44], circa 1675. He
married[56], second, Mrs. Mary (Montague) Johnson[44], circa
14 iv. Hannah Ball.

22. Hannah[7] Atherold[56]. Born, circa 1617, in England. Died, circa 1694,
in Lancaster Co., VA.

She married[44] Col. William Ball (21).

4 FEB 2000 9


23. Albert[8] Meeker (possibly)[57]. Born, circa 1570.

He married an unknown woman. Children:

15 i. William (Goodman)[7] Meeker (Mecar) Sr.
ii. Thomas Meeker (Possibly)[58]. Born, circa 1620, in Leamington,
Warwickshire, England. Died, circa 1669, in Fairfield, Fairfield
Co., CT. Came on the "Christian" in 1635. to Windsor, CT. Then
to Fairfield, CT. in 1659.
iii. Robert Meeker[59]. Born, circa 1625, in Leamington,
Warwickshire, England. Died, 10 Mar 1683/4, in Fairfield,
Fairfield Co., CT. Baptism: 10 Mar 1683/4, in Fairfield,
Fairfield Co., CT. Will Made: 12 Nov 1683, in Fairfield,
Fairfield Co., CT[53]. Prob of Est: 10 Mar 1683/4, in Fairfield,
Fairfield Co., CT. Occupation: Farmer. He married[59] Susanna
"Susan" Tuberfield[59], 16 Sep 1651, in New Haven, New Haven
Co., CT[60]. Sailed from Plymouth, England in and arrived in
Massachusetts in 1630. Removed to Quinnipiack (New Haven), Conn.
before by the first of July, 1654; removed to Fairfield by 1668.
brother of William, Robert (d. 1683/50, had married Susan
Tubarfield on September 16, 1654 and by 1668 was living near
Fairfield, Connecticut, where he had or was to acquire a rather
large estate of three hundred and eighty-eight acres besides
interest in the "Common Lands". In his will made November 12,
1683, proved March 10, 1684/5, he named a daughter, Mary, and
two sons, Daniel and John. Robert Meeker land extended from
Sasco Beach on Long Island Sound to the northern boundry of the
town of Fairfield. The land was a mile wide and presently called
the "Gold Coast" of the east. It is thought that Robert family
after leaving the New Haven Colony went to Elizabethtown for a
short time then to NY on to the Coast before settling in
Fairfield Colony of CT. At that time New Haven Colony CT
Colony had separate charters from the King of England Extracted
from "History of the Coloney of New Haven" by Edward E. Atwater
Early in the spring of 1644 the new proprietors took
possession of their purchase. It is probable that they came from
Wethersfield in vessels down the Connecticut river and through
Long Island sound. They were joined by others from New Haven and
all numbered forty men, many of whom were accompanied by wives
and children. lProminent among them were William Swaine and his
sons Samuel and Daniel, John Plum, Richard Harrison, Thomas
Blatchly, Robert Rose, John and Francis Linsley, William Palmer,
Thomas Sargent, Robert Abbott, Edward Treadwell, Samuel
Nettleton, John Norton, John Hill, John Ward, Daniel Dod, Thomas
Richards, Jonathan England, Edward Frisbie, Richard Lawrence,
Richard Mather, Sagismond Richalls, William Merchang, Luther
Branfield, Thomas Fenner, John Edwards, Robert Meeker, Thomas
Whitehead, Richard Lawrence, with Rev. John Sherman, who
accompanied them as their pastor, Jasper Crane, George and
Lawrence Ward, Thomas Morris, and Thomas Lupton came from New
Haven to Branford.
Their first homes were along the north and west banks of
the river, leaving the Indian reservation, which still retains
the name of Indian Neck, on the opposite side.
These houses were probably of crude construction as the
first meeting house, built in 1644, was a block house with a
thatched roof, surrounded by a palisade of cedar logs twelve
feet high. In 1645 the first division of lands was made, each
proprietor having previously received a home lot and three acres
of land.
Robert Meeker took the Oath of Fidelity in New Haven, July
1644, and then removed to Branford, where he appeared to be a
person of some standing. He married Susan Tuberfield 1651. He
removed to Fairfield before 1670.

24. William[8] Preston (Adam, 28). Born, 28 Jan 1589/0 (??) in Giggleswick
Coun, England. Died, 9 Jul 1647, in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. Residents of
Yorkshire, England. Came to Mass. In the ship "Truelove in 1635. Settled in New
Haven Colony.

He married[61], first, Elizabeth Sale (25), 11 Oct 1613, in Chesham, Co.
Bucks, England. Children:

i. John[7] Preston[62]. Born, circa 1617, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 1623, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England. Burial: 18
Nov 1623, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.
ii. Edward Preston[62]. Born, circa 1619, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 1699, in NH. Baptism: 14 Nov 1619, in Chesham,
Co. Bucks, England. Occupation: Lawyer. He married[63] Margaret
Hurst[63]. LAWYER
iii. William Preston[62]. Born, circa 1619, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 1633, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England. Baptism: 5
Oct 1614, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England. Burial: 4 Jun 1633, in
Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.
iv. Daniel Preston[62]. Born, circa 1621, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 10 Nov 1707, in Dorchester, MA.
v. Elizabeth Preston[62]. Born, circa 1623, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 29 Aug 1693. Baptism: 18 Jan 1622/3, in Chesham,
Co. Bucks, England. She married[63] Joseph Alsop[63].
16 vi. Sarah J Preston.
vii. Mary Preston[62]. Born, circa 1629, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Baptism: 13 Dec 1629, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

4 FEB 2000 10


She married[63] Peter Mallory[63], 1648.
viii. John Preston[62]. Born, circa 1632, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died in MA. Baptism: 4 Mar 1631/2, in Chesham, Co.
Bucks, England.

He married[64], second, Mary Seabrook[62], daughter of Robert Seabrook
and Alice Goodspeede, 1635, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England. Born, circa 1601,
in Traing Par., Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, England. Died, after 1680. Children:

ix. Jehiel Preston[61]. Born, circa 1640. Died, 1684. Baptism: 14
Jun 1640.
x. Hackaliah Preston[62]. Born, circa 1643. Died, 20 Nov 1692.
Baptism: 9 Apr 1643.
xi. Eliaspah Preston[61]. Born, circa 1643, in New Haven Co., CT.
Died, 1707, in Wallingford, CT. Baptism: 9 Apr 1643. Occupation:
xii. Joseph Preston[65]. Born, circa 1646, in New Haven Co., CT.
Died, 1733, in New Haven Co., CT. Baptism: 24 Jan 1645/6.
Occupation: Sergeant.

25. Elizabeth[8] Sale (Edward, 29). Born, 8 Jun 1590, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Died, 22 Feb 1633/4, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

She married[61] William Preston (24).

26. William[8] Ball (John, 31)[44]. Born in Wiltshire, England. of "Lincoln's

He married[44] Mary Harris (27). Children:

i. Alling[7] Ball[56]. Born, circa 1615. He married[44] Dorothy
Tuttle[44]. settled at New Haven, CT came from England on the
ship, Planter, in 1635.
ii. John Ball[44]. settled in Mass.
iii. Francis Ball[44]. settled in Springfield, MA
iv. Samuel Ball[44]. settled in Comingtree.
v. Richard Ball[44].
21 vi. Col. William Ball.

27. Mary[8] Harris[44].

She married[44] William Ball (26).

4 FEB 2000 11


28. Adam[9] Preston (William, 33)[66].

He married Isabel Braithwhett, 2 Jun 1583. Children:

24 i. William[8] Preston.

29. Edward[9] Sale (John, 35). Born, 4 Apr 1563. Died, 13 Dec 1620, in
Chesham, Co. Bucks, England. OF BUCKINGSHIRE, ENGLAND.

He married Elizabeth Gifford (30), 20 Oct 1589, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,
England. Children:

25 i. Elizabeth[8] Sale.

30. Elizabeth[9] Gifford. Born, 1634 (??). Died, 14 Aug 1657, in Chesham, Co.
Bucks, England.

She married Edward Sale (29).

31. John[9] Ball (Rev. Richard, 38)[44]. Died, circa 1628.

He married[44], first, Alice Hayes (32). Children:

26 i. William[8] Ball.
ii. Thomas Ball[44].
iii. George Ball[44].
iv. Richard Ball[44].
v. Samuel Ball[44].
vi. Elizabeth Ball[44].
vii. Rachel Ball[44].
viii. Susan Ball[44].
ix. Dorothy Ball[44].
x. Mary Ball[44].

He married[56], second, Elizabeth Webb[56].

32. Alice[9] Hayes[44].

She married[44] John Ball (31).

4 FEB 2000 12


33. William[10] Preston[66]. Born, circa 1526, in England.

He married Ann(a) Sanders (34). Children:

28 i. Adam[9] Preston.

34. Ann(a)[10] Sanders[66]. Born, circa 1530, in England.

She married William Preston (33).

35. John[10] Sale. Born, 1576. Died, 15 Nov 1577, in Chesham, Co. Bucks,

He married Agnes Parker (36).

36. Agnes[10] Parker, daughter of George Parker. Died, 20 Jan 1598/9 (??) in
Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

She married, first, John Sale (35) in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

29 i. Edward[9] Sale.

She married, second, Byrch.

37. Joane[10] . Died, 12 Oct 1620, in Chesham, Co. Bucks, England.

She married an unknown man. Children:

30 i. Elizabeth[9] Gifford.

38. Rev. Richard[10] Ball (Lawrence, 40)[67]. Born, circa 1623, in
Bishopsgate, England.

He married[44] Elizabeth (39), circa 1623. Children:

31 i. John[9] Ball.
ii. William Ball[44].
iii. Richard Ball[44].

39. Elizabeth[10] [44].

She married[44] Rev. Richard Ball (38).

4 FEB 2000 13


40. Lawrence[11] Ball[44]. Born, 1565, in Northampton, England.

He married[44] Elizabeth Goodman (41). Children:

38 i. Rev. Richard[10] Ball.

41. Elizabeth[11] Goodman[44].

She married[44] Lawrence Ball (40).

4 FEB 2000 14


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4 FEB 2000 15


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Posted: 975441688000
Edited: 1127436665000
I was very much interested and amazed by this
posting. My sister married Ross Meeker Reinhardt
who is a descendant of Timothy and Desire Cory
and somewhere there is also a Meeker-Meeker
marriage in his line. His mother was Grace
Meeker, a daughter of Frank Meeker, who had a
dairy in Roseland, NJ.

My connection with Meekers is "wood pile", but
there are a number of other marriages between
my Browns (desc. of John Brown a founder of Newark) and Meekers and I've never tried
to put it all together. Also a possible connection
to Jacob Edwards. I would be happy to correspond.

Wilson Brown

Re: Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 OH

Posted: 997306632000
Edited: 1011402512000
I noticed that you have a Daniel DAY who married into the MEEKER/PIERSON families. Do you happen to have any additional information on him? Parents? Siblings? The reason is that I have an Ezekiel Pierson DAY who married Margaret BARR in 1821 OH and they had 10 children, their last son was named Ezekiel Meeker DAY in 1842.
Ezekiel Pierson DAY was born in NY in 1798 and I haven't located his parents and/or siblings.

Please email me:

Hope to hear from you soon and possibly we have a connection?!

Re: Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 OH

Posted: 1075252616000
Classification: Query
I am researching James Cole b. May 18, 1799, d. September 27, 1879, buried: Lee Cemetery, Hancock Co. OH; M. December 27, 1821 - Fairfield County, OH.; Nancy Meeker, b. June 30, 1807, d. January 19, 1879 from PA. Her lineage traces to George Washington.
I have hit a brick wall with this couple who were my gggrandparents.any help as to their records, or previous family history, census entries, etc.. would be greatly appreciated. Their children were: Isaac, John Wesley - my ggrandfather, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Charles.

John Wesley Cole b. May 29, 1828, Seneca County, OH. d. Aug 20, 1916 Baxter, AR.

There is also some reference to indian heritage or bloodlines. Probably Cherokee.

Re: Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 OH

Posted: 1092766254000
Classification: Query
im looking for information on Benjamin Meeker & Catherine Thomas from Monroe county ohio believe they married abt 1834 Any information would be a great help .I believe they were my gr gr grandparents

Re: Elizabeth Meeker b. 1835 OH \\ EDIT TO gemeeker Post

Posted: 1499805251000
Classification: Query
Surnames: MEEKER, CORY
In the gemeeker post:
gemeeker is long gone from Ancestry so an edit since they can't make t themselves:

The location of the marriage of "Old" Timothy Meeker to 3rd wife Desire Cory.

There are only 2 locations named "Providence" in the state of Rhode Island.

One is the City of Providence which is the capital of the state.

And the other is known as Providence County which includes the City of Providence among the cities & towns within the county borders.

The location of "Old" Timothy & Desire's marriage, New Providence, is located in Union Co, NJ on the border with Morris Co, NJ & has the Passaic River for its western boundary.
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