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Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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Surnames: Cage
There were 6 sisters (only have the names of 4) and 5 brothers (do not know their names) who were born to India Cage in Louisiana. She was Indian, Mr. Cage was White. They were sent to a convant in Baltimore from 1854 to 1865 during the war, and after India died.

After the war, Maggie stayed in Baltimore, MD then moved to Philadelphia. India Amelia, Fannie, and Lizzie moved to Cincinnati. India Amelia graduated from Gains Highschool in 1867, then moved to Maysville KY and married George F. Carr.

Fannie married a photogarpher in Cinn. but later divorce
Lizzie married the son of a white doctor but moved to St. Louis for she passed as white.

Anyone who has information on this line of Cage sisters I would be most grateful!

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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I see from your family tree that your India Amelia Cage was in Oberlin, Lorain Co. Ohio in 1850. If that is the case, then her father was Albert Gallatin Cage (ca. 1796-1850) of Terrebonne Parish Louisiana. If you're familiar with Google Books [], go there and search for a book called "Reminiscences of Levi Coffin" and read pages 477-481. I think the Cage children whose story is told there are the same ones you are looking for. If so, these are definitely the children of Albert Gallatin Cage. I've found a few other of what I believe were Amelia's siblings: Andrew (b. ca. 1830), Adaline (b. ca. 1836), Antoinette (b. ca. 1839), and Delia Ann (b. ca. 1841). If any of this sounds correct, I think I can fill in some of the blanks for you.

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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This is awesome! The story sound very similar. The information we have indicates that the girls moved to Cincinnati from Baltimore after the war but does not say why. We have pictures of them taken by a photagrapher in Cincinnatti so we know they were there. Maybe Baltimore was a fluke, not to mention nothing came up from the Catholic orphanges I spoke to.

Please send me anything else you may have. I am SO EXCITED!!!

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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One more note: Amelia India's child was Mattie Adaline Carr. I see one of the sisters you mentioned was Adaline and it is spelt the same way! Mattie Carr's daughter's name is Castella Ann Chavis (my maternal Grandmother) and my middle name is Ann. That could possibly account for Delia Ann.

Thanks again

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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Well, I’ll start with what I know for sure. The children Levi Coffin talks about are definitely those of Albert Gallatin Cage. There were three Cage brothers who settled in Terrebonne Pa., LA: James (1776-1854), Harry (1795-1858) and Albert Gallatin (ca. 1796-1850). They were all the sons of Maj. William Cage (ca. 1745-1811) of Sumner Co., TN: James by first wife Elizabeth Douglass (1754-1792) and Harry and Albert by his second wife Ann Hall (ca. 1762-1800).

James settled in Terrebonne first, and became a wealthy sugar planter. Brothers Harry and Albert first settled in the Natchez/Woodville area of Mississippi, where Harry married Catherine Stewart (1804-1829) and became a lawyer, judge, MS State Supreme Court Justice an member of the US House of Representatives. He is the “Judge Cage” Coffin refers to. He purchased a third interest in his brother James’ Woodlawn Plantation and moved to Terrebonne Pa. in 1844; their brother Albert Gallatin Cage owned bordering Ashland Plantation.

James and Albert never married, but both had illegitimate children; James formally acknowledged his (Martha, William, Thomas and George) in a legal document of 1846. Albert unfortunately did not do the same and, as recounted by Coffin, his children were therefore legally his slaves and his property.

James and Harry inherited their brother Albert's interest in Ashland Plantation – and his slaves - after his intestate death in October of 1850. This started the chain of events recounted in Coffin’s memoirs. James Cage died in 1854. He wrote his will in 1850, however, before Albert died, specifically bequeathing in a codicil “to my brother Albert G. Cage I leave one thousand dollars in addition to the one thousand dollars already mentioned in my Will. This amount is to assist him in the education of his children.” He also leaves “to Delia Ann, mulattoe girl daughter of Kitty Thomas I give fifteen hundred dollars.”

After Albert’s death, James ammended his will in 1851: “In the bequest to the yellow girl Delia Ann mentioned in my Will of fifteen hundred dollars, I hereby add the further sum of one thousand dollars, making her entire bequest to her twenty five hundred dollars. I hereby bequeath to the illegitimate children of my brother Albert G. Cage deceased, vested in the hands of my executors for their education the sum of one thousand dollars, my legacy left in my Will, having lapsed by his death.”

Harry Cage died in 1858 and, exactly as recounted by Coffin, his son Duncan Stewart Cage (ca. 1825-1885), a Louisiana state representative, inherited his father’s estate (which presumably included his cousins).

So there is no doubt that the children Coffin talks about are those of Albert Gallatin Cage. But who were they? Coffin states that there were eight children. The three eldest (two sons and a daughter) were being educated “up north” when Albert died, and the other five were still at home. One son - “a boy twelve or fourteen years old” - was sent to Coffin 3 or 4 years before Harry Cage’s death: i.e. ,1854 or 1855, and was thus born ca. 1840/43. The remaining 4 girls were sent up “shortly before the rebellion” to Coffin to be placed at a school in Oberlin.

Amelia Cage & Franklin Cage, mulattos born in Louisiana, ages 12 & 11 (respectively) are in the household of Peter P. Pease in the 1860 Oberlin, Lorain Co. OH census, so I think these are certainly Albert’s children. The General Catalogue of Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 1909) shows the following enrolments:

Frances Cage, enr. 1860-1861, prep., from New Orleans, LA
Lizzie Cage, enr. 1860-1861, prep., from New Orleans, LA
Aurelia [sic: Amelia] Cage, enr. 1864-1865 prep., from Cincinnati, OH

Also, Robert Samuel Fletcher’s “History of Oberlin College” (Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 1943) states that “in 1860 a member of the Louisiana legislature was much embarrassed to find that he had inherited his cousins, the daughters of his uncle and a light-colored slave. He shipped these girls to Coffin at Cincinnati, with a request that he provide for their edIication at Oberlin and a draft for five hundred dollars to pay their initial expenses at that institution. Lizzie, Frances and Amelia Cage stayed in Oberlin from June to November of 1860. Coffin sent money and instructions to Secretary Hill from time to time. The youngest sister, Amelia, was never officially registered in the Preparatory Department as were Frances and Lizzie. When the Civil War broke out money ceased to come from their cousin, and Coffin obtained positions for them as household servants. Their relative and legal owner is said to have lost all his property in the war.”
The 1860 Oberlin, Lorain Co. OH census shows the following household:

Nelson S Bishop 48 NY ca. 1812
William W Fort 28 OH ca. 1832
Julia L Bishop 45 CT ca. 1815
Henry Bishop 22 OH ca. 1838
Louis Bishop 18 OH ca. 1832
Julia Bishop 4 OH ca. 1856
Maria Smith 20 LA ca. 1840 mulatto
Emeline Fort 28 OH ca. 1832
Minnie Fort 3 OH ca. 1857
Angie Brua Fort 22 OH ca. 1838
Lizzie Cage Fort 23 LA ca. 1837 mulatto
Frances Fort 21 LA ca. 1839 mulatto

One researcher identifies “Fort” as “Foote”, William W. Fort being William Wirt Foote (1832-1895) with his wife Emmeline L. Brooks (1830-1819) and daughter Minnie Emma Foote (1857-1925). What their association with Lizzie and Frances was, I don’t know. But I think these are certainly Lizzie & Frances Cage; Maria Smith might be a sister as well.

Coffin states that the oldest girl – “a young woman of twenty-one” – returned to New Orleans “to live the life of a concubine” with a merchant there. In the 1860 New Orleans census there appears in a single household (and in this order): Adaline Cage (mulatto, age 24, b. LA, ca. 1836), Jules Lambert (white. age 24, b. LA ca. 1836), Mary L. Cage (mulatto, age 1, b. LA ca. 1859), Antoinette Cage (mulatto, age 21, b. LA ca. 1839) and Delia Cage (mulatto, age 20, b. LA ca. 1840).

Orleans Parish birth records show Louisa Mary Lambert born 10 July 1859 to Jules Lambert and “Adelaide Gage”. I think this is certainly Adaline Cage, and that she is the “concubine” with her lover (Jules Lambert) and their illegitimate child (Mary Louisa Cage/Lambert). Antoinette & Delia may be younger sisters, but they don’t seem to fit in with Coffin’s narrative. Delia Cage is almost certainly “the yellow girl Delia Ann” mentioned in James Cage’s will. He calls her the daughter of “Kitty Thomas”, though, so she may be a half sister. She certainly was singled out and apparently excluded from Albert’s children in James’ will, so she may not be Albert’s child at all. How she and Antoinette fits into the picture is anyone’s guess.

Orleans Parish Death records show “Adelaide” Cage died 30 Oct 1869, age 33, and Jules Lambert died on 24 July 1878, age 45. I have no record of what happened to their daughter. Delia Cage died on 22 Jul 1865, age 24.

Finally, in 1850, there appears in the Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH census in a boarding house Andrew Cage (Mulatto, age 20, b. LA ca. 1830). He is too old to be the boy first sent to Coffin, but he may well be one of the two sons sent up north earlier.

So, of the possible children of Albert Cage, I find:

1. Andrew Cage (b. ca. 1830)
2. Adaline/Adelaide Cage, (ca. 1836-30 Oct 1869); had illegitimate child Mary Louisa Cage (b. 10 July 1859) with Jules Lambert (ca. 1833/36-22 Jul 1865)
3. Lizzie (b. ca. 1837)
4. Frances Cage (b. ca. 1839)
5. Antoinette Cage (b. ca. 1839)
6. Delia Ann Cage (ca. 1840/41-22 Jul 1865); possibly a half-sister with mother Kitty Thomas, or even a cousin
7. Amelia Cage (b. ca. 1848)
8. Franklin Cage (b. ca. 1849)

Coffin says there were eight children – three sons and five daughters – and though his memories appear accurate, his memoirs were written sixteen years later and are probably not perfect. However, of the eight probable children I mention, Andrew (the older son educated “up north”), Adaline/Adelaide (the New Orleans concubine), and Lizzie, Frances, Amelia & Franklin (Louisiana-born mulatto young adults & children who appear in Oberlin, OH right before the war) so exactly match his recollections, that I think there is no doubt that these five, at least, are the children of Albert G. Cage.

Can you provide more details on India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie & Fannie - dates, places, husbands, etc.? Maybe we can piece this together.

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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This is wonderful information!!! Yes this is the family line. Per Amelia's daughter (Mattie Adaline Carr-Chavis) she wrote a paper called India's Children. In it she wrote:

Lizzie married the son of a white doctor. He knew that she was Negro, but since she had too many Negro friends, they moved to St. Louis to live as white. -Fannie - married a photographer, later divorce and moved with Lizzie in St.Louis and lived as a white woman.

I believe the photographer's name is JT Ball Photograhic Studio in Cinicinnati because we have pictures of Amelia India and I think Fannie, that were taken by him.

I have census information on Amelia when she moved to Maysville, KY and married George Carr, part of the iinfluential Irish slave owning Carr family.

All of this information is in my family tree.

Are you part of the Cage family or a reseacher?
Can we talk?

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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Louisa Mary Lambert, dau. of Jules Lambert and Adelaide Cage, md. on Oct. 2, 1880 to George Heinrich August Freund.

George Heinrich August Freund and Louisa Mary Lambert had a dau. Gladys Irene Freund, b. Oct. 3, 1900, who wound up marrying Guy Oran Cavett. This couple had a dau., Peggy Cavett, who is still living.

Peggy has put together a small book on her family which I can scan and send to you, if you provide me with your e-mail address. You can write to me directly at A caveat - there are errors in the book, because Peggy got information from elderly aunts who were "guessing" at the Cage ancestry, and Peggy is not really a genealogist. She does have photos of Louisa Mary Lambert, Adelaide Cage, and Fanny Cage. She's got another photo of two of the sisters, when they were grown women., too.

The memoirs by Coffin which you summarized had a lot more credibility than what had come to Peggy via oral history.

I have another message on this board from about ten years ago, looking for the ancestry of William Cage and Amelia Hays, who Peggy had been told by her aunt were the parents of Adelaide Cage. In that message, it gives the oral history of some of Adelaide's siblings.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Paul Horvat

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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Thank you for sharing this additional information. I would LOVE a copy of your material from Peggy!

I emailed you yesterday from my mobile phone. I look forward to reading your material and speaking with you.

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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Thank you; I would very much like a copy, too. Oddly enough, just recently I found some information of the Freund family (of Austin, Travis Co. TX) which stops just short of Gladys Irene:

Louisa Mary Lambert (10 Jul 1859 - 13 Jun 1927)
m. 2 Oct 1880, New Orleans, Orleans Pa. LA, George August Heinrich Freund (22 Aug 1853 - 1 Apr 1941)
Harry Marvin Freund (23 Jul 1881 - )
Amelia Freund (22 Jan 1883 - 25 May 1944)
Emma Louise Freund (15 Feb 1884 - 3 Dec 1886)
May Agnes Freund (12 May 1885 - 31 Aug 1980)
Robert George Freund (4 Dec 1886 - 19 Nov 1918)
Chester Alfred Freund (20 Sep 1888 - 14 Jun 1981)
m. Annie Laurie Thiele (ca 1892 - 18 Mar 1975)
Andrew Jackson Freund (7 Jan 1890 - 12 Aug 1970)
m. Edna Myrtle Geis (29 Jul 1898 - 18 Sep 1960)
Warren Freund (29 Oct 1891 - )
Edward M. Freund (14 Jun 1893 - 4 Mar 1975)
Ralph Austin Freund (Dec 1897 - 22 Mar 1976)
Roland Reed Freund (Oct 1898 - 16 Jan 1971)

Alos, I found a record in the “Index of Death Notices and Marriage Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 1827-1881”, p. 704, dated 14 November 1864, of the marriage notice of J. P. Ball and Fannie Cage. This is quite remarkable, because J. P. Ball is James Presley Ball (1825-1904), a noted and very important African American photographer. (See and ). Although the marriage does not appear to have lasted long (Fannie does not appear with Ball in any census), a photograph by Ball of his wife is of historic significance and should be brought to the attention of both the Cincinnati Historical Society and Ball’s biographer, Deborah Willis.

Re: Looking for Cage Sisters: India Amelia, Maggie, Lizzie, Fannie, plus 2 more

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I have sent you several messages requesting to speak with you but they went unanswered. I have much to share and questions to ask you but i never heard back from you.

are you willing to speak with me directly? I have much information from the Museum of Cincinnatti
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