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African-Americans of Accomack

African-Americans of Accomack

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Surnames: Castor, Corbin, Conquest, Casty, Crippen, Custis, Dickerson, Evans, Foreman, Godwin, Hall, Harmon, Holden, Hope, Justice, Lewis, Milbourne, Nock, Robinson, Savage, Trader, Watson, White
Hello Everyone,

I am relatively new to genealogy, but I have gathered quite a bit of information on my ancestors of Accomack Co. My primary interest is the Corbin, Castor, Godwin, and Justice surnames. I posted to the GHOTES website a few genealogy reports of my African American ancestors with the hope that they will generate an interest (and some assistance), but no luck as yet. The genealogy reports that I posted were for the Godwin. Corbin, Justice, and Conquest surnames. Please, have a look, see if you recognize anyone (or find a relative), or maybe you know someone that is also researching the same lines. I would appreciate any input, and I am more that willing to share my data with you.

Thank you in advance,
Pat Reese of

Godwin surname

Deborah Mariner Hubbard (View posts)
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Surnames: Godwin
I started searching my grandfather's family a few years ago but stopped. I came across your site by accident. Even though I am not currently working at this I thought I'd reply. Anyway . . . My grandfather's name was George Godwin (born 1900 died 1968). He was born in Oak Hall, Va. His parents were Benjamin Godwin and Scarborough Marshall. I don't know anymore about them. I do know my grandfather was the youngest of several children. His sister, Miranda died about 6 years ago at age 100. He had at least one brother, Eddie. I believe he had at least 2 other siblings.

Harmon: African-Americans

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Surnames: Harmon
Hello Agnes,

I am very glad to hear from you and hope that we can help each other. I do not have a lot of time to respond to this letter, but I wanted to let you know that I received your e-mail. I will attempt to send you what information that I have (without sources). If you do not receive the e-mail or something is wrong with the format, please leave me an e-mail which I will answer when I return from Maryland.

Pat Reese of

African-American's in Accomack County

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Surnames: Harmon

I don't have any info on the Godwin, Corbin, Justice, or Conquest surnames. However, in the Surname reference you listed the Harmon name too. I have been researching the Harmons for quite some time and can share that info with you if you are interested. I am also interested in any information you may have on the Harmon family. Good luck. I have not found Ghotes too helpful for African American geneology research in Accomack County.

African Americans of Accomack

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Surnames: Fiddemon, Fiddermon, Fedderman
Please send information about Harmons, Godwin and Conquest. We are all related. e-mail

African-Americans of Accomack

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Harmon, Godwin, Conquest
Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for responding to my query and I hope that the information I'm sending proves that we are related and that we have information to share. I don't think that I can send an attachment with this response so I will email to the address given. If what I send do not arrive correctly please let me know (send an SOS).


African-Americans in Accomack Co.

Emily Tilley (View posts)
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Surnames: Simpkins, Bayley, Beckett
After many years, I have recently returned to my genealogy research. I was delighted to see your message regarding research and your willingness to share your information. While we are not researching the same family surnames, I am also willing to share any information that I come across with your family surnames of Corbin, Castor, Godwin, and Justice. I have copies of some Accomack County records during the 1800's and will look through them this weekend for your family surnames. Until then, good luck in your search.
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Surnames: Crippen, Dicks, Bennett, Richardson, Johnson
I have record of my ancestor's arrival from MD to Phila in
1860,living with relatives Noah and Milton who were there in
1855. His name was Crippen Dicks- both names specific to
Accomack. His unknown parents left before his birth in Md in
1830. The Crippens were free people, the Dicks were still
slaves about this time. Appreciate any genera

Savage family heritage

Margaret Parker-Sergeant (View posts)
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Classification: Query
I am curious to know about your Savage family line. Happy to share information (new to researching this particular family though.)

Afro-American Carters

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Surnames: Carter
I have just learned that Louis and Mary Carter had twins named George and Louis (one died) on March 10, 1872 in Accomack County. I had been searching futilly in Amherst since that is where the present Zack Higinbotham was born in 1925 to Zack Higginbotham and his wife Maria Carter. The only thing we know is that Maria's mother probably was named Betty. The reason we believe there is a link to the Louis and Mary Carter of Accomack is that Zack had twins (had to take them to Children's hospital to keep them alive, and now his grandson has just had twins with the same problem.) No other Higginbothams are known to have twins. Also the name Louis. Zack's oldest sister was Louise. Mary... Email at
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