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Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Olsen
I'm looking for the story Berte Tuppenhaug by Asbjornsen. My ancestor, Mads Olsen Knai, is a character in the story. Can anyone tell me where I can find it?

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Try this site:

Or google "Berte Tuppenhaug" with the quotation marks.

while the website only shows the beginning of the story, it seems the title of the book is:

Folktales of Norway By Reidar Thoralf Christiansen, Pat Shaw Iversen

You could go to and see if there are any new or used available.

Folktales of Norway
By Reidar Thoralf
Christiansen, Pat Shaw
Translated by Pat Shaw
Contributor Reidar
Thoralf Christiansen
Published 1964
University of Chicago

Folk literature
, Norwegian

284 pages

This was also interesting:

You can try using google translate to translate from Norwegian to English.

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Thank you so much for your reply to the query on 'BERTHE Niels Daughter Toppenhaug'.

I'm related to Mads, also, thru his grandson Christian. The information you posted was very valuable.

If the original requestor would like to share data, I'd be happy to do so.

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Glad to help! And thank you for the thank you! Sometimes I reply and never hear if the information was helpful. Glad it was.
Taryn from Minnesota

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Reference Librarian assisted; together we were not able to locate a hardcopy of Asbornsen's work (translated to English), specifically including 'Berte Tuppenhaug'.

I did find it on-line in Norwegian, as 'Berthe Tuppenhaugs fortellinger':

The auto translator didn't work well on it, language is archaic. Another research site provided that: Berthe Tuppenhaug is an old women with speial talents to cure people with blessing and witchcraft. Mads Knai was her uncle & some of his happenings are described in Berthe Tuppenhaugs fortellinger. Tuppenhaug is the name of the cottar place where Berthe lived. Tuppen = the tip, Haug = hill.

Thought you might enjoy what I had found earlier about this fairy tale.

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Olsen, Madsen, Christiansen
After further review, I see that your find (Folktales of Norway By Reidar Thoralf Christiansen, Pat Shaw
Iversen/Translated by Pat Shaw Iversen) was more help than I originally thought.

Within it (as separate stories) are excerpts from the full length folktale, "Berte's Tuppenhaug". So it has been translated, just broken up in to shorter stories in the retelling. The "Interrupted Huldre Wedding at Melbustad", and "The Man Who Became Huldren" in the work you found, are part of the 'not translated' Norwegian fairytale that we both located on line. There may be others as well. But, I did easily identify those two, in the auto translated version.

So once again, thank you very much. My own research was too narrow in scope; you nailed it for me and the original author of this query.

I was searching for information on the same to assist in identifying & documenting the ancestry of Mads Olsen, Ole Madsen, Christian Olsen, & Carl Christiansen in Norway.

Your find saved me, and I'm sure others, a great deal of time. It is so appreciated!

Re: Asbjornsen's Berte Tuppenhaug

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Knain, Sogn
Thank you to all who replied to this query! I was able to find and read the fairy tale, I appreciate your help!
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