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HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Surnames: Henricks, Hendrikson, Erlandsen, Olsdatter, Johansdatter,Nielfen, Hansdatter
I am seeking geneological information and looking to find distant relatives in Norway. My gr grandfather Peder Myre Henricks (name change in U.S.A.) emigrated between 1866 and 1869 first to the USA and then to Canada in 1903. His parents were Hendrik Erlandsen and Oline Olsdatter, one document says he was born in Rienfjord and another says Brono. He was married to Inger Hermina Johansdatter in 1865. I believe her parents were Johan Nielfen and Ane Hansdatter. On the documents I have (which I have been told are baptismal certificates) in front of their names is the abbreviation, "No" followed by a number. For P.M. the it reads "No:67" and for Inger it reads "No:83".

P.M. returned to Norway in 1922 for a private audience with King Haakon where he was made a Knight of the Order of St Olaf for his work as Norwegian Vice Consul in Canada assisting the Norwegian immigrants to Canada.

I believe that P.M. may have had some half brothers/sisters who stayed in Norway, but I have no way of confirming this.

If anyone can help me advance further back in the family tree, knows anything more about P.M., or may be able to lead me to distant relatives it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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"Brono" is the name of a parish/clerical district in Nordland, Norway. It is usually spelled Brønnøy, but perhaps someone felt unable to make the Norwegian multi-national special character ø.

Reinfjord (Reinfjord lille/little Reinfjord) is the name of a FARM in Brønnøy, Nordland, Norway.

Look at the following family found living on Reinfjord lille farm in the 1865 Norwegian census for Brønnøy --

Looking carefully at that census it seems obvious that Peder's mother has remarried (look at the ages of the couple). Peder's future wife is possibly living in the household and working there as as "Tjenestepige" (servant girl) or that might only be another female with a similar name.

The parish church records will be your "gold mine" for genealogical information. Church records for Brønnøy, Nordland are available for years as early as 1669.

Good information about translating the formats of Norwegian parish church records during various time periods, many of the basic terms used and understanding how to use the information should be studied at this web site -

The Digitalarkivet web site has been adding scanned images of the original Norwegian parish church records for anyone with Internet access since November 2005.

The Digitalarkivet web site -
An English option is available by clicking on that word from either the left hand column or the blue link bar along the bottom of the homepage.
The scanned images are available from the homepage link "Skanna kyrkjebøker" [Norwegian version]/"Digitised parish records" [English version] which is listed along the left hand column and from the blue banner of links along the top section of the homepage.
After you've clicked on that link and a new main page has presented on the screen be sure and read the instructions that are available from the Digitalarkivet for navigating the scanned records. The instructions are available in Bokmål (official Norwegian), Nyorsk (Norwegian), Davvisámegiella (Saami), and English.
Recommended basic reading are the "Startsiden" [Norwegian version]/"Main page" [English version], "Brukerveiledning" [Norwegian version]/"User's guide" [English version] and "Om tjenesten" [Norwegian version]/"About this service" [English version].

For example - the marriage record between Peder M. Hendriks. and Inger H. Johansdtr. is recorded in Brønnøy, Nordland. Married 3 Sept 1867 and listed as the 9th marriage performed that year in that parish -- see page 295. (YES, that record verifies that she is around 9-10 years older that Peder and her father's name is listed as Johan Nielsen.)

Great information to learn to do Norwegian genealogy -

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Pretty good information you had, it didn't take long to find a good match in the census of 1865.

Census year: 1865
Municipality: Brønnøy
Municipality number: 1814
Name of domicile: Reinfjord lille
Number of persons in this domicile: 11


Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
Hans Edv. Andreassen Husf. g Grdbr. Leilænding 1835 Brønø
Oline Olsdatter hans Kone g 1816 Brønø
Peder M. Henriksen hendes Søn ug hjælper til med Grdbrgt. 1843 Brønø
Hartvig Henriksen hendes Søn ug hjælper til med Grdbrgt. 1846 Brønø
Hilberthine Henriksdatter hendes Datter ug 1852 Brønø
Inger Johansdatter ug Tjenestepige 1834 Brønø
Henrikke Andersdatter Husmoderens Moder e 1780 Brønø

In the parish of Brønø (Brønnøy) at a farm called Reinfjord Lille, is the farmer Hans Edv. Andreassen, but he is not the father of the Henriksen and Henriksdatter kids, since the name is wrong, and he is much younger than his wife, Oline Olsdatter. I would guess her first husband, Henrik, must have died, and then she married again.

Peder M. Henriksen, her son, unmarried, helping with the farm, b. 1843 in Brønø.

To see the location of Brønnøy on a map, go to Google, click on maps, then copy and paste this into the search box:

Brønnøy, Norway

The siblings are
Hartvig Henriksen b. abt. 1846
Hilberthine Henriksdatter b. abt. 1852

Henrikke Andersdatter b. ca. 1780 is the mother of Oline Olsdatter. So perhaps the farm was in Oline's family.

The "hired girl" (tjeneste pige) at the farm is named Inger Johansdatter, b. 1834, and if they married in 1865, perhaps she is living there too? You didn't say when she was born.

Brønnøy is in the Norwegian county of Nordland, in northern Norway.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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The search for relatives is sometimes made easier if the parish/municipality has a bygdebok. A farm and family history book that gives the history of the farm and often of the families/people owning those farms.

In the 1875 census, the sister Hilberthine Henriksdatter is still on the farm, with the nickname Tine. (Like we would pronounce Tina.)

5 Brønnøy 2 Reinfjord 127b Household Given name Last name Sex Family pos. Marital status Occupation Year of birth Birth place Resid. status Horses Cattle Sheep Pig Barley Oat Potatoes
2231 1 1 Hans E. Andreassen m hf g Gaardbruger, Selveier 1836 Brønø Pr. b 1 6 12 1 1 3 7
2232 2 Oline Olsdatter k Kone g 1815 Brønø Pr. b
2233 3 Tine Henriksdatter k d til Oline ug Hjelper Forældrene 1853 Brønø Pr. b
2234 4 Rafael Abrahamsen m tj ug Tjenestekarl 1854 Velfjords Pr. b
2235 5 Johanna Aronsdatter k tj e Tjeneste 1831 Brønø Pr. b
2236 6 Adolv Jensen m s af Johanna 1869 Brønø Pr. b
2237 7 Anna Eriksdatter k Til opfostring hos H. Andreass. 1860 Lekø Pr. b

The only other relative seemingly, is the mother Oline Olsdatter.
The rest are hired help, the son of one of them, and a foster daughter Anna.

This census does give some indentifying information for this farm, which might help if there is a bygdebok.

It is in Nordland fylke (county) the parish of Brønnøy. The main farm name is Reinfjord Lille, (little) and the main farm number is 74, but at that time it has a subfarm number of 127b. also it is the 2nd residence there, later that becomes the subfarm number. The numbering system changed. So depending on the years you are searching this farm:
127b Reinfjord Lille
or main farm Reinfjord Lille # 74, subfarm #2.

(an even older number for tax and census purposed was # 123.) Confused yet?

When I look at that farm on the 1886 farm owner tax census, I see that it is a Children's home??

Fylke: Nordland
Kommune: Brønnøy
Sogn: Brønnø Sogn K: Alm. skr. Brønø.
Gårdsnummer: 74
Gammelt matrikkelnr: 123
Navn på gård: Reinfjord lille
Antall bruk registrert på matrikkelgården: 4


Bruksnr Gammelt
løpenr Bruksnavn Brukers navn Skyld i
Mark-Øre Skyld i
Daler-Ort-Skilling Merknad
1 127a Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-40 0-4-14-14
2 127b Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-52 0-4-14-14
3 127c Reinfjord lille Børnehjemmet 2-40 0-4-14-14
4 127d Reinfjord lille Martinus Mikkelsen 2-40 0-4-14-14

Could it be possible that the family followed their son P.M. over to USA?

Where in the USA did Peder start? There is an 1880 census in the USA which might show them, and an 1885 census in North Dakota which might show something.

A search of both the 1875 and 1900 online census in Norway doesn't find any good match for the brother Hartvig.

Here is the emigration of Peder Myre Henriksen from the port of Trondheim, in 1869, with wife Hermine.
Their daughter Julie is 1.5

3909 5 1869 96 35 1121 1 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Peder Myhre Henriks. m 25 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus 39

3910 5 1869 96 36 1122 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Hermine Kone k 34 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus

3911 5 1869 96 37 1123 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Julie Fyhn Datter k 1,5 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus

Going to the port of Quebec. The ship is Neptunus.
Registering to leave 29 April, 1869, departing on 4 May 1869.

Here is the brother Hartvig, leaving the same day, same ship.

3965 5 1869 98 6 1177 1 29.04.1869 04.05.1869 Hartvig Henriks. m 22 Brønø Kvebek Th. Moe Neptunus 15

Sometimes the parish recorded departures from the parish when people left.

There is a Helbertine Aune, married, also born about 1852, the same as the sister, who emigrates from Brønø through Trondheim to the port of entry of New York, but she is later found in Polk county, Minnesota on the census (Northern Minnesota) in 1895.
Their tickets were pain in America, so someone sent for them. They left on May 23, 1883, on the steamship Tasso.

36893 5 1883 157 33 1837 1 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Jens Aune g Arbeidsm m 26 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

36894 5 1883 157 34 1838 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Helbertine Aune g Kone k 26 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

36895 5 1883 157 35 1839 22.05.1883 23.05.1883 Helga Aune Datr. k 2,5 Brønø New York Cunard Dampsk Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika

Daughter Helga Aune, age 2 1/2.

This page of the scanned church records books verifies that the sister Helbertine/Hilbertine is the one shown above.
Go to the lower right hand corner of the page, I think Peder Myhre is there too?

Back to what happened to the farm:
On the 1950 tax census, it shows this page:

And I think that when the farm was sold (or whatever happened) sometime between the 1875 census and the 1886 tax census, it was taken over or purchased by the church/state church for use as missions, a children home or something.
Maybe googling Reinfjord Lille will show something.

Matrikkelutkastet av 1950
Brønnøy herad, Brønnøy sokn
74 Reinfjord lille
1 Reinfjord lille 5 mark 08 øre Nordland indremisjonskrets og Helgeland krets av d.n. Indremisjonskrets
2 0 mark 00 øre Sammenføyet med bnr. 1 (their farm)
3 0 mark 00 øre Sammenføyet med bnr. 1

It shows that subfarms 1,2,3 are all taken over by the Nordland Inner Mission group, maybe someone will add to this post about it.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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I strongly recommend you google Reinfjord Lille. There are lots of photos, plus a brochure? I can't quite make out, but it might be for sale?

It's amazingly flat and good farming land. There is also a video link.

I can read some Norwegian, but I think it was also formerly an agricultural school, and is for sale.
Photos of the buildings.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Since it looks like the sister may have gone to Polk county, Minnesota, I checked for all Norwegians on the 1880 census in Minnesota whose names started with Hart, and I found an interesting entry:

82177 Hartwig K Hendrickson m 33 f N N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

82178 Mena Hendrickson f 33 N N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

82179 Ole H Hendrickson m 8 Mn N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

82180 Edward Hendrickson m 7 Mn N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

82181 Hendrick Hendrickson m 3 Mn N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

82182 Julius Hendrickson m 1 Mn N N 356 Fisher Polk Minnesota

this looks like a good match on the 1880 Norwegians in Minnesota census, for Peder Myre Henricks.

76297 Peder M Henricks m 36 f N N N 101 Sverdrup Ottertail Minnesota

76298 Inger Henricks f 45 N N N 101 Sverdrup Ottertail Minnesota

76299 Poul Henricks m 6 Mn N N 101 Sverdrup Ottertail Minnesota

76300 Amalie Henricks f 4 Mn N N 101 Sverdrup Ottertail Minnesota

76301 Henrik Henricks m 1 Mn N N 101 Sverdrup Ottertail Minnesota

There are historical societies for both of those counties that you could contact. Otter Tail is the county, Sverdrup must be the township. It refers to both Hartwig and Peder as farmers. It they came as early as 1869, it is possible that they were here in Minnesota early enough to be original homesteaders, at least in those areas. Their names should be on the land records, homestead records.

Historical societies in Minnesota website:

A quick search at for the name Peder Henricks shows that a Peder M. Henricks is living in Kittson county, Minnesota in 1895.

The land patent and the description of it is on this website:

At the top menu bar it says Search Land Patents, click there.

After you put in your postal code, then you can search
Henricks Peder

It will show you the records, plus there are tabs again and you can see the land description and the actual document.

Here's something interesting. When living in Kittson, if this is the same Peder M. Hendricks, he served in the Minnesota Legislature.

Hendricks, Peder M.
Sessions Served Other Information Main Search Page

House 1895-96 (District 52); House 1901-02 (District 63)

Party when first elected:
Counties Served: Kittson

Date of Birth: ??/??/1843 (uncertain) Date of Death (if known or applicable):
Birth Place: Birth County: Birth Country:
Other Names:
Gender: Male Religion:
City of Residence (when first elected): Robbin

Occupation (when first elected):


Family Members Who Have Served in the Minnesota Legislature:

No term data has been entered for this legislator.
No other information has been entered for this legislator.


Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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sometimes when I start helping someone with genealogy I have no idea where it will lead, but this is one of those times when I have moment that gives me some fun! When I saw online, after a google search using Peder M. Henricks, that he was a legislator for Kittson County, in Minnesota, I decided to look in my over 100 year old book,

Source: “Compendium of History and Biography of Northern Minnesota “
Published 1902 Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Chicago, Illinois.
“Containing Biographical Sketches of Hundreds of Prominent Old Settlers and Representative Citizens of NORTHERN MINNESOTA with a review of their life work, their identity with the growth and development of the region; . . . “

It was exciting to find that there is a biography of the Hon. Peder M. Henricks, and a photographic portrait, in a fine suit. On page 236 begins the biography, the photo is on p. 237, and an additional paragraph of the biography on p. 239.

HON. PEDER M. HENRICKS page 236 -239 including a photographic portrait.
A four hundred and fifty acre farm in Teien township (Kittson County) is owned and operated by the gentleman above named. He resides on section 16, and is one of the influential citizens of Kittson county, having been identified with the public matters of his locality for the past fifteen years or more. He is a representative son of the Scandinavian peninsula, and like those worthy men, has come from the Northland to make settlement in the land of liberty, and has actively participated in the development of the social and commercial life of the great state of Minnesota. To his many friends the portrait of Mr. Henricks, found elsewhere in this volume, will prove a great boon.
Our subject was born in Brono, Nordlands Amt, Tromsostift, Norway, July 11, 1843, and was the eldest in a family of three children born to Henrik and Oline (Olson) Erlandsen. His home was on the northwest coast of the peninsula, and he naturally was raised to farming and fishing, but the dangers of the latter pursuit decided him in settling in America. His decision once made he put it into action, and with all his available means he started with his wife and one child for Minnesota, U.S.A. He arrived in Minneapolis with but twenty-five cents in his pocket, but he readily obtained work in the sawmills and at railroading, and thus kept his family and himself from want, and in the spring of 1870 he went to Ottertail county to secure free land. He began the improvement of his farm there and remained on the same until 1883, when he disposed of his interests and went to Kittson county, having a knowledge of the resources of that locality from a visit paid to that region in 1880. He drove overland with his stock in the spring, and the following fall his family joined him in the new home. He purchased land with his cash realized from the sale of his place in Ottertail county, and at once became one of the leading farmers of southwestern Kittson county. He made substantial improvements on the farm, including a complete set of good buildings and prospered in his calling there. The floods of the Red River in 1897 destroyed all of his buildings and large quantities of his grain, and the loss was a severe one to our subject, but with his characteristic persistence he has recovered in large measure form the loss, and in recent seasons has gained a good income from the place, and again enjoys prosperity.
Mr. Henricks was married in 1865 to Miss Enger Johansen. Mr. and Mrs. Henricks are the parents of three children, who are named as follows: Paul, Amelia and Henry. Early in the movements for reform in Minnesota, our subject became a member of the Farmer’s Alliance, and at the formation of the Populist party, he became a staunch member and has been identified with the movements of that party since that time. He is a close student of current affairs, and lends his influence for the upbuilding of his township, county, and state, and his adopted country. He was elected a member of the House of Representatives in Minnesota in 1894, and served one term, gaining the confidence of the people for whom he labored. He introduced House Bill No. 414, referring to the redemption of mortgages, and was a supporter of many measures that are now important laws. He served as a member of the following committees: Municipal Legislation, State Prisons, and Enrollment and Engrossment. Mr. Henricks is prominent in county affairs, and from 1890-1894 served as county commissioner. He is a consistent member of the Norwegian Lutheran Church. In 1901 he was again elected to the lower house by a fusion of the Democratic and Populist tickets. He was a member of four important committees.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Did you receive any of my replies to your posting?
If not, then I'm feeling sheepish that I spent so much time on it when you didn't get the info. If you did, it would be nice to know.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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Thank you so much!!! I didn't think I would get replies so quickly so I didn't check until now but it is almost midnight here so I will post another reply tomorrow. I appreciate all you work, WOW I am overwhelmed with the wonderful info.

Re: HENRICKS (HENDRIKSON) Peder Myre b. 11/07/1843

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The story goes that P.M. was once again flooded in Kittson County and hearing of the opportunities to obtain homesteads in Canada he came north to see what was available. In 1903 he filed homesteads for himself, his two sons, his nephew H.M. Henrickson and a cousin. After harvest of 1903 P.M. sold his holdings in Minnesota and headed for his new homestead. Unfortunately his youngest son, Henrik, died of typhoid before their departure and is buried in Skjeberg Lutheran Cemetary. P.M. continued his interest in politics serving as the first reeve of the Rudy Municipality and holding that office from 1909 to 1914.
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