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Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Allen, Alston, Arrington,Baker, Brame, Braxton, Brown, Cheek, Clanton,Copeland,Davis,Dixon,Edwards,Egerton,Faulkner,Fitts,Fitz,Foster,Griffin,Harris,Harrison,Hawkins,Hedgepeth,Hudgins,Ingram,Johnson,Kearney,Kerr,Lawson,Newell,Nickolson,Plummer,Powell,Ross
Lovely Hill Baptist Church of Warren County, North Carolina
(Surnames mentioned in this document: Allen, Alston, Arrington, Baker, Brame, Braxton, Brown, Cheek, Clanton Copeland, Davis, Dixon, Edwards, Egerton, Faulkner, Fitts, Fitz, Foster, Griffin, Harris, Harrison, Hawkins, Hedgepeth, Hudgins, Ingram, Johnson, Kearney, Kerr, Lawson, Newell, Nickolson, Plummer, Powell, Ross, Spruill, Streeter, Suggs, Swinson, Thornton, Watson, West, Williams)

I have come into possession of a book made by the Greater Lovely Hill Baptist Church celebrating its 111th Anniversary, in May 11, 1977. My Great Aunt gave me the book just recently and I have found that there is some information in it that may be of great use to some of us. I do not know anything other than what is in the book, with the exception of a few names who are related to me, so I cannot answer inquiries about what happened to most of the individuals. Here is a synopsis of the church history as stated in this book:

The church as founded in 1866 right after the end of the Civil War by 12 brave men and women with extraordinary insight . It was a brush arbor as its beginning place of worship. The lowly brush arbor was ideal for that purpose since it protected worshippers from the heat of the blazing sun in summer, as well as serving as its own air conditioner. And it provided shelter against the ravaging wind and blowing rain. These founders felt that the spot chosen as the church site was truly atop the loveliest hill on the countryside. The Reverend Loveless Brown, Sr. was the first minister, who served as pastor for four years. Reverend Saul Clanton was the 2nd pastor, who served fro 32 years, from 1870 to 1902. He was instrumental in keeping the congregation together and in adding new members. During this time, Mrs. Lizzie Clanton, inspired the congregation to seek construction of a church building.
The first recorded deed for real estate to build the church in the name of Lovely Hill Baptist Church is dated September 13, 1882, where for the sum of $5.00 a parcel of land containing one acre was obtained from Turner Alston. The deed listed as trustees: Young Clanton, Jim Allen, Sam Williams, Louis Baker and others. The land was sold to be kept and used as a missionary Baptist church for and in consideration of divine worship; and if the church were to go down and not be kept, as forestated, the land would revert back to the original owner or to his heirs. Church ownership of the first acre was registered in Superior Court, Warren County, NC, on January 5, 1885 and filed before the Warren County Reg. of Deeds, Mansfield. F. Thornton, a prominent black Warren County resident, on January 21, 1885.
One of the first Deaconesses and Mothers of the Church was Mrs. Anna Alston, born 1843. She had a son, George W. Alston, who later became one of Lovely Hill’s sons who went into the ministry.
The third pastor was Rev. Lovelace Brown, Jr., who was the son of the first pastor, the only father-son combination to serve as pastors in the church’s history. He served from 1902 to 1911.
Next came Reverend Guilford B. Fitts, was the father of Deacon Willie Herbert Fitz, and he served two terms. The first was from 1911 to 1916. During this time, land was secured to use as a cemetery. A deed for one and one quarter acres was obtained from Mildred and Turner Alston for $10.00 on December 9, 1910. It was located on Mountain View Road adjoining the lands of William Alston, W. G. Egerton, Turner Alston and others. Deacons (Trustees) were listed as Young Clanton, Reuben Newell and Jerry Alston. Mr. And Mrs. Turner Alston appeared before acting Justice of the Peace, J. B. Harris on December 17, 1910, but the cemetery parcel was not registered in Superior Court until June 20, 1911. On March 3, 1911, another one and one-half acres was purchased on Mountain View Road from Anna and Willie Alston. Deacons listed were Young Clanton, Sr., Reuben Newell and Jerry Alston. The deed was registered on the same date.
The fifth pastor was Reverend Nick V. Davis of Weldon who served from 1916 through 1925. During this time Mrs. Lydia Johnson of Littleton donated two beautiful amber topped cut-glass goblets and two engraved metal plates, which were used for decades by the church during Communion.
Next, Reverend Guilford B. Fitts was recalled as pastor and served from 1925 through 1929.
The seventh pastor was Reverend John J. Brame, who served through the early Depression years, 1930 to 1937.
The eighth pastor, was Reverend Clifton E. Griffin of Mebane, North Carolina, who served from 1937 to 1945, when he resigned to become pastor of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA. During his tenure, the Youth Choir was organized by Mrs. Ophelia Watson Swinson, the church started participating in charitable organizations such as the Hart Fund and the Red Cross, strongly supported their missionary work, and became represented in the National Baptist Conventions.
The ninth pastor was Reverend Ernest B. Suggs, who served from 1945 through 1953, when he died of a sudden illness. During this time, a piano was purchased and an Usher Board was organized. He also led the church in digging a well, that provided better drinking water for the church.
The next pastor, number ten, was Reverend John H. Foster of Raleigh, North Carolina, who served from 1954 to 1961. It was during this time that the new church was built, which was started by Reverend Griffin by raising the funds. The building began in 1956 and was dedicated in June, 1957, when the name was changed to “The Greater Lovely Hill Baptist Church.” It was moved to a two acre site on Secondary Road 1509. One acre of the land was purchased from Joseph C. Faulkner, and he gave the second acre to the church.
The eleventh pastor was Reverend O’Kelly Lawson of Henderson, North Carolina, who served from 1961 to 1966, when he resigned to become pastor of Sandy Grove Baptist Church at Lumberton, North Carolina, and then to Greenville, North Carolina.
The twelfth pastor was the Reverend Monsie R. Hedgepeth of Oxford, North Carolina who started service as of March 1966.
Among the first Missionaries are listed as:
Mrs. Maggie L. (Davis) Watson - b: 1874 – d: 1970
Mrs. Dorothy Spruill - b: 1859 –1948
Mrs. Peggy Powell – b. 1854 – 1948
Mrs. Mary Hudgins - b: 1858 –1922
Mrs. Alice Alston – b: 1870 1925

Former Deacons;
William Clanton
Young Clanton, Sr.
John Brown
Turner Alston - 1839 – 1911
Reuben Newell - 1856 – 1933
Norman Alston - 1885 – 1955
Jerry Alston - 1868 – 1926
Andrew Brown - 1884 - 1947
Jim Williams
Robert Y. Davis - 1878 – 1939
Robert Harris
William S. Hudgins - 1895 – 1964
Willie J. Spruill - 1875 – 1950
David N. Spruill - 1895 - 1975
Willie F. Powell - 1880 – 1963
James W. Alston - 1890 – 1960
Thomas Williams – 1871 – 1946

Former Deaconesses:
Mrs. Mariah Clanton - 1847 – 1919
Mrs. Lucy D. Watson – 1848 - 1929
Mrs. Mary Hudgins – 1858 - 1922
Mrs. Cora B. Spruill – 1878 – 1960
Mrs. Beulah Spruill - 1894 – 1966
Mrs. Mary A. Alston – 1870 – 1925
Mrs. Nannie Brown – 1882- 1962
Mrs. Martha Williams - 1864 – 1939
Mrs. Penola M. Hudgins – 1895 – 1955
Mrs. Annie L. Kearney – 1894 – 1967
Mrs. Maggie L. (Davis) Watson - 1874 – 1870
Mrs. Enolia L. (Davis) Streeter - 1888 – 1974
Mrs. Rebecca Newell 1865 – 1945
Mrs. Anna Alston – 1843 – 1929
Mrs. Mary Clanton - 1876 – 1969

Former Missionaries:
Mrs. Jane Nicholson – 1858- 1939
Mrs. Della Harrison - 1896 - 1976
Mrs. Angie F. Dixon - 1901 – 1970
Mrs. Minerva Hawkins – 1878 – 1966
Mrs. Nannie J. Hudgins – 1898 – 1947
Mrs. Lizzie Alston - 1893 –1967
Mrs. Emma C. Davis – 1891 –1951
Mrs. Minnie (Cheek) Arrington – 1888 – 1946
Mrs. Rosa E. Edwards – 1903 – 1970
Miss Susie Williams – 1888 –1950
Mrs. Cora B. Spruill – 1878 – 1970
Mrs. Pattie C. (Davis) Davis - 1892 – 1957
Mrs. Mary Eliza (Davis) Powell - 1859 – 1947
Mrs. Lillie Cheek - 1882 – 1944
Mrs. Mildred Alston - 1865 –1937
Mrs. Beulah Spruill – 1894 - 1965
Mrs. Lucy S. Harris - 1890 – 1953
Mrs. Channie C. Powell - 1914 – 1975
Miss Lucy Williams – 1911 -1944
Mrs. Mary Clanton – 1876 – 1969
Mrs. Lillie P. Ingram – 1896 – 1961
Mrs. Lillian Alston
Mrs. Nevie J. (Davis) Powell - 1884 – 1967
Mrs. India Plummer

Other Former Members (deceased):
Mr. Arthur W. Hudgins
Mr. Leroy Newell
Mr. Joseph Spruill
Mr. James L. Watson (first organized the Church Choir in early 1900’s)
Mr. James A. Alston
Mrs. Rosa Kerr
Mr. Benjamin Powell
Mr. Samuel Cheek
Mr. Garfield Copeland
Mr. Langdon West
Mrs. Marjorie W. Ross
Mr. Edward Brown
Mr. Joseph C. Faulkner
Mr. Lafayette L. Brown
Mr. David N. Spruill

Other Ministers:
Rev. George W. Alston - 1875 – 1957 ( son of William and Anna Alston)
Rev. John Henry Clanton - ordained 1928 (son of Jimmy Clanton and Ida Clanton)
Rev. Samuel B. Clanton - 1883 – 1947 ( son of Rev. Saul and Mariah Clanton)
Rev. James S. Spruill - ordained 1928 ( son of Henry and Dorothy Spruill)
Rev. William Williams
Rev. Anniah Clanton - 1882 ?– 1930 (son of Rev. Saul and Mariah Clanton)

Cemetery- Headstones visible in photo:
William E. Clanton - Aug.28, 1903 - Nov.16, 1965—REST IN PEACE
Jesse Ed Braxton - TEXAS, U.S. NAVY-WORLD WAR II-Aug. 15, 1919 – Jan. 16,1972
CLANTON- John H. – 1872 –1955 , Mary H. – 1876 - 1969

***There is also a list of members of the church as of 1977. If anyone wants me to check a name for them, I will be happy to do so if you send me an email. There are also a few dedications to deceased family members from their then living relatives, some with addresses. I will do a check of any of those names also, but I will only disclose the names of family members listed in the dedication***

Deloris Williams

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Hi Deloris,

can you send me info on the Arrington, Edwards and Ingram surnames that is in the book or is there away that I can access this book online. Thank you for any help you can give.

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Surnames: Alston, Egerton, Falkener, Nicholson, Harris, Harrison, Thornton, Clanton, Ross

What do the symbols near some dates mean?

To whom are you related and how?

My Grandmother Della Ann Alston married Rev. John Arthur Harrison, my mother's upline. Ponola Nicholson, married to Arthur Hudgins, is also my mother's upline.

Do get in touch.

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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I didn't put those symbols in my original message, it only started showing up like that after Rootsweb/Ancestry changed their servers about a year ago and a lot of strange symbols started showing up in a lot of old messages posted on their Message Boards.
I have a lot of families who went to Lovely Hill, and my grand-aunt gave me the book they gave to their members in 1977 which is where I got this information. Among some of the members my families were Robert Y. Davis,his wife, Pattie C. Davis, and his sisters and their families, Enolia Davis Streeter (husband, Charlie Streeter), Maggie Davis Watson (James Lewis Watson), Mary Eliza Davis Powell (Henry Epps Powell),and Nevie Davis Powell (John Ridley Powell); I also have tons of Alstons, but I don't see anything for a Della Alston. There are lots more as I have found after years of researching, and I am finding some were buried in Greater Lovely Hill Church Cemetery.


Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Hello Deloris, I too have Alston family from Lovely Hill give me a call 678-562-9994

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Thanks for responding. All I have is that Della Alston Harrison and her siblings are buried there, and her parents were Turner Alston and Mildred Clanton.

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Thank you for taking the time to type and post this information!-Thanks, Julie Cabitto

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Surnames: Hudgins
Good Day. I believe that Arthur Hugdins is my great grandmother's (Blanche B)Brother.

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Surnames: Hudgins ,Spruills, Ross
Good afternoon. I am a decendant of the Hudgins family in Warren County, NC. Over this past weekend, I had the opportunity to vist the church. What a beautiful area, and a beautiful church. I would be interested in any information that may be contained in the book concerning Viola Hudgins-Spruill, Arthur Hudgins, Rev James Spruill or any of the other Hudgins/Spruill familiy members I am currently search for living relatives from this family. Thank you

Re: Lists of Names from Lovely Hill Baptist Church-ALLEN thru WILLIAMS

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Surnames: Allen , Alston, Arrington, Baker, Copeland, etc.
Hi Rootsweb/Ancestry used to notify us when a response is posted to an old post, they are getting so bad about that. But it's lucky that I subscribe for Alerts to several Message Boards and I came across your message. It's sad, too, that they also messed up the original message that I posted, they added a bunch of illegible figures when they changed their message boards a couple of years ago, my original message made a lot more sense. Also, since I first posted, I've found out a lot more of those named were related to me.
Anyway, I see that it was Mrs. Viola Spruill, Deacon Thomas Hudgins, Mrs. Nannie Spruill, and Deacon Kenneth Spruill were part of the Anniversary Publication Committee, meaning that they are the ones that gathered the history and info for publishing the book. There are photos of Mrs. Dorothy Spruill (1859-1948), Mrs. Mary Hudgins (1858-1922), David N. Spruill (1895-1975), William S. Hudgins (1895-1964), Willie J. Spruill (1875-1950),Mrs. Cora B. Spruill (1878-1960), Mrs. Beulah Spruill (1894-1966),Mrs. Nannie J. Hudgins (1898-1947), Arthur W. Hudgins, Rev. James S. Spruill, Rev. Nesbitt E. Spruill and Joseph Spruill.

These last names without dates had no dates, and were probably still living, if not recently deceased, at the time of publication in 1977.

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