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William McConnell

William McConnell

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Surnames: McConnell, Van Sickle
William A. McConnell and Elizabeth Van Sickle lived in Prattsburgh ca. 1820-1830 and are believed to be buried in the vicinity, but the location is unknown. Their birth and death dates are also unknown, but William is estimated to have been born about 1779. His birth place may have been Northumberland Co., PA.

Their children are:
Alexander (1809-1849; m. Rosina Gillet)
John (1818-1909; m. Abigail Fisher)

Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

McConnell Family

Jerome Douglas Pulver (View posts)
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Many of the descendants of William McConnell are buried in the Barker (Italy - Naples Townline) Cemetery;

McConnell Alexander

d. 2 Aug. 1849

ae. 39/9/29

Mcconnell Alta

d. 1953

b. 1870

McConnell Barbara A. Kennedy
w/o Joseph G. McConnell

b. 2 Apr. 1839

d. 26 Feb. 1908

McConnell Edward A.

b. 1863

d. 1939

McConnell Ella

b. 1879

d. 1895
d/o James & Lydia McConnell

McConnell Frankie

b. 1878

d. 12 Dec. 1880
s/o Joseph G. & Barbara McConnell

McConnell Ira A.
b. 14 Jan 1838
d. 25 Dec. 1884

McConnell Ira C.

McConnell James

McConnell John
d.19Apr. 1897

McConnell John

McConnell Joseph G.
b.19 Jan. 1834
d.13 Sep 1933

McConnell Loren E.

McConnell Lydia
w/o James McConnell

McConnell Minnie L.
b 1864
d. 1943

McConnell Phoebe S.
w/o John McConnell

McConnell Robert E.
d.16 Mar. 1890
s/o Joseph G. McConnell

McConnell Rosa Jane
d.4 Mar. 1864
d/o Joseph G. McConnell

McConnell Rosannah J.
d.12 Jun 1872
w/o of Ira A. McConnell

McConnell Rosina
b. ?
d. ae 70yr./27da.
w/o Alexander McConnell

McConnell Roy E.

McConnell Ruth

McConnell Sandy Alexander

McConnell Virginia
b.5 Oct. 1842
d.7Mar. 1887
w/o I. A. McConnell

McConnell Wesley M.
b. 1867

McConnell John G.
b.22 Jan.1815
d.4 Dec 1984

There is more than one McConnell family line buries in this cemetery. I am the Town of Prattsburgh Historian and also on the board of the Prattsburg Community Historical Society.We have a fairly extensive genealogical file on the McConnell families of Yates and Steuben Counties.If I can be of further help you can contact me by E - Mail, or Write to the following Address:

Jerome Douglas Pulver

Town of Prattsburgh Historian

Prattsburgh Community Historical Society

P. O. BOX 384

Prattsburgh, NY 14873

Good Luck on your search,

Lyle and Della McConnell

Marla Mae McConnell-Berch (View posts)
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Surnames: McConnell

Hello from an old time resident,once, of P'burg.
I have been having a heck of a time looking for my dad's
father. I am also enjoying my first computor...I probably
could bug my aunts such as Mary Joesph or EleanorMoesch-
I wanted the excitement of digging via the computor.

MY dad was Harold Jack McConnell and my mother was
Mary Ruth McConnell-they passed away in the early 1980s.
I am very curious about Dad's father Lyle E and his mother
whom I faguely remember...and never called her by her first
name. I just called her great grandma...but I find so
many of these McConnells and such interesting past history.
My curiosity has overwhelmed this computor and me!

I hope you can drop me a name or two if it is
even possible. History is so much more fun when children
can see a family name or just the simplicity of ancesters
of thier family. I have a step-son ,but when I get some
of my family done, then I will be off to do his real mom's
and his dad's families.

I thank-you for reading this and if you can
find my grandparents and maybe I can do the rest?

Best to you,

Marla Mae

McConnell's in Barker's Cemetery

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Surnames: McConnell, Fox, Gillett

Thank you for your response, Mr. Pulver, and welcome to your new position. Mrs. Blodgett speaks highly of you.

I'm very familiar with this cemetery, having traveled many miles many times in search of my ancestors there. Most of the names you list are direct kin and known to me, but you have stated a few I didn't know. For instance, James (1822-1898) and Lydia (1824-1906), w/o James. And John G. who lived to be 169! (1815-1984) and another John (1820-19 Apr 1897).

Are these persons part of another line of McConnells? I know that there were two or three different McConnell families in Steuben County, but I didn't know that some of them were buried in Barker's.

I believe that there is at least one error. Phoebe S. McConnell has been listed as the "wife of John" on every list I've seen. Phoebe Saloma McConnell, b. 5 May 1830 (source: "Richard and Rhoda: Letters from the Civil War"), daughter of Alexander Joseph McConnell and Rosina Gillett
McConnell , was never married (source: Margaret McConnell Snyder, "MacConnell Family Genealogy").

Or is she another Phoebe S. who married a John McConnell that I'm unaware of? If you know the answer to this, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you on some of these mysteries.

Kathy McConnell DeFoster
Kailua, Hawaii

Lyle McConnell

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Surnames: McConnell, Fox, Gillett

Marla Mae,

According to the information I have from my cousin, Margaret McConnell Snyder, Lyle E. McConnell was the son of Joseph Gillette McConnell (18 May 1865- 21 Jun 1928), who is sometimes referred to as Joseph G. II, to distinquish him from his uncle. He was a younger brother of my great-grandfather, Edward Alexander McConnell.

Joseph G. II married Jennie Squier who was born 9 Apr 1867 (source: Near's "History of Steuben County" and Margaret M. Snyder).

The parents of Ed and Joe were Ira Alexander and Rosannah J. Bardeen. Ira's older brother was Joseph Gillette McConnell (19 Jan 1834 - 9 Sep 1933).

Kathy McConnell DeFoster

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