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Village Name on Ship's List

Village Name on Ship's List

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Can anyone decipher these two village names? They are found on the ship's list for

Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse > 1901 > March > 26 > Image 14

This might be the direct link:

I've tried about 4 different combinations for each of these, look at other writing on the page to determine if the first letter is an "S" or not, etc. and have not found anything definite for the two on the left, or for others on the page, for that matter. (Omaha is on the right.)


Re: Village Name on Ship's List

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these two villages are:
Sedletín, district Havlíčkův Brod, region Vysočina, 49°42'34.240"N, 15°34'1.627"E
Vepříkov, district Havlíčkův Brod, region Vysočina, 49°44'39.392"N, 15°33'54.691"E

Re: Village Name on Ship's List

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Thank you, Zlatica and David. I have been helping a friend look for Kostkan family records. They immigrated in 1901, so the village was recorded on the ship's record. I have found random Kostkan records in the various villages in the Zleby books, and Zleby isn't that far away from these two villages. So I alway felt the Kostkans were probably from this area, and Sedletin is not that far away.

Unfortunately, it appears that the records are not yet up on Actapublica. But at least now we have a location!

Sedletin might be in Zamrsk Archive

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It looks like Sedletin might be in the Zamrsk archive, but is not yet available from download. Unless I located the wrong Sedletin there.

As I understand it, for Zamrsk, you download the entire book and look at it offline. Takes hours, but then you have the book.

Re: Sedletin might be in Zamrsk Archive

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Mary, what Kostkan do you seek and what's the year of birth.
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This Kostkan family is not in my line, but belongs to the husband of a lady who is a first cousin to my step-2nd-cousin via the Jakl line. Seems to me that you and I have several names that overlap, as I have seen your name before.

James (Vaclav) Kostkan, birth possibly 28 Sep 1865, arrival 26 Mar 1901, died 1915. Father John Kostkan. Wife Marie Dolezal, birth 25 Mar 1879. Father Thomas Dolezel. She remarried. Family history from this point forward is fairly complete. We are attempting to go back.

A family story is that the little girl who arrived in 1901 died accidentally.

Re: Kostkan

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Mary, the Sedletin you want is in Havlickuv Brod, Vysocina.
Very near Veprikov.
There was a Vaclav Kostkan who settled in Butler co., NE and he was from Zvestovice, which is a stones throw away from the Sedletin, Veprikov area. Is he your guy?

Re: Kostkan

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Hi Mary & Jean -

I, too, am interested in some ancestors from the areas of Veprikov, Jarosov at Uhlena Pribram, Nejepin, Rybnicek and various other villages in the area. Specifically interested in the names Janda, Ruzicka, Zeleny, Kubat, Svoboda. Any connections?
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Interesting that you should bring up the Butler Co. connection. The Kostkan whom I'm researching lived in Omaha, Douglas County, worked in the smelting plant. Sobotka lists the Butler group as Koskan, but a member of the Omaha Kostkan group says they are related to the Butler Co. Koskans, that it's really the same name. When I first started helping my friend, I didn't catch the fact that the second k wasn't in the name, and assumed the location was likely for hers. To my dismay, I discovered that the names weren't quite the same, and told her I might have been wrong. Then along came the Zleby books on Actapublica, and there are Kostkans in just about every village. Just because the ship's record says Sedletin doesn't mean that's the birth place, of course, but since all those villages are within a day's walk of each other means we will just keep looking as more records get online. The reason I asked about the other village, Veprikov, is that several passengers in a row appeared to be travelling together, based on the fact that they were both going to Omaha, and maybe those two villages were in the same proximity. Turns out, they are.

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