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FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1343001745000
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I recently uncovered/connected a married couple who are also related (4th cousins 1x removed). The wife is my father's 1st cousin (same generation) when I connect my Father to the husband, it says "Husband of 1st cousin", and only lists ONE relation....when in truth, there should be two relations (my father should also be a 4th cousin 1x removed).

Am I missing something?

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1343003264000
Classification: Query
Nope - the calculator is. It doesn't catch all relationships. Sometimes, if you flip the people you are calculating the relationship for, it will pick up missed relationships... other times not...

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1343003374000
Classification: Query
Yes I think you are missing something. Assuming that you have entered the relationships correctly, ie with cousins marrying you have merged them properly to reflect both relationships.

Have a careful look at the relationship report and in particular the middle bit with relationships.

If you have multiple relationships, there is an indication (number) of the number of the relationships and a drop-down to show the various relationships.

You may have missed both the number and the drop-down see the attachment.

John D

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1343005427000
Classification: Query
This is a bug. Similar missed relationships have been noted here in this board and in my own file.

Please click on the "Board Information" at the top right of this screen. Click on FTM Feedback. Select the correpsondence to be Bug Report. Copy and paste your query into the message space.


Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1354922641000
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Surnames: FTM2012
According to FTM support, not a bug, surprisingly. The software isn't intended to display all relationships according to an answer from them:

"Thank you for contacting regarding the Family Tree Maker program. The Family Tree Maker program is designed to show a single way you're related to a given person, rather than showing all the ways. That's because our relationship calculator goes through the bloodline; it calculates the closest way you are related by blood to a given person."

This is very disappointing. Other programs, like Legacy, do a much better job trying to display ALL relationships it can find. Didn't know this when I purchased it.

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1354924738000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1354924813000
Hmmmm...I wonder if your trouble ticket wasn't about the text that appears under a selected person's name in the People workspace. Yes, FTM is only designed to show the nearest relationship there. It does, however, show the nearest relation by marriage as well, which sometimes can override blood relations in the case of intermarriages in your family. (I have many examples of this in my FTM and tree.)

The Relationships Calculator tool, which is under the Tools menu, is designed specifically to display all relationships detected. That's why it has a combo-box that allows you to select one of the relationships detected. Unfortunately, the detection routines doesn't iterate back through enough generations to detect all relationships. If the answer you received was about that, then it's bull$hite.

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1354925219000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1354925308000
The person who wrote that letter to you didn't know what they were talking about.

FTM's Relationship Calculator attempts to find ALL relationships, by blood or marriage. I just looked up an ancestor on my dad's side to an ancestor on my mom's side - who are not related by blood (at least in my database), and got:

xx is second grandfather of husband of 8th great granddaughter of zz.

There are five other non-blood relationships between those two people offered up by the calculator.

That said, the problem is that the calculator is imperfect. There have been many posts to this board where a non-blood relationship is calc'd first and appears in the relationship box at the family page - and other blood relationships are ignored in the relationship calculator. I have had one person in my file that was shown as descended in eight ways from a singel ancestor in the Outline Descendant Report, but only seven are shown in the relationship calculator.

They really need to hire better folks in their support area or train them better on their own software.

Now that ancestry/ftm will be privately owned, it is up in the air what direction the new owners will take with FTM. Will they will pour all of their resources into

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1354926910000
Classification: Query
My message to FTM specifically asked about the tool relationship calculator. I have already seen many missing relationships, ...I have a 2nd cousin, who is also 4th cousin by another line, and yet another relationship. Only the 2nd cousin shows up in the more.

If the calculator tool is that hit and miss, IMHO,it's almost better it wasn't there at all, and just present the most direct one. My LegacyFamilyTree shows all relationships without fail, least that I've seen.

That said, I do like the layout of FTM 2012 and I imported Legacy gedcom flawlessly, including over 1500 media items w/o having to move them to another directory. However, I do not use the 'sync', since have read of some issues folks have with it. I got the latest version mainly, as longtime subscriber to Ancestry, to be able to search Ancestry matches to my local database easier than from Legacy or logging on to Ancestry. Essentially I then cut/paste into Legacy what I find. I will periodically rebuild the FTM DB entirely from Legacy. Can do that with 12000 individuals in a few minutes. Then, further, from Legacy, I rebuild my public website DB at, which is built with TNG software written in PHP. That only takes 10-15 minutes as well.

I should add, pertinent to the topic, that TNG does a better job calculating multiple relationships also.

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1354990526000
Classification: Query
Well, in that case we just have another example of someone on the support staff writing something false. I personally think they're just driven to close tickets, not to solve problems. Replies like this are intended to dismiss your issue. That's frustrating.

I'm surprised to read that you're able to import a GEDCOM from Legacy without issues. Are you sure it's not dropping data? (Perhaps that doesn't matter if your main db is in Legacy.)

I'm with silverfox. They need someone capable to look at this code and fix it. For blood relationships, this is very easy to do. I assume that FTM's database is an SQL variant, which means that they probably used a closure table or some similar method to store hierarchical relationships. If that's the case, a simple query of the data will return all blood relations in an instant. (It's the by marriage relations that are more difficult.)

Re: FTM2012 Relationship Calculator Bug?

Posted: 1355000416000
Classification: Query
I agree, calculating multiple blood lines should not be that difficult for FTM, although I do have a ggrandmother who married her 1st cousin once removed ;>) Some interesting descendant relationships there.

When I said 'flawless' import from Legacy, I should clarify I just meant it was an error free log, except for a 100 date records, ...I didn't really validate that all the data came through right. But the overall stats for media and people was right on.

The really nice thing is that that FTM able to point to exactly the same directories of photos & docs automatically. That suits my needs perfectly.
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