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I am stuck. Please Help!

I am stuck. Please Help!

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Surnames: Reska,Litzeau
I am at a standstill right now. I can go as far as the names of my great great grandparents(John Raska and Augustina Litzeua). I don't know any dates on John Raska and I can't find anything for him! It is frustrating..don't know where to look next. Please, I would very much appreciate some advice!

My family tree:

Re: I am stuck. Please Help!

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I see you're a new searcher. New searchers can benefit from learning the basics of how to research, the resources available, how to evaluate the data. has the "Learning Center" to help you learn the basics. There are "how to" genealogy books at your local library, etc, and much more to read on the web, google "how to genealogy". Taking the time at the start of your journey is well worth it.

Here are some helpful tips:

1) Don't copy data from other trees into yours, use the info as "clues" only. Key-in ever new person you're putting in your tree, then find the documentation to support your assertions, and attach it to the person.

2) Don't be too anxious to leap backwards before you've sorted out the previous generation.

I found some marriage records (you can view the original documents on (Michigan, Marriages, 1868-1925)

groom's name: Anthony Raska
groom's age: 28 years
groom's birth date: 1894
groom's birthplace: Michigan

bride's name: Celia Niedzialkiewicz
bride's age: 20 years
bride's birth date: 1902
bride's birthplace: Minn

marriage date: 27 Jun 1922
marriage place: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

groom's father: John
groom's mother: Augusta
bride's father: Valentine
bride's mother: Mary Michalski

film number: 2342752
digital folder number: 4210117
image number: 323
reference number: v 8 rn 229673

I see you don't have the 1920 Census for Anton Raska, or any before 1930. You also don't have his WW1 draft registration. These are all documents you should try and find before moving further back. What you may (and should) find is the birth years of his parents, whether his parents were married in Michigan.


I happened to stumble across the marriage record in the same db as above:

groom's name: John J Raska
groom's age: 23 years
groom's birth date: 1869
groom's birthplace: Russia

bride's name: Augusta Leitzow
bride's age: 20 years
bride's birth date: 1872
bride's birthplace: Russia

marriage date: 14 Nov 1892
marriage place: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

groom's father: Jno. Raska (**Jno = John)
groom's mother: Susan Chapp
bride's father: Jno. Leitzow
bride's mother: Unknown Unknown

film number: 2342495
digital folder number: 4207815
image number: 474
reference number: v 4 p 526 rn 12584

Fill in all the data, find them in the US census, the 1900, 1910, 1920.

You'll need to be on very firm research ground to search further back. Once you leave the US, the search is much more difficult, fewer records and they're most likely not in English. You can see the generation your ancestor was not born in the US, but they entered the US at some point, finding that data is important.

Search all the lines you can, both paternal and maternal. It takes two to make a generation, they're equally important.

Re: I am stuck. Please Help!

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dklart is correct. Note every census for Anthony, starting with 1940, and work your way back to Joseph. Check any marriages on,, etc. You'll have to search all records (B-M-D) for Joseph and Augusta and their children, and reconcile inconsistencies. For instance, many censuses list Joseph's year of birth as 1855, but the marriage record that dklart found says 1869. That is a big difference! Also, the 1900 shows Joseph & his wife married for 7 years, which matches what dklart found. It's almost impossible to read the name of Joseph's wife, as the handwriting is faint. Gussie? would match with Augusta. But if so, then is Augusta the mother of Anthony? He is 17 in 1900 (b. about 1883), which would at least suggest that Joseph was married before. Census records state that Joseph immigrated in 1881. Is that the actual year, or just an estimation? Was he alone, or did he bring a wife & family? When did he naturalize? If it was after 1906, chances are good of finding his place of origin, date of immigration, and the name of the ship.

Re: I am stuck. Please Help!

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As always, thanks! ;).

We have a conflict, it's John Reska/Raska, not Joseph we're searching for, however I think Joseph Raska might have been a brother of John (b abt 1869).

I think this is 1900 Census for the family (mangled surname) in Detroit: John, Augustina, Anthony, John, Sophie, the ages of the children are a pretty close match from other data I found (working from the marriage records of them).

Re: I am stuck. Please Help!

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(Sorry, dklart; that'll teach me to try to answer questions in the wee hours, while I'm sleep-deprived.)
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