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family data collection - marriages

family data collection - marriages

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Surnames: Gredvig, Grodvig, Dahle, Dahl
I am confused about this source: Edmund West, Family Data Collection- Marriage. How do I find out the record that provided this information to whoever compiled this index? This is the only resource I have found that links my Great-Grandmother Clara Gredvig/Grodvig to Martin Dahle, through marriage. I know from a letter from my Grandfather Arthur Scofield that he never knew who his biological father was, but that he overheard his aunts and grandmother talking about him as "that bad man" and he heard the name "Dahl." However bad this man may have been, he is my great-grandfather and I want to know what he did and what happened to him after he left my great-grandmother. I have searched and searched and this is the only thing I can find that links their names together. How do I find their marriage record? Does this search result citing the Family Data Collection mean that there is indeed a marriage certificate? My grandfather and his older brother were born in Minnesota so I assume that is where Clara Gredvig/Grodvig married Martin Dahle/Dahl.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jessica Scofield

Re: family data collection - marriages

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The data from this collection is not verified and the info you're seeing should only be used as prospective clues. Many, myself included, have the opinion that it's junk.

It's not possible to give you a hand with your search with the info you posted. Post the pertinent info, names, dates and places of what you have verified with documentation thus far.

When and where as Arthur Scofield born?

Re: family data collection - marriages

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Surnames: Gredvig, Grodwig, Scofield, Dahle, Dahl
Sorry for not including enough information. Arthur Scofield was born on 29th of April 1914 in Moorhead, Clay, Minnesota. HIs brother was Willard John Scofield, born 17th of January 1912. Their mother was Clara Matilda Gredvig, born on the 28th of April 1885 in Lura, Fairibault, Minnesota. The 1920 Census shows Clara married to a man called William John Scofield and they live in Missoula Montana. The 1920 census shows only Arthur living with Clara and William Scofield, I don't know where Willard was.
In the 1930 Census, Willard and Arthur are living with Clara and William Scofield, in Portland Oregon, and they are named as his stepsons. Though I believe William Scofield adopted them, and that is how their name was changed to Scofield, and that is how I ended up a Scofield. I am eager to find out what my name "should" have been.
How do I find out their biological father's name? This Family Data Collection index provides the only clue that I can find that Clara was ever involved with anyone other than William Scofield.
I can't find Clara in the 1910 Census, becasue she was no longer Clara Gredvig, and not yet Clara Scofield. I have searched for a Clara Dahl but I can't find one that seems to be her.
Thanks, Jessica

Re: family data collection - marriages

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I found Clara Gredvig in the Clay County, Minnesota Index to Marriages, online. The entry says that she and Martin Dahl were married on the 21st of July 1910. So I guess the next step is to order the copy of the certificate, and that will give me more information? I wonder if I should order a birth certificate for my grandfather, as Arthur Dahl, also from Clay County Minnesota?
I wonder where Clara was in April of 1910 when the census was taken...

Re: family data collection - marriages

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Good job! you're answering your own questions and making progress.

The census data helps you pinpoint where to find the documentation, and you've arrived there.

Yes, you should get a copy of the birth certificate for Arthur Dahl (Scofield). This is a hard piece of evidence and *should* have the names of the parents. You want to confirm what you suspect with a document.

Yes, you should get a copy of the marriage record of Martin Dahl to Clara Gredvig. This document should have the names of the parents on it, and perhaps other identifying data, like their ages. I see there are a number of Martin Dahl's in Minnesota that could be candidates for your ancestor, and there is no way to decipher which one he is without more data.

I found Clara Gredvig ( b abt 1885, teacher) in the (2) 1910 Census, here on her own:

and here, with her parents:
It may be she was enumerated with her parents, but not actually living with them. The informant to the census taker sometimes listed the entire family.

Location, location, location......Time line and locations of Clara Gerdvig

1905 Delavan, Faribault, Minnesota
1910 Onstad, Polk, Minnesota
1910 Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota (may have not been living here had the time)

Look on a map and note the proximity of Faribault and Blue Earth counties, and Polk and Clay counties.

We know where SHE was in April 1910 before her 1st marriage in July 1910. She and Martin obviously met somewhere before the marriage. The first place to look for Martin are the closest counties to where she was living in the 1910 Census. Another question is, why was she married in Clay County? Her family was living in Blue Earth county, in most cases a marriage occurs in the home territory of the bride. Her marriage didn't and that makes me suspect the courtship and marriage happened quickly.

I found many newspaper articles ( on several Martin Dahl in Minnesota in the time period of 1900-1920. Sorting out which one is your is the trick to come.

I searched for a Martin Dahl in the 1910 Census, in (Minnesota) Clay and Polk counties. I found a couple of possibilities, but not having more data on him, like his (about) age, makes it difficult to assert which one he was.

You might want to post on the Clay County board and see if someone might have a look at the marriage document. Sometimes there are volunteers who frequent the court house and are happy to have a look and transcribe the data off it.


I'm seeing some confusing data on the birth index on Minnesota Historical Society site.

Scofield, Willard John
Date of Birth: 17 Jan 1912
Mother Maiden Name: Gredvig
certid# 1912-05457
County of Birth: Clay

Dahl, Anthony Elroy
Date of Birth: 29 Apr 1914
Mother Maiden Name: Gredvig
certid# 1914-05958
County of Birth: Clay

Why is the elder brother's surname Scofield on his birth cert, while the younger is Dahl, not to mention the given name being Anthony Elroy? Do you have the death cert of Arthur Scofield that has the same birth date as this Anthony Elroy Dahl?

There may be possibility that Willard's BC was delayed and filed after her remarriage, but this is very odd.
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