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Hi Nancy

Hi Nancy

Robin Blass (View posts)
Posted: 955308420000
my great grandfather Harry
was your grandfather Albert's brother.
I have been working on the family history
for 3 years now I don't have alot of
information on Harry or his brothers so any
that you might have would be greatly
appreicated. I live in pa and am 43 years old
hope to hear from you soon.

Our Family

Posted: 955310464000
Edited: 1012632513000
I was glad to hear from you. I really don't have very much info on the felker's I only know about Albert and his children. I am sure that you know who they are. I can only tell you what they are all doing now. The oldest DeWayne is my father he lives in Florida with his wife Gerry. All the rest are here except for Douglas he passed away some years ago. There sure are alot of felkers in this family. My dad had 7. Betty had 3, Douglas had 3. Clarence 3, Jerry 2, Sandra 6, MaeBelle 4, Raymond 2, Bruce 4,. So as I see it the Felker name will go on for a long time. If you want any info on these people and their children I can give it to you, as I know them all well. I try to keep in contact with all of them. Well for now I will go. And i do hope this gets to you. Any info you can give me will be appreciated. Thankyou Nancy

Felker and information

Posted: 955371796000
Edited: 1022338194000

Hello Nancy and Robin. Gals you are just going to have to forgive me for jumping in here and being a wet blanket. Nancy you are new to genealogy, there is a couple of major rules, you never give out information on the living without their permission, and maybe a couple of your aunts and uncles wouldn't like their information given out. And Robin, please do not feel that you can send all my research, photo's and records without talking to me first, I have spent thousands of hours and more than a few thousand dollars on the Felker research, when I sent that to you, I thought I made it very clear it was for you and your family's enjoyment.
Posted: 955389206000
Edited: 1012632513000
sorry to have offended you and I will never ask any more questions regarding this family again. I was just curious to who my family was. I will leave it alone now. Thankyou for your time, and honesty. Nancy


Posted: 955391015000
Edited: 1012632513000
i would not have said anything bad about this family or that I didn't think they would want me to say. We all get along very well. I don't feel that any of them are ashamed of their lives. But I will leave this alone now. Thankyou again for your time and I really didn't know that I was doing anything so wrong.


Robin Blass (View posts)
Posted: 955657092000
As far as giving out any of your information
I didnt mention one thing all I did was write
Nancy and introduce myself you had no reason
to get rude with either one of us. we are both
just curious about a family we come from and
know little about.
Posted: 956668813000
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Robin I had to take time to answer you,you called me rude, but what you didn't say, I was the one who told you about your family, I was the one who sent you photo's so you would know what your great-grandparents, aunts and uncles looked like, I am the one who told you where they were buried, well dear if I am rude, what do you think you are.

forget it

Posted: 956685467000
Edited: 1022338194000
Robin, you have hurt me very much, I will never answer another Felker question again.

Re: Our Family

Posted: 1296518952000
Classification: Query
Nancy, my grandfather was Harry J. Felker and he died in Detroit, MI. His father was Albert Felker. They were in PA. can you help me with anything?

Re: forget it

Posted: 1323478645000
Classification: Query
It is late to be jumping in here, but if you read this please don't give up on helping people. I am sure that for any one person who misunderstands your motives you have dozens who are grateful for your help and can appreciate the tips you provide on genealogy.
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