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Alan (View posts)
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I would like to contact anybody who knows the history or genealogy of the McPhee's and the Knowles families from Long Island, Bahamas. I would be greatly helpful for this
American born lost Bahamian soul. Thank you. My name is Alan. My grandparents were Collins-Moss thats-my grandma from Eluthra Upper Bolge. Alice Moss who married James Collins.and my grandpa was Alfred McPhee, son of Mitchel McPhee who was the son Jeramiah McPhee and Adriana Knowles of Long Island in the 1880's thru the early 1900's, also Alfred McPhee's mother was Mary Ellen Knowles.
Please help, Thanks. Alan


Bill Musselwhite (View posts)
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I have a James Napolien Collins (b 1850) in either the Bahamas or Key West; His father is Alfred, and his son is Charles Alfred Collins, both of Key West.

I also have John G. Knowles of the Bahamas, and son John Thomas (b 1851), and granddaughter Ella L Knowles.

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Bill, I don't know if we have a connection. My Grandfather Joseph Alexander Knowles bn. 1860 Rock Sound had a brother John and Henry. They all emigrated to Key West. His father was named William Knowles and his wife died in childbirth. Her name is unknown. However, it is believed that Joseph Alexander Knowles bn. 1812 at Long Island is the father of William and the Grandfather of Joseph Alexander Knowles, my Grandfather. Confusing isn't it?
Write to and post. It is a good way to get more responses. If I learn more will keep you advised.


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This is such an old e-mail. But I hope that you answer it or someone that you know would please respond so that we can make this connection.

My g-dad was a Mcphee. His last sibling a sister died August, 2000, she was 95 years old. She has many children and relaltives still living. My mom as far as we know is the oldest living McPhee left and she is 81.

My family history shows that there are also Knowles in my family.

My family settled in McPhee Town, Exuma after traveling from island to island. They later migrated to Camper Town, Long Bay Cay, Andros in the Bahamas.

I am in the Bahamas often, maybe with luck you are a part of my family.

Re: Collins

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I tried to email via the address listed in your post but was bounced back so hopefully you still check this site...Are you related to Ella L. Knowles who married Charles A. Collins? She had a sister Annie Marie who married William Edward Parker? Charles Collins and John T. Knowles signed the marriage liscense. Ella and Annie had two brothers, one nicked named Bubba (I don't know what his given name was but the John T. on the marriage certificate is a possibility) and another who might have been called Louis and died young. I don't know the parents names except that the mother's most likely had a Louise in it. I am the great granddaughter of Annie Marie.
Does any of this sound familiar to you or anyone else out there?
Thanks, Christine


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Just to let you know I heard of this name from a cruiser.

On the Princess Cays Island (Eleuthera) there is a site with about 10 graves of different names.

Olga McPhee
Born 1919
Died 1947

I am going to this Island in 3 days and will take a look myself and see if there is any other McPhee graves there.


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I have no idea if this helps or not but there is one more name that I know of from the graves.

Mirtle Gibson
Born 1928
Died 1946

Olga McPhee
Born 1919
Died 1947

I am pretty sure they said the graves are very close to each other. I'll see whatever else I can find while on the Island.


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Hello T4jenkins, This quary is also old and address, I hope is good.
I have a nephew who works out of Toledo who travels to the Bahamas too. Wha is curious is my ggg grand father was coming back to Nova Scotia after the American Revolution
on a ship with the rest of the British soldiers when their ship got in a storn and were blown into the Bahamas. It took two years to repair their ship and return to Nova Scotia. He would have been a young man born in 1758 and came to America in 1775. The British conscripted the able bodied men to fight for them and took care of the women. Mike said there were a lot on McPhees in the Islands.
Enjoy hearing from you, Bill Mc
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