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Looking for Poe Lineage! My GGGGGGGG Grandfather was Leonard Poe, believed to born in Nottinghamshire(Nottingham/Sherwood Forest), England, year (approx.) 1650. Had a son Samuel Poe, born in 1675,place born as above. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!! Don Poe at:


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Leonard Poe

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I am also a grandson of Leonard Poe. I have done quite a lot of research on this line. If you are looking for the ancestors of Leonard this I think I can help you out. Some of the earliest Poe lineages are confusing and there are several genealogies that I have seen on this line that are simply logicaly impossible. I don't know if I have intereperted the data correctly either but the following is the most sensical interperetation that I have been able to find (the link to the generation one William Poe is quite speculative):

1. William Poe m. ? Alice. William died 1557. "Family of Poe" by Sir Edmund Bewley: William Poo (Poe) of Horringham (Hoveringham), made his will, dated 15th July 1557 ... and after giving 3s4d (i.e. a half noble) to the church of Horringham, and another sum of 3s4d to the Church of Gedling, he made certain bequests to his sons Richard Edmond and Thomas, his wife Alice, and his daughter Joan and Alice and his grandson, Richard, son of Richard, the testator's son. Wife and son Thomas and daughter Alice executors and special friend Richard Cliffe, of Lincoln, supervisor of his will.


2. i Richard.

ii Edmond Poe.

iii Thomas Poe.

iv Joan Poe.

v Alice Poe.

Second Generation

2. Richard Poe m. Margaret ?. Richard died 1564. "Family of Poe" by Sir Edmund Bewley: Richard Poo (Poe) of Horringham, son of William Poe, made his will, dated 31st May, 1564, and his wife Margaret and his only child Richard were the principal legatees. His wife was to make a dinner for the poor neighbors and 5s worth of bread was to be given to the poor who came to pray for his soul's health.


3. i Richard b. 1560.

Third Generation

3. Richard Poe b. 1560, England. "Family of Poe" by Sir Edmund Bewley: Among the Mss. of the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir Castle is a list of the officers of the Forest of Sherwood, to which the date 1591 has been ascribed. In this are found the following entries- "Newstead. Sir John Byron. Under-Keeper, Richard Poe" This Lord Byron, of Newstead. Under-Keeper, was father of the first Lord Byron. The Byrons had been stewards of and wardens of the Forest of Sherwood from 1485 and the manor of Papplewick, which was in the neighborhood Newstead, and adjoined the Forest, was granted to Sir John Byron (father of the Sir John Byron mentioned in the foregoing list) and his heirs, by letter Patent, dated 28th May, 32 Henry Viii (1540). Amongst the tenants of the manor of Papplewick, in January 1605-6, was Anthony Poe, yeoman.


4. i James.

5. ii Anthony.

Fourth Generation

4. James Poe.


6. i Dr. Leonard.

7. ii male.

5. Anthony Poe m. Alice Frost. "Family of Poe" by Sir Edmund Bewley: Amonst the tenants of the manor of Papplewick, in January, 1605-6, was Anthony Poe, yeoman. He was the father of five sons, three of whom, viz., William, Thomas, and Anthony, settled in Ireland in connection with the Plantation of Ulster, and afterwards served with distinction in the Parliamentary Army. William the eldest son settled in the County Tyrone, and afterwards resided for some time at Derrymore, in the County Fermanagh, to which he gave the name of Manor Poe. He attained the rank of Major in the Parliamentary Army in England; led an eventful life. Thomas the third son settled in County Fermanagh. He became a lieutenant in the Parliamentary Army, in Ireland, and was the progenitor of the Tipperary branch of the Poe family. Anthony, fifth son settled in County Tyrone, founder of the family seated in County Louth.


i William Poe.

ii Richard Poe.

8. iii Thomas.

iv John Poe.

9. v Anthony.

vi Alice Poe.

vii Ann Poe.

viii Elizabeth Poe.

Fifth Generation

6. Dr. Leonard Poe b. England, m. Dionisia Boone. Dr. died 4 Apr 1631. Leonard's will long and involved, most went to favored son James, to his nephew, Robert Poe, the testator gave œ10 to be paid to him at the end of his apprenticeship (being then an apprentice unto one Mr. Harris, a shoe- maker in London). He gave œ5 to his sister Beverley, or if she died to her eldest daughter. He also gave to brother Anthony Poe, œ10 and to testator's cousin William Poe, dwelling with one Richard Holman, gent., the sum of œ10 Dr. Leonard Poe died in February or March 1630-1, buried at Christ Church, London. Dr. Leonard Poe's sons seem to have died without male heir. See Hening's Statutes at Large Vol. I (1619-1660) p.82: The 2nd charter of the Treasurer and Co. for Virginia, erecting them into a Corp. and Body Politic, etc. said Co. and 1st Colony of VA dated May 23, 1609 etc. James I etc to beloved subjects (long list) ...Dr. Turner, Dr. Poe...

In " The Dictionary of Nat. Biography Earliest Times", Vol XVI Founded 1882 by George Smith, Edited by Sir Leslie Stephen & Sir Sidney Lee Pocock of Oxford Univ. Press, Pub since 1917 I found an article about Leonard Poe of England.Essentially it said:

Leonard Poe died 4-4-1631, a physician from Rhenish Palatinate

1590 he served Earl of Essex who got a license (MD) for Leonard 7-13-1596. this is also found in Hist. MSS.comm. 8th Rep. pt i.p.228.

1598, June 30, Leonard was imprisioned and lost licence but retained his reputation with his patients and community.

1606, Dec. 11--License was returned with no restrictions due to Earls of South & North Hampton and Salisbury.

1609, Jan 12 Leonard was made the dr. of the Kings household.

1609, July 7th was elected to College of Physicians

1615, July, 22 was mandated to be Created Medical Dr and obtained a degree at Cambridge.

1621 April Was one of three attended Lord Treasurer of Salisbury and attended to his death.

1625, June 6th..Attended the death/post mortem of Orlando Gibbins, Music composer.

1631, April 4, died when Sir Edward Alston took his place. also had listed a son Theophilus of Oxford 1623(or 24).. There is no mention of any Leonard or Leonard Jr as a son or relative In the Broderbund Family Tree Maker there is a Leonard Poe listed as the father of Samuel Poe. They are found in the CD #5. . Broderbunds Leonard on Archives CD #5 had the younger Leonards dates as follows: born 1624 (25) or 1653 in England and died between 1678 and 1738 and Married Mary (no maiden name given) It lists as a son, Samuel born 1675 in Nottingham Derbyshine England and died 8-17-1775 Essex VA. and that Samuel married a Mary (no maiden name given) about 1695

The origin and early history of the family of Poë orPoe, with full pedigrees of the Irish branch of the family and a discussion of the true ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe, the American poet; by Sir Edmund ThomasBewley. Imprint Dublin, Printed for the author by Ponsonby & Gibbs,

I obtained a copy from the NewEngland Historic Genealogical Society, 101 Newbury Street Boston Ma02116-3087, phone 617 536 5740 or fax 617 536 7307. This version ismissing a copy of the three genealogical charts which were part of theoriginal and I have also obtained copies of two of those fromelsewhere.

It is a short book - 82 pages - but a slow read! Full of useful information but not an exhaustive account. He does mention Dr Leonard Poe, though not the fact that Dr Poe was part of the charter of James I setting up the Virginia Company in 1609. That Charter gave 'Dr Poe' (Leonard is not mentioned, but it is reasonable to assume it was him) an interest in the colony which he would have been able to bequeath to his successors.

Dr Poe's will, in Bewely's book, makes no mention of this interest and further implies that although Dr Poe's son was inherited his estate on his death in 1631 that son James did not have any heirs. Dr Poe's presumed 'kinsman' whom Bewely believes to be a nephew of Dr Poe's uncle may have inherited the estate. Bewely concentrates on three brothers (possible cousins of Dr Poe) who went to Ireland from England and also comments extensively on the possible origin on Edgar Allan Poe's family. Dr Poe's grandfather and his family were all from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in England. From Bewley's book it is clear that Dr Poe had several uncles and many cousins whom we know nothing of any of whom could have taken up Dr Poe's inheritance in Virginia and or could have been the ancestors of Samuel Po(w)e. The fact seems to be that we don't have direct evidence that Samuel came to take up family land, he might have or Dr Poe could have sold his interest before his death.


10. i Leonard.

11. ii James.

iii Theophilus Poe.

iv Frances Poe m. David Ramsey.

7. male Poe.


12. i Robert.

8. Thomas Poe. Lt. in Cromwell's army. Moved to Ireland and had a seat in Tipperary Co.


13. i Richard.

14. ii Emmanuel.

iii Thomas Poe.

iv Mary Poe.

v Eleanor Poe.

9. Anthony Poe m. Mary _____.


15. i Daniel.

ii Anthony Poe.

iii Sarah _____.

iv Anne Poe.

v Elizabeth Poe.

vi Mary Poe.

Sixth Generation

10. Leonard Poe b. Englanad, m. Mary _____. Leonard died England.


16. i Samuel b. 1675.

11. James Poe m. Jane (or Julian).


i Ann Poe m. Thomas Jenner.

12. Robert Poe.


i Simon Poe.

ii George Poe.

iii John Poe.

13. Richard Poe.


i Thomas Poe.

ii John Poe.

iii Anthony Poe.

iv Richard Poe.

v William Poe.

vi Robert Poe.

vii Elizabeth Poe.

viii Arabelle Poe.

ix Jane Poe.

x Mary Poe.

17. xi Edward b. ABT 1686.

14. Emmanuel Poe.


i William Poe.

ii Emmanuel Poe.

iii James Poe.

iv Thomas Poe.

v Joseph Poe.

vi Una Poe.

vii Elinor Poe.

15. Daniel Poe.


i Samuel Poe.

ii James Poe.

Seventh Generation

16. Samuel Poe b. 1675, Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire England, m. Mary ?. Samuel died 17 AUGUST 1725, Essex Co., VA. Notes pertaining to this family (facts, sources, etc.)

Birth records: See book "Geneology of Samuel Poe of Essex Co., VA" McDonal Wills?N Recorded:

Census information:

VA History Mag. Vol.33(1925) p.365: VA Quit Rent Rolls, General information (contents of Wills, Diaries, possible connections, etc.)

VA, Essex Co. 02/10/1707 into 1708 Court Minutes Records p.51 witness to deed, JamesCoghill and Samuel Poe. cont. pgs. 53-55 "Matthew Collins of Essex Co. to RobertMarshall of same. Lease and release; for 100 lbs of tobacco, 50 acres, part of 4,200acres formerly granted to John Marshall and Henry Peters on 04/17/1667, in St. Mary'sParish,...Samuels Poe's land by a branch...on the north side of the south fork ofPumansend Swamp." Matthew Collins signed by mark and the witnesses to that were William (N) Daniel, William (X) George, and Samuel Poe. Samuel's birthdate (1675) is reported by Lisa R. Arroyo, via e-mail: 17 June 1997


18. i Samuel b. 1701.

19. ii Simon b. 1708.

iii Robert Poe b. Caroline Co, VA, m. Lucy Anna. Robert died 1811.

iv Benjamin Poe b. Caroline Co, VA, m. Elizabeth _____.

v William Poe b. 1711, Caroline Co, VA, m. Lydia _____.

vi John Poe b. 1720, Caroline Co, VA, m. Elizabeth Bray.

vii Marson Poe b. Caroline Co. VA, m. Mary _____. Marson died 1782.

viii Mary Poe b. Caroline Co, VA, m. Mr. Collins.

ix Francis Poe b. Caroline Co, VA, m. Robert Browning.

x Amy Poe b. Caroline Co, VA, m. John Sutton.

17. Edward Poe b. ABT 1686, Ulster, Ireland, d. ABT 1704, IRELAND.


20. i Patrick b. 1704.

Eighth Generation

18. Samuel Poe b. 1701, Prince Edward Colony, VA, m. Polly _____. Samuel died 1802, VA. Family migrated to Caroline Co, VA and to Prince Edward Co

General information (contents of Wills, Diaries, possible connections, etc.)

DAR records/ Samuel Poe b. 1738 d. 1819 m. Margaret King (Pvt. VA). VA, Prince Edward Co. order books 1793 will of Robt.Ward presented by William Ligon and Samuel Poe. See P.E.C., deed book 14, p.696. British Mercantile Claims 1775-1803: Samuel Poe, œ3.5.7 lives in P.E.C.; has sufficient estate to pay all his debts. Report of Rich.N.Venable Jan. 1802.


i Jonathan Poe.

ii Samuel Poe b. 1738, m. Margaret King. Samuel died 1819.

19. Simon Poe b. 1708, Essex Co. VA, m. Sarah ?, b. ABT 1728. Simon died 1793, Chatham Co NC. Notes pertaining to this family (facts, sources, etc.)

Birth records: Wills?Y Recorded: Vol.1 of Chatham Co. NC wills, file #22.018 pg

Census information:

1790 NC,Chatham Co.: Simon Sr, David, Robert, Terry, James

General information (contents of Wills, Diaries, possible connections, etc.)

see "Colonial Caroline" by T.E.Campbell, page 133 (details lawsuit Simon Poe Sr, and Samuel Poe Jr.; VA Caroline Co, Order Book, 1746-54 pgs.30,35. Simon Poe Sr. will: Vol.1 of Chatham Co. NC wills, file #22.018 pg.146 "I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife, Rhoda Poe one negro girle named Weney, one feather bed and furniture, one bay mare, seven years old, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs, one desk and three plates pewter, three knives and three forks, ten barrels of corn to be paid this fives day of next December, together with one hundred acors of land on during hur widowhood. All the rest of my estate to be equally devided between these my children: Sary Herndon, Mary Barry, Jane Madsey, and one childs part to be devided between Mary, George, and Lucy Stroughn, dau. of Lucy Straughn Decast, & Stephen Poe, son of Simon Poe; one other childs part. My son William Poe and my sone James Poe and dau. Frances Thompson having had ther port of my estate allready, and I hereby make and

ordain my worthy friends Richard Straughn, Robert Thompson and James Masey (as) executors of this my last will and testament." signed by mark "X" witness present. Elijah Faushe, B.S. Manly. Along the margin is written: Frances, Sarah, Mary, Jane, Lucy, Simon Jr.,Stephen, William, James) Further on Simon's family see: NC, Orange Co, 1752-1850 Abstracts of Wills, E 342 Will of William Loyd, E 253 Will of Andrew Hunter Chatham Deed Book, Bk D, pg. 629 Marriage Notices 1785-1794 for the Whole United States - Bolton: Poe, Simon, in N.C., Mr. S.P., aged 84, to Miss Rhoda Marsh, aged 58: The bridegroom has now living 186 children, grandchildren, g-grandchildren (w. Oct.3, 1792).


21. i James S. b. 1751.

ii Simon Poe b. FEB 1773.

22. iii Stephen (Capt.) b. 1773.

iv William Poe.

v Sarah Poe m. _____ Herndon.

vi Mary Poe m. _____ Barry.

vii Jane Poe m. _____ Madsey.

viii Lucy Poe.

ix Frances Poe.

20. Patrick Poe b. 1704, Ulster, Ireland, m. 28 Nov 1728, in Christ Church, Philadelphia, AP, Abigail Day, (daughter of Christopher Day and Martha _____). Patrick died 6 FEB1759(?39). died in 1759 or 1739

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 9, Ed. 1, Tree #3905, Date of Import: Nov 21, 1998]

see Peen's Archives, 2 series, vol 9, p56 an Irish taylor Came from Ulster betwen 1690-1720 in 1758 will, says he is an innholder per Sir Edmond Bewley of Dublin, Patrick was the grandson or greatgrandson of Anthony Poe, a gamekeeper of Sherwood Forest, Enland, whose sons migrated to Ireland aroun 1640


23. i Edward b. 1732.

ii Patrick Poe.

iii John Poe b. 1734.

iv Sarah Poe m. ? Rich.

v Abigail Poe b. 1738, m. ? Britain.

vi Martha Poe b. 1740.

vii Anna Poe b. 1742, d. 1816

If you would like a copy of my gedcom file feel free to e-mail me. I have more infomation than just this descendancy.

Bryan Poe


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James & William Poe

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I would like to know if there is any connection between sons
of Simon Poe, James and William Poe and the James and William Poe of Guilford county, NC during the l690's and later?


Roger W. Poe


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Thomas Poe was Davids father who was Edgars father but edgar was unofficially adopted by the allen family. His mother was Elizabeth. I am related to them through William Albert Poe who was Davids brother. He married Suz Collins in KY and had my great great Grandmother Leatha belle Poe who married William [Billy] Campbell.The Only thing I know about the Poe family is that they came from England to Boston and became actors and opera singers and of course Edgar became a poet. He had a sister and a brother at this point ia am not sure where they went. it is rumored through our family that Thomas father was also a William.

I have more somewher but it is late and I have Leukemia so i need all the rest I can get.
E-mail me we can talk about family.

Willie Poe:

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Surnames: Poe : McCluney : Atkins
Would like to know , if you have anything on Willie Poe (female) ,Who married Gatewood Hale McCluney.Year may have been 1898 .Are this could have been death year for her.Gatewood McCluney married my grandmother Cora E. Atkins McCluney 1921.Thanks for any help.

Re: Leonard Poe

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I am looking for Stephen Poe born 1759, m Mary_______ born 1795. Had son Winston Solomon born 1808. among others. HELP. Thanks, Doris

E-mail address:

Re: Leonard Poe

Clinton & DiAnne Chamberlain (View posts)
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Was wondering if you have any Poe's from Guilford county North Carolina.
Looking for a John W. Poe born about 1787 in either Chatham or Guilford county North Carolina. He married Elizabeth Rains, daughter of Anthony Rains and Nancy Graham, 15 Oct 1807 in Randolph county North Carolina.

Re: Leonard Poe

Shirley (Poe) Horner (View posts)
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Surnames: Poe, Lane
I recently found this web site and would like to know if anyone out there can connect a James Poe married to Nancy E. Lane.......and Jesse Poe not married (we think) as brothers born abt. 1837 and 1840.....they lived in TN, they are buried there. It has become obvious to us searching this line that no one else is, that our information is not correct, that our line started here, changed names etc.....If there is anyone that can help us.....there are about three of us cousins hitting dead ends every where we turn.
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