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Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic

Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic

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Surnames: Hazuda
Is there a way to connect with people from Orlova, Czech Republic to find out more info?

Re: Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic ?

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From what US document have you collected Orlova?
What was language spoken by your ancestor? Do you know religion of your ancestor? where 12 different languages were spoken. This is the A-H your ancestor was from.

the HAZUDAs that arrived NY Ellis Island were from historical Ruthenia, which was for a short while part of Czechoslovakia but now is Ukraine.
Full map of Czechoslovakia

Hazuda, Anna Erlava, Tseco-Sl. 17 1906 1923
Hazuda, Michal Erlava, Tseco-Sl. 25 1898 1923 The closes to Orlova spelling that arrived NY Ellis Island.

Re: HAZUDA [Ukraine]

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HAZUDAs from Szerednye, Seredne which was in Ung megye, Hungary now Seredne, Ukraine
Seredne, Seredneye, Sredneye populated place 48°32' N 22°30' E E M U G Ukraine 382.6 miles WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Munkac, Slovakia - Munkacs, Bereg megye, Hungary
Mikachevo, Mukačevo, Mukachevo, Munkačevo, Munkachevo, Munkacs, Mukacheve populated place 48°27' N 22°43' E E M U G Ukraine 375.8 miles WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Beregseilvas, Hungary correctly Beregszilvas, Bereg megye, Hungary now Kal'nyk [Kuz'myno], Ukraine.

Hugsasfalva is Ungsasfalva, Ung megye, Hungary now Irliava, Ukraine. Could this be your Orlova?

As far as I see it nothing "Czech" about your ancestor. Your ancestor was Ruthenian/Russnak - Byzantine Catholic.

Re: Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic ?

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Aleksander Hazwda
Arrival Date:21 Feb 1921
Age:16 Estimated Birth Year:abt 1905
Ethnic Background:Slovak (Slovakian)
Port of Departure:Antwerp, Belgium Ship Name:Zeeland
Port of Arrival:Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name:Peter Hazuda
Last Residence:Czechoslovakia
Birthplace:Orlawa, Czechoslovakia

I'm sorry I'm still learning how to use this site.

I was told that he spoke many languages. I was also told that he had brothers here in the United states. I just can't figure out who they were.

Re: Orlova, Czech Republic ? Orlyava, Ukraine

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Irlyava, Orlyava populated place 48°31' N 22°35' E E M U G Ukraine 379.5 miles WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E locate Szerednye in the left by the words UNG and slightly below is Orlyuva

Re: Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic ?

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I'm so lost and confused. This might be where this search ends

Re: Hazuda family in Orlova, Czech Republic ?

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Pressed for time right now but will come back to reply on the previous post.

Your research will be in Ukraine.

Re: HAZUDA, Aleksander

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I am back.

Have you located his "Boston" arrival manifest? You only have a typed copy.

Hazuda, Peter Hugsasfalva 16 1889 1905
Hazuda, Peter Ungsasfalva, 16 1891 1907 Maybe one of these HAZUDAs Aleksander was going to.

Hazuda, Fedor Ungsasfalva, 16 1891 1907
Stazuda, Gyorgy Ungsasfalva, Hungary 24 1883 1907 [HAZUDA]
Hazuda, Maria Ungrasfaln 18 1888 1906
Could these be his brothers and a sister or just a cousin that arrived NY Ellis Island.

Re: HAZUDA, Seredne, Ukraine

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Any connection to these descendants? Slovak Pride Index
Surname; Location; Descendant
Hazuda Seredne SCR UKRAINE Vrankovich
Hazuda Seredne SCR UKRAINE Yesenosky

Re: HAZUDA William

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HAZUDA, WILLIAM 10 Jul 1905 30 Mar 1992 86 (not specified) (none specified) New Jersey 144-80-7275
Right year and month but the date is 14 days off from the date that he put down on his naturalization intent/petition.

His SS-5Form should have his parents names.
Should you want to translit his surname into Cyrillic

Do you know his mother's name?

What prompted you to post on Czech Republic board and not Slovakia board? I am sure you know that Czechoslovakia was 2 nationalities, 2 different languages. Since 1993 Czechoslovakia is Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

Your ancestor was from Ruthenia which is now part of Ukraine.
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