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She-na-ka Folsom

She-na-ka Folsom

jenny churchwell (View posts)
Posted: 1015645596000
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Surnames: Folsom, Pitchlynn
I'm looking for information about my great great grandmother's Choctaw lineage. Her mother was (I think) She-na-ka Folsom, and from what I can find, HER mother was ?? Aiahnichich O-ho-ya. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.

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Kimberly evans (View posts)
Posted: 1015814744000
Classification: Query
Was She-na-ka Folsom married to a Mitchell??? Kimberly

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Jennifer Churchwell (View posts)
Posted: 1015938443000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Folsom
Hmmm...I don't think so, but I could be wrong. What I have is that She-na-ka was her Choctaw name, but Sophia was her Anglicized name. Then I've heard several accounts of who her Choctaw mother was - I can't find a consensus. But it does seem clear that her father was Ebenezer Folsom, although she lived as a child with her uncle, Nathaniel Folsom, and his family, so sometimes he is listed as her father.

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Posted: 1185763210000
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I think we may have the same Folsom family. I have a Mary McKnight Spain who was born in the Old Choctaw Nation and was the great granddaughter to an Aiichihona and Nathaniel Folsom

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Posted: 1185810561000
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What I have is that Mary Melinda Hancock married "a" Spain. She was d/o Jubal Hancock and Sophia Mitchel. Sophia was d/o Samuel Mitchell and his first wife, Molly Folsom. Molly (Ar-chi-ho-yo) was d/o of Nathaniel Folsom and probably I-Ah-Ne-Cha. To my knowledge, there is no proof as to which wife of Nathaniel Folsom all the children belonged. I may have the Indian names mispelled, but that is what I have.

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Posted: 1185828086000
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Perhaps this bit of information will be of help.

EBENEZER FOLSOM was a Choctaw trader, born in 1765 in North Carolina to Israel Folsom, a white man. He and Nathaniel Folsom were brothers. He was appointed as a Spanish Interperterrs to the Choctaw in 1791. He moved to Arkansas in 1804. He was married to Sarah White Lewis, the widow of Samuel Lewis, who had died on the Cumberland. In 1788, Sarah lived near John Turnbull on the Tombigbee.
Ebenezer was the father of :

1 Michael Nathaniel Folsom

2 William Folsom

3 Sophia Folsom, who married John Pitchlynn

NATHANIEL FOLSOM, was a Choctaw trader, born in Rowan County, North Carolina on May 17, 1756. The son of Israel Folsom,a white man, and a native of Massachusetts. Nathaiel began trading among the Choctaws apparantly in the 1780's . He married two Chotcaw girls, both were nieces of Mingo Puscus. Nathaniel died at Mountain Fork, I. T. October 9, 1833.
One wife, Iahnecha, gave him children named :

1 Nathaniel Folsom (Jr.)

2 Molly Folsom

3 George Folsom

4 Samuel Folsom

5 John Folsom

6 Robert Folsom (married to Susa )

7 William Folsom

The other wife, Ainechihoye, of Nathaniel gave him children named :

8 David Folsom, born 1791, married to Roda Nail.

9 Rebecca Folsom

10 Rhoda Folsom

11 (Rev.) Israel Folsom, born 1802 , married Louvica Nail (called Louisa).

12 Adam Folsom

13 Issac Folsom

14 Jeremiah Folsom, born 1796 , called Capt. Jeremiah Folsom. Married to Mary.

15 McKee Folsom

16 Edmond Folsom

17 Emily Folsom

18 Amziah Folsom

19 Lucretia Folsom

20 Elizabeth Folsom

21 Solomon Folsom

22 Delilah Folsom

23 Shame Folsom

24 Polly Folsom.

Sources of information:

1 "Alabama's Forgotten Settlers", by Jack Holmes, page 95

2 " The Natchez Court Records, 1767 - 1805", by May McBee, pages 136, 377, 509

3 "Who Was Who Among the Southern Indians 1698 -1907", by Don Martini, page 238, 244, 245

4 "History of Bryan County, Oklahoma" pages 277 - 278

5 " History of the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Natchez Indians", by Horatio Cushman, pages 327 - 328

(Cushman stated that Sophia was the only daughter of Ebenezer Folsom.)

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Posted: 1185845343000
Classification: Query
I have much of the information listed in the message by Bonnie and have spoken with Don Martini ("Who Was Who Among the Southern Indians")on a few occasions. I believe Don Martini did a marvelous job, but much information has been found since he and the others did their books. When I found some things, I have even called and discussed it with Don Martini and others that I consider experts in their own right.

Sophia was a very common name in that day and time. Earlier, someone asked if a Mitchell was involved. One Molly Folsom did marry Samuel Mitchell. I have proof of the names of the children of Molly Folsom and Samuel Mitchell in both a treaty where they were named and when Samuel had the daughters, Sophia and Alzira, "legitimatized" in MS according to the "white man's law".

I was just answering the question as to where a Mitchell tied into the Folsom family.

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Posted: 1185862117000
Classification: Query
Do you think or Ai Ne Chi Hoyo could be one in the same?

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Posted: 1185892696000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Folsom - Mitchell - Spain
To those who may think their "Sophia" might be the same one I have, Sophia was born 1802. Her mother died either 1802 or 1803. Evidently, Samuel Mitchel left his two daughters with their grandparents, Nathaniel Folsom and his two wives, and moved to become Indian Agent for the Chickasaws. At least two of the three marriages of Sophia were at the homes of different Mitchell uncles. I have no idea what her Indian name might have been as the first I found on her was her marriages and she went by the name of Sophia Mitchell. When I first started researching Alzira and Sophia, there were several people that told me their surname was Folsom which I later found was incorrect. Alzira's line was much easier to research than Sophia's. It seems Sophia left her children from her marriage to Hancock with him. This is the line where the name Spain married into.

Ainechihoya was one of the wives of Nathaniel and I doubt if she had two names or that a daughter would have the same Indian name as her mother.

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Posted: 1185910791000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Spain, Folsom,
I was wondering if you know about Mary McKnight? I know that her line comes through Nathaniel Folsom.
She married Thomas D. Spain 1840 and had 8 children

Dawes Enrollment Cards: Mary M Spain Parent Female card number 119, 162, 144, 90

Said was inducted in the Choctaw nation in 1832 - Proved her parentage.

Moved to Texas between 1845 and 1849. She died in Texas burried next to her husband.

Oct 30, 1877 Inacted that Mary M spain being a regular lival decendent of the choctaw nation.

was the great granddaughter of AIICHIHONA (full blooded) and Nathaniel Folson
Nathaniel Folson was also married to AIAHNEIEHOHYOH
The women were sisters and the neices of chief Mingo Puscus

This is the information I have. Have you heard of this woman?
Thanks, Theresa
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