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Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

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I have the 2011 version of Family Tree Maker. I'm trying to make a 3 generation chart that lists my ancestors, then their 11 children underneath with their spouses. Then I want the grand children cascading underneath. There is one like this on My Canvas but it doesn't list dates and places of b,m, d and I don't like the faces on the poster (I don't have photos)

Can't I do this on family tree maker? I want to hand out copies at a family reunion and want something that gives the information, is inexpensive and looks nice (doesn't need to be fancy.)

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Mary Beth

Re: Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

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Go to Publish > Charts to see the kinds of charts FTM will do.

Have you looked at the hourglass charts? There is a vertical one and a horizontal one.

I think I would prefer to do two separate charts, one chart showing ancestors of a key person and a second chart showing descendants of a key person. But, that's up to you.

Re: Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

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I am considering purchase. Concern is how many generations can this handle = print. Can I export / copy to ? and take to Staples to print on a plotter? Or print to desktop printer and taqpe together?

Re: Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

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FTM can export a chart as a one-page PDF file to be taken/emailed to a commercial firm with large format printers e.g. AO size or above.

Unfortunately, because FTM uses a very early version of PDF, (version 1.3) the chart size limit is 5 metres (about 200 inches). So if you go above that, then the chart will be truncated. Yes, it is disappointing that one part of FTM can produce large charts whilst another bit then truncates them. And we have had this situation for years and there is an existing solution !!%$#@

Yes, the developers know all about the issue but the supplier of the Share module that includes the PDF driver will/has not updated the PDF version. Later versions of PDF removed the 5-metre limit and in terms of FTM charts, it is “unlimited”.

Now as to the number of generations you can fit on [say] AO paper depends on how you set up the chart, e.g. font size, items includes, whether you use short place names etc. As with all charts, you have to do some trial and error fiddling to optimize them. Of course once you have done that you can save any chart for reuse and also save the template for reuse in other charts

So if you have a chart above 5 metres there are some workarounds

You can use an outside chart application called Charting Companion

Or Family Tree Factory

Both can produce very large charts from FTM (Charting Companion) or from a GEDCOM (Family tree Factory)

Both programs will then convert the large chart to PDF (without the 5 metres limit). You can take the PDF file to a printing company that specializes in large charts.

Another workaround is to install a PDF creator such as Adobe Acrobat (not the Adobe Reader) and "print to PDF" from FTM. There are other PDF creators like Nitro, PDF995, etc as well to consider.

So up to 5 metres you can stay inside FTM and produce a PDF file that can be printed on a large printer/plotter. Above that you need to go outside FTM

John D

Re: Creating a Chart with Family Tree Maker

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As I understand it, you want both your parents, all their descendants and all their ancestors on the chart. You can achieve this, but you have to cheat a little.

1 - Make a copy of your FTM file and work from it to make your chart.
2 - Create a new child to your parents - Unknown sex and with no name - actually you have to name it something so call it "."
3 - Disconnect yourself and all your siblings from your parents and make them children of "." using the Person--> Attach/Detach commands.
4 - Publish an Hourglass chart for "." Choose all the settings as required, but in Box and Line Styles people of unknown gender should have Border set at "None".
5 - Right-click on yourself and Select generation - move your generation up a little on the chart.
6 - "Share" to one-page pdf, if the chart is too big this will fail, and any print would have to be done directly from FamilyTreeMaker.

Hope this helps.
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