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Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

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Surnames: Maley, Peck, O'Malley
If anyone could please give me a bit of insight I would greatly appreciate it.

I am searching for more information on the following people but I can not find birth certs, marriage certs, portions of census records or death certs on either of my ggparents.

Michal Maley -
b: 1858 NY (no birth cert, by census only)
Louise Peck
b: 1865 OH (no birth cert, by census only)

married: 1884 (no marriage cert, by census only)

1892 census - Corning City, Steuben, New York
(listed with 48 yo Mary Peck from France and 16 yo
William Peck USA)

1900 census - Corning City, Steuben, New York

1902 - Muskegon, MI (by daughters marriage - Julia Maley)

1910 census - Muskegon, MI

1911 - Muskegon, MI (by daughters marriage - Lizzy Maley)

I have no actual paperwork on Michal Maley before 1892 MY Census or after 1911. He said numerous times in census records that both parents were from Italy but all family members insist we are not Italian but American Indian.

I do have records of Louse Peck being married again to David Lamoreaux but have no death certificate.
1930 census - Muskegon, MI
Also listed was Ann O'Malley & Phillip O'Malley.
I believe this was a takers mistake as the Mary Peck and Ann O'Malley are born in the same year. I belive she could be named Mary Ann Peck. I have no idea who Phillip is.

So....I also have no actual paperwork on her from her before 1892. She states her mother was from France (have searched records from Canada also) and father was from England. 2nd cousins state her mother, Ann, was taken by Indians and Louise was half Wyandotte.

How often did people say they were another race when they were really Indian? How likely would it be, if they were Indian, that I would not find any birth records on either of them? How about death records? Marriage records?

I am at a real loss here. I have looked over every piece of info I can find and still nothing. I can't seem to put this puzzle together and the answer seems to be right under my nose.

I have considered hiring a professional but I don't know if I should hire someone that specializes in Native Anericans or Italians....or should I just get a blood test first and see if I have the actual native blood?

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

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I responded to your thread on the same subject:

What research have you done since?

The data to find on-line has been quite exhausted. Your post doesn't detail what you've researched off-line and where you still can't find documentation. You need to be very specific about the sources you've covered.

None of the evidence found thus far indicates there is NA origin in these lines. The evidence does indicate reasons why this NA story might have been concocted and it being perpetuated. It's not uncommon for a less than flattering history to be replaced with a romantic myth.

Again, the evidence writes the story, not the other way around.

Re: Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Maley, O'Malley, Peck
Thank you.

I haven't done any off line research but have went through all marriage, birth, passenger lists, death certs and any list of every church or story I could find on Corning City NY and Painted Post NY and surrounding area. I have read everything online I could find for months now and there is nothing more to read (I think).

So that takes me to off line research. I have no idea how to do that but I am pretty sure I would not be able to make the actual trip there. That was the reason I was thinking about hiring a researcher. I didn't think it was as easy as contacting the library in the area or the county and asking for records.

I do understand about family myth and I really don't want a romatic story to lead my search. I really want the truth and that is why I am doing this. Just to see where I am from. This is my first family search though, my own, and I am not sure how to go about it.

I am determined though so I will now read everything I can about finding physical sources and paperwork. Find a list of cemetaries in NY in the area, courthouses, churches and go about it that way. Unless there is an easier way and I can just send these facts to some library to look up for me?

Thank you so much. I really enjoy this and can't imagine how happy I will be if I find an actual answer. I just need to get into hard digging mode I guess.

Re: Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

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Sorry to chime in late, but have you tried contacting any local genealogical societies or local history societies in the areas where you know these folks lived? Sometime you will hit a real gold mine through sources like that (or not!) What you might get that way would be obituaries or birth notices, not otherwise preserved, cemetery listings, and sometimes marriage notices.

I would also suggest that you try the GenWeb site for each county where you know people were, for the same reasons (that's really hit/miss, but sometimes you can get great stuff that way).

Also, I would do a name search on Find A Grave for the counties where you think the family might have been. This will give you a list of cemeteries (as you mention) and if they are reasonably well documented, you may be lucky enough to find a memorial - and if it has a photo of the gravestone, that's an important bit of information. Even if there is no photo of a gravestone, however, the person who created the memorial may be able to tell you where the information came from, and you then can check with that source (e.g., may have been from the cemetery district, may have been from funeral home records for that county, or who knows what).

Good luck with your search.

Re: Newbie questions. Please help? Any input helpful.

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Have you searched Old Fulton Postcards? ( I don't know much about it but there is a good article in the FamilySearch wiki at ( that explains it more. According to the wiki article, Old Fulton has these papers online:

Steuben Corning NY Journal 1847-1905 4 5 7
Steuben Corning NY Evening Leader 1917-1953 4 4 8
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