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ADAM STROUD III b. 1790 virginia, m. ?????

ADAM STROUD III b. 1790 virginia, m. ?????

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can anyone tell me who ADAM STROUD III married. Also, who was ADAM STROUD I parents, when was he born. thanks, JOY FITZER-MOORE

Re: ADAM STROUD III b. 1790 virginia, m. ?????

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Below is a summary of what I know on the Stroud-Gallihar line:

This Stroud/Gallihar line is full of holes that I'm not sure will ever get solved. I have spent a fair amount of time doing research in Clark County, AR and have uncovered much information, but the frontier nature of the county at the time makes it difficult. Written records such as for births weren't recorded, they just happened. Some probate and court records still exist, but they're usually sketchy. The census records are accurate when people would let the census taker find them, but there was a general distrust of anyone from the US Government. Migrations happened and, unless there was land purchased, there were no records of where people went. Even murders and shootings frequently went unrecorded. Graves were often marked with wooden markers that have long since gone. Much of what I believe to be true is based on supposition and probability but without written proof.

The Strouds and Gallihars of early Clark County, AR are the source of many of my holes. It is documented that Adam Stroud was one of Clark County's earliest settlers, arriving around 1813 when Arkansas was still known as part of Missouri Territory. Adam Stroud was very active in early Clark County government, with the county court house being in his home for a short time, near his home a short distance from present day Hollywood, AR. It was moved to the settlement of Greenville, also near Hollywood and then to Arkadelphia, the current seat. Adam Stroud also incorporated the town of Crittenden, AR in the property where his home existed and this was advertised in the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock. It was not a successful venture and died. Adam is also frequently listed in county probate and court records and was involved in many ventures including road inspector, general store operator, and for being delinquent in taxes. He had eight children (Nancy b. 1808, Eliza b. abt. 1810, Elisha b. 1812, Isham L. b. abt. 1814, Rebecca b. abt. 1818, John Perkins b. Aug 8, 1819, Samual R. b. 1821, and Ashnord J. b. 1825.) (I refer to Isham L. using his middle initial as Ashnord had a son Isham who is mentioned in several records including Confederate muster roles.) With all that is known about Adam, his wife's name is unknown and does not seem to appear in any records. Likewise, his date of death is unknown and there is no known grave. He apparently died before 1860 as he was recorded in every census from 1820 through 1850. It is difficult to track the migration of his children out of the household as 1850 was the first census to list all the names of people in households and Isham was not mentioned in the 1850 census, in the household or separately.

The first census that I can find Isham L. in is the 1860 in Belton, Bell County, TX. He is 46, listed as a stockraiser worth $1150. Also in the household are Emily (31 b. Ar), Arkansas (13 b. Ar), Wm. R. (4 b. Tx) and Nancy (2 b. Tx). The family is still in Bell County in the 1870 census but Arkansas has left and James (9 b. Tx) and Adelia (1 b. Tx) have been added. By 1880, Isham L. and family had migrated to Brady, McCulloch County, TX. In addition to Isham L. the family consists of Emily, James A., Emily D. (Adelia?), William R., Maggie Stroud (Dtr. in law age 23), Delia (grand daughter age 11 mos), Arkansas Stacy (daughter - widow), Emily A(nn) Cole (grand daughter age 8; this is my gr. grandmother and the daughter of Arkansas), Nancy Stacy (grand daughter age 1), and Nancy C. Biteocks (daughter - widow age 22). It is difficult to track by census beyond this as the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire.

Elizabeth Arkansas and Thomas Jefferson Cole married in Bell County on 24 Jan, 1869. I believe (but have not proven) they moved to Brady shortly after that. Family lore has it that Thomas J. was killed in a gunfight over a dogie (orphan calf) in Brady. It must have occured between 1872and 1878 as their daughter Emily was born around 1872 and Arkansas's next child Nancy was by George Washington Stacy and was age 1 in 1880. Arkansas had bad luck keeping husbands as she was again a widow.

I will briefly jump back to Clark County and one of the mysteries that I have yet to solve. Emily Gallihar (age 23) is in the Clark County census in 1850 with daughter Margaret E.A. Gallihar (age 3) and Sarah A.J. Gallihar (age 1/2). There is also a female named Malinda Duvall (age 35). Sarah and Malinda do not further show up in anything I have found and I have no idea what the relationship between Emily and Malinda was. As I previously mentioned, the Gallihars and Strouds lived close together in Clark County and certainly knew each other. The 1840 census has two other Gallihar families in the same vicinity (Andrew and Charles) but I do not believe that Emily was from either as the census household distribution does not match. There is a female that matches that age in Andrews household, but he had just taken a new wife the same age (14, named Stroud), and I believe the female 10 - 15 to be the new wife and not Emily. Isham L. was in the area as late as 1848 where he was appointed as a deputy sheriff in the court records, but that does not link him to Emily. It is possible that Gallihar was Emily's married name and she was a young widow. So I do not know for sure if Isham L. is a biological kin. It would probably take a DNA test to know for sure.

I hope this gave you some new information or maybe gives you some new directions to look. I would appreciate any info on this family line that you might have.

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Re: ADAM STROUD III b. 1790 virginia, m. ?????

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Hello! I am a descendent of Adam Stroud from Clark County, AR. You sound like you know a lot more of the 1700s and 1800s family than I do. I have quite a bit of later info on my branch of the family, but I have not been able to verify anything before Adam Stroud and his unknown wife. I will be happy to share anything I know!
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