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Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

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Hi, I am researching all of the Bohemian names listed above. My grandmother Antonie (also Antoinette) Kment came from the Pardubitz region - town of Holice (Holitz) in 1899 with her sister Anna. They both arrived in Chicago. I cannot find them in the Ellis Island files (but I don't know if they came through Ellis I or some other port).

She married my grandfather Franz (Frank) Bubla who came from Spoli, Prague. I'm not sure if Spoli is a town or suburb or Prague - it does not seem to exist. He arrived in 1904 and was a tinsmith. According to the Ellis Island record he was going to live with a cousin - Harry or Henry Tejtle or Tejtke or maybe Tejtk (based on the writing it's hard to determine the spelling). the address was 4636 Wood Street.

The Rindskopf surname comes from my mother's side of the family. I believe they were from the Carlsbad region - possibly Kynzart - On this side my great-great grandfather's name was Lobl (Loebl). They were Jewish and settled in Milwaukee.

I know absolutely nothing about my grandfather Bubla's family. He died in 1913. My grandmother Kment still had relatives living in Bohemia at least until WWII as far as we know. All letters that she had were lost when one of my uncles died.

Any help, resources would be appreciated. I have looked in the Pardubitz phone directory and found that there are still some Kment's and Kmentova's living in Holice, but I don't know Bohemian, and would not know how to contact them.

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

Robert T. (View posts)
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Harriette, I just wanted to suggest that you also post your query on both the Central Europe Czech Republic and the Central Europe Historical Regions Bohemia message boards. I think you would get better results from those two boards than you will from this one, the Austria board.


Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

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There are 3 places called Spoli in The Czech Republic, closest one to Prague is 20 miles away.

The language of Czech Republic is not Bohemian, it is Czech...

KMENTOVA is the feminine form of KMENT.

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Hi, thanks for the response.
I do know that the language is referred to as Czech v Bohemian.
I have used the ShtetlSeeker before. And I also use JewishGen.
I also know about the use of feminine names in Czech.

I just don't speak Czech - I only know a few words (mostly foods)
Oh, I wrote that in a hurry yesterday. My paternal g-father died in 1914 not 1913 in chicago at age 30.

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

Karl Kment (View posts)
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Surnames: Kment
Dr. Milan Kment in Prague may be able to give you some information inasmuch as I think his forebearers were from your region. My grandmother, Filomena Kment came to Ellis Island in 1904 with her four children, Johann (John), Frank, Josef (my father), and
Maria. The records indicate that their language was german, although my cousin John in Michigan said that all except my father (who was only five years old in 1904) were fluent in Polish, German, Czech and even Italian. The records also show that they emigrated from Szarvashaza, where my father was born. It seems that both my grandmother and great-grandmother were from the Kraliky (Grulich) area of what is now the Czech Republic. My grandmother's maiden name was Vieth. That is about the extent of my meager knowledge---unfortunately not too much information has been passed down the generations.

Karl Kment

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

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I had to move that whole thread over here where it seems to belong - the Czech Republic. Doesn't fit on the Austria General board which is for queries relating to Austria of today, not Austria-Hungary or any of the successor states.

Hope you'll get even more helpful replies.

My apologies for any inconveniences this move may cause.

Tilman Brandl
[Austria-General Message Board Administrator]

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

Linda (View posts)
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Surnames: kment
I am your cousin Sue's daughter. I do have a baptismal certificate for Antonie Kment.That is the spelling on it. I can't read much of it, however I know her mother was Anna I believe her last name was Pinkus. I know about as much as you do but this might help. my email is

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Surnames: Bubla
My family tree includes a Bubla family from the village of Spoli, just outside the large town of Trebon in southern Bohemia. This Bubla family includes a Frantisek (or Frank) Bubla (born 2 May 1883, Spoli); he was the son of Frantisek Bubla (b. 9 Oct 1851, Spoli) and Anna Suchomela (b. 3 July 1865, Spoli). The younger Frantisek (b. 1883) was a fourth cousin of my great-great grandmother Rozalie Bruzek Pesek (1856-1938), who immigrated to Chicago in 1880.

Alan Zola

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

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Hi Alan, my grandfather was the younger Frantisek. I never knew him. He died when my dad was 4 in 1914. Do you have any information about the Family prior to Frantisek Sr. and Anna Suchomela? He had two sisters - Mary and Rosie who also came to the US, but (if I remember correctly) after my gfather. Mary had a fairly large Family, but died in the Influenza epidemic in 1918. She was married to a man by the name of Frank Matuska his family ended up changing their last name to Matt. Rosie married a man named Sefl, died in 1962 and lived in Michigan. My family never new about either of them.
We lived in Chicago. The name Pesek is really familiar..

If you have any more information, could you send it to me??
Or is your family tree open? I haven't made mine public - I suppose I should, by my intent was to finish it prior to making it public, but then I frequently realize that it will never be finished....
Thanks again,
Harriette Wock
Stillwater, MN

Re: Bohemian Families - Surnames Kment, Bubla and Rindskopf

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My great-grandfather was Frank Matuska who lived in these
areas before settling in North Dakota. He was born in Bohemia.I have pictures ect. He had 11, or 12 children.
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