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Wayne W Neal?????

Wayne W Neal?????

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Surnames: Neal, Sides
I am trying to find out as much as I can for my son's family tree project. His father Michael Wingate Neal only knows his fathers name which is Wayne W Neal and that he was born May 7, 1946. He was married at one time to Sarah Lou Sides who's birthday is April 6th. They only had one child together which is Michael. This is ALL he knows about his family!!! I cannot find anything else! Can you guys gimme some clues on where else I can look or if anyone knows anything....HELP!!! I need to find Wayne W Neal parents!!!

Re: Wayne W Neal?????

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Unfortunately, none of the public records that could give Wayne's parents are available online and the 1950 census will not be available for another 10(?) years.

There is a record of one Wayne Neal b. 7 May 1946 d. 5 Feb 1995 in Dade, Fl. You would have to write to Florida for his death certificate if you want to learn who his parents were. The only other info currently available for Wayne is his divorce records from Sarah which also does not give his parents names.


Re: Wayne W Neal?????

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Surnames: Neal
I'm Michael Neal's half sister. We were connected in December of 2012 after this post was made. Before December 27, 2012, neither of us knew the other existed! Anyway, it would appear that Wayne Wingate Neal (in one record it was Wayne Wendgate Neal), went through a name change when he was a child and we do not know what his name was before that name change. We do know that he attended Miami Jackson Senior High School and was Captain of the football team and attended as Wayne Wingate Neal. He also attended University of Miami and received a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. It would appear that he was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, because we do not know his name at birth we are unable to obtain a birth certificate to find out the name of his parents and track down his sister (our aunt). I have attempted to locate the name change records with the Miami Dade County clerk's office, unfortunately because he was a minor, those records are sealed. Any ideas on where we could get his birth name would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Wayne W Neal?????

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Have you obtained a copy of Wayne’s death certificate as Sandra suggested as it may list his parents?

FL birth, death, marriage and divorce records can be ordered.

Many times it’s cheaper to get them directly from the state/county instead of a third party though.

Did Wayne’s obituary mention parents, or was there even an obit for him?

Do you KNOW that he had a name change as a minor? [“it would appear that… went through a name change…”] Maybe he was born out of wedlock, and when his mother married, her husband adopted him. Maybe he was given up for adoption and got a whole new name….

To me, his unusual middle name of “Wingate” suggests it MIGHT be a mother’s maiden name; that is an old naming custom. But, it also may be a father or grandfather’s first/middle name too. In other words, it MIGHT be a clue of some sort.

Any chance this is him in a Ft Lauderdale HS before switching to a Miami HS, or is this maybe another Wayne Neal?:

Looks like maybe his first marriage was to Sandra Lew Brown in Collier County (Naples area) in 1969:

Then, they divorced in Miami-Dade in 1971:

Then he marries Sarah Lou Sides (on May 31, 1972 in Dade according to another member’s tree here), and they divorce in 1982.

Is this the same Sarah Lou Sides (born April 6th) who ended up marrying Joseph George Moos after divorcing Wayne:

IF this is her, notice that a “J George Neal” is listed as a possible relative? Now, go looking for him… :

Same 4540 N Michigan St address….

IF this is the same one, he was [maybe] born a few months after Sarah married Wayne in 1972. IF it’s NOT the same “J George Neal”, then who is he?]

Back to Sarah:;

Sarah’s obit was evidently in the Ocala Star-Banner:

Wayne’s 3rd marriage:

Is this Raquel now:

Depending on how much you want to obtain more info on Wayne, I think you’re going to have to spend a few dollars on obtaining public records to get more info such as parents names (adoptive or not) and his exact location of birth. That, or try to track down some living survivors that might know something.

Hope this helps some,

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