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Cecelia Kennedy

Cecelia Kennedy

Melissa Hootselle (View posts)
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Surnames: Hootsell, Kennedy
Is there a Cecelia Kennedy out there doing research on the Hootsell family name? Your email address posted on rootsweb is no longer valid.

Re: Cecelia Kennedy

Gypsy Kennedy (View posts)
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Cecilia Kennedy is my mother and we both have been trying to research our ancestors, which includes the Hootsell name. Our grandmother, Amanda Hootsell, married George Washington Green, in Concordia Parish, La. and died in 1861. I have a great deal of information regarding her descendants and would be happy to share with you. Although I know it has been quite some time since my mother was researching, please contact me and, hopefully, we can fill missing gaps. Thank you.


Re: Cecelia Kennedy

hotmail.comannalyn (View posts)
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Surnames: HOOTSELL
Please share info with me My mother's GG-gma was Sarah Elizabeth Hootsell. Amanda was Sarah's sister right? Amanda Malvina father John Hotsell? Don't have my notes in front of me. Look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Cecelia Kennedy

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march 19th, 2006

my great grandfather was John Hootsell. when i receive a
copy of his line , I will share it with you. My grandfather was
alonzo griffin hootsell, my father, sessions ault hootsell.

i grew up in natchez, ms. and know that before the depression, we owned lands in louisiana.

Please let me know what you know of the hootsells. Tell me
about their living in Oklahoma and also about your mother and
her family.


Re: Cecelia Kennedy

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Surnames: Green/Hootsell
Melissa, I have been off line for some time and recently started back searching for my GREEN/HOOTSELL families.

My new email address

Re: Cecelia Kennedy

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I can't offer much info., but my mat. grandmother was a Hootsell, Edith. My mat. grandfather was a Green, Robert. They lived in Clayton, La.

Re: Cecelia Kennedy/ Greens & Hootsells

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Surnames: Green/Hootsell
Where is Clayton, LA? Is it in Concordia Parish? My Green and Hootsell line was in that area during the mid 1800's, possibly earlier, and into the 1900's. I know there are Greens living across the river in Adams County but I only know of one. There is a Linda Green that I know comes from George Green through her marriage to a Green, But I lost contact with her years ago.
If anyone knows of her any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Cecilia Kennedy

Re: Cecelia Kennedy

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Hello Bahin. I was surfing through the Concordia Parish Message Boards and noticed some of your posts. I have done some research on the Hootsell name myself, and am wondering if you know how the Hootsells are related to the Burns family of Natchez (Will Burns, Sam Burns) through your grandmother, Catherine (Katie) Aloysious Joyce Hootsell? If you don't know and are interested, e-mail me at
By the way. I graduated from Natchez High in 1958 and I remember you as a Junior that year.

Best Regards,


Re: Cecelia Kennedy

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Hello Gypsy,
I have sent a couple of e-mails to your mother, but have not received a reply. I am Conrad Roberson and I am tracing the Hootselle family tree for my grandsons, Jacob and David Hootselle. I have been following a new line which I believe is connected to Jemima Hootsell.
Various Hootselles have told me that their original family name was Hutzel and they were originally from Germany, not to mention Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois. We have all been looking for the unknown Hootsell husband of Jemima Hootsell who came down the Mississippi river to Natchez with William, Joseph, John and Catherine Hootsell in the late 1700s. I have searched tons of records in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois for a sign of the mythical Mr. Hootsell and his lovely Jemima, to no avail.
I did have a record that referred to Jemima as a Hadsall/Hadsell. It finally occurred to me that her name might really be Hadsall/Hadsell, not Hootsell/Hutzel. I looked at the Hadsall records on and immediately found Jemima Hadsall, born 1727 in Westerly, Rhode Island to Joseph Hadsall and Rachel Crumb. Joseph also had a son, James, born in 1726, who married Constant (Content) Worden, and had a number of sons, John, William, Edward, Stephen, Joseph and James. They moved to the Wyoming valley in Pennsylvania and no sooner set up a farm when the Indians killed and tortured James Hadsall Sr. and James Hadsall Jr. John Hadsall escaped by hiding under a canoe on the river. After the massacre, most of the women and children fled the valley.
I'm not sure, as I don't have enough data yet, but is it possible that Aunt Jemima (Yes, you may have an Aunt Jemima in the family) picked up the three boys after their dad was killed and took them down the Missippi to Natchez? When she got to Arkansas she married Mark Iler/Eiler who was travelling with them.
You can follow the Hadsall line on back to a William Hadsall, born 1598 in Somerset, England, who took his bride, Sarah Seward, born 1605 in England and moved to the USA. This whole scheme has a number of serious flaws and troublesome numbers and recorded conflicting facts. However, it does discover Jemima Hadsell and explains why a lot of work has not discovered Jemima's Hootsell husband. She never had one, it was her maiden name. You can also see my version of the Hootselle family tree with all of the above data on
It may be that William and Joseph Hootsell went back up to New York at a later date, married and raised families. William then returned to Natchez and married a much younger Charlotte (Polly) Swayzie. I think it is very interesting that Job Kenyon Hadsell (son of Joseph Hadsell) left his home in Cattaraugus, New York and went to Natchez, where he married a fine Mississippi girl and lived the rest of his life. I am wondering why he would do that unless his father, who had spent time in Natchez, told him about the sterling virtues of the town. This would also explain why we have no census or marriage records of Joseph in Natchez.
Please think this over and let me know your conclusion.
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