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Swain County Cemeteries

Swain County Cemeteries

David J. Young (View posts)
Posted: 1152498709000
Classification: Query
Surnames: King, Freeman, Winchester, Breedlove, Byrd, Camby, Cunningham, Davis, Dyer, McHan, Parker, Parton, Seay, Sherrill, Tabor, Wiggins, Wikle, Dehart
I recently got back from a family reunion (Freeman) in Bryson City, NC. While there I went to the Sawmill Hill Cemetery and Maple Springs Cemetery and took quite a few photo's of headstones. I'd be happy to share them if anyone is interested. Mostly my photo's were of the family names of King, Freeman, Winchester, Breedlove, Byrd, Camby, Cunningham, Davis, Dyer, McHan, Parker, Parton, Seay, Sherrill, Tabor, Wiggins, Wikle, and Dehart. I also stopped by the Swain County Historical Society and bought their "Swain County Cemetery Book", "Swain County Marriages 1871-1905", and "Swain County Marriages 1906-1916". I'd be happy to share the headstone photo's if anyone is interested. I'd also be willing to look up names in the marriage or cemetery book (I'd prefer, but not require, if you know where they were buried as the index only has last names, it may take a while for me to find a name if the cemetery is unknown). I'd highly recommend a trip to the historical society if you're in the area. Birth certificates copies can be bought at the courthouse for twenty five cents each.

Dave Young

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

David J. Young (View posts)
Posted: 1153173822000
Classification: Query
I figured out how to copy the file names from my picture folder onto a Word document. I'm listing all the pictures I took at the Sawmill Hill and Maple Springs Cemeteries. If you need to know what cemetery they are buried in, let me know and I'll look it up.

Breedlove, Epp & Sallie Breedlove, Fred & Bessie
Breedlove, Glenn & Mae
Breedlove, James & Ethel
Breedlove, Nell
Breedlove, unreadable
Breedlove, W. W.
Byrd Infant
Byrd, Adda
Byrd, Benjamin & Anner
Byrd, Charlie & Pearl
Byrd, Joel
Byrd, Lafe
Byrd, Mary E.
Byrd, Samuel and Emma
Byrd, Samuel
Byrd, Wayne
Byrd, Zorah
Camby, Carrie (McHan)
Camby, Ray
Camby, Robert and Lois
Camby, Vencint
Camby, William
Cunningham, Addie
Cunningham, Judson
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Rufus
Cunningham, Rufus2
Davis, Beulah
Davis, Clyde & Beulah
Davis, Clyde
Davis, Dellah G.
Davis, Drew
Davis, James G.
Davis, James G.2
Davis, Vestal & Lois
Dehart, Abraham & Elizabeth
Dehart, Arthur & Della
Dehart, Arthur G.
Dehart, Arvil and Thelma
Dehart, Arvil
Dehart, Bernice
Dehart, Catherine
Dehart, David A.
Dehart, Elbert Allen
Dehart, Elbert Allen2
Dehart, Frank
Dehart, Glenn
Dehart, Gloria Ann
Dehart, Hastletine
Dehart, James and Dena
Dehart, Madison & Sara
Dehart, Martha
Dehart, Martin
Dehart, Mary E.
Dehart, Mary Ellen
Dehart, Nathan & Roxie
Dehart, Ralph Byron
Dehart, Rebecca
Dehart, Tammy Lynn
Dehart, Walter
Dehart, Weaver John
DeHart, Weaver
Dehart, Weaver2
Dehart, Wiley & Ruth
Dyer, Robert William
Estes Clan
Estes, Jamie Reid
Freeman Memorial
Freeman, Amanda
Freeman, Arthur J.
Freeman, Arthur J.2
Freeman, Bessie
Freeman, Charlie & Nancy
Freeman, Charlie
Freeman, Creed & Francis
Freeman, Creed & Francis2
Freeman, Dallas
Freeman, Dillard
Freeman, Fern
Freeman, Graden and Geneva
Freeman, Graden
Freeman, Harvey & Catherine
Freeman, Infant
Freeman, Jack
Freeman, James & Margaret
Freeman, James and Eula
Freeman, John & Vergie
Freeman, Martha E.
Freeman, Martha
Freeman, Maude E.
Freeman, Nancy headstone
Freeman, Nancy N.
Freeman, Nancy
Freeman, Nancy2
Freeman, Samuel headstone
Freeman, Samuel J.
Freeman, Thomas N.
Freemon, J. J.
Freemon, Mary J.
Freemon, Robert
Harrison, John Burial Place
Harrison, John
Hembree, June
Infant Hembree
Jones, Lucinda Caroline
Jones, Lucinda Caroline2
King, Catherine
King, Rufus & Nancy
King, Rufus
King, Vannie Mae
King, Vannie Mae2
Maple Springs Church
McHan, Beulah
Mchan, Emlis & Emily
McHan, Estella
McHan, George & Nellie
Mchan, Harvey Lee, Sr
McHan, Jane
McHan, Jewel
McHan, Martha
McHan, Ralph
Mchan, William A.
Parker Infant
Parker Infant2
Parker Infant3
Parker, John Wesley
Parton, Flevia
Parton, Manuel & Sarah
Queen, William Ray
Seay, Ernest & Rosetta
Seay, Ernest and Bonnie
Seay, Ernest
Seay, Kenneth
Sherrill, William Harold
Tabor, Myra
Wiggins, William & Ruby
Wikle, Clementine
Wikle, John Ervin
Wikle, Johnathan & Mary
Wikle, Mae
Wikle, Mae2
Wikle, Mose & Florence
Wikle, Nancy
Wikle, Thomas & Tiney
Wikle, W. & Etta
Winchester, Ben H.
Winchester, Bennett & Eva
Winchester, Billie Lawrence
Winchester, Daniel
Winchester, David W.
Winchester, David
Winchester, Eva
Winchester, Frank & Lexie
Winchester, Frank and Lexie Winchester, Gordon J.
Winchester, J. W. & Mary
Winchester, James & Abigail
Winchester, James Lloyd
Winchester, Jonas
Winchester, Jonas2
Winchester, Laban
Winchester, Lawrence and Sarah
Winchester, Lawrence
Winchester, Lillian Mae
Winchester, Lucinda
Winchester, Luke & Talitha
Winchester, Mary C.
Winchester, Nellie
Winchester, Nellie2
Winchester, William M.
Winchester, William

Dave Young

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Elizabeth Welch Stockman (View posts)
Posted: 1154129452000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Welch
Do you have any information on births in swain county about 1932. I am looking for some information on Chloe Welch

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

David Young (View posts)
Posted: 1154138265000
Classification: Query
I looked in the Swain County Heritage Society's "Heritage of Swain County" and "The Cemeteries of Swain County, North Carolina", and I looked in my database with no luck with Chloe Welch.

Dave Young

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Elizabeth Welch Stockman (View posts)
Posted: 1154141530000
Classification: Query
Th David for checking. I actually received another response from someone telling me she was actually born in Haywood County even though I found some information on the internet saying she was born in Swain County. She died somewhere up north DC maybe, but Ithink she may be buried in Elkton VA.

Did you see anthything there for her father Robert Lee Welch?
I am looking for an obituary on him. He died in August 1960.

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Posted: 1159333326000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1159335210000
If he died in Swain County his obituary is probably in Asheville Citizen Times, the nearest city. You can retrieve obits from their website.

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Karen McHan (View posts)
Posted: 1162955043000
Classification: Query
Surnames: McHan, Byrd, DeHart
I would be interested in cemetery photos and other information on some of these names. I am interested in the McHan, Byrd, DeHart lines you mentioned. What names specifically do you have in these lines? Specific names I am interested in are Burch McHan, Sallie Truitt, Mary DeHart, Soloman Truitt, Noah Patrick McHan, Rosetta Priscilla Byrd, Jonathon Lafayett Byrd.

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

David Young (View posts)
Posted: 1162962526000
Classification: Query

I have a listing of all the names you mention (except for Jonathan Lafayett Byrd) in my database. They are directly or indirectly related to me. I can do a genealogy report and send it to you if you like (I'll need an e-mail from you - send it to me at I can also send you the photo's I took in Swain County that I had mentioned/listed in an earlier post in this thread. Just let me know which ones you'd like.

Dave Young

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Brian (View posts)
Posted: 1164687430000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pilkington
I have quite a few family members in this area could you do a surname surch of you r records for the pilkington name please send info to my e-mail address

Maggie Pilkington in Panthers Creek cem. is my g'mother.

Thanks in advance for your help any family info would be appericated.

Re: Swain County Cemeteries

Dave Young (View posts)
Posted: 1164721479000
Classification: Query
I looked in my Swain County Cemetery book and found the following:

Clyde M. Pilkington 12 SEP 1899 26 MAY 1979 Swain Memorial Park Cemetery

Mary G. Pilkington 14 APR 1906 no date Swain Memorial Park Cemetery

John C. Pilkington 09 JUN 1927 05 MAR 1997 Swain Memorial Park Cemetery

N. A. Pilkington 20 JAN 1885 14 SEP 1972 Watkins Cemetery

Laura Pilkington 7 MAR 1890 17 DEC 1964 Watkins Cemetery

Susie M. Pilkington 18 MAR 1890 13 FEB 1965 Lauada Cemetery

Coy W. Pilkington 1925 1981 Lauada Cemetery Army, WWII

Nina W. Pilkington 20 JUL 1925 14 NOV 1992 Lauada Cemetery

Jane Pilkington No Dates Lauada Cemetery

Beckey Pilkington No Dates Lauada Cemetery

Sgt. Fowler Pilkington 27 SEP 1920 No Dates Lauada Cemetery

Helen H. Pilkington 16 AUG 1923 21 JUN 1994 Lauada Cemetery

Troy E. Pilkington 13 May 1920 06 AUG 1980 Lauada Cemetery Army, WWII

Maude W. Pilkington 03 MAR 1926 No Dates Lauada Cemetery

William H. Pilkington 27 JAN 1894 25 DEC 1964 Lauada Cemetery Pvt. Army, WWI

Lizzie Pilkington 24 APR 1899 24 JAN 1989 Lauada Cemetery

Paul Pilkington 11 JAN 1928 13 JUN 1983 Lauada Cemetery

Johnnie Pilkington 21 JUL 1950 10 AUG 1955 Lauada Cemetery son of M/M Thomas Pilkington

Bruce I. Pilkington 1905 1982 Lauada Cemetery

Clifford R. Pilkington 08 SEP 103 20 MAR 1965 Lauada Cemetery

Maudie R. Pilkington 10 MAR 1905 13 APR 1953 Lauada Cemetery

Hassie Hyde Pilkington 17 SEP 1893 23 NOV 1918 Lauada Cemetery w/o Rev. C. J. Pilkington

I also looked in my Swain County Marriage Books (1871 - 1905 and 1906 - 1916), but found no records for the name Pilkington. However, I found some for Pilkerton and Pilkinton. You may want to pursue those names also.

Dave Young
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