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I would like to find where CARL MARIUS SORENSEN came from in Norway, when he emigrated and any relatives and ancestors there.

My grandfather, CARL MARIUS SORENSEN, b. 1896, came to Canada from Norway about 1912 with his sister ELINA, b. 1893, and his mother MARIE/MARIA TAGGERSEN/TORGGERSEN. Carl married in 1920 in Ontario, Canada. His marriage certificate has his mother's name, as above, and his father's name is CARL SORENSEN/SANENSAN. Carl's father's birthplace is Norge/Karge. It's hard to read the writing so Karge may not be accurate. The dual names are because the marriage certificate has the names written twice on the form and they differ. I have written to the Canadian government and found that neither Carl, my grandfather, nor his sister, applied for Canadian citizenship. I have their death certificates and I'm waiting for information from Stats Canada concerning the 1940's required registration of all citizens with the hope of obtaining information about where in Norway they came from, relatives there, etc.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
Thanks, Peggy

Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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Emigrants from Christiania (Oslo):

7 Aug 1909
Olava Marie Sørensen
born 29 June 1863
residence: Sandefjord
destination: Canada
ship: "Oslo"

27 Oct 1910
Petra Nikoline Sørensen
born 24 Dec 1893
residence: Sandefjord
destination: Canada
ship: "Eskimo"

17 Dec 1910
Søren Glomsten Sørensen
born 2 Feb 1892
residence: Sandefjord
destination: Canada
ship: "Eskimo"

7 Dec 1911
Karl Marius Sørensen
born 15 Dec 1896
residence: Sandefjord
destination: Canada
ship: "Eskimo"

1900 Census of Sandefjord:
Address: Løkkegate 173
Marie Sørensen b. 1863 Larvik (widow)
Søren G. Sørensen b. 1891 Sandefjord (son)
Petra N. Sørensen b. 1893 Sandefjord (daughter)
Karl M. Sørensen b. 1896 Sandefjord (son)

I found the baptisms of Søren Glomsten and Karl Marius Sørensen. Their parents were Karl Gustav Sørensen and Olea Marie Jakobsen.

Karl Gustav Sørensen
died 20 Dec 1896 in Sandefjord
born 2 Nov 1864 in Sandefjord

Marriage Record --
27 June 1890
Karl Gustav Sørensen b. 1864 Sandefjord
Olea Marie Jakobsen b. 1863 Larvik
groom's father: Søren Glomsten Nilsen
bride's father: Jakob Torger Jakobsen

Baptism --
born 2 Nov 1864
Karl Gustav Sørensen
father: Søren Glomsten Nilsen
mother: Elen Petronelle Bull

Baptism --
born 29 June 1863
Olea Marie Jakobsen
father: Jakob Jakobsen
mother: Nicoline Andrea Jonasen

1865 Census
Sandar, Vestfold, Norway
Farm: Bugaarden
Christen Jacobsen Bull b. 1808 Stokke
Gjertrud Sebylle Hørbye b. 1802 Stokke
Søren Glomsteen Nilsen b. 1835 Nøtterøy
Elen Petronelle Bull b. 1833 Stokke
Carl Gustav Sørensen b. 1864 Sandefjord

1865 Census
Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway
Farm: Hovland
Jakob T. Jakobsen b. 1834 Tjølling
Nikoline Andrea Nilsdr. b. 1838 Mos
Nils Jakob Jakobsen b. 1860 Larvik
Olea Marie Jakobsen b. 1863 Larvik

So, to map this all out:

1. Karl Marius Sørensen
b. 15 Dec 1896 Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway

2. Karl Gustav Sørensen
b. 2 Nov 1864 Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway
m. 27 June 1890 Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway
d. 20 Dec 1896 Sandefjord, Vestfold, Norway

3. Olea Marie Jakobsen
b. 29 June 1863 Larvik, Vestfold, Norway

4. Søren Glomsten Nilsen
b. 1835 Nøtterøy, Vestfold, Norway

5. Elen Petronelle Bull
b. 1833 Stokke, Vestfold, Norway

6. Jakob Torger Jakobsen
b. 1834 Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway

7. Nikoline Andrea Nilsdr (or Jonasdr)
b. 1838 Mos, Vestfold, Norway


Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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The information in the previous post came from the Digitalarkivet website:

More information (from FamilySearch --

Søren Glomstein Nilsen
b. 2 Apr 1835 Stangeby in Nøtterøy, Vestfold
father: Nils Svensen (b. 24 Apr 1793 Nøtterøy
(his parents are Sven Olsen & Ingeborg Nilsdr.)
mother: Karen Maria Sørensdr. (b. 1794 Nøtterøy)
(her parents are Søren Evensen & Helena Larsdr.)

Edel Petronelle Bull (NOT Elen)
chr. 12 Nov 1833 Stokke, Vestfold, Norway
father: Christen Jacobsen Bull (chr. 19 Aug 1808 Stokke)
(his parents are Jacob Davidsen Bull & Elen Christensdr.)
mother: Gjertrud Sebylle Danqvart Hørbye (chr. 11 Sept 1803 Stokke)
(her parents are Peder Andersen Hørbye & Inger Andersdr.)

Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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More information from FamilySearch:

Jakob Terger Jakobsen
Nikoline Andrea Nilsdr.
married 14 Apr 1858 Larvik, Vestfold, Norway
groom's father: Jakob Tergersen
bride's father: Nils Jonasen

Baptism --
Jacob Jacobsen
b. 9 Nov 1830 Tjølling, Vestfold, Norway
father: Jacob Tergersen
mother: Olea Jacobsdr. (they married 28 Dec 1822 Tjølling)

Baptism --
Nikoline Andrea Nilsdr.
b. 10 Aug 1837 Moss, ØSTFOLD (not Vestfold), Norway
father: Nils Jonasen
mother: Marte Hansdr. (they married 21 Aug 1834 Moss)
Nils was son of Jonas Nilsen
Marte was dau. of Hans Waerner


Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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My Great Grandmother was a Hutchinson and one of her sisters married a chap called Carl Marius Sorensen. They were born in Leith (Edinburgh)although she was born in 1836. It may well be that this chap was their son.


Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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Surnames: Sørensen/Torgersen
After reading all the comments, this is all correct.
Torger Jacob Torgersen is my great grandfather. Carl Marius is my fathers cousin. I live in Sandefjord Norway where they all used to live. I started searhing relatives last autumn. Hope anyone still is out there willing to have contact. Maybe you would like some informations.

Love to hear more from you.

Ellen Tostrup

Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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Correction: Jacob Torger Jacobsen is my greatgrandfather.
He later changed his name to Jacob Torgersen.

Ellen T.

Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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Surnames: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen
Hello Ellen, I was quite surprised & pleased to get your email. We were on vacation, hence the belated reply. Perhaps we can compare notes privately. My email address is I'm really looking forward to hearing from you. Please put something in the subject line indicating genealogy information. There's a lot of spam and my computer will sometimes put things in the spam folder by mistake. Thanks.
I haven't been working on my Norwegian relatives for awhile. It'll be fun to get back to them.

Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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Surnames: sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen
Hello Peggy

I have sent you an e-mail!
My adress is :



Re: Sorensen/Taggersen/Torggersen

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I guess you saw my messages from 2007?
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