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William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

Martha Wooten Solomon (View posts)
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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Wooten, Council, Bryant
For a more detailed time line of William's life:

From research conducted by Richard Wooton; this is a compilation of Wooten and Related Families Association (WARFA) newsletters and Special Study IX:

Additional research notes on William Wooten, the Elder of Edgecombe Co., NC; William was born circa 1710-1717.

1. Nov. 17, 1728 - Nuncupative will of William Rutter in IOW gave tools to William Wootten for making leather items...may have been an apprentice to Rutter....he seems
to have treated William as his son.

*Mar 22, 1730 - still a minor; deeded 500 acres by his Uncle Hardy Councill.

2. By Nov. 1738, Richard Wooten and Lucy Councill/Council, parents of William are deceased.

3. 1738 - following the death of his parents; William was living on his own lands in IOW - Blackwater/Beaver Dam Swamp area.....

4. 1741 - Edgecombe Co., NC was formed from Bertie Co.

5. Mar. 15, 1742/43 - NC Colonial Council proceedings at Edenton: approved a petition for a land grant of 300 acres in Northampton Co., NC to William Wooten.

6. Nov. 1744 - Marriage: Ann Bryant (Special Study IX, p. 2). **Bryant family evidence: Nov. 21, 1744 - deed involving William and his wife in IOW Co., VA .... James Councill and James Bryant of IOW...deed involves part of the land owned by Hardy Councill to William.

7. Oct . 1, 1745 - deed - William Wooten to John Daughtry ... sold 200 acres to John Daughtry - part of land deeded by Hardy Councill to Richard, Lucy, and William in 1730. (Ann did not appear to sign this. By law, she had three months to sign this deed.) James Bryant has a life-time interest in this land; purchaser of the land is J. Councill.
(James Councill married Elizabeth Bryant) Byrant land adjoins IOW Wooten(s) land. William has one son, James. This is a new Wooten name.

8. 1749 - William is in Northampton Co., NC. (He witnessed the will of George Norwood on April 4, 1749. Also, witnessed a deed from William Norwood to Philemon Bradford on June 22, 1749.)

9. [p. 3.] 1755 - William resides in Johnston Co., NC - maybe living with his brother, James, on Buffalow River land grant.

10. Jan. 26, 1755 - deed - Northampton Co., NC. William's occupation is given as "cordwainer." [From previous discussions, you will recall that this involved working with leather goods.]

11. Mar. 16, 1755 - William sold 300 acres (land grant) to James Turner. This was recorded May Term 1755. This is one day after council granted the land.

12. Mar. 29, 1756- purchased land in Bertie Co., NC from Smithwick Warburton; 100 acres in Buckerlburg. William's occupation is given as "taylor."

13. June 6, 1756 - William purchased 188 acres in Edgecombe Co., NC from Cornelius Autrey for 30 pds. VA money. His occupation is listed as "hatter."
William was also farming at this time. Sold his Northampton lands (300 acres) to James Turner. He now has two sons, Amos (b. bef. 1755...1745-1755) and James (b. 1750-1755); sons, Joel and Joshua were born after 1756; son, William was born bef. 1760 and died April 1778 at Valley Forge while in Second NC Continental Regiment; daughter, Faitha married ___ Taylor.

* 1756 - William's brother John is still living in or near William's household. On July 10, 1757, his brother, John is believed to still be living with or near William.

14. Aug. 1756 - William is living on Autrey's Creek (Otter Creek).

15. 1757-1762 - son Joel was born in NC.

16. bef. 1760 - son William was born in NC.

16. 1758 - Halifax Co. was formed from northern Edgecombe Co., NC.

17. Aug. 6, 1761 - William's brother, John received a land grant of 700 acres about 1 mile from William's land.

18. Mar. 10, 1764 - deed from Jonas Spell to William Wooten for 513 acres on south side of Tar River. William now has 701 acres in Autrey Creek area.

19. 1779 - William returned to VA to sell lands inherited from his nephew, Hardy Wooten. These seem to be 200 acres in IOW and 110 acres in Southampton Co., VA.

20. [p. 51] Dec. 28, 1779 - William was in Southampton Co. selling to John Pope the 110 acres Richard Wooten II bought from William Bath in 1769.

21. Dec. 30, 1779 - William is found in Isle of Wight Co. [IOW], VA. He was on the IOW side of Blackwater; selling to John Barnes the same 200 acres which Hodges Council had willed to his daughter, Lucy Council in 1699. He did not stay to acknowledge deeds in court; these were confirmed by witnesses on May 11, 1780 (Pope deed) and On Aug. 3, 1780 in IOW (Barnes deed).

22. William's two oldest sons own a total of 1,000 acres in NC. Joel and Joshua are living at home. William no longer seems to be acquiring land for himself.

23. Jan. 13, 1783 - William makes a gift deed to his son, Amos. Both are listed as "hatters." witness: Joel and James Wooten.

24. Aug. 2, 1784 - deed by Amos Wootten, hatter, to Faitha Taylor (widow), 250 acres. [This is probably his sister, who was born circa 1760.] This land was for her sons: Joseph and James Taylor. She later married Hardy Summerlin. (p. 23 - Questions whether or not Faitha is Amos' sister-in-law or his sister) [Any answers from our list members?]

25. Feb. 26, 1791 - William makes a gift deed to his son, Joshua.

26. Feb. 26, 1791 - William makes a gift deed to his son, Joel.

27. April 2, 1792 - William made his will.

28. May 30, 1792 - William's estate was inventoried.

[Note: In 1795, NC permitted daughters to equally inherit with sons. Does any one know how early this began?]

William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

Martha Wooten Solomon (View posts)
Posted: 929707200000
Classification: Biography
Surnames: Wooten
Source: William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter WARF Quarterly Vol. II, No. 2, June 1981
By Richard C. Wooton:

1743-44 William sold Isle of Wight land.
1743 Received 300 acre land grant in Northampton Co., NC
1750 Moved to Johnston Co., NC
1756 Moved to Edgecombe Co., NC….purchased land near border of the future Pitt Co.
1779 His older brother, Richard died. Richard's only son, Hardy, had also died without descendants.

William inherited Hardy's land, which he sold.

In 1743-44 William's wife in records has been indicated as Ann. Ann could have been the daughter of James Bryant. [Their descendants continue to be named Bryant in GA. mws]

Records indicate that Ann died, but later references show his wife to be living and to be named Ann. William possibly had two wives named Ann.

Proven children of William; based on facts from his will :
1. Amos
2. Joel
3. Joshua
4. James…..not to be confused with other James Woottens living in SC during this time.

John Jackson Wooten

Cherryl Wooten Puente (View posts)
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Classification: Biography
Surnames: Wooten, Roberts, Waldrop, Waldrup
I am looking for John Jackson Wooten. His son George Henry Wooten from Buncombe County was my grandfather. John Jackson married twice 1st to Martha Jane Roberts and 2nd wife name unknown. I believe he lived in the Flat Creek or Reems Creek area. I know that there was a street name after Johns father called Wooten Cove Road. Not sure exactly where in North Carolina it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John S. Wooten

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Classification: Biography
Edited: 993249936000
Surnames: Wooten
Need information on:
John S. Wooten b 1815 in Ky
wife Caroline b 1824 Mis
Francis b 1841 in La
Laura A. b 1845
John S., Jr. b 1848
William L. b 1848
any connections?

Re: William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wooton/Wooten
To Whom It May Concern,
I am Hazel Annette (Ann)Wooton Runnels, b. 11-24-60 Dallas,TX., dau of Tommy George and Hazel Marie Stubbs. Tommy is son of Thomas Britton (Britt) Wooton and Alice George Jordan. I am just now reading through the message board and am noticing there is a "now defunct" Wooton and Related Famalies Journal. Would you know how I might find a way to obtain info on this Journal?
Thank you for your assistance.
Ann Wooton Runnels

Re: William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

Forrest Hale (View posts)
Posted: 1026239795000
Classification: Query
Ann - I think you are referring to the Wooten and Related Families Association (WARFA) quarterlies. The association published quarterlies from March 1981 through Nov 1989. Richard C. Wooton was the genealogist, author and publisher. Also, he published nine Special Studies on the Wootens. His work was outstanding. Unfortunately, I was not a member of the assn and searched for copies for several years.I found that after Richard's death on about 1990, his heirs donated his works to East Carolina University and the works are not for loan. I am not even sure East Carolina has all the Special Studies because the papers were not organized very well at the University Library.
The quarterlies comprise about 3,000 pages and the Special Studies from 200 to 300 pages each so it is a huge copying or scanning job.I obtained copies of several of the publications but the qualtity is so poor that they will not computer scan well.
I think your best bet is to ask specific questions on people asking if they are shown in any of the WARFA publications. Maybe some of the old association members still have their copies or a few of them.
Good Luck!!
Forrest Hale

Re: William Wootten, the Elder of Edgecombe, Hatter

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1042986134000
Thank you for your response to my querry to the WARFA. I will take your advise and continue to querry others. In reading through the message board (some 700+) I was amazed at all of the similarities (i.e., reoccuring names, etc.).
Will continue to do my research!
Thank you!
Ann Wooton Runnels
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