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Hughes in Texas

Hughes in Texas

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I have not been able to find anything on my husband's family of Hughes. Does anyone have any connections to any of these people? Please e-mail me

Descendants of J. B. Hughes

Generation No. 1

1. J. B.1 HUGHES was born 1848, and died 1942. He married ADELINE UNKNOWN. She was born 1849, and died 1925.

2. i. GUS FRANKLIN2 HUGHES, b. August 01, 1883; d. December 31, 1919.

Generation No. 2

2. GUS FRANKLIN2 HUGHES (J. B.1) was born August 01, 1883, and died December 31, 1919. He married MARY JANE HUGHES 1902 in Gordonville, Texas, daughter of JOHN HUGHES and UNKNOWN. She was born September 28, 1880, and died March 04, 1972.

Marriage: 1902, Gordonville, Texas

Children of GUS HUGHES and MARY HUGHES are:
3. i. JOHN LEONARD3 HUGHES, b. September 22, 1916; d. February 12, 1977.
ii. RAY ALPHONSO HUGHES, b. December 01, 1903; d. August 26, 1949.
iv. AMANDA VIRGINIA HUGHES, b. December 13, 1910; d. June 15, 2001; m. ROSS GRAVES, 1930.

Marriage: 1930

vi. EUGENE ROBERT HUGHES, b. March 18, 1914; d. July 22, 1986.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN LEONARD3 HUGHES (GUS FRANKLIN2, J. B.1) was born September 22, 1916, and died February 12, 1977. He married DOVIE LUCILLE BURNS September 09, 1938, daughter of JOE BURNS and MINNIE JOBE. She was born December 23, 1918, and died September 16, 2000 in Whitesboro, Grayson Co. Texas.

Marriage: September 09, 1938

Re: Hughes in Texas - Grayson County

Paula (View posts)
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Gordonville, Texas is in Grayson County. The Hughes family is enumerated i the 1900 Grayson county census. The 1900 record provides month/year of birth, how many years married, how many children born and living of the marriage in addition to where they were born and where the parents of each person were born. Accuracy not guaranteed.

The census records are a paid subscription on or most major libraries carry the microfilm.

If you have not ordered death certificates they provide parents names or are supposed to.

I am not related. Happy Hunting to you! - Paula

19 June 1880 - Stilsboro, Bartow, Georgia
Family History Library Film 1254134
NA Film Number T9-0134 Page Number 453B
Jno. HUGHES Self 26 SC Farmer SC SC
Adaline HUGHES Wife 29 SC Keeps House SC SC
Dora HUGHES Dau 3 GA
Charles HUGHES Son 1 GA
Ella HUGHES Dau 4 Mos GA
John COX FatherL Widower 73 SC VA VA

16 June 1880 - Precinct 2, Fannin, Texas
Family History Library Film 1255302
NA Film Number T9-1302 Page Number 353A
Jno. J. HUGHS Self 32 TN Farmer NC SC
Amanda HUGHS Wife 35 TN TN TN
Lottie W. HUGHS Dau 12 TN ...probably was Charlotte; Lottie nickname
Allen B. HUGHS Son 10 TN
Pleasant HUGHS Son 5 TN
Frank I. HUGHS Son 3 TX

According to Amanda and Adeline all of their children were living in 1900.

I found a Dora Franklin in Pct 7, Grayson Co TX in 1900, born in GA appx 1878.
June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas; Roll: T623 1640; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 114.
J B Hughes, 12/1848, age 51, married 24 yrs, born in SC, parents SC, owned farm property free of mortgage.
Adaline Hughes, 7/1845, 54, 6 children born, all living, born SC, parents SC
Charley, son, 10/1881, 21, born GA
Ella, dtr, born 1/1882, 18, born GA
Gus, son, born 4/1883, 17, born GA
Walter, son, born 4/1885, 15, born GA
Frank, son, born 1/1890, 10, born in TX
...all could read and write.

12 June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas; Roll: T623 1640; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 115.
John J Hughes, 12/1848, age 51, married 33 yrs, born NC, parents TN, rented farm property
Amanda Hughes, 6/1845, 54, 7 children born, all living, TN TN TN
Mary J, dtr, 9/1880, 20, TX
Willie B, son, 7/1883, 16, TX
Jackson T, son, 8/1885, 14, TX
...all could read/write. to John J and Amanda
Frank Hughes, 11/1877, TX, married 0 yrs
Maude, wife, 4/1882
Charles, brother, 10/1878, TX, single

7 June1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas; Roll: T623 1640; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 114.
A B Hughes, 11/1870, 29, married 3 yrs, TN TN TN
Clara, wife, 9/1873, 26, 3 children / 2living, TX VA VA
Joe, son, 10/1895
Lillian, dtr, 2/1899
Sallie Buns?, mother in law, 7/1845, widow, VA VA VA
Charley Buns, bro in law, 5/1882, MO VA VA
Mary Buns, sister in law, 4/1884, MO VA VA


26 Apr 1910: 7 J-Pct, Grayson, Texas, Whitesboro and Willis Ferry Rd
Roll: 1556 Page: 265B
John Hughes, age 62, married 32 yrs
Adaline, age 61, 6 children born, all living
Frank, 19

26 Apr 1910: 7 J-Pct, Grayson, Texas, Whitesboro and Willis Ferry Rd
Roll: 1556 Page: 265A
Guss F Hughes, 26, married 9 yrs, GA SC SC
Mary Hughes, 29, 3 children born, all living, TX TN TN
Alfonso, 6
Oliver, 4
Earl, 2

1910: 7 J-Pct, Grayson, Texas, Willis Ferry/Whitesboro Rd and Gordonville & Willis Ferry Rd - Roll: 1556 Page: 273A
Charles T Hughes, 30, married 3 yrs, GA
Mabel T, 24, TX
Ruby M, 2

1910: 7 J-Pct, Grayson, Texas, Willis Ferry/Whitesboro Rd
Roll: 1556 Page: 264B
Walter S Hughes, 24, married 4 yrs, GA
Callie, 22, TX, 3 children born, 2 living
Jewel E, 2
Ester, 3 mos
1910: 6 J-Pct, Wilbarger, Texas
Series: T624 Roll: 1597 Page: 209A
John J Hughes, 62, widower, TN NC SC
William, son, 26, single, TX

1910: 6 J-Pct, Wilbarger, Texas
Series: T624 Roll: 1597 Page: 196A
Allen B Hughes, 39, married 16 yrs, TN TN TN
Clara, 7 children born, 4 living, TX VA MO
Jodie, son, 15
Lillian, 11
Beatrice, 8
Newman, 6

Unable to find Mary J's remaining brothers; not in Grayson and not in Wilbarger counties in 1910.
9 Feb 1920: Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas
Roll: T625_1809 Page: 13A ED: 115
J B Hughes, 74
Adelin, 68
Frank, 28

C T or C F Hughes, 40
M B, wife, 33
Ruby, 12

W S Hughes, 34
Callie, 31
Jewell, 12
Mary Ester, 10
Sylvia, 8
Ben, 6
Opal, 4
Ray and Fay, twins, less than 1 yr, can't tell how many months old.

Mary J Hughes and children are not found in 1920 record. Did she remarry before 1930 ?

John J Hughes not found in 1920 record.

5 Jan 1920: Precinct 6, Wilbarger, Texas
Roll: T625_1855 Page: 2A ED:141
Allan B Hughes, 49
Clara S, 46
Lillian M, 20
Beatrice A, 18
Newman K, 15
Wallace E, 6

Jodie J Hughes, 25
Ethel A, 25
Teman O or Leman O, son, 2

William B Hughes not found in Wilbarger county in 1920.
11 Apr 1930; Census Place: Precinct 7, Grayson, Texas; Roll: 2338; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 57; Image:
Mollie Hughes, age 49, widow, TX TN TN
Oliver, 24, TX GA TX
Earl, 21, TX GA TX
Virginia, 19, TX GA TX
Eugene, 16, TX GA TX
John, 13, TX GA TX

Alphonso Hughes, 25, married at age 19, TX GA TN
Lorene, wife, 23, TX TN TX
Royce, son, 1 yr 8 mos

Well it appears they never left the community of Gordonville after Gus died.

John D Cox, 56, GA GA GA
Ella, wife, 48, married at 24
John B Hughes, fthr in law, 82, widower
Fred [Frank] Hughes, bro in law, 38, single

The 1920 record shows that John and Ella Cox had one son, Henry C Cox, born appx 1903. He is not listed in the Grayson census for 1930 and there are 5 that are in the 1930 record in Texas. Two show middle initial of C; one in Lubbock county and one in Kent county.

1930; Census Place: Precinct 2, Swisher, Texas; Roll: 2387; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 575.0.
Charlie T Hughes, 50
Mabel S, 44

Walter S Hughes, 44
Callie V, 42
Jewell, 22
Ben, 16
Opal, 14
Ray and Fay, 10
W S Jr., 6
Lendal, dtr, 4 yr 7 mos
John W Carter, fthr in law, 84

Dan M Hall, 25, TX
Sylvia Irene Hughes Hall, wife, 17, married at 17

1930; Census Place: Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas; Roll: 2410; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 807.0.
Allen B Hughes, 59, owned home on Pecan St, Baptist clergyman
Clara, 56
Beatrice, 28
Eldon, 16 [Wallace E]

Newman K Hughes, 26, married at age 22, window trimmer @ dry goods store, owned home on Roberts Street in Vernon
Mary E, wife, 26, AL, parents AL
Kenneth E, 1 yr 6 mos

1930; Census Place: Precinct 2, Hale, Texas; Roll: 2339; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 8; Image: 914.0.
Jodie J Hughes, 35, farming
Ethel A, 36
Teman, 12
Loraine, 8
Neva M, 5

1930; Census Place: Precinct 6, Grayson, Texas; Roll: 2337; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 54; Image: 1112.0.
Ples W Hughes, 55, married at age 25, TN TN TN
Effie Lee, wife, 54, TX TX TX
Clara Cecil, dtr, 23, TX

Pleasant W Hughes was in Pct 6 in 1920 listed as P W. I did not find him for 1910 and 1900. He and Effie had three other known dtrs; Lena Bell, born appx 1901; Rose Lee born appx 1902 and Lydia Martha born appx 1909. All born in Texas.

Now that you have this information you can use ROOTSWEB to find transcribed records for these HUGHES. Most counties have birth indexes starting in 1926 which include the parents names through the 1949 records.

Depending on the county you will find cemetery records, marriages, etc. Fannin and Grayson counties have pretty good websites. Grayson county has lots of cemetery records.

Hughes, Elwyn Kent born 12-15-1928, Wilbarger Co
Parents: Mary Victoria Dockery - Newman C. Hughes

Birth Date: 12 Apr 1904
Death Date: Jul 1983
Vernon, Wilbarger, TX

Hall, Billie Jean female 3-3-1931, Swisher Co
Parents: Sylvia Irene Hughes - Dan M. Hall

Beass, "male" 4-27-1926, Grayson
Lena Hughes - Sam Beass

Someone did not do a very good job of transcribing the above birth record.

1930 census has Lena REAST, age 29; husband Sam, age 34, born in Texas; son Gordon, age 12 and son Herbert 3 yr 11 mos. It could be REESE also. Lena married Sam when she was 20.

Walter S Hughes
10 Apr 1886 - 27 Feb 1958
Buried at Plainview Cemetery in Hale County

Hughes, Jodie Johnson
Birth Date 15 Oct 1894
Death Date 12 Feb 1966
Cemetery Plainview Memorial Park

Re: Hughes in Texas - Grayson County

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PAULA. IM DOING RESEARCH on Hughes in Grayson county also
You will love this:
Jerimiah Stokes 1736 1824. Married Elizabeth (no kin)b1738
They had Child Tersa b1768 who married Elisha Green 1759
d1849. Teresa and Elisha had child Elizabeth b1784D1849
Elizabeth married William Hughs D1824 who had child Green
b1808 who married Eliza Hughs d1851. Green and eliza had
John B. Hughes who married Adaline cox and came to Grayson
co texas in 1884. The Stokes and green's were founding
fathers of Greenville Sc. you have rest in reply 1.
I'm trying to find William Hughes father and mother etc
I have other info if you emil me wendellhughes
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