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How to generate a list of surnames SOLVED

How to generate a list of surnames SOLVED

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I am making a webpaage and need a list of surnames. I need one group for my paternal side, one for my maternal, and the same for my wife.

I have the master genealogist and FMT and obviously, surely there must be a way to input an indivual and have the surnames of his or her ancestors generated in some program, but I cant find it. Ive researched online and through the manual but cant find anything like it.

I need them so that I can copy and paste them in alphabetical order in a group to a webpage, then go through them and link them to family pages.

I have probably a hundred so it will be a work in progress but i need to get started
any ideas?

Re: How to generate a list of surnames

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Easy enough to do in TMG if you just want the direct ancestors. From Reports chose List of People and add a new filter for Is an Ancestor of. This will only give you DIRECT ancestors. I suspect that you might want a list of ALL relatives of each of the four principles. In that case you would need to set up a new FLAG, called for example Relative to and assign numbers 1-4 for each of the principles. IF you then setup the Add a Person screen to include this FLAG so that you can maintain consistency into the future. Now run the List of People Report with a filter of Relative to= 1 then 2 ........
Entering a hundred or so new flags will take a little time, it CAN be done automatically though this takes more juggling with variables to make it worthwhile. In fact ‘playing’ with a population of a hundred or so is a good way to make sure that your TMG setup, preferences and filters are giving you the best out of the program.
Regards Rob

Re: How to generate a list of surnames SOLVED

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Surnames: S a
Rob I applied your tmg advice to ftm. Went to reports, surname

Totally intuitive, it took three mouse clicks total

No probs

Thanks for your reply rob

I meant to type ftm not ftm above.

Although I've used the master genealogist for ten years
I've been using family tree maker 2012 exclusively for the last year.

I just had to click "ignore" through several dozen error messages while it was importing my gedcom (mostly "end of file" messages which could not be found with google)

It's frozen as I write.

since no one has asked before here (from the forum search engine-

Is there a way to do the above with ftm?
I would be happy with just direct surnames at this point

Ok after 30 min it imported the gedcom
I went to reports-list of people
Selected a subject
Clicked the radio button for filtered group
Typed "is an ancestor of"

Save filter as ancestor surname
First drops own field - sortsurname

Then I lost it
I couldn't follow your directions further

I don't understand filters
THat and he constant crashes are why I went back to ftm after ten years

Thanks though
Can you please clarify the steps or jus point me towards another program

Is there freeware or trial ware that will do this?

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