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~Denton Family information~

~Denton Family information~

Darlene Brooks (View posts)
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Surnames: Denton
I have some information that came from the book "Concerning The Life And Services Of David Denton" A Sketch By John G. Harrison, The J. W. Burke Company Macon, Ga, 1926. It list the Rev. Richard Denton. I dont know if this is the same Richard Denton.

Rev. Richard Denton's three sons, Nathaniel, Samuel, and Daniel, settled on western long Island and fathered families in Hempstead and Jamaica. In aggregate they produced 18 or 20 children, the third generation of Dentons in America.................

Some more infor from these pages in this book.

Abraham (3) Denton (Samuel (2), Rev, Richard (1)), was born say 1675 in Helpstead, Long Island, the fifth child and third son of his parents. He is first mentioned in the 1698 Hempstead census, unmarried and living at home..................

this is a lot of info in these pages. I managed to copy them, but if you need information from them I can look into it for you. Probably about 75-100 pages.

Along with these sheets that were copied from this book had (7) handwritten written pages that I also copies on the Descendants of Rev. Richard Denton. How true any of this information is I do not know. I am just posting it.

It starts out like this:

Rev. Richard Denton was born about 1603 in Yorkshire, England. He graduated from Cambridge University, England, with an A. B. Degree. He came to the United States on the ship, James, about 1630. He seems to have preached first in Watertown, Mass. about 1635, then to Wethersfield, Conn. at the early settlement of that town, thence to Stamford, Conn, in 1641. Later he moved to Long Island and is referrd to as the first minister at Hempstead, Long Island, New York. He is stated to have for a time preached to the English soldiers at the Fort in New Amsterdam probably at about the time of the Indian troubles in 1643-45. In 1658, he was engaged to act as minister at Hemstead, the first Presbyterian church in America. This notice appears on the town records. He returned to England in 1659 and died in Hempstead, Essex in 1663. Many of the early church history books refer to Rev. Richard Denton and Cotton Mother mentions him in his writings. The children of Rev. Denton were probably by two wives.
His children were:
1. John Denton born 1618
2. Daniel Denton
3. Timothy Denton born c. 1627
4. Nathaniel Denton b. c. 1628
5. Richard Denton
6. Samuel Denton b. 1632-34

Samuel Denton married Mary Smith, daughter of John Rock Smith, in Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y. in 1661. Samuel died in 1713. Their childen were:
1. Jonas Denton b. 1658 m. Hannah
2. Samuel Denton b. 1660 m. Abigail Graves
3. Mary Ellison Denton b. 1662 m. Peter Smith
4. Jane Denton b. 1664 m. Joseph Robinson
5. Elizabeth b. 1666 m. Jonathan Deoman
6. Abraham b. 1668
7. James D. b. 1670 m. Jane Titus
8. Hannah b. 1672 m. Thomas Treadwell
9. Phebe b. 1674 m. Richard Thorn
10. Martha b. 1676 m. Ezekiel Smith

Jonas Denton owned 404 acres of land in Hempstead, New York and sold it in 1735 to Peter Smith.
His children were:
1. James Denton
2. John Denton
3. Samuel Denton
4. Robert Denton

Robert Denton married Jane ? and migrated to Hardy Co. West Virginia. Their children are named in each of their wills. Jane's will was probated in 1787. Robert died about 1778. Their children were:
1. Jacob Denton
2. Thomas Denton
3. John Denton
4. Sarah Denton
5. Margaret Denton
6. Elizabeth Denton

Thomas and Jacob moved to Jefferson County, Tenn. According to the book, Virginia Surveys and Grants, Thomas recived 4 acres in Jefferson County, Tenn, in the years 1779-1784. Thomas's will dated May 1, 1807 named his children. No wife was mentioned.

Thomas's children were:
1. George Denton
2. Joel Denton
3. William Denton
4. Cornelius Denton
5. David Denton
6. Jane Denton

David Denton b. 1778 i Virginia and his wife, Elizabeth Gevin? b. 1787 came to Harrison County, Indianna about 1818. The 1820 census lists him in Harrison County. Their children:
1. Allen Denton b. 1804
2. Jane Denton b. 18?
3. Isom Denton b. 1808
4. George Denton b. 1810
5. William Denton b. 1815
6. David Denton b. 1817
7. Thomas Denton b. 1820
8. Rebecca Denton b. 1827
9. John Denton b. 1830

and these pages continues on with the rest of the children and their family....

There are three more pages to go I already typed the first four so if you want more I can finish it later. I just hate to type it all up and no one wants the rest. These pages does not state who the writer was of these handwritten pages.

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> I am David Miller. I married Sandra Lee Jackson. She is the daughter of
> Bertice Marie Bilbrey and William Hobart Jackson. He is the son of Carrie Ramey
> and Robert Hays Jackson. He is the Henry Jackson and Mary Magdalene Denton. She
> is the daughter of Abraham Denton. He is the son of William Denton. He is
> the son of James Denton. He is the son of Abraham Denton II. He is the son of
> Abraham Denton I. He is the son of Samuel Denton. He is the son of Rev.
> Richard Denton.
> Dave
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Re: ~Denton Family information~

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Please do! There are a lot of folks out here that would love to read this information. I am researching the Dentons, Gwins, and Walkers in Tennessee and Indiana. This would be very helpful to me!


Mike in SC

Re: ~Denton Family information~

Darlene Brooks (View posts)
Posted: 1163123425000
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Surnames: Denton
Mike, Please email me at I will talk with you more about the Denton Family. Thanks, Darlene Brooks

Re: ~Denton Family information~

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This is an interesting find.... because what it tells me, (if it's accurate that is - don't know who penned the handwritten pages or when??), is that Jonas Denton did in fact have a son Robert Denton, who married Jane (MOON)... who had Thomas (Elizabeth CLAYPOOL), who had David (Elizabeth GWIN), who had David (Eliza BOLT), who had John M. (Mary SPRAY), who had Earl (Leora HOWE), who had John (Eva WANN), who had Janna (J.M. CAPUANO), who had ~* ME *~ Joni!

This would tie in the family tree that I have been able to "prove" up to so far (happened to end at Robert and Jane MOON), which would then make me, and a great many others out there, "legitimate" descendants of Rev. Richard Denton, and not "assumed" or proposed, regardless of geogrpahical hurdles and documented locations, etc. :)

Might even squash the old debate about it all, who knows?

Darlene, how accurate do you think the source is?

Are the handwritten pages separately in the book (loose) or are they bound into the book?

Re: ~Denton Family information~

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P.S. I would love a scanned copy or transcribed copy of the rest of the handwritten pages if available??
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