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Meredith's; Sligo

Meredith's; Sligo

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I'm looking to connect with those who know their family is from Sligo, Ireland. I personally do not know too much information of my side of the Merediths, but I do know they left Sligo in the late 1800s and went to Canada. Where they later married into Johnsons.

Our family today is in NY and NJ and are still keeping with our Irish traditions.We have traveled to Ireland twice, remaining there three weeks at a time trying to dig up information.We have found gravestones with Meredith across them. Also making trips to Coney Island. We made many trips to the Churches to see if they could find records but no help.
I would love to see if anyone else can trace their family to the Merediths in Sligo. I will be getting more information from my grandmother, and hopefully there will be connections made!

Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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no Meredith's but....from the Easkey area - Cogans, Fenaghty, Boland and Feely...

Where about in Sligo? I found my G Grandfather's birth reg and a GGGrandmother's death. Making plans to go in 2013 ...


Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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There are some good websites for Sligo, see a posting recommending some websites there. They come after yours.

Look to the census for the names you have and find where in Sligo they lived in 1901/1911

I have a CD set that I bought from the latter day saints, its no longer available and now the website replaces it.

The CD sticks and freezes my computer and some letters no longer work the "C" in particular and I'm sure that is why it is no longer available:

I have Boland birth records for Sligo from 1815 up to 1875
so if you have some names I will give it a try.

The Fenaghty records are from 1866-1873. Feely just a few from 1815-1852, jumps to 1865-1875.

Also have Church of Ireland marriages 1845-1862.

Easky back in the year of Griffith Valuation 1858:

Easky was a Village and a Parish as well as a townland in the Union of Dromore West (within 12 miles of named town)

Feeny 244 in Sligo, Easky 15
Fenaghty 10 in Sligo, Easky 7
Boland 75 in Sligo, Easky 9
Feely 23 in Sligo, 0 in Easky
Cogans 20 in Sligo 0 in Easy

The last two could easily be in other parishes within the Union of Dromore West. is a good source of Griffith Valuations with details such as landlord, size of land and what is on it, what Poor Law Union it belongs to and you can
see the neighbours.

National Library, Dublin the website will give you what processes you need to go through to see the RC microfilm for a particular parish. You can also see a genealogist to tell you what to look for. Dates and hours on the website and what times it is open, some evenings late but depending on what you are looking for eg: Estate records are in manuscripts and these are keep in storage and often have to be ordered up individually and returned before closing time.
It takes much longer than you will think. Certainly not a job for a couple of hours, set aside a full day at least, two if possible.

Make sure you have a digital camera. If RC and want to see
the Parish Priest make sure you make an appointment ahead of times, churches are not left unlocked any more and many of them have several parishes to cover. Worst case scenario
is no access but if you prepare them for your visit you will be better off. You need to remember they probably get thousands of visitors a year taking up their time so they aren't always happy campers.

If you contact local residents that have the same name as you are looking for they might ease the way. You can do this before you go by writing letters to residents in the area or taking their phone numbers with you.

A digital camera is important for gravestone photo's, a cloudy day will get you better pictures. Some inscriptions are in really bad shape so take along some white tissue paper and a black wax crayon to take a rubbing.

I've visited Sligo unless passing through on a tour but I understand they have some great Standing Stones such as the Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetary.

Just outside Dublin is Newgrange or Bru' na Boinne'. A fantastic stoneage passage tomb older than Stonehenge and the pyramids at Giza. I just took the bus from the Tourism Office in Dublin or you can take a car and the staff then take you by their bus to the site. A fantastic sight to see.

Take the Black Cab tours in Belfast to see the murals. Well worth a visit.

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You should start your own Subject with your own names.

Roscommon and parts of Sligo are the only two counties to have parish information so early most civil registrations don't start till 1864 and only pay-websites have the parish register material they have collected locally.

Eleonoram Boland married 5 March 1810 Patritium Conlan
Taunagh, Sligo #989737 NO PARENTS LISTED

Patrick Boland married Catherine Chambers (age 18) 18 Dec 1861 Kilmacallane, Sligo
Fa: Bartholomew Boland Fa: William Chambers #101331

Ellen Boland/Moore married 10 Mar 1861 Patrick McDonnell, Castleconnor, Sligo #101422

The numbers are the microfilm of the LDS which can be seen at your closest LDS Heritage Center.
Fa: Patrick McDonnell Fa: Henry Moore (step-dad?)


Bridget Boland born 13 March 1872, Skreen Sligo
Fa: James Boland Mo: Bridget Coggans

This the only Boland/Coggans and I didn't see any of the other names either but will look through the others later.

There is 19 Feely in the Sligo, on line telephone book
0 Fenaghty's, 8 Cogans, many Boland's the one I thought there would be the least of and there are 5 from Dromore West on the first page.



Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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I have marriages for Meredith's to Johnston (1851) Calry; Middleton (1851) Killmacallen; Robinson (1859)St. John's; McPadden (1862) Calry; Glansy (1871) Taunagh.

I can't look up births as the CD I use the M doesn't work.

If you are interested in the details you can contact me.

I don't see any Meredith in the on line telephone book for
Sligo. The phone book adds last and first names that start with M as well, so you really need to go through about 8 pages of material. I went through 3 and found no Meredith's.
I once knew an older woman from Ireland that was called Meredith, I'm not sure what is left of her family here in Canada. I haven't thought of her in quite awhile.

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Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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Surnames: Meredith
Imagine my surprise when I found this email.

I just finished writing a book about the Sligo Meredith family.

It contains a wealth of information with regard to the Meredith family from county Sligo, including DNA evidence connecting four branches from Canada, Chicago, Wisconsin and Australia and well as documenting the families migration around the world and their lives.

I should have them back from the printer this week.

It contains roughly (don't quote me) 1800 +- members of the family and associated families and includes 70+ pictures, illustrations and charts and maps etc.

Fully referenced and approx 5 years of solid work and many trips home.

I can be contacted at mfaul @

From The West - The Merediths of County Sligo, Ireland
by Michael Faul
Hardcover, 322 pages 10.75 x 8.25
ISBN 978-0-615-54531-8
$80.00 USD

Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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There are no living descendents of the Meredith family in County Sligo.
If there are any, they are probably from the Eastern Irelan branch from LOuth/Laois area.


> I don't see any Meredith in the on line telephone book for
> Sligo. The phone book adds last and first names that start > with M as well, so you really need to go through about 8 > pages of material. I went through 3 and found no Meredith's.

Re: Meredith's; Sligo

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Sad to see the end of a family name. I knew a Mrs. Meredith once from Ireland but she was quite old 40 years ago. Lovely lady. Annette

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I do have some information on the Meredith Family of Sligo Ireland. My family line is from Henry Meredith born 1783 - 1868 and his wife Elizabeth Jane Wilson 1807 - 1886.

Their son Thomas married Mary Jane Johnston on Dec 6 1877 in Pakenham Ontario and they had 8 daughters if this is your line of the family I do have some info on them.

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