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Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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Surnames: Dade, Deed, Deds
I understand from other researchers that in the 1700s a number of Dades from Norfolk have their children recorded as Deed, and that these Deeds are though to make up the ancestors of a large portion of Deeds today.

I have become stuck with an ancestor in Essex, the father of John Deed b 1796 who was probably called John Deed and seems to have moved into the area (Burnham-on-crouch).

I would like to know if anyone has any additional information on the Deed sons of Dade and where they went, i know at least two seem to have moved South to the Essex area, but i cannot find any ties with them.

ANY help would be appreciated no matter how tenuous!

My tree is publicly available, but does not contain all the info i have on the possible links with Dade, which has come for the most part, from other researchers if anyone is interested in this then i am happy to discuss.

Re: Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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Hello Ben. I am a Deed too, although married now. The Dade name - if you search for William Thomas Deed, you should find the family tree belonging to Martin Reeves (mreeves), whose mum was a Deed. If you click back through four fathers (two Williams and a John), you'll find a William Dade, b. 1749 in Hawkedon, a village near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Scarily, my family moved back to Suffolk in 1973 from south Essex.

If you say 'Dade' in a Suffolk accent, it sounds like 'Deed'.

My brother - a John Deed - lives near Cambridge.

Kind regards

Jill Carter

Re: Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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Surnames: Deed, Dade, Ded, Deds
Hi Jill, Thanks for the reply, it's always nice to hear of other Deeds out there!

I have been in touch with Martin in the past and he has help a lot with the Dade/Deed connection, problem is i can't seem to establish a connection from my Deed line with any of the other Deeds in the area, though i am near certain there must be one, it is too much of a coincidence otherwise!

I am sure there is some key piece of information i am missing but i just can't find anything.

Re: Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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The William Deed/Dade born 1749 in Hawkedon is of interest to me. Do you have any details of his wife & children and also when - where he died. I'm married into the Deed family in Australia.

Re: Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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Surnames: Deed,Dade
Hi Richard,
Just come across your post (again?) I think I replied direct closer to the time but figured something public could be useful to others.
As I understand it Wm. Dade b. 1749 Hawkedon married Ann Pawsey. He was the son of Wm. Dade (b~1725) and Mary France. Who was son of Henry Dade 3rd son of Wm. Dade (b~1579) and Mary Wingfield of Tannington, Suffolk. From this point your week into pedigrees which appear to go back to the 1490's best of luck! There appears to be a missing generation or two in there and I've not really explored any of it myself.

Re: Norfolk Dade to Deed connection

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Surnames: Deed, Dade
Replying to self here.

A ySearch comparison suggests that there is no link between my Deed line and that descended from Francis Dade of Tannington.
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