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Does anyone have access to the 1836 Alsace CEnsus for Brumath, Schiltigheim and Truchtersheim?
I have found a website that shows that there are 4 entries for the name "Duscher" in that area.
Would apppreciate if someone with access could look up these entries.
Thanks in advance

Re: Duscher

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Yes, everyone has access to the 1836 census at least for Bas-Rhin villages. There are 87 pages for Brumath, so it is going to take some time to find what you are looking for, but it's there at:

good luck with your research.


Re: Duscher

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Robert-saw your posting a few mkinutes ago. did not email me when you replied in November, so I was unaware.
You list the web address for the 1836 census for Alsace---but when I click on it, I get a French website--which I am unable to read.
Do you have that link in English?

COuld you email it directly--since did not email me the last

Thanks for helping

Re: Duscher

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No. This is a website for the actual archives in France. Maybe find someone who knows French and can help. It is actually easily navigated if you read French!


Re: Bas-Rhin Archives website

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The amount of French I know could fit inside a thimble and still have room left over and yet I use the website all the time. Many of the words have similar English spellings and/or meanings. It also helps that you know in what context the words are used that is census, vital records and navigating the website. For instance "Retour" means return. "Imprimer" means print. For what you cannot figure out use a French/English dictionary. I have a hard-copy, but there are tons of websites and even Google will translate words. For that matter Google will translate any typed words on the page for you. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy.

If you're not sure what a link does try it and find out. The worst that can happen is you start over or have to go back.

Re: Duscher

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I tried your email address, but sorry, it didn´t work!
Use this address: http://é
Here you find all the records (which exist) from Brumath, Schiltigheim and Truchtersheim.
If you need help, you can write to this address:
Greetings from Germany!
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