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Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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From a new user - so if there is already a way to do these, please enlighten:

1) Let me see in my list of hints all hints, even if I have already merged them into my tree. I understand that if my tree were uploaded to the site (it is not) there is a way to view already accepted hints. I'd like to do that in FTM 2012 too.

2) In an source listing for an imported piece of information, name the merged trees something other than "Public Member Tree". If I have more than one listed as a source on the Person detail, I'd like to be able to see easily what the name of the Public Tree was (without having to open the source and go out to the web to view the name of the tree).

3) Allow an import of the source from a member's tree, and source it that way. For example, if a member has already found the 1850 census image and has used it as a source for a Name datum, let me click to see that source and merge it into my tree. As it stands, merging that data just lists the source as from a Public Member Tree; if I could examine their source within the FTM software, I could more quickly see if I wanted to use the data or not, and if so, bring in the compelling source of information.

4) Let me tag a tree to ignore, but I want to be sure I could go back and untag it if I want (or view the ones I've tagged as ignore.) As it is, if I click the "Ignore Record" symbol next to the Merge button, it's gone forever. Some day I might want to go back and look at that tree after all.

Thanks! Fantastic software and website...

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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One of the greatest improvements to FTM 2012, would be to rewrite it so it performed like a program from the 21st century rather than a DOS program from the 1980's.

I am in my late 60's. It takes so long to load that from the time I click the icon, it loads and becomes functional, I have sometimes forgotten why I was loading it.

Report generation times are so long that you can go off and have a cup of coffee before it is ready for viewing. One of the things that would help would to be to allowed the change of several parameters, and then be able to click regenerate it.

The functions work well and perform as you would like but it takes so long to do any thing.

If they do nothing else in FTM 2013, I hope they speed it up, speed it up, speed it up, speed it up, and speed it up.

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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I agree the load time is long. Don't really understand that. Maybe it's the size of the tree...mine's 6800 people. Would be smart to let me get started, then load memory in the background.

And you're also right. I moved from 2006, and I think the report function in 2012 is a definite step backward. I liked the all-in-one and it's gone totally. And I like very much the tree format on - could that same format be included in FTM? The hand drag is pretty standard, so it's always a pain to use the arrows or side sliders. And, like you said, changing one parameter (like the number of generations one at a time) and having to wait to re-gen the entire report is just silly.

Overall, though, I was really reluctant to change from 2006, but I'm glad I did. I haven't uploaded my tree yet, though, and don't think I will. A lot of people on here have a lot of problems and most revolve around syncing or talking to

Still, great program. Of course, I'm only late 50's, so I have 10 years longer than you to spend waiting on boot-up. :)

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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Just making a 64 bit version of FTM would include vast improvements in performance. This is long over due. This would allow the software to take advantage of some of the newest hardware available today.

Something I would personally like to see added is a colored pointer added for the spouse of the tree owner. Currently the HOME Person has a gold filled arrow along it's entire line. Adding another colored arrow for the spouse of teh home person would help focus attantion to specific lines.

Something I see I would like changed (easy one) When working on resolving place names and making a correction, the page location pionter is adjusted and moved to the bottom of that display pane. Keeping the pointer the same would mean I could address any issues on the next entry without having to scroll the screen up to see it.

Unexplainable issue: the place name for some German cities are duplicated and can't be merged together. An example: Bavaria, Bayern, Germany... no combination of "Replace with othe place name" will eliminate the duplicates? I currently have 5 locations with this single place name.

Just my observations I hope they will attempt to address in the next version
Jim Barringer

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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I've got places in Australia and England that won't merge also. Quite weird.

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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Edited: 1345956405000
I also had some place names that wouldn't merge, but I finally figured out a way that they would. Hopefully this will work for you too. Taking all of the duplicates of a place one by one (as a set),

1. Delete the Location field's data.
2. In the Name field, rename the place to RenameMe (or any other easy to find name).

Once you have that set of duplicates all renamed, there should only be one Place named RenameMe. If not, go ahead and merge them so there's only one place named RenameMe. Then change RenameMe in the Name field to the original place name.

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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"And, like you said, changing one parameter (like the number of generations one at a time) and having to wait to re-gen the entire report is just silly."

A little time can be saved on this [above] example:

After you have changed the generation by one let it start generating and then click cancel and change the next generation and again click cancel before it has a chance to run, etc, etc. If you wait a long time before clicking cancel it won't stop but will continue running and if you have a very large report that may take forever

The above is a very stupid workaround but it does work

The real solution is to change the software so that it doesn't start generating a report or graph until the user tells it to start generating. In other words let the user set all the parametes they desire and then when they are done/satisfied with the parameters they have set, then click on "generate "

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

Posted: 1346011358000
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Edited: 1346153614000
Djones said: " I liked the all-in-one and it's gone totally.

What about the Extended Family Chart? I don't recall the all-in-one in detail, but I understood the EFC was the replacement for the all-in-one....?

Djones also said:"

".... changing one parameter (like the number of generations one at a time) and having to wait to re-gen the entire report is just silly.

Hmmm, did you realize you can make the cursor active in a report calling for a number of generations and simply type in the number of generations you want, like change 1 to 99? You don't have to use those up and down arrows to change one generation at a time.

And... you can change the default for these type reports to be one generation. So, they'll always do one generation first, which is quick - then change to 5 or 10 or 99 as you please.

Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

Posted: 1346020864000
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I agree you can change the number of generations to anything you want but in the case of the Extended Family Chart the chart is regeneration after each change, not after you have changed both the number of ancestor and descendant generations. I agree with the statement that for charts and reports you should be able to change any and all parameters before the chart or report generated the first time. The defaults are seldom what I want.


Re: Suggested improvements for FTM 2012

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Third button from right in button bar.

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