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Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Surnames: Goff Huggins Williamson
Looking for information on Catherine (Kitsy)??/Goff/Huggins (b.1819 NC - d.1899 SC)?

Don't know maiden name, but she is confirmed mother of:

- Azariah Goff (b.1844 NC, Civil War Veteran
- Henry M. Goff (b. 1845 NC, Civil War Veteran)
- Alva G. Goff (b. 1852, NC)
- George B. Huggins (b. 1854, SC)

Her first two boys lived with James and Sarah Williamson per the 1850 SC census(maybe relatives?).

Then Catherine had a son Alva (b.1952). Recent DNA indicates his father was of Australian or Arabian descent and not African-American as originally suspected.

Next, Catherine married William Huggins and had a son, George B. Huggins, Jr. (b1854 SC); however, Azariah and Henry continued to live with James Williamson.

I have been researching this for a very-very long time and have hit a brick wall.

Any help you can provide would be welcome.

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Surnames: Goff

I administer the Goff/Gough Surname DNA Study. I'm very much interested in the Alva Goff descendant DNA results. May I see them to see if there's a match with any other Goff family in the Study? Thanks,

Phil Goff

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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According to South Carolina Death Records, Henry M. Goff (b. 1845 SC) dies in 1945. His father was James Williamson.
And if you look at the 1860 census James had Henry and Azariah with him and both children had his last name.


Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Weldon Blanton has published some of Celia Williamson Blanton Harrelson's letters from her husband David Joseph Blanton and other individuals. There is one from Azariah Goff and he calls her Sister in the letter. Perhaps the oldest two Goffs were adopted into the family?

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Note: I am informed that Alva's results are based on mitochondrial DNA (maternal) from Alva's grand-daughter. Not Y-DNA genetic testing. So they are essentially useless/inclusive for providing any information about the Goff line. (Of course that particular family now knows more about their maternal line!) :)

Does anyone know of any male Goff direct descendents that can be tested for the paternal side?


Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Yes, I'm trying to find a Goff male descendant volunteer. Nothing yet, but we could be getting close.

Thanks for the info about the letters!

Cynthia Blair

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Goff, Williamson, Huggins

I'm also trying to find information regarding Goff family. My ancestor is William W Goff, son of Henry M Goff.

On Henry M Goff's death certificate, it lists his father as Jim Williamson and mother as Catherine Goff (b. 1819). Does anyone know if Catherine's maiden name was Goff?

In the 1860 and see that the James Williamson is 66 y.o. I'm wondering if this is their grandfather instead of their father. I found another Jim Williamson born in 1824...

By the way, it might interest you to know that in the 1850 Census, "Osariah" & Henry "Gauf" are living with 7 members of the Williamson family. Then in the 1860 Census Wm Huggins and C. Huggins live with an "A Gough" and GB Huggins.

I'll be thrilled with any tiny bit of information!!

Thank you,

Aida Goff

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Surnames: Goff, Williamson, Huggins, Foxworth
In 1925, Henry M. Goff passes away and on his death certificate, his parents are recorded as Catherine Goff and Jim Williamson. You can also find him and Azariah listed not as Goff's but as Williamson's in the 1860 Census.

Azariah Goff (b. 1842-44?) is recorded as a Mulatto in the 1860 Census...although his name is recorded as A Gough. Then in 1880 he's recorded as White...but this time his name is spelled Isariah Goff. Seems that the Census Rep took liberties with the spellings. I've found Isariah Goff, A. Gough, Azuriah Goff, Azariah Williamson, Osariah Gauf.

In 1850, Catherine Goff/Foxworth has a baby girl named Hagar or Haggar in SC. This child is recorded as being a non-white in the 1870 Census. She passes away with the surname of Foxworth.

In 1852 Alva G. Goff is born and it seems that Alva has always been recorded as either Black or Mulatto, i.e. 1870, 1880, 1900 Census.

Catherine marries William Huggins around 1853 and gives birth to George B. Huggins.

Hope this helps you!

Aida Goff

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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Maybe Azariah and Celia were half-siblings, sharing the same father?

Re: Catherine "Kitsy" Goff and/or Huggins

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This is from the records of a relative that researches the Blantons and Williamson - part of a letter written in 1912 by one of James Williamson's grand-daughters to another of his granddaughters:

"Well cousin, you asked me how come Mr. Henry M. Goff is any relation to us? Well I don't know that he actually is, though he is said to be your father's (James Haynes Williamson) and my mother's (Celia Alice Williamson Blanton) half-brother. Ha! Ha! .... I have heard Mother say our Grandpa Williamson took him when he was a small child and raised him for as long as he (James Williamson) lived. There were 2 of the boys that were laid to Grandpa. The other one was named Azariah, and their mama's name was Goff. Mother taught us children to call them Uncle and I loved Uncle Henry as my uncle. He seems to think the world of me. ..... He always stood for the Williamson's side and they seem to think a lot of him. ...."

Azariah and Henry weren't his "legitimate" kids or the cousins wouldn't be telling each other so hush-hush about it. He was certainly never married to a Goff. So, what was his motive for raising them? It does seem like he thought they were his (back in the days before DNA testing).

I imagine if one could find a direct legitimate male Williamson descendent and a direct legitimate male Goff descendent and compared the y-dna for a family match we might could be a bit surer of the relationship.
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