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John Roberts: Orange/Culpeper VA 1747

John Roberts: Orange/Culpeper VA 1747

Rees Chapman (View posts)
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Surnames: Roberts, Chapman
I’m looking for a John Roberts of Orange/Culpeper county VA who signed the death inventory of my ancestor, Isaac Chapman in 1747. I’m curious about Mr. Roberts because I’m trying to locate the place in Orange county where the Chapman home stood. My assumption is that Mr. Roberts would have been a neighbor.

Perhaps, they lived in a part of Orange county that became Culpeper in 1749. But, perhaps, they may have lived in the part of Culpeper that became Rapahannock in 1833. I see where a John Roberts lived in Bromfiled Parish, which was part of Culpeper, soon to become Rappahannock.

Can anybody locate this Roberts?

I’ll be a very infrequent visitor to this page; please, if you have something to share, also cc: me at winwinsit at hotmail dot com

Rees Chapman

Mr. Chapman this is probably the John Roberts

Ed Roberts (View posts)
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you are seeking. He inherited land in 1724 from his father. I have walked upon that land and it is on Flat Run near its confluence wiht Mountain Run in eastern Culpepper County, VA. However, he apparently moved into the northern reaches of Culpepper County which thereafter became Bromfield Parish (Augusta and other counties). Due to the co signing with a Duncan, it is probaly that the land you speak of was near his Flat Run property in 1747.

Who else is listed in your ancestor's documents?

[2] JOHN ROBERTS II (John [1]), was born probably in Stafford County, Virginia, prior to 1703, as he had reached his majority when his father died in 1724. He was the eldest son, and died in Culpeper County. He evidently lived to be a very old man, as he could not have been under 90 when he was grantor of a deed in 1792, and he probably was still alive close to 1800 as the special agent of the United States investigating British mercantile claims states in his 1802 report that John Roberts was one of the oldest men in Culpeper County (see Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 7, No. 1, page 17).

John II inherited from his father, "all that tract of land laying upon the Flatt Run joyning to Hack Norman containing four hundred acres..." Was also named co-executor of his father's estate along with his brother-in-law, Francis Kirtley. (Will of John Roberts, Proved November 3, 1724).

He married first Elizabeth Russell, before 1730; second Mrs. Margaret Humphreys, in 1768 (see Marriage Contract). Elizabeth Russell was the sister of Colonel William Russell, Sheriff of Orange County, and daughter of Sarah Russell. She is mentioned in her mother's will, probated October 20, 1757, as follows: "I give to my three daughters, Sarah Reed, Elizabeth Roberts, and Mary Wright, wearing Apparel to be equally divided among them" (Culpeper Will Book A, page 165). Elizabeth died prior to 1768, as witness the marriage contract between her husband and Mrs. Margaret Humphreys.

In most of the following deeds, John gives his residence as Bromfield Parish, Culpeper County. Bromfield Parish included most of present Madison and Rappahannock Counties together with only a small part of Culpeper County of today, and it is probable that he lived in what is now Rappahannock County.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book A, pages 55-58
On June 12, 1726, while a resident of St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County, he was granted a patent of 400 acres on the lower side of Flat Run, which, on September 1, 1749, he sold to the Rev. John Thompson, minister of St. Mark's Parish.

Spotsylvania County, Virginia, Deed Book B, pages 54-55
On July 6, 1730, he and Francis KIRTLEY, his brother-in-law, leased out the land that John's father had given to Kirtley in 1722. Elizabeth (Russell) Roberts and Margaret (Roberts) Kirtley acknowledged their right of dower, etc. See Margaret (Roberts) Kirkley [5] for text.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Books A, pages 59-64
Northern Neck Grants G, page 69
On June 18, 1748, he was granted a patent for 589 acres of land in then Orange County in the little fork of Rappahannock River beginning on the north side of Little Battle Run, of which he sold 300 acres on July 11, 1749, to Richard Young, and the remaining 289 acres to James Slown on August 10, 1750.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book A, pages 413-15, E, pages 222-23
Orange County, Virginia Will Book I, page 172
On May 10, 1752, he purchased from his son, WILLIAM, for "Two young negro Men named Charles and Tom, and the sum of ten pounds Currant Money of Virginia" 400 acres in the little fork of Rappahannock and on Battle Run, which land William and his brother John (then deceased) had inherited from Malcolm McKenzie. On March 20, 1767, he deeded this land to his son BENJAMIN "for and in consideration of the natural love Good Will and Affection which I have and do bear towards my loving son".

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book B, pages 544-47; E, pages 7-10
Northern Neck Grants H, page 512; K, page 21
He received two other patents, one on October 27, 1754, for 510 acres on the Gourd Vine Fork, which he sold to Daniel and Alexander Campbell, November 2, 1765, and the other on October 22, 1757, for 500 acres, also on the Gourd Vine Fork, which he sold to Moses Coppidge, August 15, 1765.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book R, pages 104-6
This last recorded transaction occurred on September 17, 1792, when he sold 236 acres of land on the west side of Little Battle Mountain to James Duncan, Jr.


Articles of Agreement Mutually entered into between John Roberts of the Parish of Bromfield in the County of Culpeper and Colony of Virginia on the one part and Margaret Humphreys Widow of the same County and Colony Vizt that the said John Roberts for himself his heirs Executors Admors or any Person or Persons whatsoever Claiming or to Claim under him by Virtue of a marriage to be solomized between him the said John Roberts and the said Margaret Humphreys after signing & Sealing these presents Does hereby Relinquish quit and forever disclaim any Right or title to any part of the Estate Real or Personal that the said Margaret Humphreys is now Possessed of before Solemnizing to the intended Marriage and the said Margaret Humphreys for herself also and in behalf of her heirs Claiming or to Claim under her doth hereby Relinquish and forever quit all Right and title to any Part or Parts of the said John Roberts his Estate or personal nor shall she for herself her heirs claim and thing by Right of Dower Each of the parties Consenting and agreeing that no advantage whatsoever is to be taken each of the other heirs do for want of formality in this Present instrument But each to the other hereby to all Intents & purposes are not Intitled to any Part of the others Estates But that in Case of the death of the said John Roberts before the said Margaret Humphreys that she the Margaret is to be in the same Estate and Condition she now is in at the signing and sealing of these presents IN WITNESS thereof the Contracting Parties the said John Roberts & Margaret Humphreys have hereunto set their hands & seals this 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord God 1768.

Signed & Sealed
in the Presence of us John I. Roberts (LS)
Wm Maldrum
Martin Nalle Margaret I. Humphreys (LS)
Wm Roberts

At a Court held for the County of Culpeper on Friday the 20th day of May 1768
This Marriage Contract between John Roberts of the one part and Margaret Humphreys on the other part was Partly Proved by the oaths of William Roberts Witness thereto & Ordered to be Certified.

And at a Court held for the said County on Thursday the 16th day of June 1768 Was fully Proved by the oaths of Martin Nalle Witness thereto & Ordered to be Recorded.

Teste Roger Dixon CC
(Culpeper Co., Virginia Deed Book E, pages 541-42)

Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1694-1742. Gray.
Book C, page 44. No date. 1171 acres in Stafford County near head of Middle Run adj James Crain, JOHN ROBERTS, Jos. Jones, Francis Awbrey.

Book C, page 45. March 7, 1729. JOHN ROBERTS of Stafford County 265 acres on N Run of Pohick adj Francis Bevers (Beavers).

Book E, page 187. November 14, 1740. Samuel Conner and John Melton of Prince William County 393 acres in Prince William County on falling Brs of Pohick Run adj Col. Fitzhugh, Simon Connell, JOHN ROBERTS adj Edw. Doyle, Br of Accotink.

Book E, page 220. December 9, 1740. Edward Doyle of Prince William Country 246 acres in said county on N Run of Pohick adj Simon Connel, JOHN ROBERTS, corner to Washington.

He certainly had four sons JOHN, WILLIAM, BENJAMIN and FRANCIS. Malcom McKenzie, in his will dated May 1, 1741, gives and bequeaths to "JNO & WM Roberts the two sons of Jno & Eliza Roberts of the County afd all my lands and plantation in the sd County of Orange to be equally divided between them the sd Jno & Wm Roberts and to their Heirs provided I should die without Heirs lawfully begotten." In the deed of gift mentioned above John Roberts gives to his son BENJAMIN land, one of whose boundaries is recorded as 'Running thence with a Dividing Line of marked trees between my son Benjamin aforesaid and his brother FRANCIS Roberts." (Culpeper County Deed Book E, pages 222-3). He probably had a daughter Mary and possibly several other children.

Children: John III [7], William [8], Francis [9], and Benjamin [10].

Also note this acquisition of land by John Roberts

Ed Roberts (View posts)
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This occured in 1748. The "Little Forks" of the Rappahanock is in northern Culpepper County now. It appears that he lived near Flat Run and Mountain Run until 1748 at which time, by the Northern Neck Grant copied below, he moved to Little Forks - the area bounded by the Rappahanock River and Hazel River. He along with his brother Benjamin were active in managing the affairs of Little Forks Church of St. Mark's Parish. That building (current structure built in 1776) stands today at Oak Shade, Virginia in northern Culpepper County.

The confluence of Flat Run and Mountiain Run is in eastern Culpepper and is found east of the Warrenton Training Center and west of Newbie's Shop Road. (Use mapquest searching for Brandy Station and move the map south from there). There are two roads running back into the area one form the west called Berry Hill Farm Road and another from the south the name of which I forget just now.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Books A, pages 59-64
Northern Neck Grants G, page 69
On June 18, 1748, he was granted a patent for 589 acres of land in then Orange County in the little fork of Rappahannock River beginning on the north side of Little Battle Run, of which he sold 300 acres on July 11, 1749, to Richard Young, and the remaining 289 acres to James Slown on August 10, 1750.

But also see, Benjamin Roberts son of John Roberts above

Ed Roberts (View posts)
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married Ann Duncan the daughter of William Duncan about whom you inquired on the Duncan Board.

[10] BENJAMIN ROBERTS (John II [2], John). Born in Orange County, Virginia, after 1741; married Anne, daughter of William Duncan of Culpeper County; died, probably in Henry County, KY, after 1810 and before 1820.

Circumstantial evidence almost certainly indicates that he was the Benjamin Roberts, Sr. who served as Sergeant in Captain Mark Thomas' Company in General George Rogers Clark's Illinois Regiment, from November 13, 1779 to November 3, 1781, and in Captain Charles Polk's Company, from October 19, 1782 to November 25 of the same year, during the Revolutionary War (Illinois Papers, Documents 16 and 93, Virginia State Library). He was entered on the muster roll as "Sgt. Benjamin Roberts, Sen.", 23 November 1779 when Culpeper resident Capt. Mark Thomas, formed a company of Virginia State Troops. Three days later, he and his wife sold their land in Culpeper County.

His company was ordered to the western frontier to reinforce Col. George Rogers Clark at the Falls of the Ohio (now Louisville) and it appears many of the men's families accompanied them. Both Capt. and Sgt. Benjamin Roberts completed their two year enlistments and were discharged in the latter part of December 1871. However, Sgt. Roberts took part in an expedition against the Indian allies of the British the following year 19 October to 25 November 1782 in Capt. Charles Polk's Company of the Illinois Regiment.

The only documents attesting the Revolutionary War service located in proof of service of Sgt. Benjamin Roberts are the 1779 muster roll of Capt. Mark Thomas' Company and the 1782 payroll of Capt. Charles Polk's Company in the Virginia State Library, and the 1781 payroll of the Illinois Regiment in the National Archives.

Sgt. Benjamin Roberts, Sen., filed on a single Kentucky grant of 1000 acres in Jefferson County, 22 May 1780. His wife, Anne, died in 1780 or early 1781. When her father, William Duncan, made his will in Culpeper County 24 February 1781, he left a share to the children of his daughter, Anne Roberts. The will was proved 15 October 1781. Following his discharge from the army in 1781 and additional service in 1782, Sgt. Roberts may have remained on his land grant as he next appears in Nelson County which was formed from Jefferson in 1785. On 28 February 1786 at Bardstown, he recorded a power of attorney authorizing Joseph Calvitt to receive any "legacies or sums of money" left the Roberts children, BETSEY, WILLIAM, JAMES, GEORGE, NANCY, BENJAMIN and HENRY by their grandfather, William Duncan. Henry County was formed from Shelby in 1799 and on 22 March 1802 at New Castle, Benjamin Roberts recorded a deed of gift dividing his property between his children George, Nancy, Benjamin and Henry.

The last record found of Sgt. Benjamin Roberts, Senior, is the 1810 census of Henry County, Kentucky. He appears on page 352 followed by "Benjamin Roberts, Jr." There is no record that Sgt. Benjamin Roberts or any descendant has ever attempted to file for a pension or bounty land on his service.

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Books A, pages 413-15; E, pages 222-23
Orange County, Virginia Will Book I, pages 172
In 1752, his father John II, purchased 400 acres in the little fork of the Rappahannock and on Battle Run from Benjamin's brother, William. John II deeded this land to Benjamin March 20, 1767 "for and in consideration of the natural love Good Will and Affection which I have and do bear toward my loving son."

Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book K, pages 37-39
He was a resident of Culpeper County until 1779, where, on November 16th of that year, he and his brother William sold land on Hazel River to William Ward.

Nelson County, Kentucky Deed Book 1, pages 21-22
He settled in Nelson County, KY about 1780, where, on February 22, 1786, he made the following power of attorney:

At a Court held for Nelson County on Tuesday 28th of February, 1786, the following power of Attorney from Benjamin Roberts to Joseph Calvitt was Acknowledged and ordered to be recorded.

Know all men by these presents that I Benjamin Roberts of Nelson County and District of Kentucky do Constitute and Appoint Joseph Calvitt my attorney in fact and do impower him for me and in my stead to recover and receive any legacies or Sums of Mony that is left or bequeathed to any of my Children towit BETSEY Roberts, WILLIAM Roberts, JAMES Roberts, GEORGE Roberts, by William Duncan their Grandfather or by his last Will and Testament. I further authorize the said Joseph Calvit to give bond with such security as may be deemed necessary to refund any part of the said Legacies that may be just and Lawfull provided the estate of the decedent should not be otherwise sufficient to discharge all just debts and any other security Requested by Law and I do hereby ratify and confirm all acts and deeds that may be done by the said Calvitt in pursuance of this Authority. Witness my hand and seal this 28th day of February one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Six.

Teste Benjamin Roberts (Seal)

Culpeper County, Virginia Will Book B, page 450
William Duncan in his will, dated February 24, 1781, after specific bequests, divided the rest of this estate among his sons and "my daughter Anne Roberts, but my will and desire is that the divided or part intended or allotted for my daughter Anne Roberts to be equally divided amongst all my said daughter Anne's Children both sons and daughters".

Henry County, Kentucky Deed Book 1, pages 172-80
Benjamin moved to Henry County, KY from Nelson County before March 22, 1802, on which date as a resident of Henry County, he made the following deed of gift to four of his children:

This indenture made this 22nd day of March 1802 between Benjamin Roberts of County of Henry of one part and George, Nancy, Benjamin and Henry Roberts, sons and daughter of said Benjamin of the other part. Witnesseth: that the said Benjamin for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he hath and beareth unto the said George, Nancy, Benjamin and Henry, his children and also for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings by them to him paid the said Benjamin the father, in hand paid receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. He, the said Benjamin father, hath granted given granted and conveyed and by these presents give grant and convey unto the said George, Nancy, Benjamin and Henry Roberts and their heirs and assigns forever the following land and property - towit - Give five hundred acres lying in Montgomery on Rose Run near the Iron Works - 222 acres on Pitmans Creek and undivided 3rd part 666 acres and 208 acres whereon I now reside. Also the following personal property - towit - One horse and One mare, 2 beds, 2 pots, 2 kittles, 2 bacons and all the rest of my furniture and plantation tools be the same of what kind soever to them and theri their and assigns forever in the following proportions - towit - the tract of 208 acres I grant and convey to the said Benjamin, Nancy and Henry to be equally divided between them. One bed to Henry, and the whole residue of Estate hereby conveyed and granted, I bequeath and convey to my son George his heirs - to the only proper use benefit and behalf of my said children in the manner and proportion aforesaid free and clear from all other gifts grants claimes titles suits Executors trouble and incumbrances whatever done or permitted to be done made or executed by me or any other person or persons. In Testimony of this Deed of Gift and conveyance I have hereto set my hand and seal the day and year first written.

Benjamin Roberts

Henry County, Kentucky Deed Book 2, page 422
The receipt for the foregoing deed of gift was not entered until June 2, 1806, and is thus recorded:

We whose names are hereto subscribed being sons & daughters of Benjamin Roberts who has signed the above indenture have this day received the property mentioned I the same together with all the hogs and sheep of the said Benjamin this 2nd of June 1806.

The above receipt was proven before me in my office by the oaths of Ephriam Miller and Francis Schiller to be the act & deed of George Roberts, Nancy Clem, Benjamin Roberts & Henry Roberts and was admitted to the record.

Teste R. C. Thomas CC

His name appears in the Henry County Federal Census of 1810, but not in the census of 1820. It is probable that he died between these two dates.

Children: Betsey [17], William [18], James [19], George [20], Nancy [21], Benjamin [22], and Henry [23]. (A number of people show Benjamin as having a son named John; however, there is no evidence in the available documents to support that.)

Re: Mr. Chapman this is probably the John Roberts

Rees Chapman (View posts)
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Surnames: Chapman, McKenzie
>Who else is listed in your ancestor's documents?

Thanks for asking.

John Nichols Cl. Cor. for appraisement

Evelyn W. Utz for the estate order

Bonded widow Sarah Chapman's administration of the estate:
William Duncan
John Roberts
Nathaniel Hillard

Appraisement by:
Francis Browning, Jr.
Samuel Scott
William Poe

Moredoch McKenzie (his son married Isaac's daughter Jemimah
Abbott family; Sally married Isaac's son John, Margaret married son Richard

A popular but terribly flawed genealogical work has Isaac's family migrating west from Charles Co. MD., later to Giles Co. VA west of Roanoke. The town of Orange VA is more or less on the path west from the Potomac to the New River, supporting that contention. But I'm suspecting Isaac and family came from New England (as family folklore holds) south through the Shenandoah to a western domain of Orange Co. that became Culpeper, perhaps Rappahannock, then continuing southwest to Giles Co.


The theory is solid

Ed Roberts (View posts)
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however, the timeline makes it extremely difficult.

That exact area of land was in Stafford County around 1705 but was Spotsylvania by 1724. It then passed into Orange and in 1748 into Culpepper. The Northern part of Culpepper became Rappahanock. Your effort to identify the plot of land in a particular year is worthwhile and will ultimately be despositive of the issues of your search if documents re to be found.

I suggest two books - Note on Culpepper and the History of St, Marks's Parish.

I do not live near there, but have been there and find the use of watercourse in land conveyances beneficial , often naming next door neighbors' land in the boundary pronouncements.

Browning, Roberts, Duncan, Abbott, Fields, Poe are some of the names intermingled with my Roberts in that area both in the eastern p[art of the county, the area west of Culpepper along Crooked Run and in the Little Forks in northern Culpepper County.

Re: The theory is solid

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Ed, I would love to be in touch with you regarding this Roberts family. I tried emailing to the address available here but it was out of date. Is there any chance we might connect? My address is current for my name. If it is not listed please let me know.


Sorry, I just saw this post - I think.

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You can contact me at Along with others, I have worked this line for over 30 years. Always interested and willing to help.

Ed Roberts
Fishers, IN

Re: Sorry, I just saw this post - I think.

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Ed, I have been emailing you and haven't gotten a response, are you still active?


Re: The theory is solid

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I was unable to find your email address, could you please contact me
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