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Surnames: Wimsey
Hello, I'm currently researching my family tree and have discovered that my great-great-grandfather Patrick Wimsey and his wife Catherine (nee Clarke) left Co Sligo circa 1847 for England (Boston, Lincolnshire).

Wimsey is a relatively uncommon name and appears these days to be concentrated around the Tubbercurry area.

My mother, father and I will be visiting the area next month in the hope of finding out a bit more - I just wondered if anyone could shed a little more light on possible relatives/family history before we arrive.



Re: Wimsey

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The telephone directory only lists 6 Wimsey's and just 2 in Tubercurry.

In the 1858 Griffith Valuation there were 5 properties in the name of Wimsey's, all were tenants, the Clarke's in Sligo totalled 100.

Peter in the Parish of Achonry, James and John in the Parish of Emlaghfad and Thomas in Parish Kilshalvy.
At this time Tubbercurry was the Poor Law Union and covered an area up to 12 miles from the named town.

You can see these and the properties they occupied on
two websites, a simpler version, first and last names of occupants, the Parish and the Townland will give you more detail such as:

James Wimsey, tenant of Col. Alexander Percival,Parish Emlaghfad, Townland of Cloonkeevy property 7a house, outbuilding and land 2 acre.0 roods.20 perches7b John 21.3.39 and 7ba land 3.1.10 and 0.2.13 (PLU Tobercurry)

Peter Wimsey, Parish of Achonry, Townland Montiagh, tenant of James Wood #31 letter L House and share of 100 acres 2 roods and 16 perches shared between 13 tenants.(PLU Tobercurry)

In the 1871 UK Census there is a Patrick Wimsey but he is a lodger 29,(1842) unmarried, a bricklawyer, born in Ireland,
living Boston, Lincolnshire

Your parents should be looking close to Tubercurry and the graveyards for the two parish's aboe. There is also a Thomas in the Parish of Kilshalvy but that is the Union of Boyle.

The Parish records for Achonry from 1845, Emlaghfad & Kilmorgan from 1762 to 1921. Although the families were not it seems from Tubbercurry Parish, the records for St. George commence 1877.

In the 1881 UK census on "previous site" (older records than the new website)

1881: 8 In 2 Co Peter St. Oldham Lancashire
Patrick Wimsey age 52,(1829) born Sligo, Lap Tenter Card Rm.
Mary Wimsey age 32 born Sligo
Patrick age 4 ((1877)

Other Wimsey's in the birth/parish records and the IGI
lots for Sligo, so much later in dates than you require.

You may find other information on these websites: United Kingdom+Ireland+Sligo + Sligo

There is a Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society on Temple St. Sligo.

There is a bmd website for Sligo operated by a History Foundation for county genealogy records, Sligo only shows these Patrick Wimsey's born 1871, 1874, 1896. There are no records listed on this site for burials or death records.

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Do you have a record in England saying Patrick was born in Co. Sligo? You need some more facts from England before you can attempt to get information in Sligo:

a) Dates of birth for Patrick and his wife if you're interested in also researching his wife's family.
b) Patrick's parents names.
c) Patrick's place of birth in Sligo, eg. town/townland, civil or religious parish. There's a list of the names of all the towns and townlands in Co. Sligo at the Ireland Townland Database and select Sligo as your search county.

There are no surviving census records before 1901. Church parish registers for Patrick's birthplace in Sligo would be the possible source for a baptismal record for him. The difficulty is that many church parish registers either don't survive or don't go back far enough to include a baptismal record for him. You also need to find out what his religious denomination was.

Here's a link to the entries for Wimseys in the 1901 census in Sligo. There was huge emigration when Patrick left during the Irish Famine in 1847, also known as Black 47, for the huge numbers of deaths which occurred in Sligo and Ireland. There was huge emigration all during the nineteenth century subsequent to the Famine right into the twentieth century. So the numbers and locations of Wimseys in the 1901 census wouldn't be reflective of all Wimseys in Sligo or Ireland.

You also don't mention of Patrick emigrated with children.

You need to research Patrick's civil and church records in England to find out the answers to the questions I noted above so you can research the surviving information in his birth location in Co. Sligo. His civil and church death records, cemetery record, tombstone, will, obituary and England census records are all sources to find his specific birth location in County Sligo and his parents hames.

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Here's the link to the 1901 census:

And a map of all the RC parishes in Co. Sligo, click on each parish to see the dates included in their records:

If he was Church of Ireland (Anglican) those parishes generally paralleled the civil parishes and here's a map to the civil parishes:

Re: Wimsey

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Many thanks for your replies. I've been doing some more research on Patrick and Catherine's time in England and it looks like I had my dates wrong originally. Patrick was born around 1843 so he emigrated to England later than I thought, probably sometime in the 1860s. Looks like he was alone when he did so.

Catherine also emigrated from Ireland (although I don't know which county) with her parents Bridget and Michael, possibly during the famine, and met Patrick in Boston.

Patrick died in 1897 in Hull, which is half an hour down the road from me, so I'll be going to try and find his grave before my parents and I visit Ireland in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure about his religion, and as yet I don't know anything about his parents.

Catherine's parents were born in 1818 (Michael) and 1826 (Bridget) but a name like Clarke is probably going to be far more difficult to research.

Re: Wimsey

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I would be interested if you ran across e any info on a Thomas Francis Wimsey from Tuppercurry. He was a devote catholic. He emigrated to New York inthe late 1800s, and settled in Connecticut.
Sorry I am not very good with computers and emails.
My aunt Elizabeth Wimsey, age 86 years old, would like to know.
Thank You

Re: Wimsey

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I would be interested if you ran across e any info on a Thomas Francis Wimsey from Tuppercurry. He was a devote catholic. He emigrated to New York inthe late 1800s, and settled in Connecticut.
Sorry I am not very good with computers and emails.
My aunt Elizabeth Wimsey, age 86 years old, would like to know.
Thank You

Re: Wimsey

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Just wanted to mention that if you figure out a parish, you can register with the Gathering (the big hoopla Ireland has going on in 2013, welcoming all the diaspora home) and there appears to be some genealogy research help being offered. So this might help you out when you are onsite. The website says to register the sooner the better.

General link:
Registration link:

Best of luck!

Re: Wimsey

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Thanks. Hopefully my aunt's cousin will have that information.

Re: Wimsey

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Surnames: Wimsey, Foley, O'Brien, Haley, Winsey
My great, great grandmother was Mary Haley. She had 2 husbands. 1. Thomas Sherlock. Their daughter was Katherine B, Sherlock, born about 11/1853 in County Sligo, possibly Elfin. She married Jeremiah Foley in Niagara Falls, NY around 1870. Mary Haley's 2nd husband was John Winsey/Wimsey. Their daughter was Mary Winsey/Wimsey born about 7/1854 in Ireland. She married Martin O'Brien of Ontario, Canada in Niagara Falls, NY about 1883. Martin and Mary had one daughter Mary.
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