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Martinez family of New Mexico

Martinez family of New Mexico

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I would like to talk to anyone with Martinez family in Mora New Mexico

Martinez family from Mora

Johnny Martinez (View posts)
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Hey Max, how are you. I don't know how much information or for that matter what you are looking for but if you will just reply to this message with some specific questions maybe I can help.


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Johnny, I a have done a great deal of Research on the Martin-Serrano's and would Like to know more about your book. My family is from the same Martinez's of Taos except I am Decended from Padre Martinez's Uncle and Aunt Antoino Jose Martin and Guadalupe Santistevan
My Line:
Jose Martin y Micela Valdes
Antonio Jose Martin y Guadalupe Santistevan
Pedro Antonio Martin y Pascula Trujillo
Maximo Martin y Rosalia Sanchez
Nicolas deBari Martinez y Agustina Branch
Maximo Branch Martinez y Felistas Maes
Maximo Eliseo Martinez y Carol Barcelona
Me-Maximo J. Martinez
I have a good Idea who the father of Jose Martin is.
Max J. Martinez

Martinez family history

Johnny Martinez (View posts)
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Max, it appears that you are related to Padre Martinez from Toas, thats great. My family line take off with Gregorio Martin Serrano brother, Santiago Martin Serrano, thier parents were Pedro Martin Serrano, and Margarita de Luna,
1st-Johnny L.Martinez-Victoria S. Hortt
2nd- Jose Fermin Martinz-Ramona Eliza Valdez
3rd- Elimino Fermino Martinez-Maria del Carmen Martinez
4th- Ricardo Martinez-Perfilia Delgado
5th- Ricardo was adopted by his grandfather he was the son of Alcaria Martinez
6th- Martin de Jesus Martin Serrano-Manuela Valdez
7th- Antanacio Mariano Martin Serrano-Rosalia Lopez
8th- Santiago Martin Serrano (brother to Gregorio)-Maria Antonia Vallejos
9th- Pedro Martin Serrano-Margarita de Luna
10th-Blas Martin Serrano-Rosa de Vargas Machuca
11th- Domingo Martin Serrano-Josefa de Herrera
12???? could be Hernado Martin Serrano or Lewis Martin Serrano
There is some genealogist that have placed Domingo as the son of Luis II but I have a feeling that he is related to Hernado Martin II side....maybe a grandson.

About my book, I have gone clear back to when Cortes entered Mexico in 15l9, there was among his troops a soldier by the name of Hernado Martin, he was a blacksmith and played an important role in helping Cortes with his conquest of the Mexica's. There is a small gap of undocumented events but in 1598 a Hernado Martin Serrano appears with Onate when he entered into New Mexico. My book covers all of the interesting events that took place that involved Hernando Martin Serrano and his descendants.
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Padre Martinez's Grandparents were not Jose Gregrio Martin and Juana Micaela Valdez they were Josef Martin and Maria Micaela Valdez
two diffrent Couples. Domingo Martin Serrano is the Brother of Hernan Martin Serrano II, and Luis Martin Serano II (Origins of New Mexico Family's By Chavez)I can help with any other Questions
Your Primo
Max J. Martinez

Padre Martinez

Johnny Martinez (View posts)
Posted: 945596866000
Hi Primo, I appreciate this opportunity to share information with you. I would appreciate it if you could tell me where you got your information about Padre Martinez.

I got my information about padre Martinez from the Abiquiu baptism records dated 1/20/1793, it has listed a Jose Antonio Martin 4 days old baptized; listed as the father was Antonio Serveriano Martin, Maria del Carmen, Santistevan, Paternal Grandfather Paternal Grandmother Maternal Grandfather Maternal Grandmother listed as padrino Madrina.
He married Maria de la luz Martin, daughter of Manuel Martin and Maria Manuela Quintana. She died soon after giving birth to a daughter, and later the daughter died. Soon after that Jose Antonio Martin entered the priesthood in Durango, Mexico. Severed briefly in Abiquiu, then went to Taos in 1826 where he remained until his death in 1867.
His baptismal information is avialable in a book published by Thomas D. Martinez, Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870 page 191.

As for Domingo Martin Serrano, I am very much aware of the book Origin of New Mexico families by fray Angelico Chaves. However, I am not so sure I am ready to accept that he is the son of Luis.

From the book Revolt of Pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Otermins reconquest 1680-1682 by Charles Wilson Hackett, and Charmion Shelby, there is a listing of survivors from the Pueblo revolt that had gathered in El Paso del Norte. Among that group were several Martin Serrano familes, Domingo was among that group, in Sept of 1681 he was descripted as being thirty-two years old, a man of good stature, with a long face, thick beard and long black hair. There is an other entry in a Diligencias matrimoniales of Santa Cruz dated April 15, 1725 where is is listed between 65 and 75 years old. If you used the oldest age listed that would make his date of birth 1649 not 1630 as listed by Fray Chaves and other. I believe that Domingo was listed as being born in 1630 and dead by 1735 at age 90, which is incorrect. That would have made him 105 years old.

The problem as I see it, is the lack of documentation. In writing my book I have to be very careful not to use unsubstantiated information. My book is a complete history of the Martin Serrano family. I have researched every book, manuscript, microfilm avilable, and have come to the conclusion that some indivduals cannot be connected to their parents.

I am not so arrogant to believe that I am an authority on the Martin Serrano family because I know that much of the information avialable is sometime suspect. That is why I would appreciate your documentation on Padre Martinez and his grandparents.

This is what I do know! Hernando Matin Serrano came with Onate, He had at least two son's, Luis I and Hernando II and a daughter Maria. Maria married a Alonso Martin Barba, and I believe that they were the parents of the Domingo Martin listed in the muster roles of 1681 as being forty-four years old.

Luis born abt 1600
Hernando abt 1604
Maria ????

It is from this group that the Martin Serrano family emerged. Because of the lack of baptismal documentation many individulas cannot be directly connected to their parents, it is through other sources that individuals were connected. For example again in Revolt, Luis III and Antonio Martin Serrano were connected to Luis II. In the diligencias matrimoniales of Santa Cruz there are many entries that show son's and daughters of the Martin Serrano's and thier parents.

Martinez of New Mexico

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the first thing you should know is never belive any thing in the books of Thomas D. Martinez you should use the microfilm or the books from the New Mexico Genealogical Society. Thomas D. Martinez adds thing that he has know proof for. I have copy's of all the original baptisimal's and Jose Martin and Micaela Valdes had three known children Antonio Jose who Married Guadalupe Santisevean my desendents, Rosa who married Juan Manuel Salazar and Antonio who is
Severiano the father of Padre Martinez of Taos. There dates of Birth from 1756 to 1761. all this info in AASF roll 2526
grandparents are never listed for any of them.
Second, Jose Gergorio Martin and Juana Micaela Valdes were married on 11-7-1790 AASF roll #26, it is impossiable for them to the grandparents of Padre Martinez. As well the records our filled with Gregorio and Micaela kids all after 1790.
Third Padre Martinez was Baptized Antoino Jose not Jose Antonio I have the original copy of this as well Abiquiu Baptisms 1792-1837 Film # 016612.
As far as Domingo Martin Serrano I believe he is the son of Luis Martin Serrano and brother of Luis II and Pedro Martin Serrano y Salazar. Origins of New Mexico Familys page #373 new Section.
Two good books for you might be But Time and Chance Padre Martinez of Taos by Angelico Chavez, and
Los Primeros Pobladores by Frances Lean Swadesh. Alot of info on the Martin Serrano Family. Let me know what you think
Max J. Martinez

Martinez family

Johnny Martinez (View posts)
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Interesting information. The fact that you are a distant relative of Padre Martinez and you have the documentation is good enough for me. I appreciate the information about the micofile, I plan on making a purchase from the New Mexico Archives. I want to make sure that I have accurate information. Just one question, have you seen Thomas D. Martinez book and aside from the Padre Martinez error how much more inaccurate information does it contain?

I have read the book Los Primeros Pabladores by Frances Leon Swadesh but not But Time and Chance Padre Martinez of Taos by Angelico Chaves. If you could let me know how I may obtain a copy I would appreciate it very much.

As for Domingo Martin Serrano, I believe we could start a project together and try to find out more about this individual. I am very much aware of the information with regard to Origin of New Mexico families.

Domingo as far as I can trace him is a direct descendant of mine. So for me knowing who his parents were would allow me to continue my ancestorial line.

What I know about Domingo is this and please correct me if I'm wrong. Born about 1649, married Josefa de Herrera, and later in 1725 married Juana Bautista Olivas.

Was listed as a soldier in the 1681 muster (revolt)at age thrity-two. It appears that from the same information that Luis II was born about 1632 (revolt page 55-56) listed age as 48. Pedro Martin Serrano was listed as age 46 (revolt)pg 56. There is a gap of sixteen years from the birth of Luis II and fourteen years from Pedro. Also Apolinar Martin age thirty-four which could possibly be a brother to Domingo because of the close proximaity in age.

Max, I hope that we can figure this out. Any information from you would be appreciated. Remember my email address is that might be a better avenue to communicate because I can attach documents to send to you.

Also, question, where are you from? I live in Orem, Utah and have been involved in this geneolgy for about 10 years.

Thomas D. Martinez

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Let's just say never believe any thing he writes down unless you see other proof. He likes to add grandparents. I sent you some
e-mail's let me know if you are getting them.
Max J. Martinez

Martinez Posts

Nick Gonzales (View posts)
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Your posts are of good information of all us interested in Martinez's from the Taos area. By taking your information offline we will miss some good stuff. Thanks for the very good information already posted.
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