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Jacques Timothe BOUCHER de Montbrun b.abt.1746

Jacques Timothe BOUCHER de Montbrun b.abt.1746

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Surnames: Boucher, DeMontbrun, Montbrun
Looking for info on Jacque Timothe DeMontbrun/Boucher born abt1746 in Boucherville,Quebec? Any ideas?

Re: Jacques Timothe Boucher de Montbrun b.abt.1746

Gisele Gilbert (View posts)
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Surnames: Boucher, DeMontbrun, Montbrun, Racicot, Gibaud, Gibeau
Here's the informations you needed.

Etienne Boucher et Marie Racicot got married November 17 1747 in Boucherville. They had many children one is Jacques Timothy de Montbrun Boucher born March 23 1747 and got married to Therese Archange Gibaud on November 16 1766 in Boucherville. You can do your research at it's pretty easy.
Good luck
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thanks for the direction. I did find that file and it's very extensive. Are you connected? If so, where?


Gisele Gilbert (View posts)
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I am connected to the Boucher who founded Boucherville. My ancestor who came from France was the brother of the father of the one who founded that city. The one who founded Boucherville was Pierre sieur de Grosbois Boucher his father was Gaspard Boucher and his uncle Marin Boucher.
Marin Boucher is the one I am related to in direct line. But I really don't know who Etienne Boucher and Marie Racicot are related to. Maybe we have the same ancestors. I know something and that is that all the Boucher I am related to used a lot of dit names so maybe after all we are related. Who knows??

Take care and I hope to hear from you
You can write to me at so we can compare our notes


Boucher > Boucher De Montbrun > Demonbreun > Demunbrun > Demonbrun

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Surnames: Boucher, DeMontbrun, Montbrun, Demonbreun, Demunbrun, Demonbrun
Hi Gisele I guess that makes us cousins. From what I can deduce Pierre would be my direct line. I'm trying to figure out all the name changes through the generations. From Boucher to DeMontbrun Boucher to Demonbreun to Demunbrun and finally to Demonbrun with my direct line. However other lines seemed to stop at each version of the name? I'm @

Jacques Timothe Boucher Sieur de Montbrun

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Surnames: Boucher, DeMontbrun, Montbrun
I have extensive and accurate information on Jacques Timothe Boucher Sieur de Montbrun/Demonbreun. He was my GGGGG Grandfather. Proof is available and I can provide documentation. My information is "not" from LDS files (not always accurate); it is not from DAR or the Demonbreun Society whose information is based more on speculation that proof (at least that is my opinion). It is from independant research done by my cousin and his wife; (wife is assistant archivest(sp?) for Metro/Davidson County, Tennessee.) This is the area in which Timothe Demonbreun is best known. He has often been called "Nashville's first citizen". I also have information that comes from a direct male line descendant of Marin Boucher, who we believe to be an uncle.
Boucher is the original surname. Sieur de Montbrun is a notation added to the surname while the family was still in Canada/New France. The meaning is as follows: Sieur = Lord/Sire/ = of....Mont/Mountain....brun/brown....i.e. Governor of Brown Mountain (a site near Montreal/Boucherville that no longer exists.) Demonbreun is a corruption of de montbrun. I believe that Timothe began to use Demonbreun when he came to the Tennessee Valley and began having a lifelong fling with Elizabeth Bennett. That is not to condemn him at all. He was hundreds of miles away from his wife on the frontier; Elizabeth was a brave and bold frontierswoman and above all he was French! The affair between these two and the issue from it are two of the many reasons for conflicting information regarding the descendants of Timothe.
Please email me for further information if you like.
Sherrie Wallace

Marin Boucher from St-Langis, Perche, France

michele (View posts)
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Surnames: Boucher
I am related to Marin Boucher. My maiden name was Bushey but it was Boucher. My grandfather moved to Massachusetts from Canada and changed it at that time for some reason. I have information about Marin. My mother happens to be french and researched it along with other members of my family. She vistited Marin's home (which I actually have a picture of hanging in my house). There is also a stained glass tribute to Pierre in a church in Mortagne. Also, there is a plaque in St. Langis church commemorating Marin's departure for Canada in 1636 which coincidentally was dedicated on my 20th birthday by the Ambassador of Canada. It says...TO MARIN BOUCHER WHO LEFT FOR CANADA IN 1636...WE REMEMBER!

Pierre Boucher De Montbrun

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Surnames: Boucher, DeMontbrun, Demonbreun, Demunbrun, Demonbrun
This is copied from a family history article: After he returned from France, Pierre Boucher, Lord de Montbreun wrote a history of Canada, published in 1664. Born In France, he had moved to Canada in 1635, served as governor of his district for five years and died at age 95 in 1717. His descendants not only kept the de Montbreun but eventually dropped the Boucher from their name. Thus Pierres great-grandson, the early Nashville settler, was actually named Jacques-Timothe Boucher, Sieur (Lord) de Montbrun. His companions in his river-roving days called him Jacques, but in Nashville he was known as Timothy DeMonbreun the name he signed on deeds and other legal documents.

The spelling of Demonbreun is as varied as the speech habits and literacy of those who wrote the name. Some shortened it to Monbrun and others reduced it to the mumbled Mumbre. And in Nashville, ever since Timothy DeMonbreun lived here, the street named in his honor has been spelled Demonbreun. Son and grandson of men who had distinguished themselves in military careers, Timothy DeMonbreun had uncles who were governors of West Florida and the Natchez country. They and his cousins had been among the first white men to see the Rocky Mountains, and had established outposts as far west as what is now Minnesota, the Dakotas and Iowa. Timothy DeMonbreun, from a devoutly Catholic family, had two sisters who were nuns on the staff of a hospital in Montreal. Timothy himself, on Nov. 26,1766, when he was 19 years old, married Marguerite Therese-Archange Gibault, daughter of a merchant at Boucherville. Her cousin, Pierre Gibault, the town priest, performed the marriage ceremony, and in time baptized the DeMonbreun children.

His grandfather - (Rene) Jean Boucher De Montbrun - added De Montbrun’ ("Lord of Brown Mountain") after nobility awarded upon Pierre Boucher by King Louis XIV of France (for his military service in Canada).

Write to me at if you would like to learn more.

spelling variation

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Surnames: DeMumbrum, Wisdom
To make this topic more interesting today, my wife's family spells their name DeMumbrum.

William Hobson DeMumbrum (B 1/29/1866) son of William Carrol Demonbreun and Lucy Gholes Wisdom

e-mail me

Ken Zabel (Denise DeMumbrum) (View posts)
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I would love to read what you have on your GGGGG Grandfather. He is also my wife (Denise DeMumbrum)'s GGGG Grandfather.

I tried to send you an e-mail message, but it was returned (mailbox unavailable). Please write to me (
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