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Researching my great-grandmother Frederika Brehmer Zuege. Came to WI after 1855 with a son Albert Friedrich from Prussia.
She married Gottfried Zuege, and had five girls before Jan. 1870. Related surnames: Klessig, Abraham Beck, Wilhelm Peik, Emil Menke, Richard Hoehn, John Schaefer.

Did they reside in Calumet County?


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I have a grand uncle Emil Menke, son of Claus Menke and Anna Menke, born in 1864 in the Town of Rantoul, Calumet County. He had a sister Margarethe (my grandmother) born in 1850 another sister Elizabeth, born in 1854, two brothers; Ernest, born 1852 and August, born 1862. I hope this connects to your family. This information was obtained from the 1870 and 1880 Federal Census.

Menke Genealogy

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Surnames: Menke, Peterman, Zuege, Luedtke

Claus Menke married Anna Peterman, and their son Emil married my great aunt Emile Zuege. They lived in the Vllage of Potter, Rantoul, Calumet County.


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Surnames: MENKE, MEYER
In response to your Calumet County, WI query: I would like to connect up the Menke information I have with your data, if possible. My great-aunt Wilhelmina Meyer m Friedrich Menke 1861 Sheboygan County. Here's what I have:

Descendants of Heinrich Menke

1 Heinrich Menke b: Abt. 1805
+Anna Margaret Claussen b: Abt. 1810

2 Friedrich Menke b: Abt. March 7, 1835 Kirchhetlen, Oldenburg, Germany
+Wilhelmine Louise Sophia "Mina" Meyer b: October 7, 1837 Eisbergen, Westphalia, Germany m: May 8, 1859 Herman, Sheboygan, WI

3 Child Menke b: Abt. 1860

3 Wilhelmine Christine Menke b: October 3, 1861 Herman, Sheboygan, WI

3 Anton Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Menke b: July 4, 1863 Herman, Sheboygan, WI

Anything look familiar?

Wilhelmina Meyer m Friedrich Menke

Billie Harris (View posts)
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Surnames: Meyer, Bennett, Stevens
I saw your listing for Menke in the Calumet Co WI Query Forum and was struck by the similarity of the name of your great-aunt with that of my husband's ancestor. My husband, Lew's grandfather was Louis Fredrick Charles Meyer, b 2 Mar 1887 in Neenah, Winnebago, WI. His mother was Mathilda Meyer, b 16 Sep 1871 in Harrison, Calumet WI.

She had a sister Wilemina Louise Meyer, b 24 May 1879 probably in the same city. They also called her Mina; Minerva; her first husband was Bennett (he died in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake); I don't know the name of the second husband, but he committed suicide in Denver CO; the third husband was Stevens. She had no children.

The other brothers and sisters were: Charles, Anna John, Frederick, William, Edward, August and Augusta. Their parents were John (b about 1833, Prussia) & Augusta Meyer (b about 1835, probably also in Prussia). That's as far back as we have any information about the family.
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Surnames: Westcot, Dean, Lee
Saw your list of surnames in Calumet County, WI, surname register. I have minimum information on Bennetts due to the fact that I have an Aunt that married Fred Bennett. I did a fairly extensive search of the Chilton Times Newspaper 1854 thru 1870(?), and when I found any name that I was connected to, I wrote it down.

The names I have in my PAF program are:

BENNETT, C. A..............1898..E. R. BENNETT
BENNETT, Charles W....1848.1900..Ella E. SHELP
BENNETT, E. R.........1809.1898..C. A. BENNETT
BENNETT, Frederick T..1879.1965..Mildred Claire WESTCOT
BENNETT, May.....................WILLS
BENNETT, Ralph........1874.1900..*Charles W. BENNETT
BENNETT, Ralph........1874.1900
BENNETT, Ray..........1884.1961
BENNETT, Ray C........1884.1967..*Charles W. BENNETT

I don't have much (except Fred Bennett) but would be glad to send you what I have. I can probably figure out where I got the info.

James Westcot

Re: Wilhelmina Meyer m Friedrich Menke

Meyer (View posts)
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Surnames: Meyer, Heins, Luhmann, Schultz, Reinecke, Riess, Behrens
I have been looking into anna auguste elise and a possible parent could be august Meyer. She along with winkelmann were sponsers to anna marie Elise Meyer and this anna Auguste. And see they may not have used her first name. only second or third. this auguste was a parkwarden's daughter for Prussia at Goehrde. We are talking the Lunenburg Heide area. Would this be possible?
for some time I have been wondering if other Meyers went to wi. besides Illn.
Thank yu for yur attention.

Re: WI MENKE Family

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Surnames: meyer menke
Updating my own original submission. Perhaps this will keep others from enquiring about unrelated MEYER ancestors. Some may not know that Meyer is the most common surname in Germany! My Meyers were from Eisbergen, Westfalen, Prussia. My thanks to 'cousin' Karel Menke Buck for most of the information below.
Bob Forrest (
Descendants of Heinrich "Henry" Menke

1 Heinrich "Henry" Menke b: Bet. 1792 - 1793 Prussia d: Aft. June 1870 prob. Alto, Fond du Lac, WI
+Anna Margaret Claussen b: Bet. 1806 - 1807 Prussia d: Aft. June 1870 prob. Alto, Fond du Lac, WI
2 Herman F. Menke b: December 17, 1828 Oldenburg, Prussia
+W. "Charlotte" Krampe b: May 1835 Höhenhausen, Lippe m: November 16, 1858 Sheboygan County, WI
3 Anna Menke b: Bet. 1858 - 1859 WI
2 Friedrich "Fred" Menke b: Abt. March 7, 1835 Kirchhetlen (Kirchhetten?), Oldenburg, Prussia d: Abt. March 26, 1926 of Alto Township, Fond du Lac County, WI; died of apoplexy
+Wilhelmine Louise Sophia "Mina" Meyer b: October 7, 1837 Eisbergen, Westphalia, Prussia m: May 8, 1859 Herman, Sheboygan, WI d: June 18, 1913 of Markesan, Green Lake, WI
3 Mary Menke b: March 3, 1860 Waupun, Dodge, WI d: November 18, 1923 Waupun, Dodge, WI
+William F. Gensch b: September 13, 1859 Germany d: March 20, 1941 Mackford, Green Lake, WI
4 Julia Ella Gensch b: November 8, 1881 prob. WI d: January 16, 1948 Beaver Dam, Dodge, WI
+Alvin Wright Doubleday b: April 23, 1879 Waupun, Dodge, WI m: September 5, 1900 d: November 8, 1942 Hartford, Washington, WI
3 Child Menke b: Bet. 1860 - 1875 Wisconsin d: Bet. 1860 - 1875 Wisconsin
3 Wilhelmine Christine Menke b: October 3, 1861 Herman, Sheboygan, WI
+George H. Calkins b: August 31, 1863 Trenton, Dodge, WI m: February 6, 1884 d: September 23, 1923
4 Ella Mae Calkins b: June 30, 1889 d: November 15, 1960
+William H. Hatcher m: November 16, 1908
4 Fred Calkins b: Abt. 1891
4 Herbert Calkins b: Abt. 1894
4 Grace Calkins b: Abt. 1897
+??? Baszynski
3 Anton Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Menke b: July 4, 1863 Herman, Sheboygan, WI d: February 4, 1942 Markesan, Green Lake, WI
+Mary Abendroth b: March 27, 1864 Prussia, of Brandon, Fond du Lac, WI m: Bet. January 10 - March, 1888 d: December 13, 1945 Markesan, Green Lake, WI; of Fairwater, Fond du Lac, WI
4 Frank Menke b: November 7, 1888 d: March 20, 1948
+Edna Zuelsdorf b: March 10, 1891 m: September 30, 1914 d: March 20, 1968
4 Catherine "Kate" Menke b: September 20, 1890 d: April 8, 1969 Green Lake County, Wisconsin
+George Zuelsdorf b: April 4, 1886 m: September 20, 1911 d: October 23, 1955
4 Clara Menke b: November 5, 1893 d: June 21, 1959
+Erwin Schwandt b: March 2, 1891 m: December 25, 1917 d: 1980
4 Edward Frederick Menke b: December 21, 1895 Waupun/Markesan area, Green Lake County, Wisconsin d: November 18, 1988 Markesan, Green Lake, WI
+Elva Mae Scheible b: May 10, 1900 Mauston, Juneau, WI m: September 23, 1920 Westfield, Marquette, WI d: May 8, 1960
4 Ella Emma Menke b: October 6, 1897 d: July 21, 1964
+Leo E. Butenhoff b: February 18, 1896 m: September 9, 1919 d: July 24, 1964
3 Friedrich (Frederick) Menke b: November 1870 prob. near Waupun, Fond du Lac, WI d: 1966
+Fredericka "Reaky" Werner b: December 26, 1876 Minnesota m: November 23, 1898 d: March 24, 1973
4 Esther Menke b: August 17, 1899 d: June 19, 1956
+Herbert Koehntopp b: November 23, 1897 m: June 5, 1924 d: March 15, 1994 Ortonville, Big Stone, MN
4 Harttie Anton Menke b: March 4, 1903 Minnesota d: October 21, 1984 Sebastopol, Sonoma, CA
+Dorothea June Swan b: June 7, 1908 Nebraska m: June 11, 1939 d: May 31, 1994
4 Everett Menke b: November 5, 1904 d: March 1982 Osakis, Douglas, MN
+Edith b: Abt. 1908
4 Harold Menke b: March 21, 1908 Lac Qui Parle County, MN d: November 26, 1995 Winterset, Madison, IA
4 Mildred Menke b: Bet. 1905 - 1910 d: December 19, 1938
3 Heinrich (Henry) Menke b: October 4, 1871 prob. near Waupun, Fond du Lac, WI d: September 28, 1908
+Ella Wilsnack b: March 12, 1881 m: 1899 d: July 5, 1958
4 Child Menke b: Bet. 1900 - 1909
3 Wilhelm (William) C. Menke b: November 1874 Prob. near Waupun, Fond du Lac, WI d: Aft. 1940
+Bertha Louisa Yerk b: Abt. 1878 m: November 26, 1902 Green Lake County, WI d: Aft. 1940
4 Son Menke b: Bet. 1903 - 1920
3 Christian Menke b: Bet. April 1878 - 1879 Prob. near Waupun, Fond du Lac, WI
+Ella(Clara) Lueck b: Bet. 1883 - 1884
4 Floyd Menke b: September 21, 1906 Fond du Lac County, WI d: 1960
4 Donald Menke b: Abt. February 1910 Markesan, Green Lake, WI
2 Christian Menke b: Bet. 1839 - 1840
+Dorothea Moser b: Abt. 1845 m: January 2, 1868 Sheboygan County, WI
2 Henry Menke, Jr. b: Bet. 1839 - 1840 Prussia
+Orrila M. Clark b: Bet. 1840 - 1841 Ohio m: February 22, 1858 Sheboygan County, WI
3 William H. Menke b: Bet. 1858 - 1859 Wisconsin, prob. Fond du Lac County
3 Marian Menke b: Bet. 1861 - 1862 Wisconsin, prob. Fond du Lac County
3 Eliza Jane Menke b: Bet. 1863 - 1864 Wisconsin, prob. Fond du Lac County
3 Warren R. Menke b: Bet. 1864 - 1865 Wisconsin, prob. Fond du Lac County

Re: WI MENKE Family

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Surnames: Menke, Luedtke
It may be possible that my great grandfather, Claus Menke, and Herman Menke are related since they both came from Oldenburg, Prussia. My Claus was born in 1819 which would make him just nine years difference in age. Maybe a brother or cousin. The census records of which the latest I have is 1880 doesn't show immigration dates and as you know the 1890 census was burned but he had to be here before 1850 because my grandmother, Margarethe Menke, "Maggie", was born on May 12 of that year in Wisconsin. Haven't found birth records, but this info was off her headstone. Claus married Anna Petermann and it appears they were possibly married before they left Germany; they wer both from Oldenburg

Re: WI MENKE Family

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Surnames: Menke
Henry and Orrila Menke's children were Susanna (Susie), John, and Orrila Bell (Bell who married George Humphrey). They all lived in Henrico, VA. There were several other children one named Christian who lived in Moose Jaw Canada).
Suzanne Humphrey Ferguson
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