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Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

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First name Thompson's are alphabetically from unknowns to A-N. O-Z will follow, soon.

__Thompson m. Edward Watkins

__Thompson, a dau., m. __ Woodson

__Thompson m. bef. 1792, __ (__) Spotswood, widow of Joh. 11W(2)111.

__Thompson believed m. bef. 1786, Rosannah Davis, dau of Hugh, whose will, filed 1786, Rockbridge Co., names *daughter Rosannah Thompson*

__ Thompson m. Mary Herbert Claiborne. 1V321.

__Thompson m. by 1785, Rebecca Gay. Rockbridge Co. Morton, p.536

__Thompson m. bef. 1794 Drucilla Thorp, dau. of John Sr., whose est. sett., 1794, Southampton Co., proves it.

__Thompson m. bef. 18 Dec. 1773, Ann Mason. H 6:115.

__Thompson m. Mary Bond, dau. of Robert, whose will, dated 1723/4, Spotsylvania cCo. will bk. A, p. 14.

Alexander Thompson m. 16 Dec 1762, Mary Ross. Norfolk Co. Mar. record

Alice Corbin Thompson m. John Hawkins.

Andrew Thompson m. 2 Jan. 1787, Mary Rose. St. Pauls.

Ann Thompson m. (1) John Slaughter; m. (2) Philip Grafton

Ann Thompson m. Francis Thornton.

Ann Thompson m. __Neilson

Ann Thompson m. William Simpson

Ann Thompson m. William Brooking

Ann (__) Thompson m. Nicholas Muse

Anne (__) Thompson m. (2) William Whiteside

Anne Cocke Thompson m. Joel Madera

Annie Thompson m. Thomas Boman

Anthony Thompson m. __Bibb, dau. of Henry and Eleanor (Fleming). Louisa, p.288

Archibald Thompson, son of William (1722-1798) m. Rebecca Perry, dau. of George of Abbs Valley. Hartford B-8010(2), 15 July 1955. Signed T.J.C.

Asa Thompson m. Ann Quarles, dau of Roger (b. 1720) ans Mary (Goodloe). 38 V361-3

Becky Thompson m. Frederick Lane

Betsey Thompson m. John Stevens

Catharine Thompson m. Isaac Coles (2nd wife)

Charles Thompson m. 1737, Elizabeth Nelson, b. 1720, dau. of Edward and Mary (Garland). 27T37

Charles Thompson b. 1743 d. 1836 m. 19 Nov. 1778, Louisa Co. Ann Jerdona, b. 1763 d. 1794, dau. of Francis and Sarah (Macon). 62V209, Louisa p.372

Charles Thompson b. 27 March 1773 d. 9 April 1844, son of William and Frances Jackson (Mills) m. 14 Dec. 1800 in Louisa Co. Ann Pettus Graves b. 13 May 1781 d. 24 July 1858 dau. of Thomas and Isabel (Bartlett). 19T185

Charles Raphael Thompson m. Ann Fauntleroy. Res. Westmoreland Co. 1804 when son Charles Raphael was born 19 Nov. son d. 10 Jan 1877 Fayette Co. KY. KY. cem. p. 158

Christopher Thompson m. 8 May 1762, Margaret (__) Ritch. Norfolk, Co. Mar. record

Clara Thompson m. James Twyman

Clifton Thompson m. 22 Feb. 1788, Mary Ragland, Louisa p. 260

David Thompson m. 23 Nov. 1784 Elizabeth Brockman, dau of Samuel and (1) Mary (Bell). Orange Co. Mar record Orange III:109

David Thompson m. 17 Aug. 1785 Nancy Coadie, dau. of William. Wit. William Coadie Montgomery Co. Mar. Bond

David Thompson m. 27 Nov. 1779 Eleanor Thomson dau of Waddy. Loi=uisa Co. Mar. Record

Eleanor Thompson m. Samuel Watkins

Eliza Thompson m. Thomas Swann

Elizabeth Thompson m. John B Johnson

Elizabeth Thompson m. Benjamin Beachboard

Elizabeth Thompson m. Edwin Conway II

Elizabeth Thompson m. Francis Taylor

Elizabeth Thompson m. Peter Prealy, Sr.

Elizabeth Thompson m. Michael Crowbarger

Elizabeth Thompson m. William Catlett

Elizabeth Thompson m. James Riley

Elizabeth Thompson m. George Clay

Fanney Thompson m. Johnson Wood

Frances Thompson m. Nathaniel Mills

Frances Thompson m. __Woodson

Frances Thompson m. 18 May 1786 Rebeckah Harvie in Petersburg VA. Cameron

Hannah Thompson m. Peyton Walker

Hannah Thompson m. Roger Lawson

Helen Thompson m. John Johnston

Henry Thompson m. 7 Aug 1788 Jenny Campbell by Rev. Williams Graham Rockbridge Co. Ministers' Returns

Henry Thompson m. 30 Dec. 1791 Lucy Giles. Isle of Wight Co. Mar. Record

Isaac Thompson m. 26 Jan. 1763 Prudence Scott. Norfolk Co. Mar. Record

Isaac Thompson m. 13 June 1786 Mary Duff by Rev. Samuel Carrick. ROckbridge Co. Ministers' Returns

Isham Thompson son of Robert m. Mary Ann Oliver and had a dau. b. 1762 Free II:370

Jacob Thompson m. 26 May 1795 Sukey Morris. Northampton Co. Mar. Records

James Thompson m. 25 April 1786 Polly Terry. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

James Thompson m. 24 Dec. 1785 Sarah Newall. Prince George Co. Cameron

Jane Thompson m. Caleb Baker

Jane Thompson m. James Watkins Jr.

Jena Thompson m. James Sloan

Joana Thompson m. Benjamin Waller

Joel Thompson m. 1798, Sarah Thompson. Orange Co. Mar. Record

John Thompson m. 10 Nov. 1796 Kesiah Franklin by William Flowers Campbell Co. Mar. Records

John Thompson m. 24 March 1796 Margaret Davidson by Rev. William Mahon. Campbell Co. Ministers' Returns

John Thompson, minister, m. (1) 1742 Butler (Brayne) Spotswood, widow of Gov. Spotswood; m. (2) __Rootes 31V59; St. Marks pp. 39, 174. Mar. Elizabeth Rootes, dau. of Philip. 4V208

John Thompson will dated 1698 m. Elizabeth (__) Salway, widow of John whose will, dated 1678. Surry p. 70

John Thompson m. 8 May 1799, Elizabeth Nucholls by William Cooke. Louisa Co. Ministers' Returns

John Thompson b. 1757 Albemarle Co. d. 1833, Mercer Co. KY. m. Susan Burton. DAR No. 65 864

John Thompson m. 17 March 1794, Rebecca Scurlock. Halifax Co. Mar Record

John Thompson, son of William (1722-1798) m. Loiusa Bowen dau. of Lieut. Rees and Loiusa (__). Hartford B-8010(2) 16 July 1955. Signed T.J.C.

John Thompson m. 5 Sept. 1786, Martha Langford, spinster. Sur. Thomas Langford. Albemarle Co. Mar. Bond

John Thompson m. 30 Sept. 1793 Rebeckah Whitlow. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

John Thompson m. 1787 Catrene Steele, Rockbridge Co. Morton p536

John Thompson, son of Rev. John and (2) __Rootes, m. 1784 Elizabeth Howison dau. of Dr. Howison of Culpepper; rem. to KY. 1793 afterwards Judge in Louisiana. St. Marks p. 176

John Thompson m. 1798 Margaret McCormick. Rockbridge Co. Morton p. 536

John Thompson m. Margaret Jones, dau. of Matthew and Mary (Lee) of York Co. 11T34

John Thompson m. 19 Sept. 1779 Jane Shelladay dau. of George. Wit. George Shelladay and James McCorkle. Montgomery Co. Mar. Bond

John Thompson m. 1781 Botetourt Co. Winifred Breckey. Kegley p.430

John Thompson m. 21 March 1785 Sarah Strong. Sur. John Strong. Goochland Co. Mar. Bond 8W(1)94

John Thompson m. prob. 1795 Polly Gooch by Richard Pope. Louisa Co. Ministers' Returns

John Thompson m. 9 Dec. 1786 Rebecca Edwards Powell. Dau. of Lucas. 30T64

John Thompson of Middlesex Co. m. 13 April 1727, Catherine Twyman b. 19 April 1702 dau. of George and Catherine (Montague) Wilcoxson p.415

Joseph Thompson b. 1703 d. 1764 m. Sarah Claiborne b. 1713 d. 1777 rem. to Goochland Co. 58V238

Joseph Thompson m. 15 Nov. 1790 Polly Ferguson. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

Joseph Thompson m. 17 Nov 1798 Anna Owen. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

Josiah Thompson m. 21 Aug. 1755 Mary Swann. Sur. Thompson Swann. Cumberland Co. mar. Bond

Joyce Thompson m. Elisha Leake (1st wife)

Judith Thompson m. William Poindexter

Katherine Thompson m. __Paine

Leweasia Thompson m. Robert Hughey

Lucy Thompson m. William Pulley

Lucy Thompson m. Thomas Richardson

Lucy Thompson m. Charles Boswell

M. Thompson m. Haynes Morgan

Margaret Thompson m. Thomas Gilmore

Margaret Thompson m. Isaiah Vansant

Margaret Thompson m. __Hall

Margaret Thompson m. Samuel Paxton

Margaret Thompson m. William Loyall

Margaret Thompson m. William Christie

Martha Thompson m. Lawrence Smith

Martha Thompson m. James Taylor Jr

Martha Thompson m. Daniel Javen

Martha Thompson m. James Watkins

Mary Thompson m. Thomas Brown

Mary Thompson m. Haynes Morgan

Mary Thompson m. William Blain

Mary Thompson m. Thomas Booth

Mary Thompson m. James Poindexter

Mary Thompson m. John Davidson

Mary Thompson m. James Miles

Mary Thompson m. John Adams

Mary Thompson m. (1) James Day; m. (2) John Johnson; m. (3) Reuben Gladhill

Mary Thompson m. Robert Martin Jr.

Mary Thompson m. Thomas Lewis

Mary Thompson m. Samuel Weir or Wier

Mary Thompson m. Robert Turner

Mary Thompson m. William Shields

Mary Thompson m. James Curtis

Mary Thompson m. Thomas Moore

Mary Thompson m. Charles Wilkins

Mary Thompson m. Booth Armistead

Mary Thompson m. James Armstrong

Mary Thompson m. (1) Robert Booth; (2) Capt. Graves Packe (1st wife)

Mary Thompson m. Willaim Cason

Mary Thompson m. Thomas Vahane

Mary Thompson m. Capt. William Tucker

Mary (__) Thompson m. James Shearn

Mary (__) Thompson Daniel Underhill

Mary A. (__) Thompson m. William Bibb

Mary Elizabeth Thompson m. John Chambers

Mary Marshall Thompson m. Thomas Watkins

Mary Shaw Thompson m. George Hatch

Meriday Thompson m. 16 Jan. 1794 Elizabeth Langdon, dau. of Samuel. Botetourt Co. Kegley p.597

Mildred Thompson m. Christopher Robertson

Mildred Thompson m. George Weedon Gray

Mildred Thompson m. James Scott

Molly Thompson m. William Wright

Nancy Thompson m. Tandy Demsey

Nancy Thompson m. Peter Robinson

Nancy Thompson m. David Sheeres

Nancy Thompson m. Willaim Ward

Nancy Thompson m. Josiah Gentry
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Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800
First name Thompson's are alphabetically from O-Z

Oliver Thompson m. 2 June 1789 Polly Anderson Norris, dau. of John Jr. Sur. Robert Watson. Charlotte Co. Mar. Bond

Patsy Thompson m. John Baytop Scott (2nd wife)

Patsy Thompson m. John Pointer

Philip Rootes Thompson, member of Congress, son of Rev. John and (2)__Rootes, m. (1) __Davenport, dau of Burkett, vestryman of St. Mark's; m. (2) Sarah Slaughter b. 28 Feb. 1777, dau. of Robert. 22V208; St. Mark's, pp. 39, 175

Phoebe Thompson m. John Greathouse

Polly Thompson m. Pleasant Smith

Rachel Thompson m. Alexander Berryhill

Rachel Thompson m. John Michael

Raphael Thompson son of Raphael and Susanna (__) of St. Mary's Co. MD
m. 2 Jan. 1798 at "Mars hill" Richmond Co. Ann Fauntleroy dau of Griffin Murdock and Ann (Belfield) Fauntleroy. Jones, p. 173

Rebecca Thompson m. Lieut Col. Nathaniel Cocke

Rebecca Thompson m. William ?Clinch

Rebecca Thompson m. John Simmonds

Rebecca Thompson m. William McPheeters

Rebecca Thompson m. __Cocke

Rebecca Thompson m. Charles Morgan

Rhodes or Rodes Thompson m. 13 Oct. 1778 Sally Vivion dau. of John III and Jane (Smith); rem to KY. 47V62; 5W(2)177

Richard Thompson m. 3 March 1789 Mary Moore. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

Richard Thompson m. Ursula Byshe. She m. (2) Col. John Mottrom; m. (3) George Colclough. 4W(1)171

Richard Thompson m. 19 Nov. 1799 Mary McGhee by R. O. Ferguson Louisa Co. Ministers' Return

Robert Thompson son of Drury m. 27 Oct. 1779 Sarah Watkins dau. of James. Sur. William Watkins. Charlotte Co. Mar. Bond

Robert Thompson m. 11 Jan. 1790 Mary Anderson. Louisa p.266

Robert Thompson m. 21 Feb. 1783 Lucy Hunter. Louisa Co. Mar. Record

Robert Thompson m. 19 Feb. 1660 Margaret (__) Welch. Widow of Jno. Christ Church p.11

Robert Thompson m. 1 Sept. 1742 Catharine Tomlinson. OPR

Rodes Thompson m. 1778 Sally Vivian. Orange Co. Mar. Record

Roger Thompson, Capt. in Rev. war m. Sallie Light; res. 1776 Albemarle Co. DAR No. 41 809

Sally Thompson m. Maness Moore

Sally Thompson m. James Eubank

Samuel Thompson, will dated 1779 Amelia Co; m. Anne Jennings 55V97. She's the dau. of Capt. William and Mary Jane (Pulliam) 55V179

Samuel Thompson m. after April 1678 Elizabeth (__) Salway, widow of John. 43V203

Samuel Thompson m. 15 May 1799 Polly Baird. Shelby Co. KY Mar. Record

Samuel Thompson m. __Staige dau. of Rev. Theodosius Staige in Orange Co. Charles Parish p.27

Samuel Thompson m. 27 Aug. 1797 Nancy Lucas. Sur. John Lucas. Kegley p.598

Samuel Thompson m. bef 7 Sept. 1682 Mary Marriott b. 1663 dau. of Maj. William. Surry Co. Book II pp.323, 331; 51V200

Samuel Thompson, Capt. in the British Navy m. 1769 Elizabeth Blair dau. of John and Mary (Monro). Announced in the Virginia Gazette 16 March 1769. 32V386; 5W(1)280; 8W(1)187

Sarah Thompson m. James S. John

Sarah Thompson m. Charles Strong

Sarah Thompson m. Bradley Kimbrough

Sarah Thompson m. John Rannolds

Sarah Thompson m. Thomas Willoughby

Sarah Thompson m. Augustine McGeehee

Sarah Thompson m. Samuel Henry

Sarah Thompson m. Dennis Mehorner

Sarah Thompson m. John Coates

Sarah K Thompson m. Charles Strong

Stith Thompson b. 19 June 1782 son of William F. and Margaret (Darvill); m. __Warwick. 9T209

Susan Thompson m. (1) David Rodes (2nd wife); m. (2) James Kerr

Susan Thompson m. Jesse Davenport

Susanna Thompson m. Peter Tinsley

Susannah Thompson m. William Terry

Temperance Thompson m. John Jennings

Thomas Thompson m. 15 May 1784 Nancy Pleasants Sur. Isaac Younghusband. Henrico Co. Mar. Bond

Thomas Thompson m. Penelope (__) Spence widow of Patrick (d. 1694). 15T269

Thomas Thompson m. 17 Sept. 1682 Eliza Hill. Christ Church p. 21

Thomas Thompson m. 15 Aug. 1754 Sophia Kinner. Sur. Richard Kelsick. Norfolk Co. Mar. Bond

Ursula Thompson (__) m. (2) Col. John Mottrom; m. (3) Major George Colclough

Waddy Thompson from Louisa Co. 1766; d. 1801; m. Elizabeth Anderson dau. of Nelson of Hanover Co.; m. (2) Mary (Lewis) Cobb, widow of Samuel and dau. of Robert Lewis. She d. 1813. Albemarle Co. 20V219 Mar. 8, 1787 Elizabeth Anderson. Louisa p. 280

Walter Thompson m. 2 Dec. 1784 Wilmoth Shields by Rev. David Barr. Pittsylvania Co. Ministers' Returns

Will Thompson m. Ellen Montague, dau. of Peter. NNHist.Mag. 5:1:419. Mar. bef. 1659. Proven will Peter Montague, dated 27 March 1659 Lancaster Co. (Also William)

William Thompson m. Mary Patton dau. of Col. James, whose will, prov. Nov. 1755, Augusta Co. Waddell, p.113. Was William b. 1722; d. 9 July 1798 Tazewell Co. ? Hartford B-8010(1), 16 July 1955 Signed T.J.C.

William Thompson son of John (d. ca 1791) and Margaret (Davidson) m. m. Jane Shilladay dau. of George and Esther (Baker). 51V397

William Thompson m. 7 Aug 1786 Henrietta Williams dau of John. Sur. Matthew J Williams. Charlotte Co. Mar. Bond

William Thompson b. 1722 d. 1798 m. (1) prob. __Buchanan; m. (2) in Penna., Lydia Ward. Res. Tazewell Co. Names of children given in this reference. Hartford B-8010(2), 16 July 1955. Signed T.J.C.

William Thompson m. 1790, Botetourt Co., Temperance Breckey dau of Jarrod (given as Brickley). Kogley p.481

William Thompson m. 26 Dec. 1787 Mary Meekie. Louisa p.280

William Thompson m. 12 March 1794 Dotthien Stockton, Henry Co. Mar. Record

William Thompson m. 17 Jan. 1787 Frances Rives. Prince George Co. Cameron

William Thompson m. 29 Jan. 1771 Frances Mills, prob. dau. of Charles and Ann (__). 15T43

William Thompson m. Bessie Ann Garland dau. of Edward and Jane (Jennings). She m. (2) William Sydnor and had 1st Sydnor child 1769. 4T45; 20W(1)222.

William Thompson m. bef. 1744 (date of birth of a son in Albemarle Parish) Hannah Bell. Rem. from Sussex Co. to Chatham Co. N.C. ca. 1750 Boddie Isle pp.302-3

William Thompson b. ca. 1679-82 d. 1732 Surry Co. son of Rev. William and Katherine (Treat) m. bef. 10 Aug. 1708 Martha Moseley dau of Col. William of Essex Co. and Hannah (Hawkins); res. Essex Co. and Surry Co. Boddie-Hist. IV;145-6

William Thompson Rev. of New Haven Conn. m. 29 Nov. 1665 Boston Mass. Katherine Treat (or Trott) bapt. 29 June 1637 Wethersfield Conn. dau. of Richard and Alice (Gaylord); rem. to Surry Co. Boddie-Hist IV;144-5

William Thompson m. 1798 Sally Caruthers. Rockbridge Co. Morton p.478

William Thompson m. 28 July 1787 Polley Worthington. Halifax Co. Mar. Record

William Thompson m. Polly Watlington dau. of Armistead. She m. (2) William Terry. Halifax Co. p. 345

William Thompson m. Catharine Mayo dau. of James and Mary (Hughes). Albemarle p.270

William Thompson m. 8 Nov. 1792 Anna Mullins. Sur. John Mullins. Albemarle Co. Mar. Bond

William Thompson m. 12 Oct. 1799 Nancy Vaughan by Rev. John Neblett, Methodist. Lunenburg Co. Ministers' Returns

William Thompson of Colchesterm. 3 Aug. 1785 Ann(-e) Washington b. 10 Nov. 1768 dau. of Robert. 23V100; 33V156; St. Paul's

William Thompson m. 26 Dec. 1765 Jane Holland. St. Paul's

William Thompson m. 24 Feb. 1681/2 Grace Elwood. Christ Church p.20

William Thompson m. 1785 Acquila Breeding. Orange Co. Mar. Record

William Thompson m. 10 Sept. 1788 Lucy Herbert Cocke. Sussex Co. Cameron

William Thompson m. 1772 King George Co. Sarah Carter. 31V59

William Thompson son of Rev. John and (1) Butler (Brayne) Spotswood Thompson. m. Sally Carter dau. of Charles and (2) __Byrd. St. Mark's pp.39, 175

William F. Thompson m. bef. 1765 (date of birth of first child) Margaret Darvill. 9T208

William Mills Thompson m. Harriet Broadus dau. of Maj. William and Martha (Slaughter) Jones. 21V428

William P. Thompson m. Mary Zemee b. ca. 1777 d. 11 April 1852, age 75, dau. of Anthony and Sophia (__) of Lancaster, Penna. Her tombstone in St. John's Churchyard. Henrico, p.513

William T Thompson m. 1795 Jeane McNeale. Orange Co. Mar. Record

Re: Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

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Very interested in your marriage entry of _ Thompson to Mary Herbert Claiborne. I believe this was William Thomson. Can you tell me how I can obtain a copy of this record?


Re: Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

Darlene (View posts)
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Hi Charlie,
I am researching my Thompson line and have found where another line has merged several Thompson lines together, it's an awful mess.
I have visited Libraries in Norfolk Co. VA as well as the dept of archives and history in Raleigh NC.
While at the libraries I copy what I can pertaining to all Thompson's. I then type it and post it to help others.
The marriage you are interested in was found in a book titled "Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607 - 1800". By Dorothy Ford Wulfeck.
Volume II
Surnames I-Z
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc
Baltimore 1986
It's in either the Norfolk Library by MacArthur center, downtown Norfolk or it's at the Chesapeake Library in Norfolk Co. off of Cedar Rd.
Your particular interest is on page 52
There is something else with the info and I think it might be a file number the number is 1V321.
That's all I can tell you about the marriage.
Keep smiling

Re: Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

Darlene (View posts)
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I looked at the pages I copied and it has lists of Thompson's who married and also lists of Thomson's who married.
There was no William Thomson showing to have married any Claiborne.
It probably means nothing but you should maybe try getting the record from the Ricmond dept of archives or vital statistics and have them look under both Thompson spellings.
I am thinking that the number by the name is likely a file number for the actual record. That is just my thought, though.

Re: Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

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Surnames: Thompson, Savier, Wolf
My George M. Thompson married 1831 to Miss. Laura Virginia Savier in Norfolk, Virginia.
George M. Thompson was at that time also in the US. Navy. Laura V. Savier born 1815 Norfolk, Virginia. They moved to Baltimore, Maryland where they had three children, Edward 1832, Elizabeth Ann 1834 and my line Joseph Savier Thompson 1839. George M. Thompson disappears about 1839-40 Laura waits seven years and remarries.

George M. Thompson had a brother Charles living in Baltimore.

Tom Thompson
Bradenton, FL.

Re: Marriages of some Thompson's residing in Virginia, 1600-1800

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I would enjoy speaking to you about your line of Thompsons. Will you email me at @
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