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Short Family

Short Family

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Hi everyone!

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but better to start somewhere rather than nowhere, I suppose! I am looking for a relative whom is presumably from Wales or Ireland. His name was Webb Short, born in the 1860's, we don't know his wife's name but, they moved to New York at some point during their life and had a son named Clarence. I've been hitting a wall trying to find information on my great-great-great grandfather and if anyone could assist me, I'd much appreciate it!


Re: Short Family

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According to 1910 census Webb Short was born in New York, & he says his parents did too,


Re: Short Family

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In the 1910 census for Brooklyn, Webb Short gives his age as 45 (so date of birth c1865) but he gives his place of birth as New York (not Wales or Ireland).

He also gives the place of birth of both of his parents as New York. He was a Stone Cutter and was living with son Clarence, age 5, but no wife is present.

Apart from this 1910 census I can't find any trace of "Webb Short" in the USA or Europe!

On the 1920 census for Brooklyn, Clarence Short is living at the St. John's Home, which appears to be an orphanage, but it gives the place of birth of both his parents as Ireland. He was at St. John's in 1915 also.

On the 1930 census for New York, Clarence in married and then gives the place of birth of both his parents as New York! Confusing!!!

I did find a family a long way up the Hudson river in Saugerties, but here Webster Short, of roughly the same age, is a farmer, although two of his sons are in the stone quarrying industry??? But this Webster is on the 1910 census in Saugerties. Could he have been living a double life???

Re: Short Family

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This guy is the hardest to find out about! I have heard so many conflicting stories! He was either divorced or widowed, no one knows for sure and it happened after he came to NY.... He gave one son up for adoption but not the other one (Clarence Senior). Some say the other son died!

Both Clarence's were born here in NY but as for Webb....don't know. I tried researching the name before but come up with some other guy who is also named Webb from the nearby area of PA, maybe it was a double life! I'm not sure but I can't get anything straight! hahaha Thanks for everyone's help so far!

Re: Short Family

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Do you know the name of the other son? Could it have been Charles?

Re: Short Family

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We know nothing at all :( just that there was another son whom was never spoken about, dont't know the slightest idea as to why though...

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I can see a *possible* solution. I'm not 100% convinced but there are a lot of similarities!

We can see Webb Short on only one census:

1910 US Census
663, Grand Street, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
SHORT, Webb, Head, 45, Married, born New York, Stone Cutter
SHORT, Clarence, Son, 4, Single, born New York

So, looking for other Shorts in the area produces one interesting individual. and I think the "Webb" Short and "Sylvester" Short may be the same person???? Perhaps he didn't like the name Sylvester?

1905 New York Census
161, Union Avenue, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
SHORT, Sylvester, Head, 41, Stone Cutter
SHORT, Annie, Wife, 30, Housework
SHORT, Charles E, Son, 15
SHORT, Clarence E, *Daughter*, 10 months

but "daughter" could be an error by the enumerator? I've never seen Clarence used as a girl's name before?

1900 US Census
379, South 2nd Street, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
SHORT, Sylvester, Head, 36, born New York, Stone Cutter
SHORT, Annie, Wife, 24, born New York,
SHORT, Charles, Son, 7, born New York, at school
(This census gives "Number of year married" as 11, making Annie 13 at the time!)

I can't find Sylvester, Annie or Charles on the 1910 US census!

(Sylvester can be traced back in earlier censuses to the Short family I mention in Saugerties, up the Hudson River!)

There is a death for an Annie Short in King's, New York on 22 Jan 1910, aged 35.

So the "Webb" and Clarence on the 1910 census would fit!

Also, Union Avenue, South 2nd Street and Grand Street are all in the same part of Brooklyn!

There is a death for a Sylvester Short in Queen's New York on 23 Jan 1915, aged 50.

This would explain why Clarence was in an orphanage in 1915 and 1920?

Of course, without sources this is all conjecture! You would need to get hold of birth and death records from the New York City Department of Records.

Re: Short Family

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Talk about confusing! Maybe he did lead a double life?! I would have to go down and see if I could get a hold of his records, I'm sure they have they somewhere. Thanks for all of your help!! I really appreciate it!
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