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Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

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I have sent many emails to people listing the line of John Theophilus Thompson. Only a few have taken the time to email me back regarding their information. I am seeking sources and references to this line. I have a big feeling the line is tainted. I have spent the last week visiting the libraries in Norfolk County VA. The Norfolk Public Library and the Chesapeake public library. There is nothing in either library that lists this specific Thompson. I was able to find info on some of the children listed as John's but no parents were linked with them. There are many Butt's in Norfolk Co. VA but there isn't one listing for an Alsey Butt. I spoke with a historian whose passion is researching the ships that were in the Norfolk Co in the 1700's. After, I was unable to find Hohn or Theophilus or both names in the Norfolk records. I told the historian that it is said that John died at sea. Some claim he was attacked by pirates others claim he started a new family in or around Barbado's. I know that there would be a record about this if John was a merchant. People would be seeking their money or goods. There is no official documented record of any such disaster. Newspaper resources that might have listed anything were destroyed in a fire. I won't find anything for the year John set out to barbado's or after.
The ship records do not list a John Thompson of any sort. I do have a John Thompson listed with a ship that is not his and it's dated 1699 and 1700, I believe.
So far I have failed to prove the lines out there. I would think it wise for others to ask for sources other than heads of households. I have those sources too and they don't tell you who is who and whose related to who. I have a small quantity of miscellaneous info on this specific Thompson line as well as more info I don't know where it belongs. I can't build a tree from this info without assuming in some big ways.
At this point in my research I am going to assume that some researchers did a lot of assuming on the line and it's tainted. Until I can prove the line or someone shows me verifiable references.
I thought other researchers would like to know what I am not finding regarding the line. Keep smiling!

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

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I noticed the unusual name of Theophilus and thought I would share what I have on Theophilus Gates THOMPSON in Ohio:

1. Theophilus Gates THOMPSON was born in 1825 in Ohio USA. He died in 1910. He was buried in Point Pleasant Cemetery, Salem Twp., Meigs County, Ohio USA.

Theophilus married Eliza Jane ADDIS . Eliza was born in 1830 in Ohio USA. She died in 1904. She was buried in Point Pleasant Cemetery, Salem Twp., Meigs County, Ohio USA.

They had the following children:

2 M i. Joseph Benton THOMPSON was born on 6 Sep 1853 in Salem Twp., Meigs County, Ohio USA. He died on 28 May 1918 in Rutland, Meigs County, Ohio USA. He was buried on 31 May 1918 in Old Salem Cemetery, Salem Twp., Meigs, Ohio USA.

Joseph was employed as Farmer.
Joseph married Mary Adora WILLCOX (WILCOX) daughter of William Hilton WILLCOX and Adaline BUTLER on 17 Jan 1878 in Meigs County, Ohio USA. Mary was born on 2 Dec 1858 in Langsville, Rutland Twp, Meigs Co., Ohio USA. She died in 1935. She was buried in Old Salem Cemetery, Salem Twp., Meigs, Ohio USA.

Do you think there could be a possible connection to your John Theophilus Thompson?

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

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At this time I am going to say your line has no relation to the John Theophilus Thompson line. There are too many issues that disprove that specific line. While the children of this particular John can be found and followed, their parents can't be. Some say John was an Indian from Ireland and Scotland. That isn't possible. Others say he had a ship named 1, Ranger and 2, Nancy. They would have some believe that he had 2 wives at once. Not only that, that he managed to have a child a year while travelling through the Great Dismal Swamp, braving the Nansemond Indians that lived there to travel home on horseback or wagon to first 83 miles to Nash Co. NC and later to Robeson Co NC, which is 56 miles from Myrtle Beach SC. That distance from me would about a 5 or six hour drive.
All the while ships had to be maintained and kept sea worthy, there isn't a ships list, passenger, cargo or crew under a John Thompson. That I am able to find in Norfolk Co.
No wills but some of the children can be found in the wills of their inlaws.None of his sons seems to have been taught the ways and passion of the sea. How did John support his family living so far from them?
I have my line proven upto 1803. Which is when Joseph Thompson was born in SC. He married Harriet Johnson in Marengo Co. AL on January 10, 1827. George Thompson is in the 1820 census there, he is the only Thompson listed in Marengo Co. In 1830 Joseph is the only Thompson listed in Marengo Co. He moves to Sumter Co. for the 1840 and 1850 census. He moves to Lauderdale Co. MS for the 1860 census. It is likely that he is related to the George Thompson in Marengo Co. Some think he is the brother of George and the son of george Sr and Ann Ogletree. Others would say Joseph was born before 1803 and married 2 or 3 times. With the same parents. Archibald Thompson wasn't found on a Marengo Co census but he married Ann Thompson in Marengo Co. Some say it was his cousin and he is George and Joseph's nephew. George and Archibald, it is said moved to TX and Joseph obviously stayed in AL. he is my ggg grandfather. He was born in 1803 in SC , who his parents are I don't know, who his grandparents aren't is what I am proving.
There are no official records of John Thompson a seaman married to Alsey Butt in Norfolk Co VA a polygamist married to a "Nepsy" in Robeson Co, BEFORE he married Alsey in Norfolk Co., that I can find. Using Norfolk Co. as my hunting ground. I live in the Great Dismal Swamp, where John and his family would have traveled. It was Nansemond Indian territory.
I would suggest staying away from that particular line. I am going to prove the parents of My Joseph Thompson who married Harriet Johnson and is likely related to a George and Archibald Thompson and it's going to find many faults with the current line regarding John Theophilus Thompson the traveling man on a horse, the sailor and ship owner, polygamist and Indian from Europe. During the times of Quaker and Puritan dominion. It might turn out that my line does connect to yours. Thank you for the info and keep smiling.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

J.C. Thompson (View posts)
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Surnames: John "Theophilus" Thompson
There is much data including wills, indentured servant records, land purchases, tax records etc. to prove that John Thompson did move from Norfolk to Nash County, N.C. to Robeson County, N.C. The book dealing with his ship deals specifically with the Butt family and the families of the southern Elizabeth River. As to how he dealt twith the Nansemonds, who knows, but his wife had some Native blood, believed to be Cheraw due to their settling later in Robeson County. It could have been Nansemond, that is unknown. What is known is that after his death in 1757, his father-in-law Henry Butt bailed them out. As to polygamy, that was rather common on the frontier. However, no proof has ever been given that he was really married to Nepsy. That is the story of one Robeson County family, but I have never seen documentation of such. His children are also well documented through indentured servant records, land records, etc. as well as a family bible that I personally have not seen in 15 years that is supposed to be in the hands of family in east Texas. The last time I saw it, it wasin the possesion of Cecil Vinson of Tyler. She died in 1992. Her bropther mentioned it at a reunion two years ago, but he did not have it. In other words the proof is out there that he did exist, he did have the children listed and may have been polygamous. His son Henry Butt Thompson was polygamous so why not he? As to shipping, no children follwed him, possibly due to his being killed by pirates, but many were businessmen. But take no ones words for it that he is not proven. As to his ancestry, most of that data is from books and oral, with ties to Josiah Van Kirk Thompson's works and Gustav Anjou. Anjou was a noted liar, so beware of his genealogies unless support by JV Thompson.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

J.C. Thompson (View posts)
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Surnames: Thompson-Butt-Etheridge
Just another thought: Who on earth thought John was an Indian from Europe? According to the Emerett Nicholson Papers and the book the Sharp, Nicholson and Thompson families of East Texas, both state he was an Irish seaman. This would be in line with other data from JV Thompson, that shows the line Scot-Irish. He then traces the lineage back to Scotland Johannes Van Kirk Thomson, ca, 1400 from Dumbarton, Scotland.
The Native lines, if wny, are through his wifes Alsey Butt's line back to Jane Etheridge the wife of Thomas Etheridge, the great grandparents of Alsey Butt, making her at a maximum of 1/8 Indian. There was no Native lines in the Thompson family of this line prior to that. Hope this helps.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

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If I were to tell you my name is Darlene and then spell my name as Darleen and someone else said I was Darlean and yet another said I was Darline. You would know my name sounds like Dar lean but you wouldn't know how to look for me. The advantage you have is that you can ask me.
When I and others are looking to link to our ancestors and we find that someone else has different information linked to them already what are we supposed to do? Look for another line to attach to?
I can't prove at this point in time that a George and Joseph Thompson living in Marengo Co. AL are related. The indication, after examining specific issues would say they are.
Yet, there are others who say they have that particular Joseph and it isn't my Joseph. My proven information regarding my Joseph contradicts the other Joseph. So, maybe there is another unknown Joseph.
Maybe I need to look at the line and research it for more clues. I find a John owning a ship called the Ranger and I find one owning a ship called the Nancy. I find an Indian John from Europe and a white man from Europe. Of course, no Indian came from Europe when the colonists were coming here.
This information and much more is coming from family tree's.
I find it fascinating that John Thompson continued to have children years after his death.
This all tells me that there is more than one John Thompson being inserted into this line. It tells me that lot's of the information to this line hasn't been researched thoroughly. So, I am left to find someone who has official documentation that will put me on the right track. I am left to find my own documentation that will do the same thing.
If I take the personal sources that are out there and compare them, as a whole, the line is tainted. I will follow the lines that can tell me where I can find "proof" of the information, or documentation. If it's a book then I will set out to seek official documentation using the book as my guide.
As for a John Thompson owning a ship in Norfolk Co. VA.
A search for ship logs and records produced one John Thompson. This is the information it contained:
English Duplicates of Lost VA. Records:
page 295
List of ships entering Rappahanock River from 29 Sept. to 25 Dec. 1701
Harrison of London
Square stern, 220 tons
John Harrison, Master
John Harrison, Ben: Bradley, Arthur North, Tho: Wych, Roger Jones, JOHN THOMPSON, Will Bird, Robert Bolling, Benj: Harrison, Henry Hartwell, Will Wilson, Owners
page 323
List of ships clearing Upper District James River from 16th Nov. to 28 Dec. 1699
Harrison of London
Square stern, 200 tons
John Harrison, Master
John Harrison, Benj. Bradley, Arthur North, Thomas Wych, Roger Jones, JNO. THOMPSON, Wm. Byrd, Benj. Harrison, Henry Hartwell, Wm. Wilson, Rob't Bolling, Frederick Jones, Owners.
If I can prove my Joseph is from this particular line I will go to Richmond and seek more info regarding John Thompson with a ship. In the mean time I am asking others for sources that can prove their information because of the many contradictions and discrepancies. Some people are happy that I am doing this and others are offended by it.
I am talking to others who can't link to this line because someone else already has. These people are discouraged and confused they know they belong in this particular line but the information is so tainted that they don't know where to begin. It takes us back to the analogy... Am I Darlene or Darline or Darleen.... It sounds like Dar lean but which is she and who is she? Apply that to John or Theophilus or John Theophilus Thompson. You can ask me who I am but the only way to ask John who he is is by looking at official documents and gathering them. Because there are so many people with the same names back then, you have to study the history and the geography and compare the John's or Joseph's or George's or Henry's....
John is a very common name back then. It is very possible that this line is dealing with 2 different John's. I know there are 2 different Joseph's to be dealt with.
Research is a frustrating thing at times, it's a rewarding things at others. It's confusing most times. It should never be discouraging and when you encounter different data and no official sources some people are going to give up. That makes me sad.
If you wanted to see if you linked to my line and you wanted sources this is what I would give you:
Descendants of Joseph Thompson
Generation No. 1
1. JOSEPH THOMPSON, was b. Abt. 1803 in S.C. He married Harriet Johnson Jan 10, 1827 in Marengo Co. AL. She was born Abt. 1808 in GA.


Info regarding Joseph, his wife and children obtained from the below censuses.

Marengo Co., AL Marriages, 1827, pg. 135, FHL #1293864

Marriage file Dept. Vital Statistics AL

Spouse 1: Joseph A. Thompson

Spouse 2: Harriet Johnson

Marriage Date: 10 Jan 1827

Marriage Place: Marengo

Surety/Bond Date:

Performed By: Minister of the Gospel

Surety/Perf. Name: Johathan Anderson

OSPage: 135

1860 Lauderdale Co. MS

Image 265 Roll M653_585

Listed as J. H. Thompson

1850 STATE: Alabama COUNTY: Sumter DIVISION: Warsaw REEL NO: M432-15 PAGE NO: 326B

REFERENCE: 21 Dec. 1850 Danl. L. Ayres

Marengo Co., AL Marriages, 1827, pg. 135, FHL #1293864

1840 census:

Sumter Co. Unk twnshp

Roll # M704_15

1 male age 10-15

1 male age 30-40

2 females under age 5

1 female age 10-15

1 female age 30-40

1 female slave age 10-20

1830 census:

Marengo Co. Unk Twnshp

Roll # M19_2

1 male under age 5

1 male of 30 and under 40

1 female under age 5

1 female of 20 and under 30

1 female slave of 25 and under 36

1 female slave of 10 and under 24

1 female slave under age 10

I am confident that this Joseph is related to George Thompson who moved to Texas from Marengo Co. AL. I am seeking more proof of this, at the moment.


Marengo Co., AL Marriages, 1827, pg. 135, FHL #1293864

Marriage file Dept. Vital Statistics AL

Spouse 1: Joseph A. Thompson

Spouse 2: Harriet Johnson

Marriage Date: 10 Jan 1827

Marriage Place: Marengo

Surety/Bond Date:

Performed By: Minister of the Gospel

Surety/Perf. Name: Johathan Anderson

OSPage: 135


2. i. CYNTHA E THOMPSON, b. Abt. 1829.

ii. UNKNOWN THOMPSON, b. Bef. 1830.


I do not know if this child is older or younger than Cyntha. Since I am assuming them to be the children of Joseph and Martha from the 1830 and 1840 census records. See Joseph A Thompson for the census info.

iii. ELIZABETH THOMPSON, b. Abt. 1836, MS.

iv. MARY THOMPSON, b. 1840, MS.

v. VIRGINIA THOMPSON, b. Abt. 1846, AL.

3. vi. JOHN W THOMPSON, b. July 19, 1849, AL; d. October 29, 1894.

Generation No. 2

2. CYNTHA E THOMPSON (JOSEPH) was born Abt. 1829. She married ? CARLTON.


I am assuming Cyntha is a daughter of John and Harriet because she is in the 1850 census with them and an unknown daughter is listed in the 1830 and 1840 censuses. Her surname in the census is, however, Carlton and she has a child.


i. JOHN A CARLTON, b. Abt. 1847.

3. JOHN W THOMPSON (JOSEPH) was born July 19, 1849 in AL, and died October 29, 1894. He married MARTHA E CLAY July 17, 1870 in Lauderdale Co. MS. She was born May 20, 1848 in Lauderdale, Lauderdale Co. MS, and died March 26, 1927.


I owe much gratitude to the historian Rhonda Bell for her continuous efforts in helping me find info regarding my line. I wouldn't have gotten this far without her!

Thank you Rhonda

Marriage record is in Lauderdale Co., MS marriage record book 1A, pg. 152,

FHL #899121

1850 Sumter Co. census pg 326 backside.

Image 139 Roll M432_5

1860 Lauderdale Co. MS

Image 265 Roll M653_585

1870 Lauderdale Co. MS-Lauderdale post office-census. Enumerated June 18, 1870.

1880 Sumter Co. AL

Paynesville Beat 13

14 June 1880

Spelled J W Tompson

See Martha Clay for the 1900, '10 and '20 censuses

1860 Lauderdale Co. MS. Lists a J H or A Thompson, it is the same people in the 1850 Sumter Co. census.


Burial: York Municipal Cemetery, in York AL (Sumter Co.)

Notes for MARTHA E CLAY:

1860 Lauderdale Co. MS census

Census Page 51

Beat 2

9 July 1860

Martha living with her mother

1900 Sumter Co. AL census

York Precinct 6

ED 92

June 5, 1900

Lists Martha widowed

Living with her are some of her children and grandchildren

1910 Sumter Co. AL census

York Precinct 6

ED 11 9 4 7 ?

April 18, 1910

Lists Martha with some of her children, grandchildren and her sister Lucinda Clay

1920 Sumter Co AL census

ED 81

Lists Martha and some of her children and grandchildren.


Burial: York Municipal Cemetery, in York AL (Sumter Co.)

Children of JOHN THOMPSON and MARTHA CLAY are:

i. ESTELLE THOMPSON, b. May 23, 1871, MS; d. July 18, 1936; m. G.P. WIGGINS; b. October 17, 1857; d. January 25, 1915.


Death certificate file:

Estelle T Wiggins

died June 1936

County, Sumter

Volume, 50

Role, 3

Page, 24919


Burial: Sumter Co. York, AL York Municipal (city) Cemetery

More About G.P. WIGGINS:

Burial: Sumter Co. York, AL York Municipal (city) Cemetery

ii. ARTHER G THOMPSON, b. October 19, 1873, MS; d. November 22, 1927, Sumter Co. AL.


Death certificate file:

Arther G Thompson

died Nov 1927

county Sumter

Volume 47

Role 2

Page 23485


Burial: York Municipal Cemetery, in York AL (Sumter Co.)

4. iii. OSCAR S THOMPSON, b. August 1874; d. July 03, 1959, Pell City, Saint Clair County, AL.

iv. VIOLA THOMPSON, b. April 05, 1877; d. July 07, 1931, Sumter Co. AL; m. CHARLIE N SMITH.


Viola Thompson Charlie N Smith

married March 22, 1897

county Sumter

ospage 222

Viola Smith

died July 1931

county Sumter

Volume 34

Role 3

Comment C

Page 16851

v. KATE THOMPSON, b. January 1888, AL; m. H ? PETERS.


Kate Peters (sister) was listed as person to contact at Bumpers funeral home York AL, regarding the death of Oscar.

Generation No. 3

4. OSCAR S THOMPSON (JOHN W, JOSEPH) was born August 1874, and died July 03, 1959 in Pell City, Saint Clair County, AL. He married Bethany "THANY" PERKINS. She was born Abt. 1877 in MS, and died 1925 in Holmes Co. FL.


I owe much gratitude to Brad Campbell and Rhonda Bell for their continuous efforts in helping me find info regarding my line. I wouldn't have gotten this far without them!

Thank you Rhonda

Thank you Brad

1880 Sumter Co. AL Census

Paynesville Beat 13

14 June 1880

Spelled J W Tompson

Listed in the 1900 MS, Kemper Co., Beat 2 Oak Grove, 18/19 June, ED 4-13-97 census as a boarder with Robert Walker.

1920 Sumter Co AL census

ED 81

under Martha E Thompson

Marriage license Lauderdale Co. MS 2B p.371 FHL#899115

January 19, 1898

Signed: OS Thompson and Thany Byrd

Identified as Mr. O.S. Thompson and Miss Thany Byrd

A search in Lauderdale Co. for other OS Thompson's and Thany Byrd's, did not yield any.

Not sure this is them but it probably is. Seeking info on Thany's other marriages to confirm.

Family members of Oscar's immediate family were identified by the 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records of York, in Sumter Co. AL. Additional information was obtained by Brad Campbell and the many cemetery look ups he did for me in Sumter Co.

Death certificate: St Clair county, Pell City AL #15772


Burial: July 05, 1959, Sumter Co. York, AL York Municipal (city) Cemetery


Thany's given name was Bethany Perkins.

It is thought that Thany was Indian but research on the Perkins line would indicate she was part Portugese. Her mother Martha Jane Jones could have been Indian but I can't say because I haven't researched it.

Thany was married 4 times.

Her first husband is unknown. She had a daughter known only as Eva who married a Grantham.

Her second husband is unknown but it is being researched to see if she married a Byrd/Bird. She had a daughter known only as Jewell who married Silas Edgar Peters.

Her third husband was Oscar S Thompson

Her fourth husband was Rufus E Savell/ Savill

1920 Census Dated Jan. 10, 1920 Georgia, Bibb County 2nd ward part of, Macon City (Thanie Savell)


Burial: Collins Mill Cemetery, Jackson County, Florida/ No headstone


i. ERNEST FOLEY THOMPSON, b. October 20, 1898; d. October 17, 1962, Augusta GA; m. (2) IDA BELL LEATHERWOOD; b. December 08, 1907, Coffee Co AL,; d. January 02, 1994, Dale Co. AL; m. (1) THELMA FLOWERS, July 13, 1918, Bibb, Co. GA..


I owe much gratitude to Brad Campbell and Rhonda Bell for their continuous efforts in helping me find info regarding my line. I wouldn't have gotten this far without them!

Thank you Rhonda

Thank you Brad

Pvt. Co. C 11 Inf WW1 Inscribed on headstone

Family information obtained by family members and some extra help came from Juanita Pace

Marriage 1, Ernest Thompson and Thelma Flowers recorded in Bibb Co. GA Marr. bk O-187 FHL#394112

Marriage 2, Earnest and Ida Bell Dale Co. AL Marr. bk J p436 FHL#1294505

Note the differences in the spelling of his name.

Earnest went into the Army and I am told, by Beatrice Savell, that he was under age and lied about his age to get in, this according to Aunt Bea's husband Richard Savell, Earnest's half brother.

Earnest's birth date is taken from his death certificate. Obtained from the V.A. hospital in Valdosta GA.

Earnest's marriage license to granny has him listed as age 23 at the time he married granny, in 1924. This would make him being born in 1901.


Burial: Carroll cemetery Dale Co. AL


Burial: January 04, 1994, Carroll cemetery Dale Co. AL

Earnest and Ida Bell's youngest child is my mother.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

J.C. Thompson (View posts)
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Dar Leen lean lene lein, etc. What you say is in general correct, but when you discount certain things without total knowledge, you are hurting others as would someone who arbitrarily puts a name in. First, as the primary historian and genealogist of the Texas Choctaw federal acknowledgment project, I have researched this Thompson line more than most. However, going beyond the lines that married into the Choctaw and Cherokee Nations I am more limited. As to John Thompson, the data I have giving you is in print and I gave you resources in which to attempt to look it up regarding the Ranger. There was no shipo known as the Nancy. This Nancy was supposed to be the daughter of Nepsy the very questionable concubine of John. As to his Indian blood, that one should be obvious as he was European. His son Henry Butt Thompson married Maragret McCoy who was 1/2 Choctaw and 1/4 Chickasaw. His nephews line (William Allen Thompson) married into the Cherokees and is well documented by Dr. Emmett Starr. As to having children after he died. We'll there again, logic needs to prevail. In that I assume yyou are referring to Reuben Thompson, b. January 11, 1765, some eight years after John died. Again, this is through the Nepsy line, wheras all of his proven descendants are through Alsey Butt. In my data base, I attempt to find a solution to this "There is also the line claimed through a Nepsy with two children Reuben and Nancy. However Reubens date of birth would indicate he was a grandchild rather than a child as Rueben was born 8 years after John's death. I am including him under what some have listed as his older sister through Nepsy for data purposes. More research will have to be completed before a positive link is accomplished. The possibility of Nancy's being Rueben's mother would make more sense. Nancy married a James Thompson, but I cannot determine who this is. The dates are wrong for it to be her first cousin James, who is Matthew's son. JCT 1/23/00"

Note: since some are claiming this I include "for data purposes" as it is physically impossible for Rueben to have been a son. In responding to your query, just as to your e-mails, all I want is for you not to discourage someone because you can't find something, but encourage all interested to keep on looking for additional data. As for ships records, you said yourself that German records were lacking, what about Irish. They were not at the top of the English lists of favorable peoples. Then who knows the book listing him may have been in error, weirder things have happened. Additionally, how I know that we are talking about the same John Thompson, is due to that book being about the Butt family as I told you in an e-mail. It only mentions John in that he was married to Alsey Butt. Since that data is not in question, then it must be the same John.

So now please try to find the book through NARA or local sources dealing with families from the Souther Elizabeth River region. Once you have that, then we can talk about debunking. And thanks for the history of Norfolk.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

Darlene Pettus Brown (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Since I haven't posted anything confusing and discouraging and since it would appear that you are defensive about your research even through all of the emails, you said you receive, that disagree with your story or have evidence that would conflict with your story. You over look the point, something is wrong. I am not going to debate this with you any longer.
We will have to agree to disagree from here on out. If you choose to take this line and it's flaws as a personal blow to you there is nothing I can do about that.
You are welcome for the history of Norfolk.
I again will warn others researching this line... It is tainted and without more research and official documents, you will wind up like many other researchers. You will have relatives that match the line but no place to insert them. If you do find a link to an individual, you will be met with arguements.

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

J.C. Thompson (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Its not tainted period. You suppose such because you can't find info that I have found. Too bad that doesn't mean I am wrong nor all those I have worked with. And yes I take offense at you because of your persistance in claiming its tainted when I refute your arguments. Is it 100% righty, I would like to think so, but I doubt it. That doesn't mean its tainted but still a work in progress. THE DATA FROM JOHN THOMPSON, HIS CHILDREN, DOWN TO MY LINE IS DOCUMENTED AS GOOD AS IT WILL EVER GET. Just because you can't link your Joseph to John 100% doesn't mean its not there. I don't know about lines beyond what I have in print. As to George and Joseph. If you believe in my data their probably brothers as I know they are cousins to Archibald. He was the brother of my Henry, brother of William and mentioned in numerous BIA records, land records and wills (Archibald's is on line) So stop this tainted crap as it is not. Your line, who knows, most of that data came from the Murrah's. But John the husband of Alsey is proven. If I have to dig the files out I will but I will charge you for it. Something that dispises me, but I will sonce you know my circumstances. Your proof of taint is based upon a 21st century anglo mentality that was there in the 18th century. Your knowledge of the Nansemond is slightly off as well as their major threat ended after the King Philips War, long before John Thompson was on the scene. So stop saying tainted as that indicate deception and if you want to carry this further you have my e-mail address. If you keep calling it tainted without proof of such, then I must report this as an abuse to

Re: Regarding the John Theophilus Thompson lines

Teresa Thompson Williams (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Thompson

I just wanted to say Thank you for researching this line further and asking for documentation or offical proof . As an adopted child , I can't tell you how frustrating it is to think you have found your family only to be let down when you find there are so many contradictions that leave you with no way to prove your connection to this line. My Thompson line has several Henry Thompson's in it ,and no one can agree which one of them the many children belong to. So I for one say keep asking for that proof and documentation it is the only way that you can prove your connection.
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