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Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

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I'm trying to track any family of my 3x great-grandfather Sir Harry or Edward Pilkington-Williams from Wales.
The information I know is that he was knighted, and married a Lady Molyneux (I don't have a first name & not sure about the spelling as there are different ways of spelling this surname).
Lady Molyneux's father Lord Molyneux was displeased with the marriage, and so they left for New Zealand.
They had a son Harry Pilkington-Williams.
After Sir Harry or Edward passed away, my 3x great-grandmother met a South African explorer, who promply brought them to SA.

I cannot find any other record of a Pilkington-Williams on this website, or on the internet as a whole, but there are a handful of us here in South Africa.

If anyone is a descendant, or if anyone has any information for me, please be so kind as to contact me.

Thank you
Leigh Pilkington-Williams

Re: Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

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Have you 'proved' your descent back to the couple you are asking about,or is it 'family lore'???
You do not give any dates so we are completely in the dark to be able to help.



Re: Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

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Hi Sandra

Unfortunately, I have very limited information.
I spoke to my dad's oldest cousin, whose in her 80's, and she was told this by her father.
For some reason, the family line was not really discussed, but her father gave her this info when she was a child.

I tried to do some research, and found a list of those who had been Knighted.
To be honest, i'm not sure if the original surname was only Pilkington or Williams. I'm also trying to find out whether those knighted had surnames added, which would explain the double barrel surname, but not sure whether this is true or not.?

Apparently, my one of my grandfather's brother's went to England to try and find family. It seems that because Lord Molyneux never knew about the birth of his grandson, the inheritance, was bestowed upon the "next in line" male in the family. I don't think any friendships were made in this endeavour, so not sure what happened there.

I do also know that Pilkington was a 2nd name passed onto all male heirs, or if a female was the oldest, she would get the name, for example, other family members of my dad: Sharon (the eldest), and her brother Craig both have Pilkington as their 2nd names and their surname was Williams, but the youngest daughter does not have the Pilkington.

I know that it's very confusing, but my grandfather was a Pilkington-Williams, not a Williams, and because there are so few of us, I'd love to find out more about my dad's side of the family.


Re: Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

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Hi, I have an Edward Pilkington Williams in my family who was married to an Ann Wilson. They married in England and when he died she married a South African called Adrian Van Renen in 1874. She died in NZ in 1918. In the NZ records I have, his name is always recorded with Pilkington as a middle name. I haven't been able to find a death record. There ia record of an Ann and Edward having a son in 1863 named Harry Pilkington Williams in the St Peter's City of Liverpool baptism register. They definitely had a daughter Julia Annie Williams in NZ in 1865. I don't know if any of this seems to match your family but it has the nz and sa connection. Cheers Tracey

Re: Sir Harry/Edward Pilkington-Williams (about 1840)

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Hi Tracey
Wow, i'm quite blown away by this information. Thank you so much for sharing.

Pilkington is a second name, which was given to the first born only male only, or if a girl was born first, then she will get it as a 2nd name, like my aunt has, but somewhere along the line it became a surname, which is why i'm trying to find this all out.
Sadly, it seems that there was a big family dispute many years ago, and as a result we don't know the rest of the family.
Do you know why they moved to NZ?
I'm assuming that Adrian then brought the kids here to SA, instead of back to the UK?

I don't have a subscription at the moment, is it possible to send me some of the info you have?
If you are willing to share, please can you send it to .

Regards, Leigh
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