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John Parker

John Parker

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Surnames: Parker
Does anyone have access to electoral rolls and look up in Dulverton area for John Parker born 1863-died Latrobe 1940.
A farmer from Dulverton who was estimated to be in this area for quite some time .I think it was in district of Devon in those days.I need close as possible to 1863 to try and find parents.Thanks if anyone has info.P.s or postal records .

Re: John Parker

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Hello royroy89,

John Parker died November 1st 1940, Wife Sarah.
I have information for you.

Re: John Parker

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Thanks, but his wife was Eliza Zorredia Randall.He died 16/09/1940

Re: John Parker

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Hello royroy89,

Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803-1899
Births five, John Parker.

Ten John Parker's have second names.

One that is close by year and in the district of Deloraine.

PARKER JOHN Birth Fathers name John
Day 7 Mon 1 1862 Mothers name Mary Herleyhey
Reg Place Deloraine 252/1862 RDG 33

PARKER JOHN THOMAS Birth Fathers name James Philip
Day 11 Mon 11 1862 Mothers name Amelia Sarah
Reg Place Launceston 443/1862 RGD 33

I Have seen the Advocate Newspaper, John's Death was 13/09/1940. If you would like more details please email.
Did John have any siblings?

Re: John Parker

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Thanks again,Yes i know this John and Mary Herleyhey is actually Mary Early convict.I have his birth certificate as well but he marries a Rose Edmund and has other children.As to John Thomas i have his birth reg as well .Amelia his mother was actually a Jones not Walbourne.As you can see i have researched him for years and i still haven't found any siblings but if you check Tas Colonial index you will see his first of 17 children.This is why i think he was born overseas although at the age of 26 when he married 1889 he lived at Dulverton and continued until at least 1929 or more till he went to Latrobe.Electoral roll maybe from Devon
would find him.You can read other message boards on Tas about him.Thanks again for your time.

Re: John Parker

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Hello royroy89,
BIRTH Randall Eliza Zorredia, Father James
Mother Eliza MOSS

26/9/1871 Fingal 454/1871 RED 33

When Eliza Randall and John Parker Married 18/4/1889 at the Dwelling house of James Randall at Spreyton
434/1889 RED 37 Mersey 1889

Their first child?
7806 Birth on 31st July 1894 John James Parker
Father John Parker
Mother Eliza Rhoda Parker
formerly Randel

Father Farmer Eliza Rhoda Parker
mother Latrobe (by letter) 10th Sept 1894
Mersey 1488 /1894

Latrobe 1894

Electoral Roll, Fingal 1873

Randall, James Place of Abode Londavra Leaseholder, Land,
Londavra, R.Cameron owner

now there was at Fingal Charles Allen Parker age 27
Married Elizabeth Jemima RAINY age 23
Date 11/1/1855 Longford Marriage 1019/1855 RGD37

Electoral Rolls 1903-1954, have you seen 1914-1937 for John Parker on ancestry.
Sorry I didn't have time for 1889 roll.

Re: John Parker

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Hello again and thanks for taking all the time to find ifo,but it still leaves me at base 1.The James Randell
and Eliza Moss is correct and i have all the way back to Worschestershire in England etc.I also have Johns marriage certificate.Rhoda is a nick name and one child later was also called after the mother.James Londavra estate i know of as well as Charles Allen Parker from Isle of man Irish sea.All Randalls are from Fingal Eliza christened at St does have some info from one other but requires registration to find details but i will look again.
Charles Allen could be father of John but i only have children to 1859.Parker and Randell were neighbours so it is possible.So as you can see still no answer as yet.Thanks again

Re: John Parker

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Hello Royroy89

At the Launceston Library. Post Office Directory on Microfilm 1890-1948, Census Returns 1842-1851.
Assisted Immigration 1841-1889
Electoral Rolls
Meander: Legislative Council 24th July 1856
John Parker, River Don, Don Land Freeholdestate

Devon: House Of Assembly No Parkers 1856
Fingal:1861-1862 Parker Charles Allen at Beeham, Salary 100 Pds, Name of employer Arthur O'Connor, Esq., Lake River, Date of Appointment, 10th November 1860.

Devon: 1861-1862 No Parkers

Post Office Directory 1890 off the film
Dulverton, Devon. Co.70 miles N.E from Launceston; a railway; Wes.Church; Post office; agric & Coal mining district. See also Railton.

Parker John, miner
Parker Mary Ann, postmistress.

Fingal 1890: Parker Thomas H Landowner.

See website on other records held at the Library.

Let me know,hope this helps.

Re: John Parker

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Thanks for your time .John Parker from the Don River is not him.Charles Allen Parker could be father but i have no other children after 1859 so i do not know if he had any others after this.The other parkers are not him either.I have Tas family history going through christening records from St Lukes church Latrobe to see if mentions birth origin from John and any relations from Pioneer cemetery that can shine light on him.Anyway thanks again.

Re: John Parker

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Hello Royroy89,

The Tasmanian Federation Index 1900-1930
for Deaths for Parker in Latrobe

Year Name Place Reg No. Age
1905-08-04 Parker John Latrobe 1051 82yrs
1909-03-01 " John Latrobe Hospital 427
1914-02-01 " Cloreen
Elizabeth " " 395

1920-12-20 " Muriel
Grace Emily Latrobe 1558
1924-02-29 " Margaret Sassafras,Latrobe 111
1926-10-07 " Eliza Zradia Sherwood " 796
1927-10-02 " Susan Latrobe 900
1928-06-14 " James Francis Latrobe Hosp 838 73yrs
1930-05-27 " George Latrobe Hosp 833 8yrs

For Dulverton

1900-01-11 Parker Grace Pearl Dulverton 878
1921-12-21 " Lawrence Bernard " 1494 4mths

In the North West Advocate & Emu Bay Times Newspaper
5th August 1905
Death Notice
Parker John On August 3, at his son's residence,
Bell's Store, Latrobe, John Parker, in his 83rd year.

Funeral Notice
The Funeral of the late John Parker will leave his son's residence, Bell's Store, Latrobe, at 2 o'clock Tomorrow (Sunday) for the Catholic Cemetery Latrobe.
H Biggins

I didn't find any more children for Charles Allen Parker.

Index for the Tasmanian Advocate Deaths: Parker, John
Father C Parker, Barrington Sheffield on the 28 April 1916.
May be your Parker's are from this area and have moved to Dulverton ?

The Death of James Francis on 1928-06-14 Age 73, He was at the Devon House at Latrobe but was living at Smithton Tas.

Hope the Tas Family history, come up with something for you!

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