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Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & MIchelle AuCoin

Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & MIchelle AuCoin

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Surnames: Boudreau Boudrot AuCoin
Hello everyone,
I know there are many of us who can trace themselves back to this couple in Nova Scotia as each generation seemingly produced a good number of children! I am wondering if anyone has a good organized family history of this ancestral line. My particular line from the family ended up in Massachusetts in the late 1800s - early 1900's, with John Eugene Boudreau and his son Harry. I am looking for more information (more organized information) from Johns father, Jean Raymond (Remie) back to Michel and Michelle. Or as far back as one has possibly taken the family line into France. I have some loose leads I am following and a possible tree if information ive found thus far lines up.

Starting with my grandfather I have so far:
David > Harry > John > Jean (Remie) > Joseph > Amable > Michel > Pierre > Jean-Baptite > Charles > Michel & Michelle.

As far as I can tell Pierre's generation must have been part of the Acadian forced move by the Brittish?

Basically looking for more details from when the family was still in Canada, about their move to Louisiana and then back to Canada. Would obviously love to find our origins in France as well!

I look forward to speaking with anyone interested in collaborating as we discover our past and how we are all bound together!


Re: Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & MIchelle AuCoin

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Your lineage is correct from David on up to Michel, and descends through the Wedgeport, NS branch of the family.

You are correct to guess that Pierre (husband of Anne Hébert) was the Acadian exiled to the colonies. He can be found in the 1763 enumeration of the Acadians in Newtown, Maryland as a widower, with his children Marie-Josephe, Amand and Michel. Of these children, your next ancestor Michel returned to Nova Scotia, where he married Marguerite Pothier, daughter of Dominique Pothier and Anne Surette (according to their son Amable Boudreau) at Cap Sable on 10 Jan 1773. The majority of the Wedgeport Boudreaus descend from this couple, and had he not gone back there, your line of Boudreaus would have ended in Maryland.

On the other hand, Michel’s brother, Pierre Boudrot, died in Bonneuil-Matours, France in 1792, where he and his wife, Françoise Daigle had been exiled. As far as I know, Pierre and Françoise’s sons Benjamin and Paul are the ancestors of a small line of Boudrots in the region of Lauthiers, La Puye and Cenan, France, which I traced to 1927 in that area. After that marriage date, and well past the cutoff year of 1905 for research in the French Archives, I could not proceed further forward.

The next generations of Amable Boudreau (husband of Monique Duon), and their son, Joseph Boudreau (husband of Rosalie Richard) are also correct. This latter couple’s son, Remi, follows.

Your Jean-Remi (known solely as “Remi” the rest of his life), was baptised as Jean-Raymond in Wedgeport on 3 Sept 1842, and married twice, first in 1869 to Agnes Doucet, daughter of François-Ange Doucet and Catherine Robichaud, by whom were born 8 children. She died in 1883, and the following year, 1884, he remarried Madeleine Cottreau, daughter of Jacques Cottreau and Monique Comeau, by whom were born 7 more children, and among whom, your Jean-Eugene, was the oldest of the family, born at Wedgeport on 2 Aug 1885. While at home in Canada, he was known by the name “Eugene” in the 1891 (6y), 1901 (15y) and 1911 (25y) censuses. He also married twice: as “Jean-Eugene” in Wedgeport in 1911 with Lucie Surette, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Surette and Léonie Cottreau, who died the following year 1912 at 27 years of age. After her death, he removed to Massachusetts , where he married as “John Eugene” in East Boston in 1915 to Charlotte “White”, the daughter of François LeBlanc (AKA White) and Mathilda Boudreau of Ste-Anne du Ruisseau, NS. I had traced them down to Harry (1915) and James (1920) (he having just been born in the 1920 census of Boston). In September of that year, their father John E. returning to his fishing occupation, had contracted pneumonia on the vessel which he had been working, and when they put in at Canso, NS, he died there on 4 September 1920, aged 35y. He was buried back in Wedgeport five days later on 9 September. I would love to continue with this line down to you, but have no more information to add. Did your family go back to Canada or stay in Massachusetts? Did Charlotte ever remarry? Where did she and the boys settle? Would like to know Harry’s marriage and death data, as well as that of your grandfather, David, if possible.

As for Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin (daughter of Martin Aucoin & possibly Barbe Minguet), nothing as to his origins has surfaced to the present.

Re: Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & MIchelle AuCoin

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Thank you for your excellent response to my post! I have been obsessing with my paternal line lately and haven't done much more research along my Boudreau lines. My grandfather David allowed his daughter (my mother) to be adopted by her mother (my grandmother)s new husband. After that I believe they did not have much contact. I myself haven't seen him since my childhood, we used to see him and his family for the holidays. Anyways thus far i have the following information:

Harry Boudreau, son of John and Charlotte LeBlanc, born September 7, 1915.
Harry married Eleanor Hudson (date not known yet)
Children of this marriage were: David, born August 29, 1939 in Mass. and Donald, born abt 1938 (have yet to get exact date)
Harry died September 11, 1992 in Crawfordville, Florida.

David Boudreau moved to Connecticut and later married Patricia Everett and had one child (my mother) Lori.

As for Charlotte, widow of John, I am uncertain of any further details. I have only so far been researching the Paternal lines of my family. My biological surname of Shuckerow, a spelling variation of Sugrue/Sughrue, my biological grandmothers maiden (paternal line) of Bernard. On my mothers side my grandfather Boudreau and my grandmothers maiden (paternal line) of Everett. The scope of research to go beyond this is too much for me at the time and i have mostly been focused on Shuckerow at this point and second with Boudreau. I am interested in any information that discusses the surname origin or history of the name itself even if we can not track individuals. Again thank you for your time and response I look forward to future conversations in regards to our common Boudreau lineage.


Re: Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & Michelle AuCoin

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Thanks for your response and further information, Matthew. I'm glad my comments on the family were useful in verifying your line. My grandmother's family, the Doucets also came from Wedgeport; her mother and grandmother both being Boudreaus (but from Quebec). You can always get back to me on your other questions when you're done researching your paternal line. I visit this list often and try to be helpful.

Best regards, Dennis

Re: Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & Michelle AuCoin

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What info is out there of the origin of the surname or the history of it in France? Even if we cant place our particular line. Ive always been interested in history !

Re: Michel Boudreau / Boudrot & Michelle AuCoin

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I haven't seen anything of substance anywhere. Sorry.

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