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Surnames: Butterfield, Sutton
Ray Sutton, 504-10-4610 (assigned to him in SD 1951) was born 1/18/1898 and died 1/28/1972 in Aberdeen. He lived in Grays Harbor Co. per death cert #00411.

Cora M., 536-32-8350 (assigned to her in WA 1951-1953) was born 13 May 1903 in MN & died May 31, 1978, Grays Harbor Co. where she also lived. Sources: Social Security Death Index (which anyone can access) and WA State Death Index.

I'd verify that they are your Ray and Cora. Send an email to with their names, where and when they died. They will search the newspaper microfilm for one hour for free and reply with what they find.

I didn't find anything in the Censuses about them being married and living together so they must have married after 1931. Contact the Grays Harbor Gen. Soc., and see if they have copies of the Grays Harbor County Directories from 1931 on. They should appear in the directories. If the Gen. Soc. doesn't have them the Aberdeen Main Public Library should have them.

To find out where they are buried look at and Good Luck!


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Huston, we have a problem...again: TWO Ray Sutton's claimed to be the husband of Cora.

There is considerable family information on Ray Sutton posted online which shows:

Ray Sutton was born on 10 April 1899 in Kansas to Frank Sutton, born 8 August 1866 and Hannah Huffman, born 1 Jun 1874 and died 11 Jan 1955 in Wadena, Minnesota. They were married on 18 Feb 1891 in Eagle Valley, Todd County, MN. Frank and Hannah had eight children, Ray being fourth.

The World War I Draft Registration Card image database shows him as Ray Okey Sutton, 19. He was a thrasher (wheat), nearest relative was Frank D. Sutton. He was short, medium in build, blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was blind in one eye. He was living in Clarissa, Todd County, MN.

The 1905 Minnesota Territorial and State Census for Eagle Valley:
Frank D. Sutton, age 37, born in Indiana to both parents born in IN
Hannah E? age 30
Edith O
Warron F (as spelled), 11?
Chistel? E. 8
Chester 8
Ray O. 6 All born in Minnesota?

The 1920 Census for Eagle Valley, Todd County, MN
Frank, 52, Hannah, 46, and children, Roy, age 13. All children born in MN.

The 1930 Census for Clarissa, Todd County, MN
Frank 63, Hannah 56, Ray, 31.

The family history shows he was first married to "Nina", no further information found. He then was married to Cora May Butterfield, born 13 May 1903 in Aiken, MN, died 31 May 1978 in Elma, WA. Cora was daughter of Ulysis G. Butterfield, born 8 July 1869, died 17 Nov 1939 in Porter, WA. His wife Elizabeth Belle Weeks was born 3 July 1874 in Gentry County, Missouri and died 23 Oct 1928 in Norwich, Kingman Co, Kansas. They had ten children, Cora born sixth.
Ray and Cora had seven children, five listed as living. Cecil E. Sutton, born about 1924, married a Lois Rogers. Filvie Sutton, born 25 Nov 1926 died in Grays Harbor, WA (About 1979)

Now to throw a wrench into this problem. The 1930 Census for Canton, Kingman County, Kansas.
Ray E. Sutton, age 32, first married at age 24, born in Kansas to father born in Indiana, mother is Missouri
Cora M. Sutton, age 26, married at 18, born in Minnesota to father born in Iowa, mother in Missouri.
Cicel (as spelled), age 5, born in South Dakota
Filvie M, daughter, age 3 1/12
"Gillie (as transcribed) B. Son, age 1, born in Kansas
Ada M, mother, age 59, widow, born in Missouri
Archie M, brother.
More info on Filvie was found, with family data as identified by an "rjo723" in Minnesota. It shows Filvie M. Sutton, born 25 Nov 1926, died 11 July 1979 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA. She had married a Grant. L. Center, born 1923, died 2002, residence in Westport, Grays Harbor Co, WA. It shows "Gilliad" Sutton had a son Gregory Sutton. Daughter Mary Ada Sutton, married "Winings" and had daughters Annette Winings and Donna Marie Winings. This person also has identified the Ray E. Sutton born 18 Jan 1898, died 28 Jan 1972 as being the father. This is what happens in genealogy, someone finds someone with credibility and attaches it to their family tree. I sent an "email" to this person identifying this thread, hopefully they will contact you directly.

The 1920 Census for Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas
Grant Butterfield, age 50, born in Iowa
Belle, born in Missouri, age 46
Frank R. age 22, missouri
Edwin L, age 21, Missouri
Charles C, 18, South Dakota
Cora M, age 16, born in MN
Anthony E, 11, Wisconsin
Roy E, 10, WI
Howard G, 3 5/12

The original identified family data shows Ray Sutton died on 2 Nov 1971 in Washington, no place identified. He is not in the Washington Death Index, or the Social Security Death Index. BUT, Ray Oakley Sutton is found in the Minnesota Death Index with death on 2 Nov 1971, mothers maiden name Huffman. He died in Morrison County, MN

So, this would make it difficult for the WA State ask-a-librarian program. But, since Cora died in Elma, obtaining her obituary would be important. It may not identify where/when Ray died, but it might identify one/more of her children. That would make contact with one easier. Just looking for any Sutton in Elma, "might" work, but perhaps the daughters lived there and the sons somewhere else.

I would also task one of the two Grays Harbor County volunteers at: . They could check public records for the 1970's in the County Recorder/Assessor's office.

So...bottom line: Family data shows Ray E. Sutton and Ray O. Sutton as being married to Cora. Most of the circumstantial evidence "leans" to Ray E. Sutton as being married to Cora. This is EXACTLY what happens when someone does not fully research data, then posts on the Internet. Someone finds a "likely" person and assumes this is the correct person.

You will have to look over this info. Hopefully the family member "rjo723" will read this thread and respond to you. Otherwise, you've a bit of research to do.

Ron Bestrom


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This is interesting... The original post was for Ray and Cora - both died in Grays Harbor County.

I do have the obituary for this Ray. I have yet to be able to find one for this Cora. --Ask a Librarian could not come up with one either. Now, the obituary for Ray gives some of the same chldren as are found with him on the 1930 Census. Ray's mother, per the 1930 Census, was Ada as she was living with him at that time. This Ray was born in Kansas.

The tie with Cora Butterfield to this Ray Sutton can be found through her father's obituary. She is listed as the spouse of Ray Sutton, living in Porter. Also, much of the Butterfield family was living in Grays Harbor County.

So, now the thread of all of this has me perplexed. The original query was for the same couple: Ray and Cora from Garys Harbor County. Why did the "other" Ray get brought into the mix?

If anyone would like to see more specific research I would be happy to share it but will need to send it as an attachment to a direct e-mail address.

Now that I have written all of this up (and I won't go back and retype...) I see the problem: The original post has the incorrect date of death for "my" Ray. Ron is correct that the two men are being entwined with each other.


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Just to try to clarify... During the initial search I found extensive family tree data on Ray Sutton...the Ray O. Sutton as posted on Other information from from census and other family tree data point to the OTHER Ray Sutton, the Ray E. Sutton.

Personally...the data from census "indicates" Ray E. as the probable family member. BUT, I will not commit to either. The original tree poster may have been seriously mistaken, or data became intertwined with the second one to indicate that "HE" is correct.

This is one of my biggest complaints of Ancestry. Rootsweb, Genweb, etc. People having NO business doing genealogy are finding "FACTS" and presenting them as truth without enough research. As a former federal investigator, you MUST look at EVERY fact, every scenario, and identify ANYTHING that isn't proven to further proof or elimination.

Unfortunately those persons posting family "trees" or "findings" that are wrong are into the system. One World Tree is RIFE with such problems.

Good luck Sue... perhaps you and "lordofdarkness can help each other get to the truth.

Ron Bestrom


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For clarification purposes:

This Ray Sutton was born January 18, 1898 in Adams, Nemaha County, Kansas. He died January 28, 1972 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County. Ray married Cora May Butterfield about 1922. Cora was born May 13, 1903 in Farm Island, Aitkin County, Minnesota. She died May 31, 1978 in Elma, Grays Harbor County, Washington. Contact me directly if you would like further information. --All thoroughly documented.


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Cora Sutton is my aunt - I only met her once - but her daughter my cousin is still living - send email - and i will put you in contact


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Cora is my aunt - I do not know much - but email me at - and i can hook you up with her daughter who should have more of the family details
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