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Ann Quisenberry of VA

Haney Ann Hanson

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Surnames: Hanson, Henson, Hinson, Murphy, Whitton, Crawford, Dialls, Garner, Quisenberry, Hulme, Dye, Holder
Marsha, I think you, myself, and alot of other people are looking for Robert's wife, siblings, and parents. I think we do have a match. I didn't have anything on Haney other than the year she was born and her spouses name. Here is a Family Group listing on Robert's Children, I hope I help you out:

Robert Hanson
Birth: 1728 Stafford County, Virginia
Death: bef 26 Apr 1802 Fauquier County, Virginia
Father: Robert Hanson
Marriage:abt 1749
Spouse: Unknown
Birth: WFT Est. 1715-1738
Death: WFT Est. 1777-1830

1 M: Jesse Hanson SR.
Birth: 24 Jul 1761 Fauquier County, Virginia
Death: 7 Mar 1852 Randolph County, Alabama
Spouse: Elizabeth Crawford
Marriage: 28 Nov 1787 Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: Mary Murphy
Marriage: 1841

2 M: Robert Hanson JR.
Birth: 25 Dec 1757 Fauquier County, Virginia
Death: aft 17 Mar 1846
Spouse: Polly Whitton
Marriage: 1802

3 F: Elizabeth Hanson
Birth: Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: John Whitton SR
Marriage: abt 1765 Fauquier County, Virginia

4 F: Ann Hanson
Birth: Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: UNKNOWN Dialls
Marriage: Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: Matthew Garner
Marriage: 25 May 1781 Fauquier County, Virginia

5 M: James Hanson
Birth: 1765 Fauquier County, Virginia
Death: 4 Jul 1842 Morgan County, Georgia
Spouse: Ann Quisenberry
Marriage: 18 Jan 1786 Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: Patty Hulme

6 M: Tapley Hanson
Birth: 1768 Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: Elizabeth Holder
Marriage: 11 Jul 1792 Fauquier County, Virginia

7 M: William Hanson
Birth: 1770 Fauquier County, Virginia
Death: 3 Mar 1842 Monroe County, Georgia
Spouse: Ann UNKNOWN
Marriage: Virginia

8 F: Haney Ann Hanson
Birth: 1772 Fauquier County, Virginia
Spouse: Martin Dye
Marriage: 3 Feb 1786 Fauquier County, Virginia

9 F: Margaret (Polly) Hanson
Birth: 1775 Fauquier County, Virginia
Death: 14 Jan 1839 Clarke County, Georgia
Spouse: Presley Garner SR
Marriage: 18 Dec 1793 Fauquier County, Virginia

10 M: John Hanson
Birth: 1777 Fauquier County, Virginia

I am a descendant of Jesse Hanson/Hinson/Hanson. I have a good bit of information on that line, however little on his siblings. Can you send me some information on Haney's descendants? You can email me at if you would like more information I might have.

Doug Hanson
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Surnames: HENSON
I am a descendant of Haney Henson b Jan 24, 1763 the daughter of Robert Henson. Can this be the same family.

Haney Henson md Martin H. Dye b Dec 2, 1765 d Jul 12, 1822 in Fauquier County, Virginia.

If you believe it is will you please tell me who Robert Henson married. Do you know who his other children were?

Thanks so much

Ann Quisenberry of VA

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Surnames: Hanson, Hinson, Henson, Quisenberry
Looking for information on Ann Quisenberry b: ?, d: ?, father: John Quisenberry? She married James Hanson/Hinson (b: 1765, d: 4 Jul 1842 in Morgan County, GA) on 18 Jan 1786 in Fauquier Co VA. James Hanson/Hinson was a son of Robert Hanson/Hinson (b: 1728, Stafford Co Va, d: bef 26 Apr 1802, in Fauquier Co VA).

Thank you,
Doug Hanson


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Surnames: Quisenberry
Dear Fauquier County, Virignia Genealogist,

First, let me say that I am so far as I know not a descendant of the Quisenberry family. Several Quisenberry people married into the Cockrill family descendants of the William Cockrill who went to South Carolina and then Kentucky. My reason for posting this information to help those related to the Quisenberry family. See the book The Paynes of Virginia for more information on Humphrey Quisenburry.

The name is sometimes spelled Cusenberry

Quisenberry Family
The following comes from Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia 1651 - 1800 by Fothergill

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
BUTLER, Tobias 17 Feb 1687; 31 Aug 1698
My wife and children one not as ye in being son James to friends John Quinsberry and his wife, estate at 20 years of age; wife and John Quinsberry exrs.

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
Quisenberry, John, 23 Nov 1714; 27 Nov 1717. Son William all land and if he die without issue to my son Humphrey to whom I leave one gun and horse; wife Ann rest of personal property. Witnesses. Frances Quisenberry, William Griffin, Humphrey Pope.

Westmoreland County, Virginia
MUSE, John 5 Apr 1723; 8 Oct 1723
Son Thomas 1 shilling; daughter Jane Pritchett 1 shilling; daughter Ann Wilson 1 shilling; daughter Mary Quisenberry 1 shilling; residue of estate to daughter in law Ann Muse.

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
Mothershead, John 13 Nov 1730; 26 May 1731
Sons Nathaniel, George, Christopher and John; daughters Elizabeth Quisenberry; daughter; Claytor; sons Olvin and George; grandson Brooks Mothershead; wife Elizabeth

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
BAILEY, Ann 13 Mar 1731; 25 Oct 1732
Granddau Ann Quisenberry; my great granson Nanam Burch; grandau Elizabeth Cox; great grandson Bayley Washington 2 negroes; Jane wife of Giles Esther; Benjamin Akers 20 Shillings; William Brown 20 shillings; granddau Mary Washington and her husband Henry Washington; grand grand daughter Ann Quisenberry and her son Baman Burch and his sister Ann.

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
MOTHERSHEAD, William 1 May 1746; 27 May 1746.
To Charles Mothershead land; John ½ part; to Sarah wife of Thomas James 1 shilling; John Mothershead and John Quisenberry exrs.

MOTHERSHEAD, John 28 Nov 1748; 27 Mar 1750.
L25 to daughter Mary Mothershead when 21 years of age; my bro Charles Mothershead use of land for crop when 21 years of age; wife Sarah plantation and rest of estate for life; wife Sarah and brother John Quisenberr exrs.

Westmoreland County, Virginia
QUISENBURY, Nicholas 23 May 1755; 26 August 1755, daughter
Ann Welch, 1 negor; child unborn 1 negro, wife Rose 1 negro, she and my father exrs.

Westmoreland County, Virginia
Quisenberry, William Sr. 27 May 1762; 27 July 1762
Daughter Eleanor Bayn 1 shillingÂ’ grand sons Nicholas Quisenberry, John Mothershead and William Dodd 1 shilling each son William land he lives on; daughters Ann and Elizabeth residue of estate.

Westmoreland County, Virginia
Quisenberry, Ann 23 Aug 1773; 29 June 1779
Sister Elizabeth Quisenberry all of my estate; cousin William Dodd and Nicholas Dodd Exrs.

Westmoreland County, Wills
Quisenberry, Humphrey 30 Jan 1773; 24 Sept 1776
Estate to wife and three children by her, viz; Elizabeth, Peggy, John, duahgter Ann Piper 2 negroes; daughter Mary Marshall 1 negro; dau Bethlune Burshaw 2 negroes, son in law John Pope 5 shillings; exrs. John Carter Senior, and Presley Neale.

Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills
Quisenberry, Elizabeth 23 May 1784; 22 Feb 1785
A horse to Elijah son of William Weaver; to Richard son of same 1 featherbed and furniture; William and Nicholas Dodd 1 horse, bed and furniture; Ann Weaver clothers and saddle and then saddle to her daughter Elizabeth Bayn; a pewter dish and iron spits to William Quisenberry; John Quisenberry, rest of estate.

King George County, Virginia

In Deed Book A1 King George County, Virginia page 14 Humphrey Quisenburyleft his will. He mentions wife Mary
Quisenbury mentions son John Quisenbury. pages 15-22 of this book is missing as is the rest of the will of Humphrey Quisenbury. (The Will before Humphrey's will is the will of John Underwood Senior dated 7 July 1722.

The Election of 1752 in King George County, Virginia list two Quisenbury men, namely James and John

The Abstracts of Fauquier County, Virginia Wills, Inventories and Accounts 1759-1800 by John K. Gott mentions only on Quisenbury. Grace Quisenbury was a witness to the will of Rosannah HURST dated 17 Oct 1793.

Marriages of Fauquier County, Virginia
Quessenberry, George married Elizabeth Huffman 27 Sep 1816 daughter of William, Groom George Quisenberry)

Fauquier County, Virginia Deed Book 6 page 351-353 dated 24 Mar 1777 B & S Between Reubin Wright and Mary his wife and John Quisenberry a parcel in Hamilton Parish next to the line of John Alexander 122 acres Signed Reubin Wright, Molly (X) Wrigth. Wits Augusting Jennings, James Monroney, Elisha Arnold 24 Mar 1777.

Deed Book 10 page 229 22 Feb 1790 From Alexander Hume, Elizabeth Snelling, James Quesenberry and Grace his wife of Fauquier County to John Shumate of Fauquier a tract of land near the fork of Horse Pen Run near the Great Marsh, Signed Elizabeth Snelling, James Quesenberry, Grace Quesenberry.

QUISENBERRY, Page married Elizabeth SMITH 24 Aug 1806 bondsman John Smith

Quisenberry, Zacheus married Molly Warder 23 Dec 1801 bondsman d/o Joseph Witness Henry Warder

FORRESTER, Wm married Molly Quisenberry, 9 Aug 1793 bondsman Wm Willis.

Quesenberry, Elizabeth left a will dated written 23 Jan 1815 and proved 25 Apr 1815. Records by Dee Ann Buck and other provide this information.

One of the migration paths seems to have been Westmoreland County, to King George County to Fauquier County, Virginia
John Quisenberry and his wife Mary seem to be the first of the family in Fauquier County coming about 1777.

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