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uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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Surnames: Rodgers
Hello to anyone who may be able to help me.
I am trying to trace my family and at the same time try and find out as much as I can about my grandfather, Roy Rodgers. All I know is that he wore a uniform as in the photos attached, was born in Yorkshire in 1910 and died 1971. If anyone could shed some light just from this very small amount of info I would be most grateful.

Re: uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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He’s in Royal Navy but difficult to date, I think they are post WWII.

The one on his own looks certainly looks to be in Venice, can’t make out the badges on his sleeve or any ship’s name on Cap Tally (band around the cap) if there was one (during WWII they only showed HMS without a name); there’s an another serviceman on the bridge.

The other picture he’s with a Royal Marine in what could be a “dessert setting”, again nothing to identify his rating (RN rank equiv) or ship. Wonder what the tall chimney in background was for.

Being in tented accommodation with marines indicates he could have been serving ashore as part of a Naval Brigade. Seamen gunners, medics, signallers and of course seamen & stokers as extra manpower, often served in shore parties in support of land forces.

You should check for an entry for him in the UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972 on Ancestry for the Naval General Service Medal, as second picture could post WWII Palestine. The Rolls don’t cover WWII campaign medals as they are still with the MoD, but the NGSM was an “extra”.

Re: uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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There is a record for the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal for a Roy Rogers, states New Register 1954 and gives his rank as Petty Officer. Also a second record that gives Sevice Number as P/JX 153613 on HMS Vernon.

Re: uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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Thanks for that ycaso,

His letter prefixes:

P = Portsmouth his “Home Port”;
J = Covers the Seamen & Communications branches;
X indicates he’s on post 1925 pay scales, the lack of SS means he’s a long service rating, enlisted for 12yrs with option for further 10 for full pension.

Together the letters and number indicate he enlisted between 1934 when the “Home Port” letters were added & 31 March 1943, after which new entrants were given numbers starting from 500000.

The LS&GC Medal was for 15yrs service with conduct rated “good or above”, so assuming his “crimes went undetected”, his medal being claimed in 1954, means the latest he could have joined was 1939, or earlier if he had a Good Conduct Badge deprived then restored.

That could fit with the man in the pictures.
It all depends on when he married, as on a duplicate post Deborah has stated she thinks he was a bus driver at the time and there were a few births of boys named Roy Rogers between her granddad’s in 1910 (?) and 1921 that would make someone 18 to fit with the youngest age to qualify for the LS&CG medal in 1954.

In 1954 HMS Vernon was the RN’s Torpedo Training Establishment.

Are you sure about you grandfather’s birth being in Yorkshire 1910 as I can’t find a registration for him; do have a copy of his birth certificate or have you located him in the 1911 census?

Re: uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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Oh you guys are super! Thank you.

Ok...I have just found out that my Nana and Grandad had quite a rocky marriage and Grandad was away quite often. Therefore my Mums memories of him are quite foggy, as we speak she is ransacking her bungalow to find his pension book that she knows she has somewhere ggrrhh! I dont like to say it but she is rather an unreliable source of information bless her.

Anyway...all I could locate on ancestry was his death registration which had his DOB too. I also found the 1911 census. Now this was ticky...The head of the house is Wilfred then his Mother Mary Ann and his wife Gertrude then Burt and Wroy Rodgers. My Mum says Grandad never saw his family and his brother died young in an awful motorbike collision...Bert died in 1928 aged just 21. Mum also said the W in front of his name is strange as it was never used and I still cant find a birth reg with or without the W.

I have tried to do more research with my best mate google about the Vernon and dates etc but it literally is a minefield to me...but I am really enjoying finding out. Just like finding some memorials and gravestones of ancestors that died in the first world war...sadly nobody else in my family knew they were there, I found myself reading war diaries and feeling very humbled and a great connection.

Sorry if Im going on a bit...I tend to drift off sorry.

Thanks again for all your help and hopefully I can find more info to be able to obtain records for my Grandads Navy career. Oh as for the buses he worked there later in life where I think he met my Nana as she was a clippy. Sadly I think he may have been discharged from the Navy due to bad health...far too many park drive cigarettes!

Thanks guys

Re: uniform of Roy RODGERS born 1910 in Yorkshire

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Surnames: Goodall,HUDSON,EKIN
In the 1911 Census Roy’s birthplace is given as Parkgate; Yorkshire and the address is given as 76 Albert Road, Parkgate, Nr Rotherham.

A search of FreeBMD for all Rogers births within the registration district of Rotherham between 1908-1910 threw up this one:

Rodgers, Wroy; Mar Qtr 1910; District Rotherham; Vol 9c page 805

May be worth searching the medal rolls for that spelling.

I don’t know where that spelling of Roy originates, but it may have some religious source and I notice that in 1891 the Rodgers family are all involved with a local Chapel.

Going off the topic of the Navy and you may already have some of this.

Looks like his parents’ marriage was in Worksop (Nottingham/ Derbyshire border) (at least it was the only one that fits)

Rodgers, Wilfred; District Worksop; Sep Qtr 1901; Volume 7B, Page 54

Goodall, Gertrude; District Worksop; Sep Qtr 1901; Volume 7B, Page 54

Likely birth registration for Wilfred

Rodgers Wilfred; Jun Qtr 1876; District: Worksop; Vol 7b page 51

Possible but a less likely birth registration

Rodgers Wilfred Sharp; Sep Qtr 1875; District: Chesterfield; Vol 7b page 664

Note: until 1937 the Worksop Registration District included the parish of Clowne when it was transferred to Chesterfield Registration District.

1901 Census
Address: 9, Bridge Terrace, Worksop

RODGERS, Mary A; Head; Widow; age 59; born Pleasley, Nottinghamshire
RODGERS, Wilfrid; Son; Single; age 24; Grocer's Manager; born Clowne, Derbyshire
HUDSON, Helena; Boarder; Single; age 24; School Teacher; born Hunwick, Durham
GOODALL, Gertrude; Visitor; Single; age 21; Managing Dressmaker; born Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire

RG13; Piece: 3124; Folio: 6; Page: 3
Registration District: Worksop; Civil Parish: Worksop
County: Nottinghamshire

1891 Census
Address: 4, Coffee Tavern, Bridge Place, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

RODGERS, George; Head; Married; age 41; Coffee Tavern & Chapel Keeper; born Clown, Derbyshire
RODGERS, Mary Ann; Wife; Married; age 48; Assistant Coffee Tavern & Chapel Keeper; born Pleasley Hill, Nottinghamshire
RODGERS, Ada Ann Daughter Single16 Assistant Chapel Keeper Clown, Derbyshire
RODGERS, Wilfred Son14 Assistant Chapel Keeper Clown, Derbyshire
EKIN, Alice Servant15 General Servant Worksop, Nottinghamshire

RG 12, Piece: 2643, Folio: 111, Page: 6
Registration District: Worksop; Civil Parish: Worksop; County: Nottinghamshire

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