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Poff's from Roanoke, VA

Poff's from Roanoke, VA

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Looking for Poff family or anyone knowing of them from the Roanoke, VA area. Sons of Greenville Tuggle Poff. Clyde, Floyd, Erie, Clarence, there are three more but cannot think of their names. Mother is Lizenia. Email me at


Jason (View posts)
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My name is Jason Poff. I have no idea about my branch of the Poff family. I currently live in Christiansburg, VA and believe that most of my clan came from Floyd, VA. I don't know if our family paths will cross but I tought that I would reply to your posting.

I have just starting looking for Poff family history. I was trying to find any relatives that may have been in the Civil War around this area.

I will ask around with my Grandmother and my Dad to see if any of the names you mentioned ring a bell.



Jean (View posts)
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My grandmother was a Poff . Lula , she married William Christian. Lula was from virginia and had quite a few brother and sisters.

Poffs to Jason from Salem, Va.

Michael J. Poff (View posts)
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Hi jason my name is Michael J. Poff, I don,t have my own computer but manage to gain access to one every so often. I know for sure that I am the great grandson of Greenville Tuggle Poff of Floyd county Va., I was just recently there in Roanoke, at the library in downtown Roanoke across from an old hotel on Franklin St. I spent a few hours looking thru micro film of the census of the 1890's thru 1920 and verified my grand fathers name as well as his brothers names to be the sons of Greenville Tuggle Poff. He is a decendant of a Peter R. Poff who served with the 54th Virginia Infantry in the civil war if you get any information pertaining to this line up of Poff's please write me if would please if you can't get thru at this E-Dress pleaswrite me at P.O. Box 2123 Rockville, Md 20847-2123. I have met only one other person in my 41 years of life with same last name outside my Immediate family. My father's name is Clyde Arthur Poff Son of Clyde A. Poff and Claudine Elizabeth (page) Poff both from your neck of the woods, my brothers and sisters are (in order of birth) evelyn C.Bertinatti, Karl A., Clyde A. 3rd, william L(deceased),Anna C. Halker, Donna R Fahey, George B, and myself Michael J. Hopr to hear from you soon and thanks for your time.

The Poff family

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The Poff family out of Floyd Co. is quite large. Has quite a history. Please go to the website and look up Greenville Tuggle Poff. You will find many of your relatives. You will find the line that came down from Pa. It is so intriguing.
God Bless You! You can email me at

william D. Poff

Robert F. Poff (View posts)
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Anna please see to message I sent to Michael let me know if this is any help. Like I told michael i Have a picture of my father and grand father and this two sister and Mother its from 1903 I think His Fathers Name was John thanks Bob

Poff from Floyd, VA

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I have record of a Henry Poff who d. 1854 at Floyd, VA. His father was Peter Poff.

Paul Replogle

My grand father is Clyde Poff

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Surnames: Poff
Michael please E-mail Me or write me at :
Chris Arthur
P.OBox 754
Indian Springs NV 89018

I am the grand daught of clyde poff. I have legal documents to prove this information. My grand father changed his name years ago. I have been trying to find information on him for years. He changed his name to James Clyde Arthur in 1916
and left VA. Please contact me .

Poff Photo Clyde A. Poff son of Greenville T. Poff(b.1870)

Poff, (PHOTO) Clyde A. (View posts)
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Surnames: Poff, Arthur, Straley
My grand father
Clyde A Poff b. abt1893 Clyde left VA in20's
Wife#1 ?Claudine Page possible not confirmed
Child? Juanita still living in MD as of 2000
Child? son

Wife #2 possible Patricia Hale from 1920 census
Daughter betty 1920 census My aunt is Betty Given name Elizabeth H Arthur
Clyde father Greenville T. Poff b. 1870 from Virginia
also Daughter Patricia ,nick name Pam, Arthur
Clyde changed his name to James Clyde Arthur on VA documents in Ohio

Wife #3 Beatrice Straley Sister still living
Son David Arthur
Daughter Judith Jane Arthur Died in 60's

Re: Poff's from Roanoke, VA

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Surnames: Poff, Conner, Meadows
Here are pictures of tombstones of Greenville and Lizinie.

Direct Descendants of Peter Poff, Sr.

1 Peter Poff, Sr.
. +Elizabeth "Betsy"(surname Pickle not doc) Pickle
2 Catherine / Katherine Poff
2 Henry Poff
2 Esther/ Ester Poff
2 Michael Poff
2 Peter Poff, Jr (II)
. +Mary Ann (Reed not documented) Reed
3 John R. Poff
3 [2] Peter R. Poff, Jr. (III)
. +[1] Mary A. Conner
4 William Poff
4 Sarah Poff
4 Jonathan Poff
4 Mary E. Poff
4 Peter A. Poff
4 Samuel J. Poff
4 John Floyd Poff
4 Martha U. Poff
4 Matsey E. Poff
4 Fleming Jacob Valentine Poff
4 Addina A. Poff
4 Greenville Tuggle Poff
3 Rebecca Poff
3 Elizabeth "Betsy" A. Poff
3 Christine Poff
3 Sarah C. Poff
3 Mary C. Poff
3 Lydia/Lidia J. Poff
. +Margaret Katherine Meadows
2 John Poff
2 Elizabeth "Betsy" Poff
. +William R. Conner
3 Margaret "Peggy" Conner
3 [1] Mary A. Conner
. +[2] Peter R. Poff, Jr. (III)
3 Jacob R. Conner
3 Peter Conner
3 Jonathan Conner
3 Albert Conner
3 Samuel S. "Slick" Conner
3 Julina Conner
3 Martha Conner
2 Charles Lee Poff
2 Anthony Poff
2 Christeniah Poff
2 Anna Poff
2 Samuel Poff
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