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Elliott and all variations

Elliott and all variations

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Surnames: Elliott
We are seeking close genetic Y-DNA matches in Europe especially the British Isles, Brittany, Holland or Belgium. There are nearly 100 variants of the Elliott surname.

We are looking for Elliotts or any other surnames sharing the Germanic R-U106 Haplogroup branch and/or most of the following distinctive combination of Y-DNA Markers:







All the above markers will be found only in those tested to 67 markers. The two in bold will be found in anyone tested to 12 or more markers and the last (marker 460) will be included in those tested to 37 markers.

We belong to an unusual group of Elliotts who are all descended from a Daniel Elliot who was born in Massachusetts about 1665. Members of this group are all very closely matched to one another genetically and all share well documented paper trails to this common ancestor. So far, after decades of research we remain unable to trace this line with any certainty to the old world.

Our Y-DNA is not typical of Elliots, most of whom belong to the Celtic R-P312 haplogroup branch.

If you are a European and an Elliott who has been Y-DNA tested and your first STR marker, 393=14 OR regardless of your surname you match 4 or more of the above listed markers, we would be very eager to hear from you.

Re: Elliott and all variations

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hello, i'm doing the same research, i dont know much about my family history of the Elliott name. i have learned a little. I'm new at this, but i am in the process of doing dna testing. my family of elliotts are from germany and your story is is close to the story i have been told. i know that their is 77 variations of the elliott name. i know that the elliott and armstrongs in germany was what they call border reivers. scotland and ireland. as i find more research i would be than happy to share the info.

Re: Elliott and all variations

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We would be vry interested in your DNA results. Where are you from?

Re: Elliott and all variations

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well i'm from sain louis, mo. that is where i grew up with my mother and siblings. however, a lot of the elliotts live all over i'm finding out. between festus, mo., kansas, oklahoma, butler county, illinois. north carolina. i have recently got in contact with my aunt that has been working on the family tree for years and she has so much. also i know that a lot of the elliott family was mormons as well. my aunt and i are making arrangments to meet up and go through what she has. within the next week. i will keep posted. i also did the census in breton, washington, mo. for the year 1870. also i do know that kaskaskia island was owned by elliott family. i'm still working on more of that of how the elliotts came across owning the island from the indians. also i do know that so many elliotts owned slaves and cotton fields in arkansas, some parts of mississippi. also from what i have researched, i have found that the elliott name has 77 different variations. the elliott name it self are part of border reivers families that may have multiple origins. genealogical records were destroyed in a fire at stobs castle in 1712 and since then no one has known the truth about what happened to the elliott and armstrong families. they do know that a good percentage found ways to america, married and took their wifes last name for they was being hunted by the british back then. i can keep you informed on more of what i find out. have you checked out the website for family tree dna called- border reivers dna project. i hope we can both find more info from each other. i will let you know when my dna comes through. thank you

Re: Elliott and all variations

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I have been working on my family history for close to 30 years. Right now I am working on getting my genealogy certification. I have many many lines of Elliott trees. I am currently working with a couple of people who are researching their Elliott family tree's. One of the lines currently being researched involves a Missouri Elliott family who later moved into Kansas. I would be most interested in your Aunt's work, I hope to eventually have a website dedicated to Elliott family trees. My particular line of Elliott's can be traced to 1650 Massachusetts. I recently connected with an Armstong who matches my DNA, his family came from the Ulster Plantation. We just upgraded his DNA to include the SNP U-106*, if he comes back positive for this SNP then we have something further to go on for linking our family too Ulster. My direct email is might be easier to stay in touch directly rather than through the Ancestry website. Thanks for writing.
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