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Clement Hedrick of IN

Clement Hedrick of IN

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There is understandable confusion over Clement Hedrick as there is apparently two of them born in 1863; the son of Jacob and Sara from VA married my "cousin" Nellie F. Winegar and became a druggist and then physician in Kansas City MO where his only child Clement was born; son is back in IN 1930 with wife Evelyn and widowed mother, Nellie F; the other married Flora in IN and had a much larger family; if anyone wants more detail to substantiate this, let me know...Jerri in CA

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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I'm looking for parent details for my g-grandfather, Richard Worth HEDRICKS, b. 1859, somewhere in Indiana. I have the names James HEDRICKS (b. IN) & Jane SADLER (b. KY) from his marriage license in 1913, Spencer Co., IN (his 2nd marriage). I have him from his first marriage (1879, Trimble Co., KY) until his death in 1939 (Spencer Co., IN) but have not been able to locate him in an 1860 or 1870 Census.

I would be interested in knowing what area of Indiana the Clement who married Flora was from, if you know that.


Jane Gibbs Wheaton

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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In 1880 census one Clement age 16 was in Washington, Grant Indiana as a farm laborer for the Pulley family; gives his as Indiana and his father's as PA; the other Clement age 16 bn IN father bn VA was in York, Elkhart IN as a farmer with his uncle/aunt John and Eliz Showatter...I believe the second one married my cousin and the other one married Flora...if you can access search site and type in Clement's name the info on the one brn aug 1863 who married Flora comes up with a lot of detail provided by others; however they do confuse the two as to parents and some show Clement Jr bn 1890 as son of Flora when he is son of my cousin Nellie...hope this helps...if not write again...Jerri

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Surnames: Hedrick, Webb, Allen, Winegar
My great-grandfather was Clement V. Hedrick son of Jacob Hedrick and Sarah Jane Webb of Grant/Huntington Counties, Indiana. He married Florence Allen

I have photos of them and documentation. I don't know who Clement that married Nellie Winegar is, but it's not the Clement who was s/o of Jacob & Sarah unless there was another Jacob & Sarah.

Six children were born to Clem & Flora but only 4 survived, one being my grandfather, Wordner.

Amy Hedrick

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Thanks for the reply and the info...It is certainly an odd coincidence...the reason I suspected that Clement born June 1863 was Jacob's son was the census birthplace for Jacob is VA and that Clement who married Nellie Winegar consistently put his father's bp as VA whereas the Clement with Florence census mostly shows his father's bp as PA...of course errors in that are not uncommon..there is a site on the web that showed alternative PA parents for Clement bn Aug 1963 but of course I can't find it again!...the 1880 census for the two Clements also show the different paternal bplaces; however, if you have other documentation then that would settle the matter..Could you post it to stop me from going down blind alleys? The Elkhart County 'history' refers to Clement and Nellie's marriage; I'll recheck to see if they offer parentage...thanks again...Jerri

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Surnames: Hedrick, Webb, Bane
My family website is here:

I have a page for photos and documents. A direct link to Clem's death certificate is here:

Clem's father died sometime before the 1880 census; no record has been found. His mother's parents died when the Webb children were young and some lived with the Pulley family, that's why Clem was living with them in 1880, there's a family connection somewhere but I have yet to find it.

Jacob was married twice, the first time to Mary Bane who died in 1855. He then remarried to Sarah Jane Webb, most likely because she needed a home (he was over 35 years her senior). They had at least 5 more children; he fathered at least 13 children in all.

My family were very unusual when talking about their origins. My grandfather would never admit to being German and always said we were Pennsylvania "Dutch" which was really Penn. Deutsch (meaning German). The family was from Virginia and before that Pennsylvania.

Anyways, most all of the family documents and photos are on my website.

Amy Hedrick Webmaster

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Thank you for the added info and the reference to your website; i'll certainly go there...The PA Dutch reference brought back memories as my grandmother reputedly said the same thing about her ancestors...funny...because they were actually Dutch, not German and she didn't realize the difference...The later Winegars also claimed Dutch ancestry although actually German...course this was around WWI...anyway again I appreciate your time and effort..if I find any cnxn between the two Clements I'll let you know...Jerri

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Well I found out a little more per the Elkhart County History..."my" Clement L. V. Hedrick is listed as attending the 1905 reunion and he is listed as the foster son of Mrs. John B. Showalter whose maiden name was Elisabeth Frances Hedrick who parents M/M Joseph Hedrick both died in Rockingham VA before she came to IN; she was eldest of 7 children and as 75 in 1880 census he's listed as nephew of the Showalters...Jerri

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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I am pretty sure I do not have a connection to these Hedricks but I thought I would pass this Census data on, just in case you don't already have it. Except for Clement who is in 1880 Elkhart Co., IN, I did not find any of the 1870 Grant Co., Indiana HEDRICK family group in 1880. As you will notice, the Clement in 1870 LaGrange Co. IN is listed as a SHOWALTER but in 1880 is listed as HEDRICK. The most likely explanation for that is census recording error in 1870. I know you (or someone in this thread) said that Jacob HEDRICK was married to Sarah J. WEBB, but unless you have actual proof of their marriage, I would suspect that Jacob, age 71, in 1870 may have been Sarah's father-in-law. The relationships aren't given in 1870 nor is their "status" (single, married, widowed), so it makes it difficult to know for sure. I know that it's possible that he was fathering children at that age (I have one of those in my tree) but it is unusual. Just a thought.

Thanks for your earlier response. Good luck in your search.


1870 Eden Twp; LaGrange Co. IN
SHOWALTER, John B, 41, M, W, Farmer, Real Estate Val-6400, Personal Estate Val- 707, b. Virginia
--Elizabeth F, 40, F, W, Keeps House, b. Virginia
--Anna E, 18, F, W, At Home, b. Virginia
--Ella B, 16, F, W, At Home, b. Virginia
--Wise, 14, M, W, Ag Lab., b. Ind
--Fanny, 10, F, W, b. Ind
--Mary, 8, F, W, Ind
--Clement, 7, M, W, b. Ind

1880 York Twp., Elkhart Co., IN
SHOWATTER, John B, 51, -- , Farmer, b. VA, father b. VA, mother b. VA
--Elizabeth F, 60, Wife, Keeping House, b. VA, father b. VA, mother b. VA
--Ella, 26, Daught,Seamstress, VA, VA, VA
--W Wise, Son, Farmer, 24, IN, VA, VA
--Emma M, 18, Daught, At home, IN, VA, VA
HEDRICK, Clement, 16, Nephew, Farmer, IN, VA, IN
SHOWATTER, Peter, 78, Father, Retired farmer, VA, VA, VA

1860 Vanburen Twp. Grant Co., IN
Jacob HEDRICH, 61, M, Farmer, Personal estate value=500, Va
--Sarah, 26, -- , Va
--Jacob, 10, --, Ind
--Wm H, 3, --, Ind

1870 VanBuren Twp., Grant Co., IN
HEDRICK, Jacob, 71, M, W, No occupation, b. Virginia
--Sarah J, 36, F, W, Keeping house, Virginia
--Andrew J, 9, M, W, At home, Ind
--Clement V, 6, M, W, At home, Ind
--John H, 4, M, W, At home, Ind
--Franklin B, 2, M, W, At home, Ind

1880 Washington Twp., Grant Co., IN
PULLEY, William, 63, -- , wid, Farmer, Ohio, Vir, Md
--Rossana, 35, Daug, single, At home, IN, OH, OH
--Joshua H, 34, Son, single, Farm labor, IN, OH, OH
--Rebecca, 32, Daug, single, Keeping house, IN, OH, OH
HEDRICK, Clement, 16, (relationship=blank), Farm labor, IN, Penn, IN

Re: Clement Hedrick of IN

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Surnames: Hedrick, Webb
Well, you must not have noticed on my website, the marrige license of Jacob & Sarah:

Nearly all of my father's family (Hedricks, Harrells, etc.) fathered children after their 40's. In my mother's family there were a few men who were fathering children in their 70's. It was a common occurence in my family for older men to still be having children.

Andrew J. Hedrick's obituary shows a further connection, even though Clem's name was misspelled; his obit says he was survived by brothers George and Glenn (should be Clem). George Hedrick was a son from Jacob J. Hedrick's first marriage. Andrew was Sarah & Jacob's child (the second marriage).

Jacob died before the 1880 census and his widow Sarah was in Lancaster, Huntington County, Indiana (also where Jacob owned land and where his first wife died) with her son Andrew.

She was still in Huntington County in 1900 with Andrew.

Sarah Jane (Webb) Hedrick died 11 March 1905 at Clement's home.

Not to mention Clement's death certificate says his parents were Jacob Hedrick & Sarah Webb. Jacob & Sarah married in 1857 so her husband could not have died before 1860 and she still have children born after(unless illegitimate).

In 1860 Jacob and Sarah are husband and wife per a marriage license. The first child named Jacob age 10 was his youngest by his first marriage and then the next child, William H., was his and Sarah's.

Amy Hedrick
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